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GAMAGE'S FOR OUTFITS. I LEADING THE WAY AS USUAL. CHEAPEST AND BEST HOUSE. Write or call for comprehensive Catalogue for the Season, post free to any address. THE "REFEREE" BALL. SPECIAL FOOTBALt. BOOTS. "THE HOLBORN." HUGBY or ASSOCIATION, RUGBY or ASSOCIATION. 10/6. 10/6. -7 41C any other make. Every Section Stretc-ied The (iamkicV" Brown ltus3et Calf (as The UniversalMatch "10 f'lii — (W ith or without Anxb-i'rntectore.) —————— — FOOTBALL SHIRTS. THE IORWARDS- 8/11 SHIN GUARDS. IN HALVES, QUARTERS, STRIPES, _J — QliH ASDPLMHCOLOUE*. KNICKERS (Wide Legs). 8ia,||l|llk Boy's Boy's HRj I U 1111 If! "■ wim ?r ^HL> less. less. Swansdown 1/4,5/3,3/8 Strong Linen Straps or Tapes, 9Jd. All Colours and Combinations. FiS?,er,fe 1/10. S/ii, s/ii, »i' Tan Leather tapes; If. Flannelette (allcolours) 1/U and annel M.W.W do.) 1/fl 9in iin 'Sifwa11111 2^ and' 29 Tan Cape, is (do.) 2/J Flannel all colours) ••• 5/6 GOAL-NETS. Shin and Auki- (combined) Best Quality (Shrunk) (Plain 76 (Brodie's Patent). Strong Hemp Cord. 88/- Pojt^e, 2d. Colours or Harlequin) i ? Best Steam Tarred, 47/ complete. 8tripes ^-6 Brass Inflators from 10*. Leather E&r C&pSf 1/10. C&pGj 2/8. Faa^IulII pnif. fwim Football Goals from 12/- per set. Football Belts from 6d. Boundary Sticks (complete with Football Bladders, 1/6, 12/- per guaranteed. football Flags (any colour), 4/6 and Referees' Whistles, 9d.: Best QU&Uty, 1/3. 616 per dozen. Best Quality, 1/3. ORDERS OVER 10/- CARRIAGE PAID (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED). A. W. GAMAGE, Ltd., 118, 126, 127, 128, 129, HOLBORN, LONDON, E.C. MEN'S WEAKNESSES CURED. Many thousands of men suffer from enervating weaknesses, and cannot find a cure for them. I say to such suiferers write to me; and I will show you a recently discovered means (simple and certain) by which you can be relieved of your sufferings. It will only cost you a penny for postage, and it will cure all Nervous Disorders9 and restore full vigour to the system. This means of cure is invaluable as a remedy for all ailments caused by imprudence of any nature whatever, and has restored thousands of weak men to health and strength. Send stamped addressed envelope to:—GEORGE WRIGHT, Esq., Colne House, Rembrandt Road, Lee, London, S.E. (Name this paper). EVERY WOMAN Should send two stamps for our 32 page Illustrated Book, containing valuable information how all irregularities may be entirely avoided or removed by simple' means Recommended by eminent Physicians, as the only Safe, Sure, and Genuine Remedy, Never Fails. Thousands of Testimonials.— MR P. BKANCHABD, Dalston-laae, London. A WOKD TO LADIES. SEND two stamps for our new and origina Illustrated Booklet, containing plain and practical ad vice to women, how all ailments may be prevented or removed by simple means in a few hours. Recommended by eminent Physicians, and thousands of Ladies, as being the only Genuine Remedy. This is not a quack medicine, Established 30 years, LESLIE MABTYN, Ltd., Chemists, 34, lston Lane London, i ARE YOU MISERABLE t Unable to sleep at night possibly ? Or, if yeo drop off to sleep you wake with a nasty, broWB taste in your mouth, and you generally feel so despondent that at times you are almost tired Of life Well, take our advice, Throw physic to the dogsJ' Come at once and purchase one of Out Special Brass-rod Bedsteads, and EverlastiBg Wire-woven Spring Mattress, and an excellent Home-made Feather Bed, Bolster, and Pillows, in superior Linen Tick, for Four Guineas the whole lot (the bed, bolster, and pillows alone used to cost the money), and the result will be you will sleep like a top." Then get up and look at » smiling face in one of our handsome solid Carved jt Walnut 27s 6d. Overmantels, and you wiU feel quite another person, and bless the day you Olet dealt with BEVAN AND COMPANY. Excuse our asking the further question, ARE YOU LONELY? Living in dreary lodgings, driven almost out of your mind by the marvellous appetite of tbe lodging-house cat, and, having no one to confide in, obliged to bear it all in silence ? Then why fl0t get married forthwith, and render yourself haPPY for life by Furnishing a Comfortable Home ftO" the vast Stocks and at the wonderfully low prices of BEYAfl AND COMPAQ The Finest array of DRAWING, DINING, aJ!d Bedroom SUITES In South Wales and Monmouthshire, at from to Fifty Guineas per Suite, m PIANOFORTES J And ORGANS in Great Variety, and at One- Music Warehouse Price3. M BETAN AND COIPAltfJ (LIMITED), II "The Cardiff Furnishers, J sar THE LARGEST AND CHEAPEST M FURNISHERS L" WALES, J 21, DUKE-STREET, I AND ".? 97, ST. MARY-ST CARDIFF. ALSO AT 'S|Hj SWANSEA, NEWPORT, ø PONTYPOOL.