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I WLSH JUNIOR CUP. WREXHAM GYMNASIUM V. GRESFORD RESERVE.— These teams met in the fourth round of this competi- tion, on the Wrexham Racecourse, on Saturday, before a fair number of spectators. Harrison kicked off for the Gymnasium. For a short time play was in the visitors' quarters, and a corner was conceded the Gyms, but the ball fell behind the goal A run down by Gresford resulted in a grand shot being sent in by Holmes, but Roberts fisted out. After some fast play, the visitors ran down, and were granted a corner. A scrimmage ensued, and Formstone opened the score for Gresford with a very nice shot. After this, the Gymnasiam fought hard, and sent in several very good shots, but Fraser cleared his charge in fine style. A corner was granted the Gymnasium, and this was immediately followed by two more, Higginson equalising the score the third corner. After some comparatively e-qual play, a fine passing movement instituted between Hughes, Garner, and Shelby resulted in the latter making a fine run, and sending the ball past Fraser. Wilson used his hands to stop the ball in the mouth of the home goal, and Gresford were granted a penalty kick. Bithell took the kick and sent in a clinking shot which Roberts had no chance of stopping. The Gymnasium pressed and were granted a corner, but Gresford cleared, and the play was for some time in midfield. From a good pass by E. Jones, Shelby made a good run, and sent in a nice shot. Fraser, however, cleared. Half-time shortly afterwards arrived with the score standing Gresford, two; Gymnasium, two,—After an attack by Gresford, during which Roberts fisted out a very good shot, the Gymnasium got down and were granted a corner, which resulted in a fine shot being sent in by Shelby. The ball, however, went a little aide. From the goal kick, the Gymnasium obtained again and R. Hughes had a good chance, but he shot wide. A corner granted the Gymnasium was cleared, and the visitors then had a look in, but the home team soon returned to the attack, and during a scrimmage, R. Hughes shot, Fraser clearing. Soon afterwards, another scrimmage took place in Gresford's goal, but the ball was got away, and then the home team .had some work to do at the other end of the field. The homesters, however, soon had the best of matters again, and Hughes made a good dribble down the right, but his shot at goal was a poor one. Gxesford then pressed, and were granted a free kick for hands," but this was cleared. The play continued very fast and equal. From a pass by Harrison, Shelby made a fine run down the left, and finished up with a beautiful shot. Fraser saved marvellously, but J. Garner returned, scoring the third goal for the Gymnasium. From the centre kick the Gyms. again obtained, and in about two minutes Higginson scored their fourth goal. The Gresford goalkeeper soon afterwards saved a very good shot at the expense of a corner, but the visitors managed to clear the ball, and play for a short time was situated in their favor. A corner granted the home team proved futile, but still the ball was kept in Gresford's quarters, and several good shots were sent in. Shortly before time E. Jones passed to Higgin- son, who sent in a fine shot, scoring the fifth goal for the Gyms. Nothing else was done, and the final result was thus—Gymnasium, 5 goals; Gresford, 2. The following were the teams:—Gymnasium Roberts, goal; Ellis and Wilson, backs; E. Jones, Beeston, and Hunter, half-backs; R. Hughes and Higginson, right wing Garner and Shelby, left wing Harrison, centre. Gresford Reserve: Fraser, goal; Bithell and Mally, backs T. Tilston, Alderman, and J. Pritchard, half-backs R. E. Lloyd ard J. Tilston, right wing; C. Jones and E. Holmes, left wing; H. Formstone, centre. Referee, Mr Morrison, Rhosymedre.