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THE CASTLE LINE FOR THE GOLDFIELDS OF SOUTH AFRICA Royal Mail Steamers. WEEKLY PASSENGER SERVICE London, Southampton, Flush- ing, Hamburg, Madeira, Grand Canary, Cape Town, Mossel Bay, Algoa Bay, Port Alfred, East London, Natal, Delagoa Bay, Mauritius, and Madagascar. Calling at ST. HELENA and ASCENSION at stated intervals. The Goldfields of South Africa. The principal gold-mining districts are the De Kaa'p (chief town, Barberton), the Komati, and the Witwatersrand (chief town, Johannesberg), in the Southern portion the Eersteling (Pieters- burg) Fields in the Northern part of the Trans- vaal and the Swarzieland Mines. Gold is also being worked near Zeerust and Malmani (on the River Tugela), on the Natal border of Zululand, at Umzinto, on the Coast of Natal, near Goschen in Becnuanaland, and at Millwood-the centre of the Kynsna gold-bearing district. A descriptive article on the Gold Fields will be found in South Africa and How to reach it by the Castle Line." The Rates of Passage Money— from 10 Guineas- Includes a liberal table, and the use of beds, bed ding, and all cabin linen and furniture. ROUTES TO THE GOLD FIELDS. Via BLOEMFONTEIN AND VEREENGIXG OR via KIMBERLEY AND VRYBURG.—This is a very com- fortable and expeditious means of reaching the fields. From Cape Town or Algoa Bay travellers orocecd by rail via Colesberg, and Bloemfontein to Vereeniging, which is within 34 miles of Johannes- oerg, and then by coach or waggon. This line is oeing extended and is expected to be open to Johannesberg in July. There is also another route by rail via Kimberley to Vryburg and thence by ''1'C'oA I" Via NATAL.-This -is a convenient route to the I Transvaal Gold Fields; and occupies about 50 hours. The journey is performed by rail fsom Durban to Ladysmith, 189 miles-, or Charlestown, 303 miles, and thence by post-cart, coach or waggon to Barberton, Johannesberg, Moodies (De Kaap), or the other mining centres. This line is also being extended towards Johannesberg. The following table will show approximately the distances, time occupied, and cost of travelling by these routes. The fares by coach vary consider- ably from time to time. Beside the coaches much cheaper means of travelling are afforded by waggons. KIMBERLEY & VRYBURG ROUTE. Miles Hours. Capetown to Kimberley by rail 647 321 Capetown to Vryburg by rail 774 39 Capetown to Vereeniging via Bloem- fontein 963 51 Algoa Bay to Kimberley by rail 485 27 Vereenigingto Johannesbergby coach 34 6 Kimberley to Johannesberg by coach 298 53 Vryburg to Johannesberg by coach 240 36 Kimberley to Pretoria by coach 340 60 Kimberley to Barberton by coach 524 132 NATAL ROUTE. Durban to Ladysmith by rail 189 15 Durban to Biggarsburg — — Durban to Charlestown 303 211 Charlestown to Johannesberg 130 29 Ladysmith to Johannesberg by coach 245 60 Ladysmith to Pretoria by coach 310 80 Biggarsburg to Barberton by coach 280 90 Ladysmith to Eersteling by wagon from Pretoria 480 — Tickets for the Railway Journey from Cape Town or Durban can be obtained from Messrs. DONALD CURRIE & CO. 0 THE MASHONALAND GOLD- FIELDS AND THE TERRITORY OF THE CHARTERED BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY. The route to this Territory is by Rail from Cape Town to Vryburg (see above), and thence by Waggon or Coach. The Railway is being rapidly extended towards Mafeking and Shoshong. Another route is also being opened via Beira. Further Particulars apply to the Managers- Donald Currie & Co., 2, 3 and 4, Fenchurch-street, London, E.C.; 15, Cross-street, Manchester; 25, Castle-street, Liverpool; and40, St. Enoch-square, Glasgow. Or to the Local Agent Lewis Lewis, AUCTION MART, lIOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. 23, DUKE-STBEET, CARDIFF, 137, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. Lewis & Lewis Beer to remind those who are about to furnish that they are Practical Manufacturers, and rank foremost in South Wales as CABINET MAKERS AND UPHOLSTERERS Their aim is not only to gain New Customers, but to retain them afterwards by supplying goods of a RELIABLE AND DURABLE QUALITY, thereby securing the confidenee of the Public Purchasers are respectfully requested to examine for themselves the extensive stocks of FURNITURE, CARPETS, CURTAINS, DECORATIONS Artistic and inexpensive, suitable for any residence. All orders are subject to our personal supervision ESTIMATES [GIVEN AND REMOVALS EFFECTED. WINDOW BLINDS, CORNICE POLES, LINOLEUMS, FLOOR CLOTHS Of Every Description. Lewis & Lewis 23, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, 137, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. 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