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WELSH CUP, I FINAL TIE. I CHIRK v. WESTMINSTER ROVERS.—The match be- tween these teams, to decide who should hold the cup until the end of next season, was played on Wrexham Racecourse on Monday, before about 4,000 spectators. G. Jones kicked off for the Rovers, who at once got down. W. P. Jones kicked well, and then E. Davies headed outside. Chirk took the ball to the other eud,. and from a centre by James, Butler headed over.. Powell and Davies passed nicely, but a free kick awarded Chirk removed the danger. Egan aa G. Owen were conspicuous, C. Jones stepping in iast in time. A free kick ior the Rovers near goal was well placed, but nothing came of it. Wilding waa too good for W. Owen, and the Rovers were awarded a free kick in front of the Chirk goal, Wildipg took this, and plaoed the ball well. W. P. Jonoa headed out. The same player directly afterwards cleared » shot from Powell. Chirk thsn went to the other end. W. Owen crossed to Egan, and C. Jones just cleared. Egan returned, and James shot just behind. The Rovers came down, and Postle gave a corner, which came to nothing. Even play in niidfield followed, and then a free kick for the Rovers was returned by Mates. Wilding deprived Butler and shot in, Povey throwing out. Egan ran along the left and crossed to Butler, who got past the backs, and Williams just saved by running out and giving a corner, which was cleared. At the other end Povev had to kick out a long shot. A free kick fell to the Rovers in mid- field, Fisher sending the ball behind. Directly after- wards, from a corner for the Rovers, Mates headed out. Wilding immediately returned, and headed through the first goal for tlie Rovers. The game now became fast. Good passing was shown by the Chirk forwards, Egan finally shooting just over the bar. G. Samuels made a good run and centered, G. Jones shooting outside. At the other end James sent the ball through, but the point was disallowed. A corner for the Rovers was cleared, and Chirk took up the pressure at the opposite end. Williams saved a good shot from Butler. A corner for Chirk was got away, and a free kick for them near goal was not improved upon. Egan shot outside, and another corner for Chirk was cleared. Chirk were now pressing severely, James shot wide from a cross by Egan. Williams c leared a long shot from Mates, and then Egan shot oyer. At half-time the Rogers were leading by one goal to nil. On changing ends, Williams at once had to kick out. The Rovers rushed away and just failed to score. Then from a centre by Egan. G. Owen equalised the score. Two free kicks for the Rovers did not give them any great advantage, and then Williams saved well from Egan and W. Owen. The Rovers fought hard and gamed a corner, which was cleared. A free kick for the Rovers near the Chirk goal looked dangerous, but W. P. Jones cleared. Powell nearly scored. Postle kicked clear, and W. Owen made a good run. Butler shooting just outside. Chirk pressed but could not score. From a free kick the ball was sent well into goal, Williams clearing. Morris kicked across the mouth of goal, and Owen shot in, Williams granting a corner in defence. This was well placed, and after the play had been for some time in front of go:t!, James headed through, but was given off- si d e. go:). Chirk were frequently dangerous. G. Owen goal, Chirk were frequently dangerous. G. Owen shot outside, and then Williams had to throw away two shots in succession. Directly afterwards Mates sent in a long shot. Williams made a poor save and James at once put through the second point for Chirk amidst loud cheering. The Rovers played up well after this reverse and nearly scored, Povey sav- ing well. Then Chirk again took up the running, two corners for them not being turned to account. W. Owen shot outside the posts, and the Rovers then gained a corner, but before it could be taken the whistle blew for time, with the score standing- Chirk, two goals Westminster Rovers, one goal. The following were the teams :—Chirk Povey, goal; \V. P. Jones and Postle, backs R. E. Jones, Mates and Morris, half-backs James and W. Owen, right wing Egan and G. Owen, left wing Butler, centre. Westminster Rovers Williams, goal J. Jones and C. Jones, backs E. Samuels, J. Wilding, and W. Fisher, half-backs G. Samuels and J. Jones, right wing E. Davies and Powell, left wing G. Jones, centre. Referee, Mr R. M. Sloan, Liverpool. The folowing are the results of the previous final ties 1877-78—Wrexham heat Druids 1 to 0. 1878-79—Newtown beat Wrexham 2 to 1. 1879-80—Druids beat Kuthin 2 to 1. 1880-81—Druids beat Newtown White Star 2 to 0. 1881-82—Druids beat Northwich 2 to 1. 1882-83—Wrexham beat Druids 1 to 0. 1883-84-0swestry beat Druids 3 to 2. 1884-85—Druids beat Oswestry 2 to 0. 1885-86—Druids beat Newtown 5 to 2. 1886-87—Chirk beat Davenhani 4 to 2. 18S7-88—Ciiirk beat Newtown 5 to 0. 1838-89-Hangor beat Northwich 2 to 1. 1889-90-Ciiirk beat Wrexham 1 to 0. 1890-91—Shrewsbury Town beat Wrexham 5 to 2.






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