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THE FORWARD MOVEMENT IN THE BARRY DISTRICT. We have pitched our tent at last at Barry Docks, states the last issue of The Torch with reference to the Forward Movement. We are sure you will rejoice at this, for you know how our late devoted general treasurer desired it, and most of you know how such a place must stand in need of a work like ours. There is a population of some 32,000 in the Barry district—17,000 of whom live in Barry Dock alone. This population is fearfully mixed, and many of the wildest spirits of this and other lands have found their way into it. This the late Mr Edward Davies, Llandinam, knew well; and as this marvellous development was the result of the enterprising spirit of his renowned father and friends, he naturally felt responsible to God for its moral and religious welfare as well as for its commercial success. The appeal made to me by that good friend has often haunted me in the night watches, and I have fancied before now that I could hear him say from the battlements of Heaven—" Remember Barry Dock Remember that precious souls are perishing there. Haste to their rescue." At last, that desire has been partly realised, for we have secured an excellent evange- list and temporary hall for the work, and that chiefly through the good office of our friend, Mr John Cory, J.P. Things are now looking bright and promising there, and we hope the day is not far off when a memorial hall shall be erected there in loving memory of one of the greatest friends the movement ever had. There cannot be a better place to erect such a monument of his beautiful memory than Barry Dock. Our young Barry Dock Centre has already branched out to Barry Island. Through the kind- ness of Mr Henry Radcliffe we have secured an iron building to hold some 120 persons, and we are looking forward to the day when that young and promising branch will develop into a good centre. There is need of other centres in the fast-growing Barry district, and we hope through the mercy of God, to plant some of them before the evil has demoralised the young to the level of some neglected localities we know. If God's people are not alive to the salvation of the people the devil and his emissaries are alive to their damnation.