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"———————————————— t TEETH! TEETH! c. MORGAN9 A SURGEON DENTIST, FROM LONDON, W. (Late Dental Surgeon to the Queen's Park Dispensary). Attendance at Mr. J. REYNOLDS, Chemist, 65, Holton Road, Barry Docks EVERY MONDAY and FRIDAY, 2 till 6. CARDIFF, 56, QUEEN STREET (Nearly Opposite the Empire). DAILY. HOURS, 9 till 8. Wr, RAILWAY FARES will be allowed to Patients coming to Cardiff. TEETH! A COMPLETE SET FROM ONE GUINEA. SINGLE TOOTH FROM 2/6. EXTRACTIONS FROM 1/ EXTRACTIONS BY GAS FROM 5/ SEVEN YEARS WARRANTY GIVEN. PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED. SATISFACTION GIVEN TO ALL. ANOTHER IMPORTANT DEPARTURE! In addition to Artificial Sets of Teeth on Vulcanise, I have made a speciality of Se.us at Popular Prices, mounted on more costly materials—Gold, Platinum, Silver, &c., thus placing within t e re J luxuriously inclined Teeth adapted with precious metal, &c., at less than one-third the charges ordinarily made. HIGH FEES IN DENTISTRY! All those requiring Artificial Teeth are invited to &cquaint themselves with MR. MORGAN'S special system before paying unnecessary high prices. ALL CASES GUARANTEED FOR SEVEN YEARS. Cwm Isaf, near Pontypridd, November 21st 1899. C. Morgan, Esq., Dentist.—Dear Sir,-have great pleasure in enclosing fjrhJJ Teeth with which you supplied me are a perfect treat. I can say that sine Should vou refer anv my Food well, and I have gained over a stone in weight, and enjov better health, Should you retei-any person to me I shall be glad to speak of your ability.—Yours faiQ Serviee> pontypool Road' Station! Mr. Morgan, Dentist.-Detr Sir,-The Teeth you fitted my mouth with give ine every satisfaction. Befool -'JtLabtie r„rf « but I must say I am in a far better state of health than I was when I first came to you. I can certainly recommend you as a patient and careful Dentist, and should you wish to rofer any person to me I shall be glad to speak of your ability.-I am, yours faithfully, J. STOCKS. P.S.—I am glad Mr. Carver recommended you to me. Trading Stamp Collectors Please Note! THAT J. MEREDITH, 155, Holton Road, BARKY DOCKS, INTENDS GIVING TRADING STAMPS TO ALL CASH CUSTOMERS. THE QUALITY WILL BE THE BEST. PRICES AS USUAL-MODERATE. Note the Address J. MEREDITH, BEEF, MUTTON, & PORK BUTCHER (Opposite Windsor Hotel), 155, Holton Road, BarryJDocks. PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Executed with Neatness and Despatch at the Barry Dock News Offices, Holton-road, Barry Docks. THE BARRY CENTRAL AUCTION ROOMS AND ESTATE OFFICES, 79, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. MR. EDWARD REES, AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE, EMIGRATION AND INSURANCE AGENT, MORTGAGE, PROPERTY, FINANCE BUSINESS TRANSFER BROKER, ACCOUNTANT AND AUDITOR. (ESTABLISHED 1877). Agent for the Largest Property Owners in the District. Rents Collected and Property Managed. Prompt Settlements. WEEKLY SALES OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE WORKS OF ART, TRADESMEN'S SUR- f" PLUS STOCK, and Other Effects, con- ducted at his spacious Auction Rooms as above, and Advances made upon same if desired. Whole or Part Houses of Furniture Purchased and Sales held upon Premises if preferred. Insurances of all Kinds effected in the best known Offices. Agent for Messrs Majors Bridgwater Prize Medal Bricks, Tiles, Crests, &c. Highest References. Bankers Lloyd's Bank, Barry Dock. N.B.— Several Grand Bargains in Occupied Shop, Villa, and Cottage Property. Bargains in Furniture may be had by Private Sale at any time at Auction Rooms. Private Address OAK VILLA, HOLTON ROAD BARRY DOCK. ENGLISH WATCHES—ALWAYS THE BEST. BE-NSO-N 3 [CHLS Guaranteed for Accuracy, Durability, and Strength, at Maker's Cash Prices. In Silver Cases. In ill-ct. sold 10"lbs- BENSON'S ENGLISH LF-VF-R (W$L J"- 7NX llSlk "REST. CHEAPEST, and STRONGEST, London made IMffy a\ IpgR D THREE-QUARTER PLATE English Lever Watch. mMK jinn* laml Thirteen Jewels, Chronometer Balance, Patent Large Barrel iwir*! VH fall and Damp and Dust Proof Ring Band, Massive Silver Cases |f/f 1 jS Ufl jiijSil with unbreakable Crystal Glass, double the Strength and IILj* fSL fcSill f9H ^~a'ne of any other £ 5 6s. Watch. H ■ fli iiiSn Made in Four Sizes, at one Price, £ 5 5s.:—No. 1, Gentlemen s 1 if ('asdilll:!8trated) > No- ^.Working Men's; No. 3, Railway Men \V\w f ^In massive 18-ct. Gold Cases, with Crystal Glass, Gentlemen's BENSONS SENT FREE at our risk, to all parts of the World for _nn„ Cash or Post Office Order. BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from £ 2 to £ 500. POST FREE CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHES, 9 PLATE, &c.. &c. Post free on application. In Silver Oases. In 18-ot. Gold Cases. ^.T f £ JHm W KEYLESS ENGLISH LEVER C"BANK'' A GOOD KNOCKABOUT WATCH for general wear. BEST mvXi 0 m Yk x\_ LONDON MADE. Three Quarter Plate ENGLISH mu J |\ lli LEVER Chronometer Balance, fully Jewelled, Keyless Action, mH i\ I\ am Crystal Glass Cases, in Sterling Silver, £ 5, or in strong 18-ct. M/C ftBmm n 11 Gold Cases, £ 15. Post fr»e at our risk for Cash or P.O.O. Hf » *S"S" 7 I M II SELECTIONS OF WATCHES OR JEWELLERY SENT I FREE ON RECEIPT OF REFERENCE. I N WLE OLD WATCHBS AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. IOISON'S J. W. BENSON, Ltd., »srl 62 & 64, lifiiir HILL, loeTn' NlMPTflK ^O^ainable on THE TIMES system of 41V11 VJJ j MON THLY PAYMENTS of £ 1. Order Forms Free. f MONEY! MONEY!! FIELDINGST LIMITED, HAYES BUILDINGS, CARDIFF, Continue to Advance Amounts from £10 to £5,000 Daily. COURTESY, PRIVACY, AND PROMPTITUDE GUARANTEED We bold innumerable testimonials from satisfied clients. EVERY CLASS OF RESPECTABLE HOUSE. HOLDERS TREATED WITH. Special Terms offered on Freehold and Lease- hold Securities, or Legacies %ad Reversionary Interests. BEPAYMENTS ARRANGED TO SUlf SORROWERS MEANS. l' Write or call for particulars to above address. W. JEREMIAH, THE OLDEST Family and General Butcher, In the District, has a Fine Show of CHOICEST MEAT! COMPRISING PRIME BEEF, CHOICE MUTTON, DAIRY PORK &c. 0 An Inspection cordially Invited. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESSES- 81, MAIN STREET, CAOOXTON-BARRY, AND 124, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. PENNYROYAL I FOR FEMALES. I QUICKLY COBBECT ALII TTBEOOXASITRAS, BEHOVE ALL I OBSTRUCTIONS, and relieve the distressing symptoms to I prevalent with the sex. Boxes, 1/1J & 2/9 (contains three 5 times the quantity), of all Chemists. Bent anywhere Receipt of 15 o* 94 stamps, by E. T. TOWLE & Co., focturers, Dryden St., Nottingham. BetfJ(1-re 0 rmitatfotu t IwWUI /IfId flIOrlAleU.





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