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APPLICATION BY MISS JENXER. Miss Gertrude Jenner, The Typica, Wenvoe, who occupied a scat at the solicitor's table, rose to make an application to the Bench.—Miss Jenner I have an application to make, your worships, and I would like Mr Nell not to sit in this case.— General Lee I cannot see why Mr Nell can't sit r in this application the suggestion is a reflection upon the Bench.—Miss Jenner I can do the same tiiing in the High Court.—The Magistrates' Clerk (Mr J. W. Morris) What is the nature of your application, Miss Jenner?—Miss Jenner: My application is that you will not hear any applica- tion for the transfer of the double license of the Wenvoe Arms Inn, Wenvoe, until the proper notices have been served.—General Lee We have no application before us this moming. Miss Jenner I am acting with Mr Georgre David in this case. There has been no meeting of the creditors. — General Lee Kindly make your application when the transfer is applied for. "THE VIOLATION OF THE SABBATH." Miss Jenner also handed in a copy of the Bar?-y Dock Neics, and drew attention to the annual outing of the Cardiff and Barry Barmen at the Leys on the previous Sunday.—General Lee That is not in our district.-Miss Jenner I know you would not be a party to the violation of the Sabbath. NON-MAINTENANCE OF A SON. The case against Patrick Bryan, for the non- payment of 4-4 Ils 6d for the support of his son in an industrial school, was adjourned for a month. ANIMALS STHA YING. I For allowing 14 sheep to stray on the highway, George H. Burnett, Barry, was fined 5s and James Butler was ordered to pay 2s 6d for a similar offence with respect to two donkeys. similar offence with respect to two donkeys. PUGILISTIC YOUTHS. Thomas Chaplin and John Matthews, youth?, were fined 2s Sd each for causing an obstruction by fighting on the highway in Kolton-road. OBSCENE LANGUAGE BY BOILEU-MAKEES. Mr F. P. Jones-Llovd, solicitor, Barry Docks, appeared for the defence of John. Hewitt, boiler- maker, who was fined 10s for using obscene language and David Morgan, also a boiler-maker, was mulct in 5s for a like offence. THE DISCIPLES OF BACCHUS. Dry throats, never at a discount at Barry, are specially prevalent just new. Michael Hughes, Eugene Craig. Gustave Granath, Robert Mallett. Thomas Power, and Frank Dadds were fined 7s 6d each and Thomas Akers, John Williams, John White, and Thomas Thomas. 5s each, all for being drunk and disord erly. THE CADOXTOX WOUNDING CASE. Joseph Flint, labourer, was again brought up in custody charged with unlawfully and maliciously wounding at Hannan's Lodging House, Vere-street, Cadoxton, on the 20th May, one Thomas Marsh, by striking him in the arm with a pocket-knife. Prosecutor, who has been in the Town Hospital, Kmgsland-cresoent, since the day of the offence, now appeared in court with his left arm in a sling, and was seated duiing the hearing of the case. Marsh stated on the Sunday in question he tried to prevent prisoner from beating his wife. and that was the cause of the disturbance. Having been in the street for awhile, he returned into the kitchen, and the prisoner made a dash for him, and stabbed him in the arm. What happened afterwards he did not know. He had no quarrel previously with the prisoner. The knife produced belonged to the prisoner. -Bv the prisoner lie did not say prisoner's wife was a good little woman, and was too good for him. It was over the wife they fell out. (He presecutor) had had a drop to drink. — John O iirien, the land- lady's son-in-law, said he went into the house about 3.30 in the afternoon in question. Marsh was in the back yard, and Flint was dramming the table in the kitchen with a knife. As soon as the complainant came in prisoner rushed at him and stabbed him with the knife produced, which he knocked out of his hand. He (witness) dressed the wounds.—Another lodger. James Morris, stated there had been a row in the house, and Flint, who bad a knife in his hand -aid any man that touches me shall have this." Marsh came in and struck prisoner with his fist, and then Flint used the knife-—Emily O'Brien said she was in the house on the afternoon in question, and sent prisoner wife, who was drunk, to her house, 25, Hunter-street. because her husband was her, bhe took the knifeproduced, which was covered with blood, irom her, and gave it to P.C. C'lynch.—Evidence wasjriven that prosecutor had almost bleo to de.^L ii lie tissues were com- pletely severed,and tae arteries and nerves had been cut through. Mars a had ost the use of bis arm. I He progressed ^satisfactorily for a fortnight, and then mortification set in. i .b. Ben Davids proved the arrest, and in answer to the charge Flint said "I have done nothing I am innocent." He &ub- S' auentlv took the man Marsh to the hosp Ml on an ambulance.—Prisoner said he had been d, king with JIaisb and was unucr the influence of urink. They had :■ quarrel over his (prisoner's) wife, and Marsh struck him in the face, and he having the krife in hi3 hand struck at him m return to defend himself, but did not intend to injure him Margaret Flint, prisoners wife, said she, her husband, and Marsh were under the influence of drink. Sue corroborated what her nusband had said.—The accused was committed for trial at the Assizes, to be holden at Swansea,