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WREXHAM. INVALIDS FROM CHINA. Privates Williams, Sullivan, and Richards, and Drummer Jones, of the 2nd R.W.F., arrived in Wrexham on Wednes- day from Hong Kong, from wheuce they had been invalided. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.—We call the attention of all our readers using weights, measures, and weighing instruments in the Wrexham district to an advertisement in our columns altering the days for adjusting and stamping in the month of July. THE LATE Mns GLADSTO.NF,The Executive Committee of the Wrexham Liberal Association have passed a vote of condolence with the family of the late Mrs Gladstone, and the vote has been conveyed to Mr. Herbert Gladstone through the secretary (Mr T. Lewis). WREXHAM RACES.—These raccs have been fixed to be held on the Racecourse on Monday, September 3rd. Mr Robert Henry Done will again be Clerk of the Course, and Mr Reginald B. Dobell the Starter. Amoug the new stewards will be Sir Wyndham Hanmer, Bart. The pro- gramme is still under consideration. FARMHOUSE, SEASIDE, AND COUNTRY LODGINGS.-— The Great Western Railway Company have ÜJiiued a pamphlet, containing lists of farmhouses, easide and country lodgings, hotels and boarding- houses in the districts served by the line, including Jersey and Guernsey. The pamphlet dsù contains an attractive illustrated preface and kst of golf links. I"" C' r- Cl.O'T"Pro. .401, R KKE DUMJAI. U.N Uli. 1, 1.- 0 11 U %V t: LY WTAIUCI militated against the success of the free concert last Sunday in connection with the A. T. Jones's Trust. There was a moderate attendance on the I field at the end of Cunliffe-Ktreet.Rhosddu, where the Wrexham Borough Band assembled at three II o'clock. The band were able to give the pro- gramme arranged, for it was not until towards the finish that the rain descended in a heavy shower. The items played were as follows:— March La Itamanero (Brepaan t) Selection Songs of England" .(Round.) Romance (cornet duo). Don't Forget Me (Pinsnti.) Selection I- Operatio (NVP-IlacL,.) Concerto (for tromhonej The Vision" ..(E. Brooks.) (Mr W. M. Pngh.) i Selection "Betly" (Donzietti.) "L .L 1- lV 1 [ SCIENCK AND ART COMMITTEE.—IVL line MOOIMY meeting of the Wrexham Science and Art Com- mittee, on Tuesday, there were present:—Mr Simon Jones, chairman Mr J. A. Chadwick, Mr Wm. Thomas, Mr James Fraser, and the Rev. M O. Evans, with the secretary, Mr S. D. Edisbury. There was no business of public interest. THE MADERIA HILL IMPROVEMENT.—The work of rounding off the sharp corner at the junction of Madeira Hill and Salisbury-road is now al- most completed, and very soon pedestrians and vehicular traffic will experience the benefits of the great improvement that has been effected in this part of the town. PRESENTATION.—At a meeting of the and District Fanciers' Association, on Friday evening, the chairman, Mr Rigg, on behalf of the members, presented the retiring honorary secre- tary, Mr Job Mason, with a handsome gold ring, engraved with his monogram, as a slight recognition of his valuable services to the associa- tion. SPECIAL SERVICES FOR CHORCHWORKERS.— Special services for churchworkers were held in the Parish Church, on Wednesday. At eight a.m. there was a celebration of Holy Communion, and at 7.30 evensong, conducted by the Rev. Hum- phrey Lloyd. The lessons were read by thf Rev. W. Powell and the Rev. W. Rees, of Berse. A sermon was preached by the Yen. Arthur Clarke, M.A., Archdeacon of Lancaster. There was a good attendance. THE CAIA BOUSE.-The matron of the Girls' Home desires to thank the ladies who have kindly sent the following articles :-Miss Davies, parcel of clothes Mrs Richardson, parcel of drapery Mrs Allmand, parcel of clothes Lady Ecerton, books Mrs John Powell, calico, &c., the Rev. Mr Jenkins, quantity of rhubarb Mrs C. D. Evans, bread Mrs Wynn Evans, boots Miss William Thomas, bread and potatoes Mr R. J. Powell, dress. WREXHAM AXD DISTRICT ANGLING ASSOCIATION.— On Friday twenty members of this association journeyed to a stretch of the Lower Dee for a fishing competition, leaving the headquarters, Lion House, Wrexham, at 1.30 and returning at ten o'clock. The day was most unfavourable for angling—a hot sun, north-east wind, and rising water. The catches were therefore 6mall. The arrangements were admirably carried out, and the members returned to Wrexham having thoroughly enjoyed the outing, and fully deter- mined to take toll at no distant date. POISONED BY MISTAKE.—A short time ago a man in Stansty took a dose of poison by mistake, and had a very narrow escape of his life therefrom. It appears that the man had been under medical care, and had received a lotion to apply to a limb, and a bottle of medicine to be taken. By some means or other the man drank the poison in mistake. P.C. Thomas Davies, Rhosddu, who is a certificated member of the St. John's Ambulance, was called in, and gave the man an emetic and helped to restore him, thereby saving his life. A doctor was sent for, but the man was then out of danger. P.C. Davies is to be congratulated upon his prompt action. POLICE NEWS.—At the County Magistrates' Court, on Monday, fourteen strawberry pickers from Holt were charged by P.C. Thomas with sleeping out. The defendants explained that they had gone to Holt for the purpose of picking straw- berries, but found that they were too early, and the places were not ready ior them. The defen- dants were each fined 2s Gd.—At the same Court, on Tuesday, before Mr William Thomas and Mr H. Croom Johnson, an old man named David Jones was charged by P.C. Thomas Davies with hawking without a licence on the previous day. The prisoner was discharged with a caution, and the magistrates contributed towards the cost of the hawker's certificate. SOCIAL EVENING.—An interesting gathering of the members of the St. Giles' Football Club, together with a few friends, was held at the Victoria Dining rooms on Friday. Aftar an excellent repast, prepared by Mr Jones, the Rev. Canon Fletcher, the club's president, occupied the chair. Apologies were read from other gentle- men, including Mr A. Colbeck and Mr R. William- son. The treasurer presented his balance sheet, which was unanimously adopted. The excellent programme arranged was greatly appreciated, Mr Meeson, with his banjo solos, causing much amusement. The Chairman briefly proposed a vote of thanks to the secretary, Mr W. Pratt, which was received with musical honours. In returning thanks, Mr Pratt laid before them the club's working for last season. During the season the team had played 24 matches, won 12, drawn 4, lost 8, travelling 120 miles to fulfil engage- ments. After congratulating them upon such a successful season, Mr Pratt informed them that the team had been successful in entering the 2nd Division of the Cheshire League. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded the chairman, and a most enjoyable evening was brought to a close with the singing of the National Anthem. I LOORT CONCERT.—The second of the series of free court concerts to be held during the summer took place at the corner of Beast Market and Market-street. There was an attendance of at least two thousand, thus testifying to the popu- larity of the movement. There was no attempt at a dUplay of bunting, but tMe wagon on which the piano was placed was decorared with plants. It was announced that His Worship the Mayor (Councillor Thomas Jones) would preside, but as he was suffering from a cold, Councillor Francis took his place. The evening was very fine, so that the programme was gone through under the most favourable circumstances. The Oak Alyn Brass Quartette Party, who disappointed the andience the previous week by not appearing, were present, and they commenced the concert with Remembrance." Their other contribution was" Clouds asd sunshine," and for each effort they were applauded. Mr Garner proved a very acceptable tenor, and fav- oured with Queen of the earth and Anchored." The bass element was ably repre- sented in Mr W. Sterrett, who sang" The I Minstrel Boy," and The Admiral's Broom," with much effect. The humorous part of the entertainment was in competent bands, and rounds of applause were given Mr Ted Bobbins for his three comic songs, They wanted oilin' After you with that," and Up came Jones." Cheers were accorded the chairman and artistes, and the concert came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem. It was announced that the next concert would be held in McDermott's- court, and that the Mayor had promised to preside. MARRIAGE OF MR A. E. OWEN.-The marriag3 took place at St. George's Church, Edgbaston, Birmingham, on Wednesday of Mr Alfred Ernest Owen, son of Mr Alfred Owen, J.P., Wood Hey, Wrexbam, to Miss Florence Lucy Beech, daugh- ter of Mr George Beech, Jesmond Grove, Edg- baston. The officiating clergy were the Rev. Canon Owen (rector), and the Rev. G. T. Birch, rector of Bucknell-cum-Bagnall, brother-in-law of the bridegroom. The bride's dress was a panelled skirt, opening over a picture gown of ivory satin chiffon, the bodies looped to the side with a spray of orange blossoms, Yoke and sleeves of tucked chiffon, Court train of brocaded satin tulle veil, over a tiara of real organge blossoms. The brides- maids were the Miss Irene, Eveline, and Christine Beech (sisters of the bride), and the Misses Ger- trude and Mabel Owen (sisters of the bridegroom.) These ladies wore dresses of French muslin, over different coloured silk slips, yokes of white tucked chiffon and fichus, with lace insertion, picture hats of frilled chiffon, edged with Tuscan straw. They wore heart shaped pendants, and carried bouquets of sweet peas, both the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr John Ewing, of Birkenhead was the best man. The bride was given away by her father, and the service was full choral, the church being Deautitully decorated with palms, lilies and marguerites. After the ceremcny a reception which was very largely attended, was held at Jesmond Grove, the residence of the bride's parents. Mr and Mrs Owen left for Switzerland, where the honeymoon will be spent. Mrs Owen's travelling dress consisted of a tailor made mauve cloth costume, opening over an accordion pleated chiffon blouse, faced with figured panne, and a white hat trimmed with white chiffon and roses. Mr Owen is a partner in the firm of Messrs Rubery & Co., Victoria Ironworks, Darlaston. V AU; OF MAELOR CONGREGATIONAL, UNIO-On Tuesday the quarterly association of the Vale of Maelor Congregational Union was held at the Queen-street Congregational Schoolroom, Wrex- ham, under the presidency of the Rev. T. E. Thomas, Coedpoeth, who occupied the chair in the absence of the Rev. R. Roberts, Rhos, the chair- man for the year.—The secretary presented the report of the committee appointed at the last meeting to make arrangements for the publication of a quarterly magazine to be brought out under the auspices of the Union. It was decided to call the magazine Y Cyfarwyddwr." The Rev. R. Peris Williams was appointed editor, and the Revs. R. Roberts, Rhos; J. D. Jones, Bryntûg; H. Barry, Rhosymedre, and Mr J. Wilcoxon were elected a committee to complete the arrangements. It was decided to publish the first number in October —On the motion of the Rev. J. Iihydderch, I iirymno, seconded by the Hev. J. D. Jones, Brynteg, a resolution was passed expressing sym- pathy with the missionaries and their families in China, and hoping for a satisfactory settlement. —On the motion of the Rev. T. E. Thomas. Coed- poeth, seconded by the Rev. R. Peris Williams, a vote of condolence was passed with Mr Herbert Gladstone and the members of the Hawarden Castle family on the death of Mra Gladstone.— The Rev. R. Peris Williams proposed, and Mr Samuel Thomas seconded, the following resolu- tion, which was unanimously passed :-That this meeting is of opinion that Mr R. Souttar's Bill for the prohibition of the sale of liquors to children is a measure absolutely required in the interests of the children of this country, and sincerely trusts it may receive the sanction of Parliament; and is also of opinion that Mr A. Spicer's Sunday Closing (Monmouthshire) Bill should speedily be carried into law."—The Rev. O. J. Owen, Ponkey, read a very good paper on The debt oftlie church to its deacons."—On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by the Rev. J. Rhyddeich, Brymbo, and supported by the Rev. J. Tonlas Hughes, Bwlch- gwyn, and Mr S. Thomas, Rhostyllen, a cordial I vote of thanks was passed to Mr Owen for his paper.—It was decided to hold the next meeting I in October. Mr Joseph Wilcoxon, Coedpoeth, was appointed to read a paper on The Sunday School" at the next meeting. GREAT WESTERN EXCURsio-;s.-The Great Western Railway Company announce a day trip to Black- pool on July 3rd, and excursions to the South on various convenient days. THE HORSE REPOSITORY.- We would remind farmers and others having good horses to dispose of, that the next sale will be held by Messrs Jones and Son on July 12th and 13th. Entries should be sent in at once, as the catalogue will be made out early next week. Many good buyers will attend, and good prices may be expected. THE PARISH CHURCH.—On Friday the work of repairing the old wrought iron gates at the entrance to the Wrexham Parish Church was commenced, and the movements of the men aa they pulled down the valuable ironwork were watched with much interest. By noon the gates had been taken down, and most of the ornaments removed. These will, of coarse, be renewed by experienced wrought ironworkers where necessary, but the body of the old work, which is considered as being of considerable value, will be preserved. WREXHAM VICTORIA F.C.—The annual meeting of the Wrexham Victoria Football Club was held in Dodd's Cocoa Rooms on Monday evening. From the treasurer's statement it appeared that there was a fair balance in hand from the past year's workings. The secretary, Mr Pritchard, was re-elected, and the officers were thanked for their past services. A strong committee was elected. It was decided to join the Chester and District League, and to compete for the Denbigh- shire and Flintshire Charity Cup, the Welsh Junior Cup, and also for the Chester Challenge Cup. A successful season is looked forward to. CYCLING ACCIDENT.—Li,te on Saturday night two Rhostyllen cyclists were proceeding home via Wrexham, when they met with what might have been a serious accident in Ruabon-road shortly after passing the Cemetery. The foremost of the two, noticing something ahead, loudly rang his bell. It appears that the women, who were walk- ing along the road, called for a dog which was I accompanying them, and which was on the other side of the highway. The result was that the first cyclist collided with the dog, and was pitched heavily on the ground, whilst the second rushed over him and his machine, and in falling was thrown a distance of five yards. He there lay unconscious for a time, despite the attentions of the first cyclist and a third wheelman who came upon the scene. Eventually he was able to walk home, although he complained of faintness, and suffered from a bruised face and sprained fingers. Neither of the cycles were badly damaged. ABENBDRV SCHOOL BOARD.—At a meeting of the Abenbury School Board, held at the clerk's office on Tuesday, there were present :—Mr J. Price, chairman Mr Charles Davies, Mr Job Lea, Mr Reddrop, Mr E. Jones, and Mr James Bellis, with the clerk, Mr J. B. Bury.—The business was of the ordinary routine.—At a previous meeting of the Board the Government Inspector's report was submitted, which was most favourable to the school, and stated that it continued to be zealously conducted, and the work gave evidence of careful and systematic teaching. The reading and recitation bad improved, and the arithmetic was neat and accurate. The total grant earned was X29 19s 6d. New byelaws were also passed, including one which enabled a boy between eleven and thirteen years in the 4th Standard to leave school for agricultural work during the summer, provided he put in 250 attendances between October and April, and providing that application was made to the local authority. AN EXCITING TRAP ACCIDENT.-On Monday morning Mrs Jane Price, wife of Mr William Price, of Penyclawdd, Johnstown, was driving a horse and cart through the Smithfield when an infuriated cow dashed against the horse, which took fright. The affrighted horse turned the trap against a lamp-post, and thus took off the near wheel. The animal then dragged the single- wheeled vehicle down Charles-street, and then up High-street, where it collided with a trap driven by Mr John Cane, veterinary surgeon, of Peny- bryn, smashing the splashboard of this vehicle, and pitching the occupant into the road. Mr Cane received bruises on the right side of his face and head. The bolting animal proceeded up High-street, and swerved on the footpath, to the danger of passing pedestrians and the shop j windows. Eventually the horse war, stopped by P.C. Elias Davies and Inspector Blake Jones, of the R.S.P.C.A., before doing further damage. Mrs Price was very little the worse for her perilous ride. and the horse appeared sound when unharnessed in the street by the two officers. THE LATE MR BiaisTow.-At a general meeting of the Wrexham District of the National Union of Teachers, held in the British Schools on Thursday night, Mr Scott Jones pre- siding. Mr Wykes, of she Rhosddu School, proposed a vote of condolence with the widow of Mr George Bristow. He said the deceased schoolmaster and late president of that association was ever actuated by the strongest sense of duty, and such men as he aeeded no praise to recommend them. Their works followed them.—Mr Meeoa seconded the resolution. and also referred in terms of praise to the work of the deceased.—Six Charles Dodd, who supported the proposition, said the deceased was a man whom he never knew to have done an unworthy action, or to have said a word that would have given pain.-The resolution was supported by Messrs William M. I Jones and R. H. Jones, Vron, and was carried in silence.—Mr Clement Edwards, who was present at the meeting, said his pleasure was mixed with a good ¡' deal of sincere regret on account of the absence of ) one to whom they had just alluded, and to whom he was introduced and kold a long conversation soon after he came down to Wrexham. Of course, he had not the advantage of an intimate acquaintance with Mr Bristow. but he had had the advantage of that close man to man conversation which enabled them to appreciate the force and character of an individial. He felt that all that had been said was more than borne oat by fact. (Hear, hear.) MAT-DAY PBOCESSIOK.—On Wednesday a meeting of the committee who organised the Wrexham May-Day procession was held under the presidency of the Mayor (Mr Thomas Jones.) The secretary (Mr Arthur Wm. Berkeley) presented the balance sheet, and it was considered very satisfactory.— Mr J. E. Jackson proposed that a most cordial vote of thanks be passed to the Mayor for presiding at the meetings of the committee, for the great interest he took in the promotion of the pro- cession, and for the gift of a valuahle cup; and that the thanks of the committee be also given to the subscribers generally.—Mr F. H. Hardwick seconded, and it was carried unanimously. The Mayor thanked the committee for their vote. I! The procession proved very successful, and with a strong committee to work among the teamowners and others he did not see why it should not be i even more successful in the future. He was much obliged to them for their good feeling.—Mr J. P. Lloyd proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the judges, mounted marshalls, Deputy Chief-con- stable Jones for the excellent police arrangements he made on the day of the procession, and to Messrs Charles Moore and Hardwick for the arrangements they made for marshalling the pro- cession in the Beast Market.—This was seconded by Mr J. E. Jackson and agreed to. Mr Lloyd said the arrangements left nothing to be desired, as they were simply perfect, but he thought they might make a special effort in the future to induce the large teamowners and others who owned horses to take part in the procession, and make it more attractive. The appointment of a sub-committee to visit the owners might do much to bring this about. Eventually it was decided that the secretary should call the committee together the first week in March to consider the matter. THE HOSPITAL SATURDAY.—On Wednesday morn- ing a meeting of the Hospital Saturday Ladies' Committee was held, at which there were present: His Worship the Mayor (Mr Councillor Thomas Jones), Mr J. Oswell Bury (chairman of the I Infirmary Committee), Mr S. D. Edisbury (secre- tary), Mrs Williamson, Miss C. Williamson, Mrs Rush, Misses F. Rush, Bevan, Keating, Craw- ford, Mabel Fearnley, and Jennie Roberts. The Mayoress occupied the chair. Letters of apology were received from a number of ladies.—Mr Oswell Bury said that as chairman of the Infirmary Committee, it had been his privilege to attend those meetings annually, just to help what he called to start the machinery for the Hospital Saturday celebration. He could only say how deeply indebted they were to the Mayoress for so kindly volunteering to take the chair to follow in the footsteps of their excellent ex-Mayoress, Mrs Williamson, who did such good I work for them. They only hoped that 0 the Mayoress's record would be an even better one. The infirmary now was really in a very serious condition as far as finance went. It might be owing to demands for other funds for the wur and some other canse. Certainly it was a fact that the subscriptions were not com- ing in as well as they had doue. Their expenses had increased verv ereatlv bv the greatly increased accommodation at the Infirmary. They were now in the midst of building the I Overton Block, which was being erected out of money left by the late Mrs Overton to provide for extensions. It was one thing to provide for the extension of the Infirmary, but it was quite another thing to keep those extra beds occupied. Each bed costs something like JMO per year, and therefore they would want funds in a largely increased amount during the next year. He was certain the Hospital Saturday would bring in a very large amount for them, and it ought to be an ever-increasing amount. He could only hope that all those who had so willingly helped in the past would once more rally round the Mayoress and do their good work once more. In conclusion, he advised the lady collectors to confine them- selves to the districts allotted to them. The collectors were then appointed for the seventeen districts.—It was decided to hold the festival on -j July 28th.-On the motion of Mr J. Oswell Bury, seconded by Mrs Williamson, a vote of thanks was accorded the Mayoress for presiding.—Mr I i Bury said he wished to tell them how much the J Infirmary Committee appreciated the splendid spirit exhibited by the collieries of the district. They had lately received large sums from them l in spite of having to subscribe to the war funds. —The Mayor responded on behalf of the Mayoress.