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FOOTBALL. £'\<"0"'-""'''''---



IRELAND v. WALES. ML, I» iliu annual Association match between these two countries was played at Belfast, in the presence of about 4.000 spectators. The weather, though cold, was very fine, and the ground was in splendid condi- tion. There were no less than five changes in the composition of the Welsh team, R. Roberts, Townsend, Hunter, Hughes, and Turne takin-, the placeq of Trainer, Powell, Burke, H.Jone??d W. L'wis; Traine Sherrard (Limavady), acted as substitute on the Irish side f..r Hamilton (Dublin University.) Wales won the toes and decided to play with the wind in their face and the sun at their back. Play for the first five minutes was confined to Welsh terri- tory, and the Hibernians had two shots at the goal' hut they went wide. Browne next had a good chance, but Jones saved, and the Welsh forwards getting the ball invaded the Irish ground. Their stay, however, was short, Watson and Moore doing the needful, and again the visitors acted on the defensive, but a well. combined rush resulted in Browne passing to Stan- field, who easily shot the first goal for Ireland fifteen minutes after the commencement. An invasion of Irish quarters followed from a kick out, but Devine cominsr to the rescue, the leather was worked down to the Welsh goal, where Stanfield and Browne tried hard to score, but only a corner resulted, and it was abortive. The Welsh ofrwards now brought the leather up a short distance, but Watson returned it, and the Irishmen obtained another corner which Gibb turned into a goal. This, being off-side, was dis- allowed. After some rather even play, Browne had a good run down the centre, ending by putting in another goal for Ireland just as the half-time whistle blew. After an interval, Doughty put the ball in motion, and the home team immediately assumed the offensive, but Jones raised the siege, and the Welsh forwarda getting possession, Sabine from corner kicked the first goal for the visitors. Ireland now played up with great spirit, with the result that during the remainder of the game play was almoisnt entirely confined to Welsh territory. Peyden in quick succession notched two more goals for Ireland, but the last one was disallowed, being off-side. The visitors after this made a hard stand, and succeeded go well in guarding their citadel that the representati ves of the shamrock were cieverly beaten back until about ten minutes to can of time. when Peyden brought the leather up to their goal, and passing to Sherrard on the right wing, he headed the ball through. Just before the finish the visitors missed scoring from a couple of free kicks in front of the Irish goal, and the match resulte 1 in an easy victory for Ireland by four goals to one. Team.3-Wiles R. Roberts Wrexham Olympic), eoal; Townsend (Newtown) and S. Jones (Wrexham Olvmpic), backs Edwards (cap- tain, Wrexham Olympic), A. H. Hunter (North End), Hughes (Bangor), half backs Sabine (Oswestry) W. Roberts (Wrexham), Doughty (Druids), Griffiths (Chirk), and Turner (Wrexham Olympic), forwards. Ireland Gillespie (Hertford), goal Watson (Ulster) and Devine (Limavady), backs Moore (Ulster), Ros botham and Baxter (Cliftonville), half backs Peyden (Linfield), Gibb (Wellington Park), Browne (Clifton- ville), Stanfield (Distillery), and Sherrard (Limavady) Referee, M'Killop, ex-presirient Scottish F othall Assoc:ation.


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