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WELSH JUNIOR CUP. F I :> A I. r IE. LLAnrmw SWIFTS V. WREXHAM GYMNASIUM.— Played at Hhy 1 SUlllmer Gardens cn Saturday, before about 500 spectators. The weather was beautifully Ii fine. The Gyms won the toss, and kicked with the wind in the first half. Allman kicked off for the Swifts a few minutes after the advertised time. The II Gymnasium were the first to attack, and Hill had to hit away. The Swifts were then dangerous, but I Wright cleared. Brooks conceded a corner, but the I same player cleared with a huge kick, and Mills and Clifton got away. Wilson stepped in and pulled them up. The Gymnasium forwards next had a try. Hill had to kick away a shot by Higginson, and directly afterwards he saved another from Shelby. The Llandudno forwards made off and shot, but the ball passed outside the posts. From the goal-kick the ball travelled to the other end. Brooks missed his kick, and Hill had to run out to save. A corner next fell to the Wrexham team, and Shelby headed behind. P. Aiiils sent in a nice shot, which went over the bar. From the kick-off Allman secured, and sent in a long shot- Roberts, the Gymnasium goalkeeper, hit at the ball, but only partially stopped it, and knocking it against one of tlie uprights it re- bounded between the posts. This livened up the Gyms, who gave the Swifts' defenders a lot of trouble. After Brocks had cleared from a corner, E. Jones sent in a long shot, which Hill cleared. Garner secured and made a good attempt to score, but his shot just missed its mark. The Gyms were now pressing severely, and they had hard lines in not scoring on several occasions. Crockett gave a corner, which Knight cleared after a scrimmage in the goal mouth. At the other end, the Gyms' goalkeeper threw away from a long shot from Clifton. A corner for the Swifts was sent behind by Mills. Wright stopped Roe, the Swifts' left wing, when getting near the goal, and Harrison got away and kicked just over the bar. Shots were sent in by Shelby, Harrison, and Higginson, and in keeping out the last Hill gave a corner, which was cleared. Harrison again got away, but was pulled up for "off-side." After Hill had saved a shot from Garner in fine style, the Llandudno forwards broke away, and Roberts had to save from Mills. The front rank of the Gyms then made for their opponents' goal, but Brooks stopped them, and sent the bali down the field but "hands relieved, and Hill had to kick away a shot by Shelby. After a nice run by the Swifts' forwards, the Gymnasium were granted a corner, and from the scrimmage which followed in the Swifts' goal mouth Harrison equalised. Shortly afterwards half-time was called with the score standing-One goal each. Just after the re-start, Beeston saved a nice cross from F. W. Roberts. From a run by the Swifts' forwards, Knight, who had gone centre forward, got past Wright, and scored a second goal for Llandudno, two minutes after re starting. The Gyms' left wing got away, and- Shelby centred. Higginson shot in, but Crockett cleared. The Wrexham team was next granted a corner, but "hands" in the goal mouth relieved the pressure. The game was now stopped to clear the spectators off one side of the ground. The Gyms then did a little pressing, and Hill had to run out to kick away. From a shot by Shelby, a corner resulted, but Hill saved grandly. The Swifts got away, and from a throw-in near goal, Knight scored a very simple goal for the Swifts with a long shot. Notwith- standing these reverses, the Wrexham teamed played up, and had hard lines in not scoring. Hill saved splendidly on several occasions. As the result of some nice passing, Shelby just shot over.' The play was taken to the opposite end, but the ball passed out of play. The Swifts were getting close in, but hands relieved the pressure, and the Gyms were given a corner, which was well cleared. A free kick was given against Crockett for fouling Harrison, but nothing resulted. The game was again stopped owing to the encroachment of the spectators. From a cross by F. G. Roberts, Knight just headed outside. The Wrexham team were awarded a free kick for hands near their opponents' goal, but Higginson sent outside. A free kick given against Knight for fouling Wright came to nothing. The ball was in the Swifts' quarters when time was signalled, with the score standing-Llandudno Swifts, 3 goals; Wrexham Gymnasium, 1 goal. The following were the teams:— Wrexham Gymnasium D. Roberts, goal J. Wright and J. Wilson, backs; E. Jones, Beeston, and l \V. Hunter, half-backs It. Hughes and Higginson. right wing T. M. O. Shelby and J. Garner, left wing W. Harrison, centre. Llandudno Swifts J. T. Hill, goal H. Crockett and A. E. Brooks, backs T. H. Owen, A. Knight, and J. Hughes, half-backs P. Mills and T. Clifton, right wing F. G. Roberts and S. W. Roberts, left wing G. Allman, centre. Lines- men, Messrs J. R. Wilcox (Ruabon) and W. Cotton (Rliostyllen) referee, Mr J. Taylor, sec. W.F.A.









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