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A correspondent snggests the following team against England on March 7ih Goal, R. E. Turner, Wrex- ham; backll, S. Powell (West Bromwich Albion and Rhos), and D. Jones (Chirk and Bolton Wanderers) half-backp, R. Roberts (Druids and Bolton Wan. derers), J. Davies (Druids and Wolverhampton Wan- derers), and J. Parry (Everton); right wing, J. Davies and W. Owen (Chirk); left win?, J. C. H. Bowdler (Rhayader and Wolverhampton Wanderers), and R. Roberts (Rhos); centre, J. Doughty (Newton Heath and Druids.) On Saturday, Wrexham visited Leek to play what looks likely to be their last Combination match. The team was a very poor one, but it managed to win by three goals to two. Wrexham had the best of the first half, and scored two goals to their opponents' one, The second thirty. five minutes was well contested, each scoring once. Cafferty played a good game in goal, and the backs, Roberta and ElliR, were in fine form. The half-backs were also good. Amongst the forwards, W. H. Turner andj. Turner played splendidly, and P. Kyffin was hard at work all through the game. The Leek team was the strongest they have had out this season, and they expected to win pretty easily. The largest "gate," with one exception this season, came to see them score off the Welsh, but it was not to be. In the other Combination matches Chester could only draw with Gorton Villa at Chester, and Witton, marvellous to relate, beat Denton at Denton. Gorton Villa now head the Combination, and Wrexham are out of the last four if no notice is taken of the decision of the Executive, which we understand will be reconsidered. The Gymnasium did a good performance on Satur- day, when they played a drawn game with Denbigh at Denbigh. The Denbigh tiam were much heavier than their opponents, but the Gyms played up splendidly, and the mate h is described as one of the best that has been witnsssed at Denbigh. Three matches were to have been played in the Welsh League on Saturday, but only two came off, Bangor failing to turn up at Rhos. The Rhos club have been disappointed in three matches, and say that they have lost quite 220 by playing the clubs away from home, and then their failing to turn up to play the return. A general meeting of the League will be held on the 5th prox., to consider whether the League is to continue or not. On Monday Chirk defeated Ruabon in a Chester Charity Cup Tie, at Ruabon. The day was delightfully fine, and the "gate" reminded one of the time when the Druids were play- ing under the captaincy of Jack Powell. The first half was well contested, the home team, if anything, just having the best of matters. Chirk ran away with them the second half, however, and were easy winners at the finish. For Chirk, Hiles showed up well in goal, and Williams is a sturdy partner to Griffiths. The half- backs play a strong game. The combination and correct shooting of the forwards excited much praise, W. Owen and J. Davies, as usual, ahowing up well. Samuel played a sterling game for Ruabon, but he lacks experience. The back division played well, but they were wanting in the tact and judgment which characterise the play of their opponents. Amongst the forwards, the left wine, for effective work, was the best, but all played a dashing game. The combination was fair, but a love of wandering from their positions proved a fatal error. We understand that David Wier has induced J. Davies, of Chirk, to sign for Ardwick for next season. Hyde and Macclesfield have expressed their dis- approval of the action of the Combination Executive with regard to the protest laid by Chester. The Wrexham Club intend holding a concert, in aid of the funds, at St. James's Hall, on March 13th. The following are the selected teams in the semi- final at Shrewsbury, to-day (Saturday) WREXHAM.—R. E. Turner, goal; E. Ellis and R. Roberts, backs Evan Williams, A. Hayes, and A. Lea, half-backs Oswald Davies and R. Davies, right wing J. Turner and J. Roberts, left wing; W. H. Turner, centre. CHIRK.-A. Hiles, goal P. Griffiths and J. 1 acks J. Evans, J. Vates, and J. Jent-s, half-backs W. Owen and J. Diivies,, right wing Hugh Morris and Edwin James, left wing J Butler, centre. We do not think the Wrexham Committee are wise in playing R. Daviep, but otherwise the team is a strong one. We hope Wrexham will win, but we must confess that we have very small hopes of their doing so. On Wednesday a practice match took place on the Racecourse, but only six of the selected team turned up, and H. Davies was not one of the six. R. Roberts appeared to be in splendid form, as did also Oswald Davies and J. Roberts. ome of Oswald Davies's shots were startling. A special train leaves Wrexham for Shrewsbury at 2 20 p.m. A meeting of the Wslsli Selection Committee, fo the purpose of choosing the team against England, at Sunderland, on March 7tb, was held at Wrexham on Thursday night. Only a portion of the team was picked, the election of the remainder being left over until after the match, at Shrewsbury, on Saturday. As far as we could ascertain the uncertainty seems to be chiefly with reference to the goalkeeper, and a partner for J. Davies on the right. On the same evening, the following team was picked, at Derby, to represent England against Wales W. R. Moon (Old Westminsters),- goal; T. Porteous (Sunderland) and E. Jackson (Oxford University), backs J. Barton (Biackbuin Rovers), J. Holt (Everton), and A. Shelton (Notts), half-backs; E. Brann (Swifts) and J. Qoodall (Derby County) (captain), right wing J. South- worth (Blackburn Rovers), centre E. Chadwick and A. Millward (Everton), left wing, forwards.

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