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PRESS VISIT TO THE BARRY WELLS." EXTENSION OF THE WATER SUPPLY OF THE TOWN. DUPLICATION OF FACILITIES AT BIGLIS. At the last monthly meeting of the Barry District Council, Alderman J. C. Meggitt, J.P., the Chairman of the Gas and Watar Committee, made the gratifying announcement that the new well and other works at Biglis Springs, near Cadoxton, for the augmentation of the water supply of the town, were practically completed, and invited the members of the Council to pay a visit of inspection thereto before the water was let into the well and heading. One of the reporters of the Barry Dock News visited the Biglis Wells last week, and, donned in the most approved garb of an amateur diver, spent a very interesting hour or two in the bowels of the earth, inspecting the new well and the tunnel-shaped heading, 200 yards in length, which, including a Penstock valve and chamber, have been excavated at a depth of 20ft. or 30ft. from the surface for gathering and storage purposes. The contract for the new water works was let nearly twelve months ago to Messrs J. H. Vickers and Company, of Nottingham, who possess an extensive reputation as constructors of water-works, having carried out similar undertakings of well-sinking and heading-driving at Kirkby, Worksop, Norman's Hollow, Sutton Ashfield, Pontefract, and in several of the colliery districts of Lancashire. This is the firm's first contract in Wales, but they have carried out the work entrusted to them, at a total outlay of about £6,000, exclusive of new engine, in a manner which, so far at least, has given entire satisfaction to the Council, and reflects entire credit upon the engineer (Mr E. W. Waite, A.M.Inst.C.E.), the clerk of works (Mr W. J. Griffiths), the contractors themselves, and their local manager (Mr H. Bowman). By means of the new system a storage capacity will be available which will be sufficient to supply the needs of a town of at least 70,000 inhabitants, so that for the next decade or two, at any rate, the townspeople need have no concern whatever as to the adequacy of the water supply. The pumping capacity at Biglis hitherto represented something like half-a-million gallons per day, but within the next week or two, when the new works will be completed, the yield will be more than twice that quantity. The water is pumped from Biglis to two heads-the high level (300ft.), where there are two reservoirs, with a total capacity of 400,000 gallons, for the supply of the higher portion of the district; and to a low level reservoir (200ft.), with a capacity of 1,000,000 gallons, which supplies the greater portion of the Barry, Barry Dock, and Cadoxton district. The new well is distant about 30ft. from the new engine house, and a subway has been built for the accommodation of the suction pipes from the horizontal engines into the well. The depth of the new well is 40ft. to the bottom of the sump. It is lift. in diameter. The sump has been sunk in the rock to the extent of 12ft. From the too of the rock for the additional 12ft. 6in. the lining of the well is cast-iron tubbing, and the remaining 15ft. 6in. of 14in. brickwork to the finish level. This tubbing and also the brickwork have a cement concrete backing a foot in thickness to prevent surface percolation. The two horizontal engines- the old and new, and the latter has been at work for more than a fortnight—will be able to pump from the new well by means of two pipes, the old having an Sin. suction, and the new, 12in. The heading, for its entire length of 200 yards, is of 6ft. by 4ft. section, the walling being of well-cemented brickwork, and is, like the well, a fine piece of mechanical work, entrance into the heading being obtained by means of a steam-shaft sunk about midway its length. A new auxiliary pumping main is being laid from the engine house to the low level reservoir. The pipes for the new main have been supplied by Messrs Spittle and Sons, Newport, Mon. In addition to the new well and heading, a new engine and pumping house has been erected, so that the whole of the machinery, with the excep- tion of the boilers, are housed in this building, which is a substantial structure, the interior having an area of 46ft. by 30ft., with 12ft. from the ground line to the eaves. This additional engine house, with alterations, has not been done by contract work, but by the District Council's own employees, the cost of this work, together with the new engine, being about £ 2,000. The machinery comprise four engines two verticals and two horizontals. The two former will pump from the old well, and the two latter from the new, but the engines will be so arranged that either engine can pump to either reservoir as required. The new engine, a Worthington, is of the most approved type, containing all the Latest improvements bv Messrs James Simpson, of London, Wh0 also manufactured the other engines. For the purpose of economy the steam from the new engine will likewise be utilised for the driving of a donkey engine. There are in addition three Simpson's Cornish boilers, with Galloway tubes, as well as appliances for the softening of water for steam purposes. The works in course of completion also include new coal, coke, and oil stores, the former 50ft. by 30ft., and gas has been laid to Biglis by means of pipes across the Moors from the Cardiff-road. For the protection of the water supply the Council have about 11 or 12 acres of land, surrounding these works, in their possession This is but a cursory description of the extensive improvements which the Barry District Council are carrying out at the Biglis Water Works but it is sufficient, we hope, to indicate the public spirit which has actuated the local authority to make the most enterprising and far seeing provision for the future requirements of the town so far as an adequate supply of water is concerned. A very extensive district is now supplied with water from this source by the Barry District Council, the mains having recently been laid to Porthkerry, Wenvoe Castle, and to a large portion of Sully, including the Hayes and Cog Farms. The water supply of Dinas Powis is also under the 3ontrol of the Barry Council.