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TRAPNELL AND GANE, .1 35 and 38, Queen Street, CARDIFF The Oldest, Largest, Cheapest, and Most Reliable House Furnishers in Wales. SPECIAL SHOWROOMS, NOW COMPLETED, Are well stocked with every requisite, and, notwithstanding the recent enormous advance in raw materials, T. & G., through having placed large forward contracts, are able to offer goods in every department A T OLD PRICES, which cannot be beaten, therefore, those requiring either to furnish a house, or to purchase a single article, should not do so before seeing our immense stock for themselves. ) DINING ROOM SUITES, 94 10s to £ 25. DRAWING ROOM SUITES, £ 5 10s to £ 32. BEDROOM SUITES, from zC6 5s to P.55, in all sizes and all woods ENDLESS VARIETY OF CHAIRS, TABLES, COUCHES, GLASSES. BEDSTEADS AND BEDDING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. A Splendid Full-sized BEDSTEAD, with Brass Rail complete, for 21S. FENDERS AND FIRE-IPONS AT ALL PRICES. Warehouse and Showrooms for CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, RUGS, the., 38, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, AND AT BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. TRAPNELL AND GANE. CLOTHING, CHEAPEST AND BEST, MADE TO MEASURE OR READY FOR IMMEDIATE WEAR. I BEST VARIETY IN THE DISTRICT I IN t« Men's, Youths', and Boys' Suits, Trousers, Hats, Caps, Hosiery, Ties, Umbrellas, Gloves, Football Clothing, &e., &e. BESPOKE TAILORING Is now Replete with a Choice Selection of the iigsi VICUNAS, CURLS, MELTONS, BLACK WORSTEDS, OVERCOATINGS, <fcc., Ac. BEST FIT^ AND WOK KM ANSI! TP || Is now Replete with a Choice Selection of the iigsi NEWEST CLOTHS in West of England, VICUNAS, CURLS, MELTONS, BLACK WORSTEDS, OVERCOATINGS, <fcc., Ac. SUITS TO MEASURE, 258., 30s., 35R., to 60s. 7s. 6d., 10s. 6d., 6:1., to BEST FIT^ AND WOK KM ANSI! TP || LLOYD & Company; The Cadoxton and Barry Dock Clothiers, 72, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. I 25, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. Fulton, Dunlop & Co., WINE, SPIRIT, ALE & PORTER ipepTS, | Duke-street, CARDIFF Windsor-road, PENARTB Wind-street, SWANSEA. j IMPORTERS AND BONDERS OF WI^ES AND SPIRITS. Shippers of the Leading Brands of Champagne, including I n HEIDSIEOK'S, BOLLINGER'S, IRROY'S, &c., &c. Holders of a Stock of Magnificent OLD BRANDI SH, comprising Vintages of 1820, 1835, 1850, 1358, 1365. and others. Sole Agents f- Cardiff and District for DUNCAN GILMOUR and CO.'s HOP BITTER BEER (Non-Alcoholic). I GENERAL PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. Barry Chamber of Trade. ANNUAL TRIP TO MINEHEAD & DUNSTER ON WEDNESDAY, July 18, 1894. The Chamber have Engaged Messrs Edwards. Robert;on and Co.'s New and Fast-sailing Steamer SCOTIA" for the occasion, leaving the OUTER EASILY, BARRY DOCK, Punctually at EIGHT A.M., and Returning from Minehead at 7.45 p.m. Tickets for Boat and], 6 6 Each Luncheon J May be had of any Member of the Chamber, or the Secretary, at the following places .—BARRY -Mr W. R. HOPKINS, Chemist, High-street BARRY DOCK — Mr A. W. NEWMAN, Jewel- ler, Holton-road; CADOXTON—Mr BENJAMIN LEWIS, Baker, &:c., Barry-road. The Luncheon will be Provided at tlH Tou-n hull, Mhiehead, at One. o'clock. R. TREHARNE BEES, SECRETARY, IIOLTON-ROAD. Makes Boots and ..ame s Makes Boots and ..ame s "jrv A T "1.10' waterpr(K)i ? a duck's back, 1 J /"> 1 A PJCJ and soft as velvet. Adds three times to the wear and allows policing. 17 GOLD MEDAL Exhibition Highest Award*: Tins 2d, 6d, 1/, and 2/6, of T\*l T"IT>T^TlVrall Bootmakers, Iromuou | J U JjJjJ.il gers, Saddlere, &.c. TEMPERANCE PICNIC FROM BARRY DOCK, WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 1894, ¡. STARTING FROM HOLTON-ROAD FOR THE LEYS ¡ AT 5.30 P.M. TICKETS may be obtained of the Committee Mr DAMPIEII, 14, Newland-street; Mr C. CLOSE, Newland-street; Mr BAILISS Mrs HOOD, 25, K inland-crescent Miss HATTON, Lombard street; and Miss ANGOVE, 45, Graving Dock- street.-TICKErS, 28. 3d. THE FINEST AND BEST SELECTION OF WEDDING, KEEPER, AND ENGAGEMENT RINGS, ALSO JEWELLERY, CLOCKS, & PLATE, Of all Kinds at H. B. CROUCITS, 16, St. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF See Window Before PurchasingElsewhe"\ I A niCQ Should know of tlicinost wonderful molicine ev<r LkUI CO liiscov'd'Ml for all irregularities ivnd oostnv.-tiniis, A I. i. "i!'jj however obstinate 01' long-staiuiiji^, Tlious- I AnjCQ :uids have bei-n lvlicveit by this liiinwuloiis LAUIlO vcmoly, anil tlierebj- sjiveil trouble, illures, and I'erfwtly harmless, allfl astonishingly effectual, as teRtitit,1 to hy 1011l1'll'ol8 of nuirriul an.1 sintfU* f"lnale" Numer- ous uiisolicitH testimonials. PILLS ALONE AHE USELESS and only bring tiiS31'Pointm"lJt. adikivstd envelope In,- p:\iee list. The only effectual remedy on earth. Try and jud; for yourssolvees. A. DASMAIL, WALTHAMSTOW. Estab. 1851. I BARRY. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PRO- PERTIES, Situate in Lewis-street, Castle-street, and Park- crescent. MESSRS. STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER will SELL by AUCTION, at the Barry Hotel, Barry, on WEDNESDAY, July 11th, 18!)4, at Seven o'clock in the evening, the following LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES Lot 1. All those Four convenient Dwelling-houses, known asNos. 28, 30, 32, 34, Lewis-street, Barry, now in the several occupations of Messrs Clarke, D. Williams, Allen Jenkins, and W. Brown. These Houses are let at a rental of 5s. 6d. per week each house, and are held upon a lease for a term of 99 years from the 29th of Septen,per, 1890, at a ground rent of C3 6s. per House Lot 2. All those Two convenient Dwelling-houses, known as Nos. 30 and 32, Castle-street, Barry, now in the several occupations of Messrs E. Makepeace and D. Lester. These Houses are let at a rental of Gs. per week, and are held upon lease for a term of 999 years from the 1st of May, 1891, at a ground rent of £3 per house. i Lot 3. All that compact Villa Residence, known as No. 17, Park-crescent, Barry, at preeent untenanted, containing drawing and dining rooms, kitchen, and scullery, on ground floor, and three bedrooms, bath- room, w.c. on first floor, and two bedrooms and lumber-room on second floor, and held upon lease for a term of 999 years from the 1st May, 1891, at a ground rent of B4 10s. Further particulars may be had—as to Lot 1 upon application to D. E. Davis, Esq., Solicitor, St. Mary-street, Cardiff; as to Lot 2, to Messrs Yorath and Jones, Solictors, Cardiff as to Lot 3, to E. W. Miles, Esq., Solicitor, Cowbridge; and as to the whole of the Lots, upon application to the Auc- tioneers, 5, High-street, Cardiff. PENMARK FARM, NEAR BARRY. SALE OF HíO TONS OF EXCELLENT CLOVER AND FRENCH GRASS HAY. MESSRS STEPHENSON & ALEXANDER 1 will SELL BY AUCTION, at. Penmark Farm, near Barry, on THURSDAY, the 12th July, at 3 p.m., 9 MOWS OF PRIME CLOVER AND FRENCH GRASS HAï, Well-harvested and in excellent condition, and containing altogether about 150 tons, also about 30 tons of excellent Wheat Straw in 2 mows, and all tied in boltings. The foregoing lots are for absolute sale. Three months' credit upon approved security. GAS EXHIBITION AT THE MARKET HALL, BARRY, ON TUESDAY, July 10, to FRIDAY, INCLUSIVE. POPULAR LECTURES BY JL JU MISS THWAITES. COOKING AND HEATING STOVES, GAS ENGINES, AND OTHER APPLIANCES, FOUNTAINS. TAs Hull Illuminated each Evening by Stott, Thorpe, Reflex Lights. Admission by Ticket to be obtained at the GAS AND WATER OFFICES. — — Llantwit Major Eisteddfod, BA VK HOLIDAY, AUGUST 6, 1894. rpHE Cnmmittee invite TENDERS for the ± SUPPLY of REFRESHMENTS on the EISTEDDFOD FIELD. No Intoxicants allowed. Highest Tender not necessarily accepted. Tenders mutt be in the hand of the SECRETARY (Mr. J. B. Llewelyn, Boverton, Cowbridge), not later than JULY 9th, 1894. SHIM ELD BROS., MANUFACTURING AND GENERAL STATIONERS, PRINTERS, BOOKBINDERS, ACCOUNT BOOK MAKERS, AND DISCOUNT BOOKSELLERS, Glebe-street Ludlow-street, and Arcot-street, PENARTH. Register! Register! Register! CONSERVATIVES and UNIONISTS owning J Freehold Property in the Boroughs of Cardiff, Cowbridge, or Llantrissant, or Freehold, Lease- hold, or Copyhold Property in any other part of the Southern Parliamentary Division of Glamor- ganshire, are Requested to Communicate with Mr D. LLOYD LOfJGHER, Conservative Agent, Castle Arcade-chambcrs, Cardiff, or to any of the Hon. Secretaries of the several Conservative Polling Districts in the said Division, as soon as possible, in order to secure their Names being placed on the Parliamentary and Local Govern. ment Register for 1895. Barry U.D: School Board. CADOXTON SCHOOLS. TENDERS are hereby invited for the COLOUR- JL ING OF THE WALLS. &c., of all CLASS ROOMS in the THREE DEPARTMENTS of the above Schools. A specification (according to which the work must be done) can be seen at the School Board Offices any day between 10 and 1 o'clock. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. Tenders endorsed Tender for Coloring Cadoxton Schools," must reach me not later than Saturday, July 14th. W. H. LEWIS, Clerk. School Board Officer, Holton-road. COGAN EXHIBITION TO BE HELD IN COGAN BOARD SCHOOLS, ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22nd, 1S94. THE COMMITTEE desire TENDERS for SUPPLYING REFRESHMENTS (Non- Intoxicating), to be in the hands of the Hon. Secretary, before Eight on MONDAY EVENING NEXT, 9th inst. Everything points to a splendid Exhibition (Horticultural, Industrial, and Ornithological -CaKe Birds); and a large number of Visitors is expected. Use of a Room allowed Free. MR. R. A. LEWIS, Hon. Sec., Cogan Board Schools, Penarth.




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