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r WELSH JUNIOR CHALLENGE I CUP. r _h- SifUUK.u jjiviaiun. I LLANDUDNO SWIFTS V. CONNAH S I^DAY—Flayed at I L'andudo on Saturday, the home team winning by I four goals to one. THIRD DIVISION. I LLAT HALL BLUE STARS V. WESTMINSTER KOVERS' RESERvE-Played at Llay Hall on Saturday, the hwme team winning by three goals to two. BUCKLET VICTORIA v. BUCKLEY.-Played on the ground of the former, on Saturday. The ground was haid and slippery, and the match was played under protest. The Victoria won by four goals to one. I I FOURTH DIVISION. I GRESFORD RESERVE V. RHOSTYLLEN RESERVE.— The above teams met at Gresford on Saturday. Although the ground had been partly cleared of snow, it was very heavy, and fast plziy was impossible. The weather also proved bitterly cold, much t < the dis- comfort of the few spectators. Greaford won the t.-i;s, and Rhostyllen started play ngiiinst the wind. From the kick-off, the ball was nicrly passed up to the Gresford goal, but the backs clea ed well, and the home forwards making a run down the right, Tilston tried a shot at the visitors' goal, which resulted in a corner. This was safely got away, but the homektsis were not to be denied, and after several Bhot., Jones put the ball through for them. This rou-ed Rhos- tyllen, and hav ing got the ball they tried a shot which went wi le. Gresford Iteting away, Roberts made a neat run dOiVn the centre and scored with a splendid shot, soon after adding another. The play was now nearly all in the visitors' half, the ball seldom coming over the half-way line, but no further ^coiing took place, and at half-tim* the game atood-(;rtsf rd. 3; Rhostyllen, 0. On restarting, the visitor! having the", icd in their favor, played much better, and for a time Fraser in the Gretfoid goal was Le -it pretty lively. He savtd several shots in splendid style, but eventually the visi'ors scored, shortly afterwards putting a sec-uid through from a Fcriminage. A penalty kick awarded to Rhostyllen went over the bar, and Tilrton and Lloyd getting the ball, ran it up the wing and passed it to C. Robert", who made a good attempt to score, but fell in front of g,'al, A corner granted to Gresfo d was nicely plactd, and T Tilston shot in, but tie ball caught the post and was safely got away. Nothing further happened until time was called, when the score stood—Gresford Reserve, 3 goals Rhostyllen Reserve, 2 goals. WBEXHAM GYMNASIUM V. WBEXHAM TOWN SWIFTS, -Played on the Racecourse, on Saturday. The Gyms kicked off, and at once got down, L. Jones kicking out. Harrison was well placed from a centre by E. Jones, but the ball was sent behind. L. Jones did some good work, and a corner for the Swifta came to nothing. Junes and Hughes passed nicely. Fisher returned, and Brown shot behind. The Gyms nearly scored, but the whistle blew for some informality. The Swifts got away, and Roberts kept out a shot from T. Godfrey. A corner for the home team was well placed, E. Godfrey shooting over the bar. Another corner for the Swifts was sent behind. Two more corners came to nothing. The Gymnasium then broke away and nearly scored. Fisher, however, saved, and R. Hughes finally shot over. The Gyms were dangerous for some time, but could not score. A free kick for them in front of goal was cleared by Elias Jones. A corner for the Gymnasium was well placed, E. J o;,es shooting over the bar. J. Hughes played well, but finally shot behind. Foster saved well, and, after a futile corner for the Swifts, a free kick fell to the Gymnasium in mid-field. Foster saved after good play by Shelby. At half- time, nothing had been scored by either aide. On changing ends, a free kick at once fell to the Gyms in midfield, and a corner followed, which was not improved upon. Hands for the Swifts was returned, and E. Jones made a good run, a corner resulting. This was cleared, and then Foster saved a long shot from Beeston, Another corner followed, and then another, the second being sent behind. From the goal kick, Shelby gained possession and scored the first goal for the Gyms. Directly from the kick-off in in the centre, the Gymnasium forwards broke away and twined a corner. This was well placed by Beeston, and Harri-on put through a second goal for the Gyms. Soon afterwards, Wilson anJ T. Godfrey were at loggerheads, and the referee o:dered them both off the ground. The game from now to the finish was not very interesting, the Gyms having nearly all the play, the Swifts rarely getting near their opponents' goal. No mote goals were, however, scored, and the final result was Wrexham Gymnasium, two goals Wrexham Town Swifts, nil.-The following were the teams Wrexham Gymnasium Roberts, goal; Stokes and Wilson, backs; Hunter, Ralph, and Beeston, half- backs; E. Jones and R. Hughes, right wing; T. M. 0. Shelby and J. Garner, .left wing; Harrison, centre. Wrexham Town Swifts Foster, goal; L. Jones and T. Walton, backs; Charles Jones, E. Godfr ;y, and G. Fisher, half-backs Lewis and Brown, right wing T. Godfrey and T. Jones, left wing J. Hughes, centre. Referee. Mr J. Taylor, secretary Welsh F.A.










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