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NAT. TELEPHONES, 326 CARDIFF. 101 PENARTH. ESTD. 1860. 1ELEGRAMS—" TARPAULINS, CARDIFF." I FRED. MORGAN & CO., CARDIFF & PENARTH. SADDLERS AND HARNESS MAKERS. MA0K/RS SUN-BLINDS DESCRIPTION. :r (PATENTEES AND SPECIALISTS OF SPHISG IWLLER SHOP BLINDS). TENTS, TARPAULINS, FLAGS (SALE AND HIRE). HORSE & CART COVERS, CANVAS, RICK -SHEETS, SACKS, COAL & NOSE BAGS, ROPE, PULLEY BLOCKS, TWINE, NETTING, HAMMOCKS, INDIA RUBBER & OILSKIN GOODS, &C. THE 'Barry Dock News' I IS THE per )nly Eigty-Page Newspaper PRINTED AT BARRY. St^3" The Barry Dock Neivs is an Excellent Advertising Medium. §9*' The Barry Dock News is on the Government List for Parliamentary Advertisements The Barry Dock News is Smartly and Enterprisingly Conducted. The Barry Dock News is the Popular Newspaper of the District. I EIGHT PAGES. DNE PENNY WEEKLY. Published every Thursday I Afternoon. ^SSSSJS ssr WELSHMEN j Should Smofce Prince w ?9 Llewelyn | Shagg. ".j t MORE and more ladies too, to prove fr tliemselves the Important saving offectedby purchasing Watches, Jewellery, &c., direct from H. SAMUEL. IS 9 RESAD! READ!! READ 1!. Ladysmith, March 31st, 1900. I AVED FROM A BOER BULLET. H Mr. H. Samuel, Tlr J En /JffiiV— Dear Sir,—Please send me one of your Silver Ltver Watches. I had, Bag Ru> one from you about 20 months ago and it gave every satisfaction, standing flH liHHBfes MX •< the various temperatures out here splendidly, which is saying a good deal, SB fmEizir' lit I la ^il\ "for all other watches with the troops have gone wrong. In the Relief of A ifllf—If ■ml IB MMA "Ladysmith a Mauser bullet went clean info it (while it teas in my belt) BR If IF—til .a/a™ Wm\ through the back case. It has been with me through the Battles of Colenso. EH | [fc3l ,1 MS'Jw Spion Kop, and the Relief of Ladysmith.—I am, Dear Sir, Yours truly, Eg [ B I ^|«| (Signed) W. HOWE, 2nd Royal Fusiliers, Field Force, Natal." §1 MIL I A RJ|L UNPRECEDENTED VALUE* EXTRAORDINARY SUPERIORITY. fH mm 11 Nearly A MILIilON in wear. MI IBS 1 FLIJFL THE "ACME" PATENT H. SAMUEL'S "ACCURATE" 11 3911||MLFH LEVERT Three-quarter plate, ENGLISH LEVER. FUU WBUHLL-MJM jewelled movement, fitted withremov- plate movement, jewelled Fitted FLI WBOB^LWI I able damp and dust '•Protective'' with chronometer balance, dust and SI Will L HAP In SOLID STERLING damp-proof CAP. In heavy HALL- 11 SILVER CASE" Warranted for MARKED STERLING HA %ilH/ FIVE YEARS H. SAMUEL'S SILVERC ases. FIVE! H wfee SB/- YEARS' Warranty |g BEWARE Of Imitations. H. SAMUEL'S price, £ .1. 2S. IS U SAMUEL'S Special H. SAMUEL'S CELEBRATED^^ A MONTH'S FFL NEW Improvements, pro- I llpl/V WFRRINFI RINGS. FREE TRIAL M UAV&STV'SROVAL Chc'cHnd Ellgant. A^S"E'S wear. Eac £ Solid allowed with all pur- IS HER LAJTJBLJ ANUJAI 22-CARAT GOLD, GOVERNMENT HAU-MARKED BEAUTI- CHASES. IF DISSATISFIED § £ 3 LETTERS PATENT? ful and Massive. A HANDSOME WEDDING the full amount re- j M ARE ONLY TO BE OBTAINED PRESENT GIVEN FREE WITH EACH. TURNED. I HSJ IN H. SAMUEL S WATCHES. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. I 1 ANLID REAL GOLD WATCHES, 30H SOLID REAL SILVER WATCHES, 10/ BLACK I?' I M TT.11 ^IRVPFSOLID SILVER ALBERTS. 4/6- REAL GOLD ALBERTS. 17/6- GEM R,R! ?OHD KEAL GOLD' HIAU I M MMKED SET WITH EUBIES, PEARLS, &C., 6/6.10/6. TO £ 20- NEWEST AND BEST DESIGNS. | MARKED, SETW^ Sa/e in the wor/d. Middle Profits Abolished. BB UIKV E&RC paid to all purchasers of Watches at 25/-and upwards who come fromanydistance J H RA!KW^FFCNFSGRIPTIVE CATALOGUE gratis on application, or sent to any address post free, j B H SAIVIU E JjrmLwim■■ nil,mrnI^irn IBM I; I EDUCATIONAL. KENDRlCK HOUSE, VICTORIA ROAD PENARTH, vOiow- 10 Hallway Station). BOARDLNO AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADlES Pupila Prepared for Local ExaminVKona. PAINCIPALS THE MISSES WALLI3. Prost-tct.uB and terms on application. Musically Important. pr K MR. MARTYN THOMAS, CERT. R.A.M., Sometime Organist of a London Church, PRINCIPAL OF CATHAYS SCHOOL OF MUSIC, CARDIFF, Which is Registered with the Associated Board R.A.M. and R.C.M., visits Barry and its neigh- bourhood weekly to give Lessons in Pianoforte, Organ, Voice Production, Harmony. Counter- point and Theory of Music, &c. Pupils prepared for the R.A.M and R.C.M., Trinity College, London College of Music, College of Preceptors, Oxford and Cambridge local exams. Pupil Teachers coached successfully for Queen's cholarship, Certificate, and Government Exams. Theory, Harmony, and Musical Composition Classes may be arranged. Write for Prospectus and Terms- 109, CASTLE-ROAD, CARDIFF. MR PAUL DRAPER, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, VISITS BARRY, BARRY DOCK, AND CADOXTON EVERY MONDAY AND FRIDAY, AND HAS VACANCIES FOR PUPJLS FOR STRING AND WIND INSTRUMENTS. ORCHESTRAL CLASS every Monday Evening at the INFANTS' DEPARTMENT OF IIOiTOX-ROAD SCHOOLS (Court-road entrance. FOR TERMS, &c., apply 91, Windsor-road, Penarth or to the Secretary, Mr. A. J. Pratt, Jeweller. Main-street Cadoxton. HUGHES' (CYMRQ) CYCLING OUTFIT. fSk < £ Consisting of Jacket and Knickers, sanitary lined, Cap and Hose to W ■ match also an elcctro-plateJ Cycle Lamp. Carriage paid to any railway station in the United Kingdoiii Patterns and self-measurement forms free OTI application. no, in, 112. and 113, Tottenham Court Road, London, W. Lttryvt OlMi<.rs i:\ the Kitajdnm. MOLINEUX & Co., I AGENT FOR THE "K" BOOT, Cinderella, Nil Simile, and Park Brands. I CLARK'S CELEBRATED HOUSE SHOES. and other Noted Brands at their Lowest Cash Value. 75, Holton road, Barry Dock, AND 95, Glebe-street, Penarth. T. JONES, CYCLE AGENT & MANUFACTURER, 121, Holton Road, Barry Docks. A. GOOD SELECTION OF MACHINES FOR SALE OR HIRE. WONDERFUL MEDICINE ^PILLS^S ARE universally admitted to be worth a Guinea a Box for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, fuch as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddiness, Fulness and Swelling after Meals, Dizziness, and Drowsiness, Cold Chills, Flushing of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Cort.ivenes?, Scurvy and Blotches oa tbe Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, &c. 'fLu firet dose will give relief in twenty minutes. Every suf^6rGT is ono Roxof these K and th< will !>e .icknowledged to be WO i! H A i! IT INK A A B.0X. For traits of ,1 as,= tiliese Pills are invalu •ibie, as a few dosc^ oi them carry off I\lJ humours, and brin £ about all tiia. 53 r^qu\rod. No female should be wu^novu- ti^ern. There ig R0 medicine to bo found equal to Heeoham^ Pill", for removing any obstruction or irregularity of the svstem. If taken aoooixlia;; to tae direetions piven with each box, they wi.l soon restore females of all ages to souna and robust health. This* has been proved by thousands who have tried them, and found the benefit woich are ensured by their use. For a Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, and ail Disorders of the Liver, they act like magic, "and a few doses will be found to wcr* wonders on the most important organs in the human machine. I I They strsnffthen the whoie muscular system, restore the long lost complexion, bring back the keen edge of appetite, and arouse into action with the rosebud of health the whole physical energy of the human frame. These are FACTS testified continually by members of. all clrtsse8 of BEECHAM'S MAGIC COunH PILLS, society, and one of the beat at aatees to the Nervous and debilitated is, BEEGHAil b P^ LLS have the Largest Sala of any Patent Medicine %ri the world. As a remedy for Coughs m general, Asthma, Bronchial Affections, Hoarseness, kJiortness of Breath, Tightness and Oppression of the Chest, Vyhoez^n'-T, &c., these Pil1". stand unrivuiied. The) are the best "ver ohated to too public, and will speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty oi L.rpathing which rsightxy deprive the patient of rest. Let any person giv6 BEECHAM'S COUGH PILLS a trial, and the most violent- Cough will in a snort time be re:uovt-.d. I'r.-puied only, and Sold W holesale and Retail by the proprietor,Thomas Boecham, St. Helen a, Lancashire, in boxes S-^d., 18. lid., and 2s. 9d each. Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Dealers everywhere. N.B.—Full directions are given with oach be* WIIK8 SELF FITTING J SHilSS SHIELDS IISSSHIElDS ARE THE BEST, A GUARANTEE WITH EVERY PAIR, SEE THiC NAME AMI) TRaDC MARK ON EACH SHIELFC. If unable to obtain fro 11 the loading drapery store in the town write to K'.EINERT RUBBER CO., 63 BasinghallSt. London, E.C. R D E N H' E: (0- 3.LONC; ACRF,LbN[D-ON. LARGEST MAKERS OF HIGH,. CLASS HOSE IN THE WORLD. THE CREDIT ASSURANCE & GUARANTEE CORPORATION, LIMITED. Head Office-10, King William-street, London, E.C. Cardiff Office-Insurance Buildings, New-street. Capital £ 1,000,000- Subscribed £ 380,000. i Guarantee of Trade Acceptances and Open Credits. The Corporation will guarantee Traders 50 per cent. of their credits, at premiums repre- senting only a small percentage of the the ordinary trade profits. Fire. "Each risk rated on its merits." Apart from the Corporation's subscribed capital, which exceeds that of any other Non-Tariff company, and is larger than that of several of the Tariff offices, it possesses re-insuring resources enabling it to write large amounts. Workmen's Compensation. "Non-Tariff." The Corporation issues an absolute guarantee against all liability under the Acts of 1897 and 1880, and at Common Law without limit. APPLICATIONS FOR AGENCIES INVITED. OLDEST ESTABLISHED. THE BARRY DISTRICT BILLPOSTING CO., LIMITED, RENTS ALL THE BEST POSITIONS, HAS ALL THE BEST HOARDINGS, And more than Treble the Space of all others combined. MEMBERS OF THE BILLPOSTERS' ASSOCIATION. Handbills Carefully Delivered. OFFICES 71. HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCKS W. THOMAS, SECRETARY. MR T. J. MORGAN, Metropolitan Bank Buildings, BARRY PQCKS, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, ESTATE, AND GENERAL BUSINESS AGENT. Trustee under the Deeds of Arrangement Act, 1887. CI PECIALITIKS :—The Negotiation of Arrange- ^5 ments with Creditors, Preparation of Bank- ruptcy Statement of Affairs, the Auditing and Balancing of Companies' and Traders' Books, the Valuation of Grocers' and Drapers' Stocks, Sales of Leasehold and other Properties. The Phoenix and Palatine Fire Offices, the National and Provident Institution for Life Assurance, Lancashire Yorkshire Accident Companies represented, N.B.—All Business receives the best and personal attention of T.J.M. CAPITAL PLOTS OF BUILDING LAND TO LET, Facing the Common. SPLENDID VIEW. LOW GROUND RENT. APPLY J. A. HUGHES, Esq., Solicitor, OR TO J. A. OWEN, Architect, Cadoxton. BUILDING LAND TO LET at Moderate B Ground Rents for the Erection of COTTAGES, VILLAS, kc., on the MOUNT PLEASANT ESTATE, Cadoxton; Church Estate, do.; Cadoxton Land Syndicate, do.; Land off Court-road, do. a d Central Estate, Barry Dock. Particulars ona-pphcation to J. A. OWEN. Architect and Surveyor, Vere-street Cadoxton-Barry. SPECIAL NOTICE. MJust Published, for Two Stamps, a* A TREATISE ENTITLED J| HOW TO ENSU3E HEALTH," A most valuable Book for all. On the LAWS GOVERNING LIFE and the CAUSES. SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases depending on Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression. Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Lars, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitude, &c. Sent post free on receipt of Two Stamps. s n d Address, Messrs BARNES and Co. 48, Lonsdale Square, Barnsbury, LONDON, N. Cyc'es.— Bargains.J—1,500 es new and second-hand, from SUs. well; agents wanted; wholesale list free any address.— ,lv and Company, Weston- inn'1 iuper-Mare. CASTLE HOTEL, BARRY DOCKS, (Five Minutes' Walk from Barry Dock Railway ¡ Station.) Family and Commercial Hotel. Ordinary Daily from 1 to 2.30. COLD LUNCHEONS PROVIDED. First-Class Billiard and Assembly Rooms. WINES AND SPIRITS OF THE CHOICEST QUALITY. GOOD STABLING. PROPRIETOR WILLIAM FARMER,