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WELSH C U P. I FINAL TIE. I WREXHAM v. NEWTOWN. The final tie in the Wales and Border Counties Association Football Cup competition, was played at Welshpool on Monday, the finalists being Wrexham and Newtown. The weather was gloriously fine, and there were about 5,000 spectators. The ground looked in first class condition, and a fast game was looked forward to. Both clubs were represented by their best teams. Newtown won the toss and Trainer started for Wrexham. Harper returned and A. W. Pryce-Jones worked the ball behind. A free kick for Newtown near the Wrexham goal was then taken by Chapman, who put the ball high over the bar. Newtown were having the best of matters from another free kick, Ball was called upon to save. Harrison made a fine run, but finished up by kicking behind. A corner for Newtown was taken by Parry, and was cleared. Another corner followed, but that was also got away. A free kick for Wrexham in mid field was well placed, and Harrison rushed the ball through, scoring the first goal for Wrexham, about five minutes after the start. Directly after re-starting, Wrexham nearly scored again from a free kick. B. Lewis made a fine burst, and his final shot was well kept out by Good- win. A corner for Wrexham, after good passing by Harrison and Davies, was well placed and a score nearly followed, the ball eventually finding its way behind. At the other end Pairy had a good chance, but kicked behind. The the ball was weakly kicked off from goal, and A. W. Pryce-J ones securing he sent across to his brother, who had little difficulty in equalising the score, amidst great cheering. A corner forWrexham was badly placed and the danger was averted, but directly afterwards a free kick was awarded Wrexham near the Newtown goal. Lea took the kick and placed the ball beautifully. The leather bobbed about in front of goal, and eventually Harper put the ball through his own goal, scoring the second goal for Wrexham. A free kick for Newtown in midfield was followed by a similar advantage for Wrexham. T. Owen was prominent with a fine shot, the ball passing a little wide of the posts. A corner for Wrexham was not improved upon, and Mytton rushed away to the other end. Ball kicked away a long shot, and then hit away one from Worthen. Parry was well placed, when the whistle went for off-side." Trainer and his right wing put in some neat passing, Harrison finishing up the movement by kicking over the bar. The game was now slow, and both sides seemed to feel the effects of the heat. Newtown had a fine chance of scoring, but A. W. Pryce-Jones was wide of the mark. Lea sent a long shot into the Newtown goal. Goodwin was charged and he kicked Harrison. The referee stopped the game, and eventually ordered Goodwin off the field, his decision being received with loud hoots and yells. Townshend went into goal. The Wrexham forwards passed well, and Lewis shot wide. Wrex- ham pressed severely. A. W. Pryce Jcr.'s made a bb .?, for :re.. who came down heaTHy, and the game had to be suspended for some time. The interval was directly afterwards signalled with the score Wrexham two goals, Newtown one. After a long rest Mytton restarted for Newtown, who now played with the sun at their backs. The opening play was in midfield. Wrexham then started to press, but rarely got really dangerous, the forwards being pulled up time after time for off- side." Trainer shot wide, and at the other side Chapman was similarly erratic. Mytton made a dashing run and sent in a fine shot. Samuels met and headed over the bar. The corner was well placed, and a scrimmage in the Wrexham goal followed. The ball was rushed into the net, and the score was thus eqnalised amidst great cheering. On re-starting Wrexham again began to press. They were, however, unable to score, and Mytton broke away with a dashing run. Beeston, however, finally stopped him. JJirectly afterwards, however, Mytton was again seen making for the Wrexham goal at a great pace. He finally passed to W. E. Pryce-Jones, who shot, and Ball made a fine save. Townshend hit away a long shot, and Mytton, who was playing brilliantly, was again on the warpath. He eventually sent the ball to W. E. Pryce-Jones, who put New- town ahead, the ball striking the crossbar and going through. A corner for Wrexham was got awr1,y by W. E. Pryce-Jones, who was pulled up by Beeston. A corner fell to Newtown after a run by Mytton, but that was cleared, and then the Wrex- ham forwards were several times stopped by the whistle going for off-side," twice when it certainly seemed that the decision was a wrong int. A corner for Wrexham was placed behind by Lewis, r.nd then Harrison nearly equalised with a fine shot, Townshend iust saving. Mytton then took tho ball practically the whole length of the field and passed in front of goal to W. E. Pryce Jones, but he failed with the goal at his mercy, and Davies took the ball to the opposite end. The play for the remainder of the game was in the Newtown quarters, but Wrex- ham failed to score, and the final result was: Newtown, three goals; Wrexham, two. The following were the teams :—Newtown: Good- win, goal; Townshend and Harper, backs; Tucker, Chapman, and Worthen, half-backs; W. E. Prvce Jones and E. Morgan, right wing Parry and A. W. Pryce Jones, left wing; H. F. Mytton, centre. Wrex- ham: Bali, goal; Samuels and Ellis, backs; Hayes, Lea, and Beeston, half-backs; Lewis and Owen. right wing; Davies and Harrison, left wing; Trainer, centre. Linesmen, Messrs Edwards, Aberystwyth, and Cotton, Rhostyllen. Referee, Mr Brodio, Wolverhampton. At the conclusion of the game there was a scene of tremendous enthusiasm, and a large crowd gathered round the press stand on which the coveted cup temporarily rested. There was a great crush, and when Major Clayton, president of the Welsh Association, stepped forward to present the cup he was received with hearty cheers. As president, he said it was a pleasure and an honour to present the Winning team with the trophy, although it would be unbecoming of him to say anything as to the merits of the game. Whatever the decisions of the referee had been, he was pleased to know that each player loyally carried them out. (Cheers.) He congratulated the referee, the linesmen, and all who had taken part in the day's match. (Loud cheers.) The cup was then handed to Mr W. E. Pry co- Jones, the popular captain of the Newtown team, and when the cheers subsided he returned thanks to Major Clayton. He thought everyone would admit that on the day's play and with ten men the better team had wen. (Loud and prolonged cheers.) He thanked the Welshpool people for their hearty support and for their welcome, and expressed a hope that wc.s not the last time the Welsh final would be played at Welshpool. (Loud cheers.) When the Newtown team arrived home they were accorded a splendid reception.






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