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MRS. GRUNDY'S JOTTINGS Three cousins of Mrs Williams, wife of the Rev W. Williams, C.M., Cadoxton-Barry, were amongst those who perished at the terrible colliery disaster at Cilfynydd, near Pontypridd, last Saturday week. f The old old story. Lord Wolseley says the most pressing enemy of the country at present is drink." .¡< ,;¡. Messrs F. Hazell, chairman C. H. Jacobsen, secretary; and J. P. Hicks, conductor, of the 'Barry Temperance Choir, attended a meeting at the Mayor's Parlour, Town Hall, Cardiff, last Mon- day, in connection with the proposed temperance festival to be held in Cardiff on September 12th. Last month's shipments at the Alexandra Docks, Newport, are described as the heaviest on record, amounting to 297,975 tons, the average shipments of coal per month at Barry Docks being fully 400,000 tons. 3 # Three years ago, at the time the system of free education came into force, steps were taken by the Education Department to induce parents to deposit in the Savings Bank, for the benefit of the I -children, the money saved by the discontinuance of fees. Since then no fewer than 680,000 Is and 270,000 4s deposit slips have been thus supplied to I managers and teachers. Mr John Wolfe Barry, engineer-in-chief of the Tower Bridge, is the son of Sir Charles Barry, who designed the Houses of Parliament. He has had some experience in bridging the Thames; for he was resident engineer of the Charing Cross and Cannon-street railway bridges, and chief engineer of the Chatham and Dover bridge from St. Paul's -station to Blackfriars. Among his other achieve- ments are the construction of the Barry Docks and the extension of the Underground Railway from the Mansion House to Whitechapel.— CassdVs Saturday.Jourital. At the Llwynpia and Tonypandy annual athletic sports,held last Monday, Mr Phipps' (Barry Docks) "Sill," and Mr E. Taylor' (Barry Docks) Jenny," came in first and third respectively in the 220 yards' dog handicap. One man at Barry Docks describes these jottings as "Comic Cuts," while another declares they are Titbits," but our office boy says his grandmother maintains they are a Pick-me-up." # Divine service was held in connection with the English Wesleyan Sunday School at Cadoxton Theatre last-Sunday. The shipments at Barry Docks last week Amounted to the materially decreased total of 74,982 tons 5 cwts, owing to the recent colliery -disaster at Pontypridd. Amongst those who attended the Royal proceed- ings in connection with the opening of the Tower Bridge, London, last Saturday, I noticed Mr J. Robinson, M.Inst.C.E., and Mrs Robinson, late of Barry, the former describing the weather on the occasion as splended—" just like what we had when the Barry" Dock was opened, and everything passed off well." The Rev. J. W. Matthews, C.M., Cadoxton-Barry, was amongst the congregation present at the -special services held at Llanelly Parish Church last Sunday afternoon on the occasion of the unveiling of a. memorial tablet to the late Chaplain Morris, of the Victoria. II' In the House of Commons last Monday, the Barry Dock and Railways Act, 1888 (Amendment), Bill was read a third time. » Taking advantage of the line weatlter, hundreds of persons from Cardiff, Penarth, and elsewhere visited Barry last Sunday, and bathing was largely indulged in at Whitmore Bay, Pebble Beach, &c. On Monday (Mabon's Day) there was a large influx -of visitors from the Rhondda, &c. >1& Tickets for the bathing machinie may be had at a certain place on Barry Island. I am asked to state that the Mr Blackmore against whom a complaint was made to the Health Com- mittee at Cadoxton last week with reference to -public bathing at Barry Island was not Mr E. F. Blackmore, 10, Windsor-road, Barry. » It will set the anxiety of many ratepayers at rest to know that Mr J. Arthur Hughes, solicitor, the clerk to the Local and Burial Boards, is of opinion that the vestry meeting for Barry parish last week was duly convened in a legal manner. In most of the churches and other places of Teligious worship in the Barry district last Sunday special sympathetic references were made and prayers offered on behalf of th% widows and t orphans of those-who lost their lives by the recent .colliery calamity at Cilfynydd, near Pontypridd. 'As a. result of the recent visit of delegates of the new "Prince of Wales Royal Welsh Encamp- ment of the K.G.H. to the R.A.O.B. Institute, Barry Dock, Primo J. J. Taylor (chairman of the .directors) has been appointed Knight Commander of Wales, and Primos W. Liles, J. Whittle, J. Harrison, and C. Marsh have been raised to the rank of K.G.H., the appointments being made on behalf of the encampment by Primos Donovan and Holloway, of Hull. In an interview with a local Pressman on the tprice of bread question, Mr Benjamin Lewis, baker and grocer, of Cadoxton, the president of the 'Cadoxton and District Master Bakers' Association, president of the Barry District Grocers' Associa- tion, and member of the Local and School Boards, protested against the attitude taken up by the Press, and said the comments published in a con- temporary were unfair to the trade and unfair also to the public. No one, he maintained, could sell good bread at a lower price than 4d per 41b loaf, and for bread of the best quality 4M was a fair selling price, even at the present quotations of fiour. The question was a large one, and if fully -and disinterestedly gone into the public would -come to the conclusion that the baker's lot was -not enviable one. Matrimony will shortly claim as its own a respected Cadoxton tradesman-hitherto a most persistent member of the order of benedicts. Ladies preponderated in the proportion of 5 to 1 over gentlemen at the Holton-road School teachers' picnic at Hensole last Saturday. Some of the latter, too, were married, and, therefore, not avail- able, while one had been previously booked in a masterly manner. # Preaching at a certain place of worship in the Barry district last Sunday, the clergyman made an earnest appeal to the generosity of the congrega- tion on behalf of the sufferers by the colliery explosion near Pontypridd. People, he said, should practice what they preached, but too fre- quently it happened that after singing that beauti- ful hymn- Love so amazing, so Divine, Demands my life, my soul, my all," with an air of unblushing benevolence they would delve into the bottom of their pockets, fish out one of the humblest coins of the realm, and plant a penny on the plate 'II ± Mr J. S. Dewar, Penarth, was amongst those present at the annual meeting, of the Glamorgan County Football Club last Saturday, when a substantial donation was voted to the Cilfynydd colliery explosion relief fund. ga The high sheriff of Glamorganshire, Mr Morgan B. Williams, J.P., of Swansea, was presented by his brother, Mr Arthur J. Williams, M.P., at the Queen's levee, held at St. James' Palace last Friday. » In honour of the completion of that marvellous triumph of engineering skill, the Tower Bridge, London, Mr J. Wolfe Barry, M.C.Inst.C.E., the consulting engineer to the Barry Railway Com- pany, is to receive the dignity of Companion of the Bath. ♦ Sir Frederick Milner told the House of Commons that the only time he was ever the worse for liquor was when he indulged in three bottles of a temperance drink called ginger ale. » Mrs Clifford Cory is amongst the ladies who have promised to take stalls at the sale of Irish work to be held at Lady Zetland's house the end of this week. Lord Windsor's son acted as page at the marriage of Mr Ernest George Pretyman and the Hon. Beatrice Adine Bridgeman on Thursday. The other page was a son of the Earl of Yarborough. County Councillor O. H. Jones, J.P., Fonmon Castle, chairman of the Barry Dock bench of magistrates, was this week appointed deputy- chairman of the Glamorgan Quarter Sessions. # Amongst those who attended the Wesleyan Sunday school anniversary services at. Cadoxton last Sunday was Professor Paul Barbier, of the Cardiff University College, who briefly addressed I the children on the subject of harmony. f # A number of the Good Templars of the Barry and Cadoxton district accompanied the Cardiff Good Templars on their water trip to Clevedon last Wednesday. The late Rev. Ebenezer Morris, father of the late Chaplain Morris of the Victoria," and of the Rev. E. Morris, rector of Cadoxton-Barry, hailed from Cwrws, near Newcastle-Emlyn, Cardiganshire. His niece, Miss Morris, resides there now. If tradition be right, his heroism was handed down to him from chiefs of former days. Letters' of allotment and regret for the 50,000 five per cent. cumulative preference shares in Lever Bros., Limited, were posted last evening (Thursday). Applications were received for the amount offered for subscription many times over.











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