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DOMESTIC RECIPES. BACON AND Eaa FRITTERS.—Boil the egg for eight minutes, peel, and cut them in t wo lengthwise, and wrap each one in thin a slice of bacon. Dip the pre- pared eggs in a light batter, and fry for six minutes. Serve with thick brown gravy, and garnish with fried parsley. JELLIED VEAL.-Take three or four pounds of veal, boil till very tender pick it very fine, put into a mould, season with salt and pepper to taste. Put over a layer of hard-boiled eggs, add the in which the meat has been boiled, set in a cold place till readv to use. FABINA CUBTARD.-One cupful of cooked farina, salted, one halfcupful of sugar, one pint of milk and three eggs beat eggs light; heat milk and pour over the farina, mixing well; add sugar and egg; pOllr in custard cup" and place in a pan of hot water bake until firm turn out and heap some whipped cream, flavoured with vatulla, around the same. EGG CUTLETS FOR A PICNIC.—Chop small two or three hard-boiled eggs, add to them two cablespoon- fuls of breadcrumbs aud grated cheese, a pinch of curry powder, cayenne and salt to taste. Mix all with the yolk of an egg, shape like cutlets, dip into beaten egg, theu into breadcrumbs, and fry a golden brown, Drain very dry on paper. LEMON KALI.-—lake half a pound of powdered white sugar, four ounces of citric acid (powdered finely), the same quantity of bicarbonate of soda, and half a drachm of essence of lemon. Mix all together, pass twice through a wire sieve, and store in a wide-mouthed bottle. The essence of lemon should be very fresh, and the Kali always tightly corked. SUPPER EGGS.—Boil as many eggs as you wish to serve,foisix minutes,then take out,dipfortwoseconda into cold water, crack and peel off the shells and cut the eggs in half Ipngth witie, spread the flat part of each egg with fresh butter, dust with cayenne pepper, and salt and set in the oven till very hot. A rrunge in a circle on a hot dish and pour thick brown gravy round. CALF'S LIVER FRICASSEE —Take one pound of liver, cut it into long thin strips, and dredge with flour. Fry quickly to a light brown in a little butter, turning constantly. Chop two small onions with a little parsley, add them to half a pint of good gravy, add the liver, and stew all together very slowly for twenty minutes. To serve, set the liver on a hot dish, thicken the gravy, aud pour it over all. SUXMER FRUIT SALAD.-Remove the stalks and stones from a quarter of pound of very ripe cherries, pick a quarter of a pound each of red and white currants, and pick and hull a quarter of a pound each of raspberries andj<tjawherries sprinkle over the fruit plenty of powdered white sugar, and two or three tablespooni'uls of brandy. Stir and shake the fruit about lightly till the sugar is dissolved, and serve. LEMON SHERBET.—Grate the rind of two lemons, put it to boil with two quarts of water, quarter of an ounce of ground ginger, one pound of sugar. Let it boil for twenty minutes, or half an hour, then add, when a little cool, the juice of the lemons, and bottle for use. If wanted effervescing, stir a little soda into the tumbler. Rasp berry sherbet is made in the same way, with tho juice of ono pound of raspberries to this quantity, or with raspberry es- sence and tartaric acid to give it the right degree of flavour. MARINADED HERRINGS.—In Germany the practice is to put white salted herrings into cold milk for a couple of hours. Split open, take out bones, cut each herring into three pieces, and divide roes lengthways. Put all in layers in a deep jar, between each layer put a sprinkling of finely-minced eschelot, pounded cloves, and pepper, here and there a piece of bayleaf, and a slice of lemon. Place the roo with the herring, the seasoning over the top layer, and cover the whole with vinegar. Pour three or four tablespoonfuls of salad-oil over the vinegar, and leave it till wanted.

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