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THE WELSH JUNIOR CUP. SEMI-FINAL TIES. The semi-final ties in the Welsh Junior Competi- tion were both played off on Wrexham Racecourse on Saturday, before about 1,000 spectators. The firiit game, which took placg at half.i)apt three, was FLINT V. LLAY HALL BLUE STAIRS.-Craig kicked off for Flint. Christopherson at once came away- down the right wing and scored a grand goal for Flint. Wynne eaved well and gave a corner, which came to nothing. Tllis was followed by a similar advantage to Llay Hall, but the play was taken to the other end. Returning again Bartley hit away a good shot. Nice paqsing by Jones and Matthews re- sulted in some exciting play before th" Llay Hall goal, the ball being finally cent behind. From a free kick for Flint near their opponents' goal resulted in Craig heading the second point for his side. Three corners for Fiint were not i-nproved upon, and then G. Jones broke away, Shelbourne finally shooting over the bar. Graham missed a good chance of scoring, and a corner for LIay Hall was pent behind. Some good work by Croudace followed, but he shot just outside the posti. At half-time Flint led by two goals to nil. The second half opened even. Llay Hall looked dangerous, A. Jones shooting in well. Bartley kicked away. Directly afterwards Bartley saved well twic", and a corner was 1'1.0 cleared by « • i I — -1 A (^k/ttnn him. xrora a corner at tne opposite euu, inwvucwB put on the third point for Flint. Play continued even up to the finish, but nothing else was sco-ed, and the final result was thus Flint three goals, Llay Hall Blue Stars nil. Tne following were the teams FLINT.-Bartley, goal E. J. Htuhes and J. L. Hill, backs E. A. Ellis, J. Lloyd and J. Price, half-tacks E. B. Christopherson and C. W. Croudac-, right wing A. E. Jcnesand J. Mathews, left win-: T. Craie, centre LLAY HALL.—J. Wynne, xoal A. Lawrence and Reuhen William", backs; J. H. Jone, C. Pti Iden and A. Lawrenc half-backs Graham and ;I. Jor.es, right wing W. Shel- bourne and A. Jone lrffc wing Crompton, centre. Umpires, Messrs. Cotton and W. J. Hughes refe ee, Mr Fred. iivans. The second match was WREXHAM VICTORIA V. CHIRK RESERVE.—Trainer started for Wrexham. The Chirk forward-a at once broke away, and G. Williams immediately scored for fhem, Williams and E^an t'(,t down avain from the kick-off, but Davies headed away Another run by Williams and Egan en-led in the former kicking out. A run by Parry and Kelly looked dangerous, but Tugh shot wide. A free kick for the Victoria near goal was well sent in by Wilding, but the ball was eventually scrummaged behind. Some nood play by Trainer and Kelly followed, and Kelly 6naly equalised the score. Nice passing by the Chirk left wing was next noticeable, the ball going into touch. A shot from Egan was just saved by Davies. The Vies went away, and after a good shot by Gill had been got awav, Burke kicked behind. A shot from Meredith I was mulled by Harrison, and Davies just saved by giving a corner, which was cleared. Pugli and Wil- liams rushed away. The former centred beautifully, but the ball was cleared after having been in front of the Chirk goal for some time. A shot from George Williams was kicked out by Harrison. A free kick for foul play against Chirk was well placed, but the ball was got away. Chirk rushed down the tield, and Harrison rushed out to kick-away. The ball was sent in again, and Johnston just saved. Chirk pressed for a t:tiie, and Harrison saved a low shot. J. Itobetti stopped the Yictoiia forwards when they looked dangerous. The ball was returned, however, and some nice passing in front of goal resulted in Parry putting through the second goal for the Victoria. A good ruah by Egan ended in iVIeredith shooting wide. A free kick for Chirk near their opponents' goal was cleared ju-t as half-time was called, with the Victoria leading by two goals to one. ON changing ends, Chirk had the best of the play for Ihe til si. few minutes. Wrexham came away, and Parry jut missed coring. Eiward Williams put the ball through for Chirk, but the point was disallowed, t ;e hall having been previousty fouled. Harriso.i kic,e(i twiy a shot, ittid Parry coming away, l'oweli saved well. Not long afterwards, G, Wi iiatns cquali-ed the score. Iromthe re-atirt, the Vies ciiiie anay, Pu^h screwing outside. A free kick for loul play against Chirk was well put in, but Wats ciea: ed. A corner for the Vies was also got away. Frnlll a pass by Trainer, K-,Ily put his team ahead, with a magnificent long shot. The Vica pressed after this, i;nd Gill shot outside. A corner for them was beautifully placed by Pugh, J. Meredith heading away. Another corner for the Victoria was kicked behind. A futile corner for Chirk followed, and then time arrived with the score standing, Wrexham Victoria three goals, Chirk Reserve two goals. The teams were as follows VVlt' XIIAM V]CrORI.J Harrison, goal; A. Davies and J. Johnston, backs; J. Wiliting, T. Gill, an I T. BUlke, balf-bicks K. Parry and G. Kelly, right wing J. Pugh and A. Williams, left wing H. Trnner, centre. Cnt-K ITESERVE -Powell, goal; J. Meredith and J. Davies, backs; E. Morris, F. Edwards, and J. Iobert;, h ili-lacks Meredith aud E. Kobert-I, right wing E. Williams and W. ligau, left wing G. Williams, centre. Umpires, Messrs 1). timith and Wilcox. Keferee, Mr Cutt M.









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