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WELSH JUNIOR CUP. SEMI-FINAL TIES. ADWY UNITED V. BANGOR RESERVE. Played at Flint on Saturday. The ground was in splendid condition and the weather fine. Play be^an in the most lively manner, and Bangor were not long in making the first score. The play then assumed a more desperate form, both sides fouling repeatedly Bangor, however, were constantly giving proof of their superior strength, and at half-time had two goals against their opponents' one. The second half of the game was equally interesting, both goals being threatened in turn. The Bangor backs and goal- keeper played a fine game, the keeper on one occasion breaking the cross-bar in attempting to save. The Bangor forwards succeeded in putting on a third goal. Shortly after the restart Adwy United carried the ball before them to the goal of the Reserve men, but Bangor succeeded in resisting the attack. The result was :—Bangor, four goals Adwy, one. CAERGWRLE WANDERERS V. SHREWSBURY RESERVE. —Played at Oswestry on Saturday, before a good number of spectators. Caergwrle, losing the toss, Started the game, and from the way the Salopians began to attack the Welshmen's stronghold, it was thought they had an easy thinsr on. G. Williams and Garre f t were a ( f and Garrett were a dangerous pair, and were continually troubling Davies and Jones. Some good work by E. Jones aud Griffiths transferred the venue of operations to the other end, and after a little passing Williams beat Richards in the first six minutes. From the centre kick, Shrewsbury, led on by Gwilliam and Garrett, got dangerously near the Welshmen's citadel, giving Stainer an easy chance when only a few yards from goal, which he missed. The Welshmen, after this let-off, played a far better game, and their long passing and rushes caused the Salopians no end of anxiety. Although Shrewsbury obtained a couple of corners nothing tangible resulted. Immediately afterwards. Gwilliam sent in It beat1ty, which Jones -<. d uncomfortably ne?r the edS??S K??,' C??. ? ■l nncomfortably near the Salopian goal' Ilndrg;rle Rot scored a second goal, 'Pt'T???? i' ? attempt to save wh? on the I1 coar?ged by this second revel  forced forced the game, but would have ° billoPianil I■ had they gIven the right wing AND Wuc& b-» I tunities, instead of holdi?he ?. ?)? ??° ?n?c??"' the end they were geneUtheSh,nj°e ? long a IH Jones. Caergwrle again /y rr?t,ted by DS; |oal, and H'Lew?r?ed 2^ Even play ruled up to tho SCore to t? H t?. play ruled up to the i? °"??' ? ?en th' I Wanderers led by three goals to "After 5 ■■ interval, Shrewsbury, although tM-?er score against them, weie not in the S.??'? '? ?be?r: and their supporters were in hoM?? ??'ey be able to repeat their prSiin 'hrml -^arteiv-s I■ p g 6 Welshpool, but they foun that the?h?fl 0re «mdbj I■ opponents to contend with So?e ,■ tcid Shrewsbury resulted in their o??'i?"? ? CM? H which was well placed, but H .T, Corn,,> the Caergwrle left wing made a clever 2ed- ■ the UMrgwrIe left wing m?dc ? ?c ?-er '?? s?'ng a sm?-t shot from .Tone.. ??R?r: were next conspicuoui for ? bit or n"lt pl: t,rt¡ ?tter forcing a corner off Davies w f, **3 S« ■I  1 If' \Va.s "01 ?y The Cowrie left win?? .?.? ?  be?t??l p?.ing game, the oataide luAnn V P;I a | part.cuI.rvbrUti.nt, and hi. ????.-='??'??d?  lot of troua e. S h rews b ury again cnt t a I■ end, where Gwilliam hied hst h<Vhih O:!1e¡: ??? wide of the mark. From the r?.. u-e'^n ■ d d J f I -n- attacked. ?udJone-?fter clever I)lz" ?s 'u I to Pountney, who again b:tt Richard fourth goal for his side. No furth^ ^0r;a5 tne I place, eu '°n p?ce. &ud Caergwde won by four '.o.? '"? ? following were the te?ma:-C??.? The I■ I \\r J .l' S. Jones ?.ndP n' .ones, go, < l.le, iJcks; W' Wiiliams, Crompton, and W T '.Inn,. W. I H. Lewis and W. Poantney,r?ht \vin, \?' ?ndSheIboarne ieftwin?; E.J.nM,?::?? !l.nd Shelbonrne, e t WInh j onc", centl'è Sa' R 1)' 1.1 I 'I" rt\ ,bury eserve :Ie larus. oa. j iC!èY '1 Braddi k backs; Cartwright, H. Bliss, and J \V'DI b.?ks; Cashion and A. J. Hob? T °"esrha l f. I d G 'II' I ff.' ?' Garrett and Gwilliam, left wi'i". "'?' cell' Referee, Mr R. T. Gough, Osw?y.