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MIlS. GEUNDTS JOTTINGS The German Army dogs, according to the Regiment," are so trained that when they find a dead body they set up a prolonged howling. If no one comes, they take the dead man's cap Or some small article, and with this in their teeth go on a hunt for their trainer, whom they lead to the spot. If the man is wounded, he gives hiS cap to the dog, and the same object is accomplished. Verily, a dog is man's most faithful friend. It has been brought to my notice that the of a certain hotel in this district complain of thS remarks I made last week anent a meritorious action performed by them in behalf of the poor waifs and strays. I am sorry, but it is seldoo that the fair and gentle sex take umbrage wheØ their praiseworthy efforts are duly acknowledge in a suitable way. The Barry District Glee Society intend giving a grand open air concert at Friar's Point, Bartl Island, next Saturday week, admission Is, previouS to proceeding to Paris. I am exceedingly gratified to chronicle tbS further success of Mr Alcwyn Jones, son of )It John Jones, 153, Holton-road, Barry Docks. )It Jones is a student at St. David's College, Lampetetr and at the recent examination he headed the list I in classics, securing the prize offered for tbil subject. Mr Jones is not yet twenty years of age, and his several successes hitherto are in thetJI. A selves a sufficient indication that there 13 brilliant future in store for him. j The Barry and Cadoxton contingents of ¡,tJB Salvation Army, with their bands, were amoBfr those who took part in the 35th anniversat1 celebrations at Cardiff last Monday. Between the 13th and 15th instant a Japa^ transport is due to load 6,000 tons of best We^ steam coal at Barry. This cargo will form p*rt the contract made at Cardiff by the Japalleo Government a few days ago. The members of the Cardiff Union Board f Guardians, to show their appreciation of they I popular chairman, Mr 0. H. Jones, J.P., Fon°,0> Castle, are contributing to a fund towards a 8$^ salver to be presented to Mr Jones on the occaSioJ1 of his marriage on July 17. < The miniature battlefield in the shop windo" Mr H. J. Owen, Vere-street, Cadoxtofli attracting crowds of the curious. The collect^ on view include a large number of specimen8 articles of warfare from South Africa. The last issue of the local newspaper, Advertiser, gave considerable prominence to report of the exciting scene at the Guildhall 000, nected with the visit of Mr Tennyson SølltbtbS Cardigan, and it is a singular coincidence that boldest line in the paper-extending across s columns-of one of the centre pages, was prl nothing but pure beer oir M. Laurent de Rille states that the Welsh Ob 11 (including the Barry Glee Society), who will < home on the 21st instant, will be accommod» at the Trocadero-hall, in the Paris Exhibition)^ four p.m. on July 23rd. The united choir be allowed to sing three pieces, the male v°'QP two pieces, and the ladies' choir three pieces. Sunday, the 22nd, a French eisteddfod will he to which the Welsh choir will be admitted M. De Rille added that when the French P heard the Welsh singers from so many singing it would link the hearts of the and of the French." It is probable that the c°^ mittee and official? of the choir will be entertft1 at Paris by the Bretons. hfl* I am informed that Paris resta'trateuvs » long been in the habit of mixing horsefleS^ g( their savoury ragouts, which appear by ano name in the carte or menu. .eof In consequence of the advance in the Vxl flour, and the continued upward tendency of riI market, the price of bread at Cardiff and SWOO' has this week been increased half-penny 0 quartern loaf. No increase has yet been made ø1 Barry, where the quality of bread is equal tO in the county. .t Upwards of £ 25 was collected by the st collection in the Barry district last Saturday for the benefit of Dr Barnado's waifs and strof It is somewhat appropriate that the Master Bakers' Association should have ViSlfor Bath for their annual outing last Wednesday, the historic town gives its name to a bun. ]}' In all probability the Barry dividend for last year will be at the rate of nine per cent, annum. • it There have been many thousands of vl8 from the hill districts to Barry Island this vve J and yesterday (Thursday) the sands of j" Bay were literally besieged with the Sb ot element. From an interesting conversation I enjoyed one of our leading actors recently, I was so&e^$ surprised to learn that his admirable mak "Old Eccles" in "Caste" takes him exactl? hours to prepare. First he has to pad considerably to attain the required bulk, aucl to, comes the elaborate business of making up jjff face to represent the drunken old vagabond- 00" less than eight kinds of grease paint are used' some of these have to be put on almost red A camel's hair brush is saturated with paintt [j in the flame of the gas, and then the piglu tot-0 placed on the cheek, this being necessary the mottled appearance. Then follow the other processes. Who would don the soo) buckskin ? aA Looking in the pages of Punch for the last of years, one is surprised at the evoluti011^ "wifedom" during that short period. 'IbeJJ sji'J was merely a woman of no account, placidly by while the husband choses the holiday resort, looks out for a new house,$ tends the moving of the furniture, and ha ^6 his thumb while endeavouring to banfC tlp fef pictures. Now she does all those things, an fo more. She is no longer a nonentity, but 0 1 very much to be reckoned with, and if $be the not have a voice in everything that C0°cer,ej; family, you may be sure she will not fail to husband know it. In Wales #ihe not Only lool care of the husband's purse, but even of the and master too. » A reference room has been open el in C°D with the Barry Free Library All b°°ks'.j^ the exception of works of fiction, being I