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MRS. GRUNDY'S JOTTINGS. Councillior 0. H. Jones, J.P., Fonmon Castle, and Alderman J. C. Meggitt, Barry, are at present on the continent. The former will not return till the end of April. 0 The Barry District Chamber of Trade had a balance in hand at the end of January of j612 4s 5d. —o— I am reliably informed there are young men in the Barry district who wear corsets. One is a teacher at a certain school. —o— Mr D. T. Alexander is determined to make the visit of the federated chambers of trade to Barry in June an auspicious affair. -0- Tuesday's Mail says :-A Barry man wonders what the women are coming to. When he was reading the Western Mail yesterday morning he gave a shout and said, Cardiff has beaten Newport again." I know that," said the wife, "I read it in the Express Saturday night." The husband was so annoyed that he allowed his coffee to get cold. Enough to make him. —o— A gentleman recently married from Cadoxton came to me this week, and said now he is married he is getting younger every day. He further says marriage is a decided success in his case. I wish him continued happiness. —O— Messrs Morgan Brothers, house decorators, plumbers, etc., Cadoxton-Barry, have just opened a branch shop in Quay-street, Cardiff. —o— It is announced that the committee of the National Conservative Temperance Union, having had under consideration the Local Veto Bill, have come to the conclusion that the measure would not, in operation, promote the cause of temperance. Ladies, this is specially for you. Messrs D. L. Evans and Company, drapers, milliners, dressmakers, &c., Hoi ton-road, Barry Dock, announce their open- ing show of spring fashions on and after Saturday next. -0- A grand concert is announced to be held at the Barry Dock Public Hall on Saturday evening, April 15, under the auspices of the Cadoxton Rechabites' Society. -0- Now, my little dears, the slim-waisted turtle doves of Barry, look at this :—Mrs Mary Davies, the great singer, says, I am convinced that it is a dreadful mistake to put growing girls into corsets. When they are old enough to dec;de for themselves, and when their chests have quite finished developing— and that won't be until they have gone through a thorough course of singing and breathing exercises- by that time they will, perhaps, prefer to go without the corset altogether." -0-- Summer is coming. Skylarks were seen flying gleefully in the fields off Weston-road, Cadoxton, last Friday. -0- The reason why the Irish dinner was held at Cad- oxton this year on St. Patrick's Eve and not on St. Patrick's Day was the fact that Roman Catholics have an aversion to holding a feast on a Friday during Lent. Married men, beware The young man who fell in love with a married woman during his last visit to Barry has returned. No names, please. One morning this week I met a young lady, sup- posed to be a member of the late Barry Dock Spinsters' Club, £ oing to business at rather a late hour, with her boot laces untied. For shame, ladies J Why not get up a little earlier. —o— Mr J. Havelock Wilson, M.P., general secretary of the Seamen's Union, during his visit to Barry Dock last Friday, in addressing an assembly of sailors, continually remarked "Down to Cardiff" and Up to Barry." Bravo, John; you have an eye to the future. —o— Mr Harry Burbidge was accosted by a gentleman, at the St. Patrick's dinner at Cadoxton last Thursday evening, who held out his hand in cordial greeting, accompanied by the remark-" Don't you remember me, Mr Burbidge ?" Nlr Burv- took a blazing "YA", D'ltP1.1n niPHtT^RS n/ldgO^.1 and looking — j T.T a jn, wiped his eytoj- j askance at the gentleman, replied No, I am sure J. have no recollection of having ever seen you before." "O well," was the rejoinder; "your memory is short; don't you remember us drinking together at Churches ? Churches ?" astonishingly enquired Mr Burbidge they don't have drink in churches here." "I mean Chapels," observed the stranger, collecting his thoughts the while. I have been on a two years' voyage round the the world since then, and I have just come home. Let us go and have a toothful." Mr Burbidge and his long-lost friend then temporarily disappeared, leaving "Mrs Grundy" smilingly de- clining to share their honours. Summer is still coming. A large number of persons basked in the sunshine on Barry Island last Sunday afternoon. Trade is so bad in Swansea that there are at present no less than a thousand cases of poor rate default to deal with. Barry shouldn't grumble. A man from Cogan was described to the Penarth magistrates on Monday as working in the coal." —o— Mr Harry Davies, a member of the Barry District Burial Board and Trades' Council, and late train fore- man in the employ of the Barry Railway Company, left the district last Monday to undertake an appoint- ment in Southampton. —°— What has become of the Barry Women's Liberal Association ? The members are allowing grass to grow under their feet, and have not participated in the series of meetings held during the past fortnight in South Wales. -0- A word for our girls. Black net veils, with small patterns and few spots, best set off a pretty face, and disguise the defects of a plain one. None of the latter in Barry. —o— The only gentlemen from Barry honoured with an co invite to the annual banquet of Naval Engineers held at the Holborn Restaurant, London, on the 22nd instant, were Mr E. John (late Messrs Laurie & John), and Mr Richard Evans, general manager of the Barry Dock and Railway Company. —o— Lord Brassey presided, and there was a fine old muster of admirals and other big 'uns. —o— By the way, one of the gentlemen above invited was anxious to know why he had been honoured. How the deuce," says he to a friend of mine, "did they come to know of me ? "-The Friend Perhaps they mistook you for an admiral. Well," was the re- joinder, I wish to goodness they sent me his salary for a year, and not this ticket." The ingratitude of the gentleman surpasseth all understanding. —o— Mr and Mrs John Cory, of Portbkerry, have left: Vaindre Hall. and are now in residence at The Duffryn, St. Nicholas. —o— I am informed that the evening classes in connection with the Board Schools in the Barry district, which recently underwent their first annual examination at the hands of Government Inspector Halliday, have gained very satisfactory reports, which will be read at the next meeting of the School Board. -0- The Theatre Royal, Cadoxton-Barry, under the di- rection of the new lessee and manager, Mr Konrad Leigh, re-opened last Saturday evening with a brilli- ant performance by the Bijou Burlesque Company, and continued on Monday and Tuesday evenings, to the delight of numerous audiences. -0- There will be no alteration in the Taff Vale Railway Company's trains for the coming month. -0- Please wipe your feet appears on a door mat at the entrance to a certain hotel in the Barry district. A gentleman stepped inside last week, and asked the barmaid must he take off his boots -0- Preparations have already been undertaken by Mr E. J. Ince for the carrying out of the contract for the widening and improvement of Beggar's Well-road, near Barry. -0- It has been decided to hold the vestry meetings of the parish of Cadoxton in future alternately at Cad- oxton and Holton-road schools. —o— I am sorry to hear that my good friend, Mr S. A. Williams, of Barry Dock, has, in consequence of ill- health, been obliged to resign his connection as super- intendent of the very successful Bible class at the English Congregational Chapel, East Barry but Mr J. Inglis has kindly consented to fill the vacancy until Mr Williams has sufficiently recovered. Is Barry dead ? I should think it is, judging from the painful silence of last week's South Wales Labour Times. At a special meeting of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board, held last Monday, the seal of the board was affixed, by unanimous consent, to an agree- ment for the purchase of the gas and water under- takings of the district at a cost of £169,000. —o— Whelpy, our office boy, is gradually showing his literary proclivities. He came to me this week and informed me he was about to start correspondence on the subject of Does thinking wear theboots out! I shall have his bumps told. —o— In the Scotland v. Wales international association football match, played at Wrexham last Saturday, Wales again suffered defeat, being beaten by eight goals to nil. -0- Mr W. Thomas, auctioneer, made a pathetic appeal to the kindly nature of "Mrs Grundy" at the Irish dinner at Cadoxton last week, and I have pleasure in complying with his wishes. —o— There was a total eclipse of the moon at Barry last week. Some one suggests the Barry Dock News had something to do with it. —o— I beg to offer my hearty congratulations to the Rev. R. Usher, curate of St. Mary's Church, Barry Dock, upon taking his M.A. degree at Cambridge last week. -0- There is a Local Board tree in Court-road that is falling-guard to all. At the conversazione of Cadoxton Church friends held at Harry's Restaurant, Barry Dock, last Friday evening, the Rev. E. Morris, rector, gave a most interesting account of the growth of Cadoxton during the past six or eight years, specially emphasizing the exceptional difficulties which bad to be encoun- tered in making provision for the spiritual wants of the rapidly growing population. —o— The Rector's audience was both shocked and amused, however, when he said the mission-room in Iddesleigh-street had been used in turn as an en- gineers' draught-room, Tommy shop," and shebeen. Is not the following letter from Mr T. Darlington, M.A., late of Taunton, who delivered a lecture on Bilingualism at Cadoxton-Barry a fortnight ago, enough to make every Welshman blush for very shame ? Mr Darlington is a gentleman who has never lived in Wales, and has acquired our language solely by study. The letter is as follows Cottingham, Hull, Mawrtb 15fed, 1893.—Fy AnwylSyr, Diolch yn fawr am y copiau o'r Barry Dock News a dderbyniais ar fy nychweliad adref. Gan i mi weled eich bod yn crybwyll fod y ddarlith i ymddangos yn llawn yn y rhifyn nesaf o'r Geninen, gwell eich hysbysu fod y folygydd wedi penderfynu ei chadw mewn llaw yn arod erbyn y rhifyn ar ol y nesaf; yn benaf, am fod darnau o honi wedi ymddangos yn ddiweddar yn rhai o'r papyrau. Cofion cynes attoch chwi a'r boll gyfeillion yn Nhrefcatwg, yr eiddoch yn rhwymau y tfydd genedlaethol, — THOMAS DARLINGTON. — Y Parch W. Williams, Tre'catwg." —O— Several sheep of the Burbidge family were seen loitering about Court-road, Cadoxton, shortly after I noon last Sunday, when three or four boys came up. Where are these coming from ? queried one. "From Church, I suppose," knowingly replied another. All sheep go to Church -0- The private improvements of Pyke-street, Barry Dock, were commenced this week—certainly not a moment too soon. —o— The whole of the houses in Pyke-street have during the past week or two been thoroughly renovated, the work being efficiently carried out for the proprietors by Mr A. H. Bletso, house decorator and painter, Robert-street, Barry Dock. -0- Mr Bletso has also carried out similar work in the houses in Merthyr-street. It was stated in a certain uninformed quarter last week that the Barry Local Board had decided to teach Welsh. I have since heard that "Yakki Dakki is a candidate for the Welsh chair. -0- Mr Edward Davies, J.P., Llandinam, the managing director of the Barry Railway Company, has generously contributed his annual donation of 95 5s towards the Orphans' Fund of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants. \V;1!:d.m Miles. quarrynTTWUKI, injujwv-j-, ( There is a man at Barry Dock who is rather "Brigham Youngish." He has two wives—one he takes to dances and other entertainments; the other he leaves at home. —o— The financial year of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board closes to-morrow (Saturday). --0- It was stated by Mr George Thomas at the special meeting of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board last Monday that the maximum possible price was being paid to the Company by the public of the dis- trict for their water supply. —o— Have you any relatives ? enquired a young man of a friend in Main-street, Cadoxton, last Saturday evening. Not one in the world," was the reply, except Mrs Grundy—she is my aunt! -0- The Bishop of the Diocese has expressed his entire approval of the building and arrangements connected with St. Mary's English Church, Holton-road, Barry Dock. —o— Even railway officials can be taken in sometimes. A Johnny-once-a-week" paid a visit to Barry Dock a few days ago, and sold two fine unblemished pieces of suiting to certain young men at the ruinously low figure of 4s lid per yard. Thtf young men, exuberant over their bargain, at once took the cloth to a local tailor, who, being asked to estimate its value, said it would be dear at is 6d No more Johnnys for the railway officials. Once bit, twice shy." —o— The grand concert to be held at Barry Dock Public Hall next Wednesday evening, in aid of the funds of the Welsh Church, bids fair to be one of the most enjoyable of the season, and an earnest appeal is made to the public for their patronage on the occa- sion, the Welsh Church relying solely upon the generosity of its members and friends for means whereby to carry on the mission. —o— The Barry Dock News was the means of supplying important information for the evidence in the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Bill before Parliament last week. —o— The Garrick Amateur Dramatic Society, of which Mr W. H. Taylor is stage-manager, is now in train- ing for a performance, in May, of "The Merchant of Venice and a well-known comedy. -0- Mr Arthur Thomas, lately in the employ of the Barry Railway Company, has been appointed foreign correspondent for Messrs Cory Brothers and Com- pany, Cardiff, at Buenos Ayres. Before leaving Wales he will probably take to himself a wife "-a comely young lady from Cadcxton-Barry. —o— Who is the Barry railway official who enters a com- partment to speak or make love to one of his many beaus ? He must take care or his name will appear. -0- Mr William Salmon, J.P., of Penllyne Court, Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, who is the oldest living Freemason, and the oldest membar on the roll of the College of Surgeons, has attained his 103rd year. He was born on March 16th, 1790, near Wicham Market, in Suffolk. Mr Salmon has living six grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. -0-- "Better shame than death" is the very latest of our national mottoes. -0- Barry Football Club will probably have some specially good fixtures next season. -0- Johnny Davies and Tommy Davies, the budding redoubtables of the Barry Football Club, were more than once called the "Brothers James of Barry" during the brilliant match played by the home team last Saturday. —o— Mr J. Wells, photograhie artist, Thompson-street, Barry Dock, has on hand some well-executed portraits of the "David Davies Memorial Statue" at Barry Dock. -0- The re-union of Irishmen and their "international friends on St. Patrick's Eve at the Witchill Hotel, Cadoxton-Barry, was this year again a most enjoyable affair, the dancing being a specially attractive feature of the proceedings. —o— Dr O'Donnell is nothing if not a patriot. His excellent speech from the chair, in proposing the toast of An Tir in a gcomhnuighmid (" The Land we live in "), was full of intense national fire and as- piration. -0-- There is a womau in Cogan who told the magis- trates at Penarth last Monday she does not like to force her buy to go to school, because he is so "dalli- cate." The Bench, however, were not so "dallicately" inclined, and imposed a half-crown fine. Mrs Clarke, of Barry Dock, was amongst the com- pany at the St. Patrick's dinner at Cadoxton last week, but nothing happened during the proceedings to necessitate services in which she is particularly an adept. —o— Dr O'Donnell is already looking forward to a trip to Ireland to participate in the auspicious proceedings connected with the opening of the Home Rule Parlia- ment in the old house at College Green, Dublin. -0- The export and import shipments at Barry Dock for the week ended Saturday last amounted to 76,587 tons 6 cwts. —o— Many tittered as they noticed Mr Sandford Jones, the poor prodigal son-weary, ragged, and grief- stricken-wear a nice gold diamond-set ring at the performance at Cadoxton Theatre last Wednesday evening. Was it a keepsake ? -0- I heard many say they would have preferred were the performance given in Welsh. -0- All things said and done, everything passed off without a hitch, reflecting the utmost credit upon the conductor (Mr W. C. Howe) and the singers. —o— Mr J. J. Williams, Tyncwydd, one of the guar- dians of Cadoxton parish, is strongly in favour of the formation of a separate Union for the district of Barry and adjacent parishes. -0- He considers it extremely anomalous that the Union rate in Canton should be 4d in the £ whereas that at Cadoxton is 10id. —o— The next monthly meeting of the Barry Chamber of Trade will be held on Thursday evening, the 30th instant, and not on Wednesday evening. —o— The demand for the new £10 Four per Cent. Pre- ference Shares of the Barry Railway Company has continued, and the price has advance to 30s prem. The Four per Cent. Debenture and the earlier prefe- rence issues are also all wanted. —o~ Distinguished visitors. Madame Adelina Patti" is at Barry Dock this week, and Charlie Mitchell" visited Barry Dock last week. —o— The main dock at Barry was opened for traffic in July, 1889, and the quantity of imports up to the end of December of last year amounted to 247,717 tons, and the exports during the same period amounted to 12,463,169 tons. The total number of ships arrived was 6,629, representing a total of 6,504,279. -0- What are the wild waves saying ?" asked a loving young man on Barry Island last Sunday to his equally loving fair companion. "Making a 'current' remark," replied she, sweetly. The dog close by reeled over and died without a murmur. —o— An influential deputation from the Barry Dock dis- trict waited upon Mr D. T. Alexander, president of the Chamber of Trade, last Wednesday evening, urging him to allow himself to be nominated as candidate for the south ward for the Local Board election, but after a lengthy conference Mr Alexander positively declined, for various reasons, to contest the seat in opposition to Mr George Thomas, who, during the past three years, has proved to be undoubtedly one of the best members of the Board. —0— A deputation will, however, I hear, wait upon the Local Board, and urge the desirability of electing Mr Alexander to one of the seats rendered vancant by the resignation of Mr Robinson and Mr Cory. -0- On the motion of Mr George Thomas, a special vote of thanks was accorded by the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board last Monday, to the counsel, solicitor, surveyor, expert, etc, of the Board for their efficient services in connection with the gas and water bill in Parliament. A butcher from Cadoxton, although on the shady side of thirty, still persistently calls for his mamma Even at fancy dress balls too. -0- A young butcher down our street gave a lady an engagement ring a few. days ago. But he did not look before he leaped, and now he wants the pledge of love returned. The young lady is not so disposed, and, more than that, she says she will figure in a breach of promise case, if necessary. --0-- I hope a large number of my friends of the sterner sex will pa tronise the SBT.oking concert at theWitchiU* Hotel, Cadoxton, next Saturday evening. It is to be held for the purpose of raising funds for the local athletic clubs in general, and the cricket club in par- ticular. The hon. treasurer (Mr W. L. Thomas, of the Metropolitan, etc., Bank), has sold a large number, of tickets, and I hope to hear that other members of the cricket club are following his example. -0-- Mr F. P. Jones-Lloyd, solicitor, Holton-road, Barry Dock, has expressed his intention of contesting the north ward against Mr J. Jewel Williams, Tynewydd, at the forthcoming Local Board election. -0- Two young men, with two young ladies from Barry, visited the Forest of Dean lately. When missus is away the sarvants can play." --0-- The four young men who rode from Cardiff to Barry last Sunday should take the advice of a passer-by— that it would be better for them to have their hair cut than be intoxicated and sing Get yer 'air cut." &c. -0- Meetingsof the Barry District Teachers' Association and Tennis Club will be held to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon. —o—— My jotting last week regarding A coffee-tavern- keeper from Barry had no reference whatever to Mr J. Jones, of 113, High-street, East Barry. My term Barry meant the Barry district.-F.G. —o— Two members only attended the meeting of the public libraries committee last Wednesday evening at Cadoxton, and Mr W. Thomas and others had to run about in quest of a quorum. The County Drug Stores Company have opened business in Holton-road, Barry Dock. —o— The future Mrs 'Awkins." For an explanation ask a Barry constable. —o— The Barry Railway Company's bill was, on Wednesday in Parliament, reported for third reading.