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WELSH JUNIOR CUP. SKMI-FINAL TIES. LLANDUDNO Swn-rs V. CIIIRK RESERVE.—Played on Wrexham Racecourse, on Saturday. The Swifts were the first to show up, and Mills had a shot at goal. Free kicks fell to both teams. W. Roberts made a good run and shot, Morris saving. From a shot by Mills, Pearce gave a corner, which was well placed, Mates clearing. Soon after, however, the Swifts were down again, and W. Roberts put the ball through just after the whistle had blown for hands in their favor. A scrimmage followed the free kick, and Knight scored for the Swifts with a splendid shot. Chirk Reserve then attacked severely, and a splendid shot was sent in by Greasley, Hill granting a corner in saving. This was not improved upon, and for a time the game was fairly equal. At length, however, the Swifts pressed again, and a, scrimmagE took place near Chirk's goal, but the ball was kicked behind. The Swifts played with great dash and vigor, and were granted a couple of corners. From the second corner Clifton sent in a good shot, the ball going just over the bar. Soon afterwards the Swifts were granted another corner, and a scrimmage ensued, Clifton again shooting behind. Equal play again followed, but towards the end of the first half the Swifts had the best of the play, and pressed. A corner was granted them, but came to nothing. A good run by Meredith and E.Williams followed, but the whistle blew for "off-side." They, however, again got up, and after giving the Llandudno back division some hard work, J. Meredith finally kicked behind. After a bit more of unsuccessful pressure by Chirk' the Swifts attacked once more but without success, for half-time arrived before they could manage to score. Half-time score: Swifts, one Chirk Reserve, nil.—After the interval, Chirk made a run down the right, but they were robbed of the ball, and a good run by W. and S. Roberts followed. Chirk, however, again obtained, and pressed severely, E. Powell send- ing in a grand shot. Hill, however, saved in fine style. W. Roberts made a capital run up the centre, but S. Roberts, to whom he passed the ball, sent it behind. After a bit of equal play the Swifts pressed, and several very good shots were sent in, but Morris saved. Pressure by Chirk resulted in a grand shot being sent in from the right by W. Meredith, the ball going across the goal mouth. A short time after this W. Meredith sent in another splendid shot, but the ball struck the cross-bar and went over. This was followed by an attack by the Swifts, but Chirk Re- serve, who now had the wind slightly in their favor, again forced their way into the Swifts' quarters. A bit of most exciting play was now witnessed in the mouth of the Swifts' goal. Greasley sent in a swift shot, which struck the cross-bar and rebounded into play. Meredith then headed the ball, which again struck the cross-bar and rebounded. A third shot immediately followed, but Hill cleared, and the Swifts immediately raced to the other end of the field, and in their turn experienced hard lines in not scoring. The Chirk Reserve fought hard, and shortly before the close of the game J. Meredith sent the ball through, but the referee disallowed the point on the ground that it was off-side. Directly afterwards Powell, the Chirk centre-half, was ordered off the field for insulting the referee, but Chirk still managed to keep up the pressure, and were granted a corner, but without avail. Pressure by the Swifts followed, but nothing came of it, and in a few minutes the whistle blew for time, with the score standing-Swifts one, Chirk Reserve none. The following were the teams:—Llandudno Swifts—Hill, goal; H. Crockett and A. Brooks, backs; T. H. Owen, A. Knight, and J. Hughes, half-backs; P. Mills and T. Clifton, right- wing W. Roberts and S. Roberts, left-wing; G. All- man, centre. Chirk Reserve—Morris, goal; C. Pearce and J. Davies, backs; E. Roberts, E. Powell, and Mates, half-backs; W. Meredith and G. Williams, right-wing J. Meredith and E. Williams, left-wing S. Greasley, centre. Referee, Mr James Davies, Wrexham. WREXHAM GYMNASIUM v. BUCKLEY VICTORIA.— Played on Wrexham Racecourse, on Saturday. Harrison kicked off for the Gymnasium, who were at once dangerous. A corner for them was sent behind by Shelby. A free kick for the Gymnasium in mid- field was followed by another in front of goal. This was taken by Hunter, who passed to Garner and he shot the first goal for the Gymnasium. Hughes and Higginson were dangerous, the latter shooting behind. Directly after, Hughes shot the second goal from a centre by Shelby, and Higginson quickly followed with a third point. Buckley then played up and Parry and Humphreys took the ball to the opposite end, two good chances of scoring being missed. A free kick for Buckley in the goal mouth was cleared and then Wilcox saved twice, Harrison finally shooting outside. Harrison made a good dribble, Wilcox kicking out his shot. Two corners for the Gymnasium were not improved upon and then just before half-time, Harrison scored the fourth goal with a capital shot. Half-time, Wrexham Gymnasium, 4 goals; Buckley Victoria, nil. The second half was all in favor of the Gymnasium, and needs no descrip- tion. The visitors were only dangerous on one or two occasions, and Roberts was only troubled once. Goals were scored for the Gymnasium by Harrison and R. Hughes, who each notched three points. The final score was thus-Wrexham Gymnasium, 10 goals; Buckley Victoria, nil. The following were the teams —Wrexham Gymnasium: Roberts, goal; F. Ellis and Wilson, backs E. Jones, Beeston, and Hunter, half-backs; R. Hughes and Higginson, right-wing; J. Garner and T. M. O. Shelby, left-wing; Harrison, centre. Buckley Victoria.—Wilcox, goal; Wood and Jones, backs; Parry and J. Humphreys, right- wing Anglesey and Lamb, lef t-wilig; W. Humphreys, centre. Referee, Mr T. E. Thomas, Chirk.