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GEO R G E'S I PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. 1 MARVELLOUS REMEDY. It is more than Gold to me- It saved my Life." PAIN IN THE BACK If you puffer Pain in the Back and Loins, or between trie AND LOINS Shoulders, this remedy will effectually remove t. If vou are troubled with Irritation of the Bladder, Suppres- sion and Retention of the Water, Stone or Gravel, the only STONE, GBAVEL, Safe and Effectual Remedy ever offered to the World is TI' :-i GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILTS. UivINAPiY DISORDERS. If the Water is High Coloured, Thick, and depositing much Sediment, lose no time, procure a box of GEORGE'S PILLS, and you will soon be right again. If your Kidneys and Liver are sluggish and out of order, SLUGGISHNESS OF THE this remedy will greatly stimulate these important organs, T TVT?U vm TRTTVNTVVQ °Pen UP their CL°GGED passages, and promote the secretion of LIVER AND KlDNH,lb. healthy bile and other vital fluids. BILIOUSNESS, INDIGES- If you are a martyr to Indigestion, Biliousness, and Con- TJON CONSTIPATION. stipation, you ave a sure Remedy in GEORGE'S PILLS. FT ATTTT VNPF PTLFS If you suffer from any Bowel Disorder, such as Piles, Oon- stipation, Flatu'e-ice Colic, you have here a remedy'you can COLIC. always rely upon PALPITATION OF THE If you suller fro.n Palpitation, and are afraid that your Heart is affected, you will find these Pill's an Efficacious HEART. Remedy. ttt? A "n A If yyu suffer from Headache and Giddiness, GEORGES HiiAUAt vtlJi, PILLS will remove these pains sooner than any other known GIDDINESS. Medicine. PAIN AFTER EATING. If you have Pain after Eating, and feel Drowsy and Listless, DROWSINESS. one dose of GEORGE'S PILLS will act like a charm. If your Food turns Sour and rises into the mouth, a few FOOD TURNING SOUR. doses of this Remedy will make your trouble a thing of the past. NERVOUSNESS. If you feel Nervous, Excitable, and Low Spirited, a perfect DESPONDENCY. Antidote will be found in GEORGE'S PILLS. RXT A TIT t? T A QTlf If vou have a Disagreeable Taste in the mouth, a single dose DI^AGKEEADIJ-C- lAftlb g|,orge,s PILB AND GRAVEL PILLS at bed-time IN THE MOUTH. will clear the tongue before the dawn of another day. If Sleep fails to give you Rest, Try GEORGE'S PILLS. SLEEPLESSNESS. They will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and revive your strength. If you feel unfit for Exertion, Weak, and Limp. this GENERAL DEBILITY Remedy will restore your Energy and Strength, and will mako labour and exercise the enjoyment of your life. If you are troubled with Nausea and Vomiting at the VOMITING, NAUSEA thought of eating, a box of GEORGE S PILLS will make meat and drink both Savoury and Pleasant. nrDTTPmuo If vour Blood is impure, it will keep open all the important BLOOD IMPURITIES, outlets of the body, and thus give free exit to all Gross "ROILS Humours, and no more Blood Impurities will be seen bursting SOREb, through the Skin in Pimples, Blotches, Sores, or Boils. In thousands of cases it has removed from the Blood, root RHEUMATISM, SCURVY. and branch, Rheumatic, Scorbutic, Scrofulous taints that have defied all other Remedies. If ysu have a tendency to Dropsical Swellings, this Re- DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. medy, by its actior. upon the Kidneys and Skin, will soon bring relief. DIFFICULTY OF y°u have Difficulty of Breathing, this Remedy will prove BREATHING friend to you in the hour ot need. A PT^RrPVT v"rrT TT TrN>TTQ Ifc is Aperient, and, therefore, removes Constipation. It is t-vr 'HJIA X' v5, Antibilious, and will, therefore, correct all irregularities of the DIURETIC, TONIC, Liver. It is Diuretic, and will, therefore, keep open the water BLOOD PURIFYING, passages. It fe Tonic, and will, therefore, give tone and NERVE STRENGTHENING, vigour to the Digestive Organs. It is Blood-Purifying and ALL YOU WANT. Nerve-Strengthening; it is, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. The three forms of this Remedy— THE THREE FORMS OF No. i._GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. THIS REMEDY. No. 2.-GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. No. 3,-GEORGE'S PILLS for the PILES. TIIESiJ WORLD-RENOWNED PILLS ARE SOLD EVERYWHERE, IN BOXES, 1/14 AND 2/9 EACH. FY POST, 1/3 AND 3/ r PROPRIETOR —J. E. GEORGE, M.R.P.S., HIRWAIN, Gum. Special Values in Garden Eurniture AT STORES CASH PRICES. GOODS TO THE VALUE OF L3 AND UPWARDS DELIVERED FREE. LAWN MOWERS from 15", Od. GARDEN ROLLERS .from 37s. 6d. GARDEN BEATS from 10s. 6d. GARDEN ARCHES .from 4s. Od. Our 21s. GARDEN TENT Defies Competition. We still maintain the REPUTATION gained at the BATH and WEST and various other SHOWS of having the LARGEST and VERY BEST Selection of Horticultural and Gardea Requisites in WALES. SEND OR WRITE FOR GENERAL CATALOGUE (FREE). LAWN MOWERS GROUND, MACHIKMRYSTED EY SHANK'S BRITISHER 10 in. 12 in. 14 in. 21a. 23s. 6d. 25s. CALEDONIAN 12 in. 14 in. 1G in. £ 3 12s. 6d. £ 4 8s. 6d. £ 4 18s. 6d. KANSOME'S LION 9 in. 11 in. 13 in. 15 in. 20s. 23s. 26s. 30s. AUTOMATON 12 in. 14 in. 16 in. 18 in. £ 3 16s. 6d. £ 4 15s. 6d. £ 5 10a. Od. £ 6 7s. 6d. GREEN'S SILENS MESSOR 12 in. 14 in. 16 in. 18 in.- £ 3 16s. 6d. • £ 4 15s. 6d. £ 5 10s. Od. £ 6 7s. 6d. £316B. 6d. JM 159. 6d. 25 10s. Od. R6 7s. 6d. OUR MOTTO — LOW PRICES, PROMPT DELIVERY. CROSS BROTHERS, THE CARDIFF IRONMONGERS, 3 AND 4, ST. MARY STREET. CARDIFF. J MESSRS. A. Trevor Roberts, Hill & Co., Auctioneers, Surveyors, HOUSE, LAND, & ESTATE AGENTS, 12, Thompson-street, Barry Dock, Have most conveniently situated VILLAS & COTTAGES TO LET Near Station and Docks at Barry Island, Rents from 6s to 12s inclusive. COTTAGES, Bell-street, Barry, 58 6d. Six-roomed HOUSES at Charles place, Barry, lis per week. SHOPS, Cora-street, Thompson-street, and at the Bottom of Weston Hill. Semi-detached VILLAS, Hill-street & Wynd-street tØr Keys and all Particulars may be obtained at the above Address slabotot temperance HOTEL AND DINING ROOMS, 68. HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. HOT DINNERS DAILY. Accommodation for Visitors. Well-aired Beds. Hot and Cold Baths. PROPRIETOB-C. F. ROSSER. FOR BEST POSSIBLE VALUE AND I LARGEST SELECTION TRY Davey Howell & Co. HOLTON ROAD. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF Furnishing Ironmongery We study one trade only, and this we do well. OUR MOTTO: PERSONAL MANAGEMENT. STORE PRICES. PROMPT ATTENTION. 4" FROM LIVERPOOL 8 NEW YORK AND FROM LIVERPOOL 8 AUSTRALIA CALLING AT CAPE TOWN. THE WHITE STAR LINE ROYAL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS FROM Liverpool to New York EVERY WEDNESDAY. Passengers booked to all parts of the United States and Canada. ALSO Sailings to South Africa (Calling at Cape Town), and AUSTRALIA (Calling at Albany, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney). LOW RATES. EVERY COMFORT. Third Class Passengers provided Free of Charge with the necessary Outfit. The Accommodation for every 0!a«« of Passengers is of the most com- plete and best kind. For Rates and all further Information apply to MESSRS. ISMAY IMRIE AND CO., Liverpool, and 34, Leadenhall-street, London, E.C.; Or to the local authorised Agents- MESSRS. T. G. DUNCAN & CO., Shipbrokers, &c., Barry Dock, GOULD & WHEELER, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS BARRY AND CARDIFF. "BUTE DOCKS I "BARRY FOUNDRY," FOUNDRY,' Between COLLINGDON ROAD, Nos. 4A £ D5TIPS, CARDIFF. BARRY DOCK. ESTIMATES GIVEN FOR ALL KINDS OF IRON AND BRASS CASTING. BEST PRICES GIVEN FOR OLD IRON AND BRASS. A LARGE QUANTITY OF MARINE CAST- INGS ALWAYS KEPT IN STOCK. Telegraphic Address:—" Castings, Barry. National Telephone :—Cardiff, No. 385; Barry Docks. No. 12. THE EMPIRE A PALACE OF VARIETIES, CARDIFF. > .1 Two Complete Performances Nightly. Early one 7 o'clock to 9, late one 9 o'clock to 11. ALL ARTISTES APPEAR AT EACH PERFORMANCE. r OSWALD STOLL. Furniture Carefully Removed. Vans of all sizes kept. By Hour or Contract. r\ iTTTtt Tririv'n J Light and Heavy Hauling done at XT ULiBil 1. 1 Moderate Prices. >«ffllflWlBi FURNtTURE REMOVED BY ROADORRAlt ——— ui. ■ JM Brakes, Traps, Waggonettes, and Close ESTIMATES FREE Carriages for Weddings Let on Hire. N ate the Address- DAVID 3 PAULETT, COAL MERCHANT, Sonsil Cottage, Pencoitre-road, CADOXTON, OFFICES-STATION YARD & MARKET MEWS, CADOXTON. >Y-WWWJWVWWWWW<VW^VW^(V^VWWWWV%'WWW^Ar>*)rWW^>^W^V^WV%^ £ GRIFFIN AND DAVIES' «► £ f THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL LINES. 5 <' i; BUTTER at lOd. per lb. j; ;i CHEESE at 6d. per lb. ;j i| BACON- at 5Jd. per lb. if 2 i LARD at 4Jd. per lb. | 2 FLOUR at 1/8 per score. S I NEW POTATOES 14 lbs. for 1/- j; < 4* CORN AND MEAL OF ALL KINDS. | ADDRESSES— f 13 & 14, VERE STREET, CADOXTON, and HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCKS. !j