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THE BARRY DOCK, WHICH has an area at high water ordinary spring tides of 73 acres, and a width of entrance of 80 feet, is probably the most commo- dious single dock in the world, and is capable of accommodating the largest vessels afloat, without risk of their being damaged. MACHINES ARE PROVIDED At the Tips for weighing both the laden and empty wagons, so as to secure the greatest accuracy in ascertaining the weight of the ship- ments of CoaL ALL APPLIANCES AND ,1^ CONVENIENCES Are provided for the discharge of Ballast and Iron Ore. THE DOCK DUES Are the same as those charged at Cardiff and Penarth, BUT THERE ARE NO CORPORATION, TOWN, OR HARBOUR DUES PAYABLE AT BARRY. There will be great facilities for an Import Trade, to which nearly the whole of the South and East sides of the Dock will be devoted. THE RAILWAYS Of the Company connect with the lines of the TAFF VALE and GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY COM- PANIES, and through them access can be had to any part of the United Kingdom. DO. GREIG & CO., ESTATE and COMMISSION AGENTS, Insurance and Mortgage Brokers, Accountants and Valuers, 46. High-street, Barry. Agents for the Yorkshire Fire and Life, Com, mercial Plate Glass, and the Security (Burglary) Insurance Companies. MUNDAY'S "VIRIDINE" CORNS! (REGISTERED TRADE MARK). CORNS A Certain Cure for Corns. CORN! I PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. CORNS This infallible remedy, introduced by POTF NS J- MUNDAY, has obtained a world-wide CORNS! reputation. The efficacy of VIRIDINE CORNS may be judged by its having Cured CORNS Corns of over 50 years' standing, which CORNS had resisted all other remedies. It CORNS succeeds where all Plasters and Caustic CORNS! have failed f'ORKS If REMOVING BOTH HARD OR SOFT CORNS CORNS AND WARTS. CORNS! TESTIMONIALS. CORNS! SUNDERLAND. CORNS I want you to send me two bottles' of CORNS Viridine for a friend of mine. I have CORNS tried it myself, and have found it to be CORNS in excellent cure for corns. I may say CORNS I have had it out to Brazil with me, and CORNS found it to keep in warm climates re- CORNS markably well. CORNS B. BURGESS. CORNS! 13, Avenue Terrace. CORNS I MALVERN. CORNS Will you kindly send me a bottle o CORNS your Viridine, it is for MY OWN use. I CORNS i get plenty of corn cures of the same CORNS! colour, but NONE of them appear to CORNS « EQUAL YOURS. CORNS J. I. GLOVER, Chemist. CORNS i CAUTION.—As there are several imita- CORNS tions of this preparation, the public are CORNS i requested to ASK FOR CORNS M U N D A Y S CORNS; "VIRIDINE." CORNS And SEE THAT MY SIGNATURE is on the CORNS! end of each package. CORNS i By ordering Corn Cure' you may CORNS j receive one of the many so-called CORNS j remedies' which only give reliet or CORNS i some worthless imitation of "Viridine." CORNS; —— CORNS j In Bottles, price Is by post, Is 2d. CORNS Prepared only by- CORNS j T -|\yf UNDAY, CORNS J. IVl CHEMIST, 1 HIGH-STREET, CARDIFFJ Sold by all Chemists, THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED BUSINESS IN BARRY DOCK, q., y/ ESTABLSHED /X ^^nair- dressers, Tobacconists, ^and Newsagents. We have a Splendid Assortment of PIPES, POUCHES, PURSES, and SMOKERS' REQUISITES. BEST 2d. CIGAR IN THE DISTRICT. TRY OUR 3d.-5 for Is. LONDON DAILIES and all other PAPERS, PE RIODICALS, MONTHLY MAGAZINES, &c. DAILY DELIVERIES—ORDERS STRICTLY TO. HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. (OPPOSITE VICTORIA HOTEL.) DYERS AND CLEANERS OF HATS, BONNETS, OSTRICH FEATHERS, LADIES' DRESS, AND GENTS' CLOTHING. ORCIIARD'S 35, ADAM-STREET, CARDIFF. Hats and Bonnets altered or re-made. New Hats and Bonnets made to order. Leghorn Hats cleaned and re-made fashionable shapes—like new. Agent at Penarth-C. ROWLANDS, Umbrella Maker, 32, Ludlow-street. Agent at Barry—H. B. TAYLOR, Wool and Fancy Repository, Durham House, 111, High- street. Agent at Cadoxton-M. PHILLIPS, Wenvoe Bazaar, near Railway Station, Vere-street. MARKET HALL, CADOXTON.' This spacious Hall TO LET FOR CONCERTS, &c., Terms can be obtained on application to LEWIS LEWIS, Barry Dock Chambers, Vere-street, Cadoxton, Barry Dock If you should Want a Boy, Want a Clerk, Want a Partner, Want a Situation, Want a Servant Girl, Want to Sell a Piano, Want to Buy a Horse, Want to Buy or Sell a Farm, Want to Let House or Cottage, Want to Sell House Property, Want to Sell Household Furniture, Want to find Customers for Anything, ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER Advertising will Gain New Customers, Advertising will Keep Old Cutomers, Advertising Liberally Always Pays, Advertising Makes Success Easy, Advertising Begets Confidence, Advertising Shows Energy Advertising Shows Pluck, Advertise then at once. r Advertise Continually, Advertise Skilfully, Advertise Wisely, Advertise Now, Advertise with us]




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