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WELSH JUNIOR CUP. SECOND ROUND. WREXHAM VICTORIA v. BROUGHTON UNITED. These teams met each other on Saturday, at Wrex- ham. Despite the counter-attraction on the Race- course there was a large attendance. This, no doubt, was due to the fact that both elevens hold leading 4 ;A* • _• £ v j .ii- positions III juuiur LUUUUAII III tne uiaincc, too Broughton team having a very fine record for the season, they having p!a.yed eleven matches, and had only been defeated on one occasion, viz., by Wrex- ham Combination team on the Racecourse to the extent of three goals to none amongst their victims being their opponents on this occasion, whom they defeated at Broughton in the first round of the Charity Cnp Competition by two goals to one. Both teams were sanguine of success. Unfortunately, a high wind prevailed, and this interfered with p!ay. The home captain, Billington, beat T. Mosa in the spin of thd coin, and elected to play with the wind at hia back. Prompt to tims Tatturu kicked off for Broughton, who were immediately awarded a free- kick for hands by Lloyd. This was placed viell up, and the visitors made a rush, Billington returning. The home forwards raced down the field, but the ball was placed behind. Astbury secured from the goal kick, he being robbed by James Davies, against whom a foul was granted. The free-kick availed the visitors but small relief, as the Victoria forwards eoou obtained possession, and swarmed round the Broughton goal. Enoch Jones missed by inches, as also did F. Wiiliams. Assisted by the wind the home forwards and halves kept the visitors penned in their goal mouth, and, after ten minutes' play, with a bsamtifully combined movement by the whole of the front rank, J. Lewis was enabled to bang the leather into the net —a good shot. Lioyd obtained from the centre kick, and passed out to his right wing, and they landed well into the United goal. The ball was returned, but F. Williams secured, and shot a second goal for his side. There was now no holding back the Vies, and they were soon dangerous. F. Williams tricked the opposing half-back, and centreing beantifully, B. Lloyd defeated the Broughton goalkeeper for the third time. Again the bail was centred, and this time Enoch JoneB gained possession, and he tried a long shot, which cannoned off one of the visitors' halves into the net-goal No. 4. These successes, all happening in the first fifteen minutes, naturally delighted the home spectators. After this, the visitors made a raid, but this was but temporary, and play once again settled in their half. The brothers Moss defended well, and danger was staved off. The Broughton right wing next became conspicuous, and the ball was worked into home territory, where a free-kick for hands against the homester8 pasaed into the net without touching anyone. The next point of note was a splendid rnn by Lloyd, Lewis, and Enoch Jones, the Iatter's final eff ort just passing out. J. T. Davies was immediately after- wards in a good position, but he waa hampered, and T. MQSS cleared. Saunderson next made an effort on the Broughton left, and he transferred to H. Williams, but Owen Williams headed clear. The Vies held the upper hand up to the interval, when the score stood— Victoria, 4 goals Broughton, nil. It was expected that with the wind in their favour Broughton would make a better show, and for a time it appeared as if this would be reatised. They forced three corners in rapid succession, and these were finely placed, but just as finely got rid of, However, k pressure, they attacked fierce!v. and the -t'. w-t.r.)??n.?<-ir.- hl ''?:?ar. '?nhi?-??.ud b • '•< were v.ry s.ife, :tnd exhibited excellent ')"f"nud t':)-h.?!)i" halves ^veutnallv r.vieved, n.rid i J. L-.sh i!H3b A da?h on th r?ht wioii, und ?h wet, Wil(i*ma saving li. Moss ted up to his for- war' and the left wing forced a corner, which T. Pritchard headed away, and Billington cleared, Heckcth tricked four opponents, and tr.,tl i f-li,Ci to F. Williams, who maJ;1 a good run, and finish-'d up w:th a unzzliiig shot, v.bieh the goalkeeper was lucky to get rid cf. Midfielri play ensued, uutil tbe home -iy e n u d ii!itil ti"! home left a<?a sot. ?010?. J. T D,wies bR"'? pnl!cd np for off side when running stro:?. B?iu)?on w.?3 iiexi iiard pres.,&! J ,cn d kiel,?ri o. hard pressed, and kicked oat for relief. Tattum tried hard to get away, hut W9 for?t?U.-d by Ptitch?td. ? although all the honu defence were playiug well. -time was drawing on. and the visitors made strenu- ous efforts, and on one cccusion had very hwrd lines. Directly afterwards, a buily took place in the home goal. The ball was got "rid of. r.,id F. Williams cleared. A foal was given again' him, however, aud the fr-. e kick being placed in. the bnll was rushed into the net, thus ;cciiriiig i-Jroughton's first and only point. The whistle soou alter sounded tor time, with the fi ial score;—Wrexham Victoria, 4 goals; Broughton United, 1 goal. These were the teams :— Wrt-xham Victoria.—Goal, W. Mathks backs, A. E. Biihu^ton and James Davies haif-hacka, Oweii Williams, T. Pritchtirri, and ""1. Hfsketh forwards, J. Lewis, E. Jones, B. Lloyd, J. T. Davies, and F. WiLiams. Broughton United.—Goal, J. H. Williams; backs, T. Moss aud E. Roberts half-backs, W. Jones. E. MOBil, and n. Jones forwards, Sxundersou, H. Williams, G. Tattum, R. Williams, and T. Astbury. Referee, Mr G. O. Postle, Raabou. CHInK R. V. ST. :STLAr.TI.NS.-Flryed at Chirk, on Saturday. Half-time came with the score a blank. In less thittl five mmutss from the re-start, Hughes notched the first point for the Saints. The home- sters strove hard to eqaa. iae, and their efforts were soon rewarded. The S kiuts, however, were not to be denied, aud Hughes 'lg".1I1 succeeded in beating" Jones. The result was—St. Martius, two goals Chirk R., oue aoal.




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