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LOCAL EVENTS, &c.. I IN 1 8 8 5. ■JANUAKY. l-Some would-be burglars vi-ited Mr Burton's re.Wence in Chester-road, but hail to dcc4iup without any booty Dinner at Denbigh of the Society for the Pros-.cation of Felons 2—The aiiiiuil ball in aid of the Wrexham Infirmary is held a: tie Puulic Hall At a meeting of the Young Nlen's Christian Association the offar is accepted of the Abe ystwvili College tor the delivery of a course of lectures by Piotessor MacCalluui 5—Oswestry I.iterary and Musical Festival is held at the Powis Hall Lord Hictiard Grosvenor addresses an enthusiastic Liberal meeting at Caergwrle Rejoic ngs iitke pittce at Hanmer and Greddington in conn-cU"n with the cowing of agt; of Mr Henry Heywood Lonsdale, Greddington Death of Mr John Evans (tM; co. per, Spring-road The Wrexham Town Council ui>cua» tu- new p -st- office question, and decide to petition tuat the office be removed to the new Municipal Buildings instead of Kgei ton-street The lllondhcd of the Cross Foxes luii. Ptntre Brought >i), is fined XI Ills and has his license endorsed lor a'J infringement of tLi Sunday Closing Act 6-L..ml Richard C-risver.or a!ld Mr John Roberts address a meeting of their supporters at Connati' Qu-ty Major Tull-ck, K.K., holds a boundary commission at Ruthin in countction with the Kedisiribcition 01 Seats BnJ. It is suggested that the nckv divisionstib uld be nnuen rtrextiam an i Uu^hin in- stead of liuaUon and Llangollen as pmpose l I-At the Q larter Sessions at Kuthiu the proposal to add Chirk parish to Llangollen Higawaj ljizLrieL iti dis- cussed, and rejected The memorial stones of CaerwysPubiic Hall are laid by Lord R. Grosvcn ,T, M.P., and Mr J,!JIl Itube.ts, Ni. P. $—At Whitchurch (Salop) a fanner's wife is fined 3i)s for aiding a."d alietting poachers 10 Lord R Grosvenor addresses his Buckley constituents 11—Death of Mr Ed. Jones (74), plumber, Chester street, Wrexham The Nlayor < f Wrexh im p-iys a state visit to Bryny- ff/nnon Wes eyan Chapel 12—Mr Henry K.»:kes is entertained at a banquet at Mo d, given in honor of his majority 13 At the meeting uf Wrexham General Purposes Com- mittee, the question of the new p-ist olfico is again considered, and the Boru-.igh Surveyor is di, ecltd ts prepare plans 14-Three brothers are drowned while playing on the ice at the Paikey Pool, Wrexham 11-Ttlefootball mutch Shropshire v. Denl)ighsbire-ii played at Wrexham, the Welshmen being victorious tJy one goal to nil. Annual meeting and sor-e at Wrexham of the Wrex- ham and District leacliers Associatlou 18—A thief visits a pawn-broker's >h()p at Flint. and leaves behind him his old clothes in exchange for a new uit Jf)—Oswestry Di-pemary Ball North Wales Comities bunatic Asylum annual ineet- of visitors is held at Denbigh At O-westry an agent named Roberts tries to commit suicide by cutting h's throat with a razor 21-A verdict of manslaughter if returned by the Coroner's jury against C ipt. J uhn Davies, agent to the River One Company, owing to the b at catastrophe on December 2Uth at Queen's Ferry, waen three persons wave drowned !2 -At a meeang tield at Mold under the presidency of Mr J. Scott Batikes, it is decided to form a county cricket club t3—An engine mns away from the siding at Plas Power Colliery, and a:ter an exciting chase is brought to a stand till. C nsiderable damage is done, but for- tunately no one is injured At Denbighshire Asbiz,-s I iio 1:111 Koberts is acquitted on the charge of slabbing Thomas C jupir, a keeper at PI is Power. 011 the charge of night poaching Roberts is sentenced to three months' hard labor A Disestablishment meeting at Corweu provokes a lively deb <te, a motion in favor of Disestablishment being agreed to, twelve hands being held up against it. Ii-At Flint-hire Assizes the charge of manslaughter against Capt. Davies, of the River Dtlu Company, falls through Death of Mr Kailton Potter (<!8). stationer, Wrexham The shareholders of the Brjinbo Company dis- cuss their proposed new Bill. After an exciting debate the consideration of the matter adjourned Fall of Khartoum 2T-A stormy public meeting is held at Mold as to the adoption of the Free Libraries Act. it is decided not to adopt the Act At the Wrexhim Town Council it is agreed that the Municipal Buildiugs not being suitab'e. nut to further oppose Kgertou-street as the site for the Post Office, but to ask for a receiving ottice to be placed in High-street 28—Meeting at Livcrp >ol of Lancashire, Cheshire, Denbigh. shire, and Flintshire Presbytery 29-Annual meeting of the Wrexham Liberal Association The marriage of the Itev. Stephen Glad-tone, rector of Hawa'deu, to Miss Annie (Jrosthwaitj Wilson, is solemnised at Christ Church, Liverpool. At Hawardnu, in honor 01 the event, some 1,600 school children are entertained at tea by Mrs Gladstone FEBRUARY. 2-The Mold Choral Society gives its first concert, which is attended with great success. Monthly meeting of Flintshire Calvinistic Methodists at Cerney During a sale at Park Eyton, Wm. F Iwards, who had been employed at the farm for some years, is taken ill and expired tibortly after in his bed-room 3-Death of Mr Wm. Williams (77), late of the Old Totfee Shop," Wrexham Annual -liuier lit ivrjtw* oi uourt Robin Hood, mieieut o. tier of F iresters Masonic banquet at Wrexham Installation of Bro. J. F. Kdisbu y as W..M. of Square and Compass L idge 4-The body of a larinei's son, who disappeared about two months igo from Llangollen Cottage Hospital, is found in trit- Dongerry meadows, having been thrown out of river on to the b.nlt i-Trefonen c., -ing Meeting Annual Volunteer Bill at the County Hall, Denbigh Vale of Clwyd Ploughing Society's Match at Lodge Farm 7—FootballDenbighshire Cup, second round Rhos Olympic x. Coedpoeth Equitables, play a d awn game. Weish Cup, the semi-fiual tie O,westry v. Northwich Victoria, results in the victory of Osvves- try hy tw" to one 9—At the Wrexham Liberal Association Room*. Mr J. H. Jackson, Liverpool, lectures on Taxition At Mold, Walter Jones is committed for trial for having bitten a piece out of Edward Jones' ear at a public-house in the town At the Workman's Hall, Ctergwrle, the Rev. J. Spinther James aril Mr Peter Williams address a crowded gathering on Disestablishment 10—At a meeting of Wiexharn Free Library ( ''immittee, on the motion of Mr J. Prichard, it is resolved to memorialise the trustees of the Working Men's Hall, so that the interest of the fund ia their hands mav be applied to purchase books for the Free Library Annual meeting of the Huthin Water Company It -Annual ploughing match at Argoed Hill of the Alyn District Society A memorial well, erected to the memory of Mr R. C. Websttr, Abbey Gate, is opened at Bangor-lsycoed by Mrs Webster At Denbigh an inquiry is held by Mr S. H. Terry, C. E., L ical Government Board inspector, as to the Town Council's proposal tj borrow XI,"iOO to pur- chase land for a cemetery Annual meeting of Wrexham Infirmary Meeting at Mold of North Wales Congregational Union (Denbigh District Union) 12—Marriage at St. Marj's Church, Denbigh, of Dr. Lloyd Roberts and M ss Pariy Jones St. Asaph Hunt Ball ISLlanefyddd Ploughing Society's Annual Match 14-Football Cheshire v. Denbighshire Played at North- wich, Cheshire winning by 5 to 3. Shropshire Cap, semi tinal tie Oswestry v. Welling- ton Town. O.,westry won by 3 to 1 Denbighshire Cup, second round Chirk v. Wrexham Crown. Chirk won by 4 to 0 16-The accountant at the National Provincial Bank, Mold, is sentenced to fsix month, imprisonment for em- bezzlement Distribution of Prizes to the Flint Volunteer Company A hoy, aged 15, meets with a terrible death at Plaskynaston Colliery, by falling down the pit to the depth of 7UO or S00 yards If -A meeting in support of the Disestablishment of the Church in Wales is held at Mold, and a resolution, making the .-ubject a test question at the next elec- tion, is unanimously carried At the Ruri-Decanal Conference at Bangor-lsycoed, a committee is appointed to consider the proposed cession of the Deanery to Chester Diocese Sir Robert Cunliffe addresses a crowded Liberal meet- ing at Tr.inmere 15 Opening of the new church at Holywell Union The return of the Rev. Steph-n and Mrs Gladstone to Hawarden is made the occasion of great rejocing. and congratulatory addresses are presented to the rev. nmtleman by the parishioners, teachers and scholars of the Day and Sunday Schools, and the members of the Loyal Dee Lodge of Druids Annual meeting of the Wrexham District Visitors' Association Hope and District Ploughing Match 19—A handsome clock and a purse of money are presented at Ruabon to the Rev. T. Jones, the late curate, on his appointment as vicar of Mold 20—Annual meeting at Wrexham of Provincial Insurance Company The report of the Boundary Commission is submitted to the House of Commons Denbighshire is divided into Bromfield and Vale of Clwyd Divisions Vale of Clwyd Ploughing Match A largely-attended Liberal meeting is held at Corweu, and a vote of confidence is passed in Mr Hober son, M.P., the Liberal candidate for the county at the next election SI-At the adjourned Wharncliffe meeting of the Brymbo Water Company, the proposed Bill is negatived Wrexham Musical Festival Death at Little Acton, Wrexham, of Mr James Dixon, aged 91 24-While in full cry, and as crossing the line near Welsbampton, eieht of Sir Watkin's foxhounds are cut to pieces by a passing train Chapter meeting of Wrexham Deanery Association U-The new Welsh Sunday Schools in Egerton-street, in connection with Zion Chapel, are opened by Mr Benjamin Piercy. Marchwiel Hall 28 -Football Denbighshire Cup. second round, Rhos Olympic v. Coedpoeth Equitables. The former won by 4 goals to i Half-yearly meeting of Wrexham Mold an4 Connah's Quay Railway Company s MARCH. 2—Monthly meeting at Mold of Calvinistic Methodists, Flintshire District St. David's Day is celebrated at the Brigade Depot, Wrexham, by a ball, and dinne-s are held in honor of the event at Coedpoeth, Ruabon, Corwen, Den- bigh, &c. 3—Death at Oswestry of Mr John Whitridge Davies, aged 64 4—A demonstration takos place at Carwen in celebration of the 30th year of the establishment of the temper- movement in Merionethshire At a public meeting at Wrexham a petition is adopted urging the Government to introduce the Welsh Intermediate Education Bill i-At a crowded gathering at Wrexham the Dee Con- servancy Bill is unanimously approved of Holywell sanitary Committee refuse to sanction the scheme for supplying Holywell, Greenfield, and Bagillt with water from St. Winefred's Well 7—Vale of Clwyd Harriers Annual Steeplechases Feotball: Welsh Cup, final tie, Oswestry v. Druids. Each club secures one goal 10-A Church Defence Meeting is held at Corwen Intermediate meeting at Llangefni of North Wales Medical Association Meeting at Chester of the North Wales Vagrancy Com- mittee 12-The first meeting of the newly-formed Parliamentary Debating Society takes place at Mold 13-Distribution of certificates, by Capt. Nerney, R.N., to 14 the pupils of Wrexham British Schools 14—Death of Mr Jonathin Owen, Wrexham Football England v. Wales. Played at Blackburn. The result was a drawn game of on S goal each. Scotland v. Ireland, Irish beaten by eight goals to two. Denbighshire Cup, Chirk v. Black Park. Chirk win by four goals to love Presentation, by the Wynnstay Hunt, of Sir Watkin's portrait to Mrs Williams Wynn Ii-A laborer named Edward Evans is roasted to death M the Ffrith Limekilns IG-The Dee Conservancy Bill is debated upon at Connah's Quay, the Traders' Bill being approved of by a large majority Annual meeting fit Chester of the North Wales Per- manent Relief Society I 20—Distribution of piizesand c-rtiScates at the Cefn and Acrefair Board Schools Mtjor-Gener il Hutchi son, of the L >cal Government Bciard. an inquiry at Holjweil respecting the water i-upplv of the district 21-Football Kiigland v. Sc,-Ll -nd. Piaved at Kenning- ton Oval, the match ending in a draw of ote goal each I 23—The Mesiiah is given at the Public Hall by the Wrexham Philharmonic Society. Football: Wales v. Scotland. Played Pt lVrexham. The We!sh are tiefeatt (I by right goals to one 21 Lecture hy Mr Jnn. Jones on Kn £ .ish Heraldry at the Y.M.C. A. KOO1U', Wrexbatn Meeting f th-i Wrexham Branch of the British Women's Teinprance Ass ociation 25—A fa mer commits suicide at the Bainel Farm. Buck- ley. by taking rat p 'is.:n Lecture at Wrexham Liberal Association Rooms by Mr T. Chilton on Free Trade 27-Final meeting of the second session of Wrexham Par- liamentary Debating society 2S Meeting at M-ild of Wiexham and D str ct Teachers' Association 30-.Lecture on "George E!i<-t" at the Borough iCourt by Prof. Maccallum, and presentati n to the lector r. The Flintshire Monthly meeting is held at The 1. >dge, Chirk A b jy, three years old. is found browned in a tub at Osiestrv containing in lies of water 31-A fire breaks out at Nlr Kid ,'s warehouse in Holt-st., doing dtinage to upwf's of £ .j0J The Wrexham T.JWII Council decline to hear read a letter irom the Vicar oa the Sunday Closing ques- tion APHIt. 2—By a majority of five, Wrexham Board of Guardians sisn th" pe:ition in favuur of the Sunday .Closing Bill for England At Oswestry, a publican name.1 Hawes is committed to the Assizes fur trial on a ch trge of bigamy 3- The W exharn An:ler'" Association visit Bangor liy- coed and compe'e f )r prizes Enteddvods at Pentre h:) ds, Broughton, and Salem .Chapel, Bwlchgwyn 4 Football — Welsh Challenge Cup: 0 westry v. Druids p'ay ff in the final Ii" zt Wiexham, tiie Oswestrians being defeated by three to one At Coedpoeth a hous-holder has his house partially wrecked, and it turned out that he placed some dynamite n-ar the place t. congratulate a friend who was about t I be mar. ied 5—Opening of New Congregational Church at Rhosrobin tj-A disastrous tire takes pi .ce at Oak-street Tannery, Oswestry, the damage to the stock and buildings being upwa.nI of .£.III,IIUO Football: Rhostyllen Victoria met the Rhos O'ympic on the Wrexham Racecourse in thp. semi-final for Denbighshire Challenge Cup, the Victorians winniug by three to one At Kehoboth Kisteddvoa, in the chiel cnorai competi- tion, the prize of X15, with an oak chair for the con- ductor, is awarded to Br mho Choral Union A Volunteer sham-fight takes place at Galltfaenan, Denbigh 4-The annual steeplechases take place at Bangor-is-y- cood At Flintshire Quarter Sessions the Justices discussed the Berkshire v grant relief system, varying opin- ions being expressed as to its effi acy Annual distribution of prizes at the Vron School, the prizes being presented by Mrs Osborne Morgan 8-At a public meet'ng in the Guild-hill it is decided to form a local branch of the Nat'onal Aid S )ciety A meeting of Denbighshire Liberals is hei I at Chester, and it is decided to form Liberal Associations for each division of the county A fire broke out at Denbigh Infirmary, but is subdued before much damage is done Annual meeting of Oswestry Agricultural Society Ihlt Liberal members of Wrexham Parliamentary De- biting Society celebrate their accession to office by a banquet at the Public H ull. The invited guests included the Right Hon. G O. Morgan. M.P., and Sir Robert Cunliffe, M P. 10-At the Denbighshire Quarter Sessions at Ruthin the chairman, as there are no prison-rs for trial, is pre- sented with the usual pair of white gloves At the Marylebornc Police C jurl, L .ndon, a woman named Mary Anne Ta.) lor is commit ed for trial on the charge of libelling Sir W. O. and Lady Williams Annual dinner of F Company, 1st V. B. ti. W. F. 11 -Football The match between Wales and Ireland at Belfast results in a victory for the Welsh of nine goals to two 13—« Dydd Llun Pawb at Wrexham pleasure fair Wrexham Choral Society give their third concert, the principal item being the performance of Handel's Acis and Galatea" Meeting at Wrexh im of the North Wales Permanent Relief Society A pedlar, in going over a level crossing near Rhyl, is killed by an express train 14 -At Oswestry, Mary Price is committed far trial on the charge of aiding and abetting Thomas Hawes in committing bigamy 1Q—At the meeting of the Wrexham Board of Guardians Capt. Griffith-Boscawen is re-el-cted chairm-in. and Messrs S. T. Baugh and A. W. Edwards vice-chair- man 17-A fight takes place near Ruabon between Joseph Samuels and his nephew, Cjrnelius Joaes, the latter being killed Oswestry Village Choirs Festival 19-A presentation is mide by the Sunday Schools at Buckley to the Vicar, Rev. W. F. W. Torre, on his leaving the district A servant girl at Northop attempts to poison herself. after reading an unsatisfactory love -letter 20-The Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Quarterly Associa- tion is he'd at Wrexham, and c includes on the Wed- nesday night At Stafford a ~<:v- d. o.«=oi.rj 1-igMMY case Is heard. Mary Price is discharged, and Hawes is sentenced to six months' imprisonment 21-The e ghth annual assemb:y of English Congregational Union of North Wales takes place at Rhyl Lord Salisbury opens a Conservative Club at Wrexham. At night a ruonstre meeting is held in a marquee in Argyle-street Death of Mr Charles Richards, solicitor, L'ingollen 22—At Ruabon, an inquiry is held in reference to the fatal fight on the previous Friday between an uncle and nephew. Th^ jury returned a verdict of man- slaughter against the former A fire takes place at Pantyokin Farm, damage being done to the extent of 41,200, and a number of cattle and horses are burnt to daath Lord Salisbury addresses a large meeting at the Mar- ket H.,tlf, Welsbpool 23—Mr Gladstone gives evidence before the Committee in favor of the Wirral Railway Bill 24-Ruthin Gr-immar School Ath'etic Sports The preamble of the Wirral Railway Bill is declared proved by the committee 25—The charge of libel preferred by Sir W. G. Williams is withdrawn upon the prisoner entering iuto recogni- sances not to repeat her misconduct 27 —Richard Evans. grocer, committed suicide at the Tem- perance Hotel, Bank street, Wrexham, by hanging himself in his bedroom 29-Closing meeting for the session of Mold Parliamentary Debating Society Annual meeting at Denbigh of the Chamber of Agri- culture Quarterly meeting at Hoylake of Lancashiie, Cheshire, Denbighshire, and Flintshire Presbytery The jubilee of teetotalism in Wales is celebrated at Denbigh Opening of the new waterworks at Glyndyfrdvvy 30—Capt. Griffith-Boscawen is re-elected chairman, and Air S. T. Baugh vice-chairman, of Wrexham Ku-al Sanitary Authority Archidiaconal Visitation at Wrexham I MAY. 1—May-dav celebrations at Wrexham Death of Mr Brinley Richards I 2—Football—Denbighshire competition The femifinal tie between Chirk an. I Wrexham Olympic is played off at Wrexham, the home team winning by two goals to one 4-Fiintsliire Militia assemble at Mold for their annual training 5-The Fisk Jubilee Singers give an entertainment at Wrexham I Capt. Griffith-Boscawen is re-elected chairman, r.nd Mr S. T. Baugh vice-chairman, of the Wrexham Highway Board 6-At a largely attended Liberal meeting at Wrexham. it is decided to form a Liberal Association for East Denbighshire 7-The funeral of Dr. Rees takes place at Swansea, it being attended by some 30 UlIO persons 9-An otter, three feet in length, is killed at Tydraw, near )1.ld The death takes place at Wynnstay. in his 65th year, of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bait., M P. 11- Robert Henry Palmer, book-stall clerk at Wrexham Railway Station, is committed for trial for embezzle- ment At Mold Petty Ses-ions, a bey named Samuel Jones is sent for trial for setting tire to a loose box at Thornley House 12- At Buckley the jury, for telling the coroner he had l ept them waiting n arly two hours, are told "they had no right of complaint" 13 -A. iu ia«ay horse gets on the railway at Pree-gweene and runs to Gobowen on the way it is met by the "Zulu" express, which smashes the trap, the horse escaping uninjured 11 A silver cradle is presented by the Town Councillors to the Mayoress of Ruthin 15 -The remiins of Sir W itkin Williams Wyiin are interred at Llangedwyn, near Oswestry, there being a very larce attendance 16—A meeting of the Denbighshire Liberal Association is held at Chester, and it is decided not to c intest the vacant seat for the County. A Conservative meeting is held the same day at Chester, and Sir Watkin Williams Wynn is selected as a candidate for the vacancy 17—Two men go to sleep on the roadside, near Plaskynas- ton Colliery, Cefn, and afterwards one is found to be dead 18—The ceremony of laying memorial stones of a new Wesleyan Chapel takes place at Moss, the total re- ceipts for the day amounting to X124 Is. 19-P.S. Joseph Wynne is presented at Rhostyllen with a gold chain and purse of money, on his being pro- moted Sergeant at Wrexham Meetings of the North Wales Wesleyan District are held at Llanrwst 26-The marriage of Miss Agness Emma Edwards, eldest daughter of Mr J. C. Edwards, Trevor Hall, to Mr W. T. Richardson, Sussex Lodge, Kensington, is solemnized at Llangollen, the event being celebrated with rejoicings on a large scale. At Connah's Quay, the members of the Loyal Wepre Lodge of Oddfellows, present their surgeon, Dr. Archer, with an address on the occasion of his mar- nage 21-Death of the Rev. James Williams, pastor of Penybryn English Baptist Church. Llangollen 22-For assaulting Police Constable Austin, the officer having a fractured leg, John Matthias, collier, is sentenced by the Ruabon magistrates to two mouths' imorisonment with hard labor The Welsh Intermediate Education Bill is read a first time in the House of Commons 2:3 -Sir Watkin Williams Wynn is returned unopposed, to fill the vacancy in the representation caused by the death of his uncle A daring attempt at robbery is made at Buckley the 2J"D6aantd°his wS^  bedroom in ?'? ? and his wife are e,? aD^ank' Chester, of ? Enoch Lewis, ?Sed seventy-three 25—Th Alma Lodge of Odd(ellows and the Rose of Wrex- h»m t1^ ^KHh e £ herds),, hold their athletic sports at Wrexham, and the u-ual demon-trations of Friendly Soaeties take place at Mold, ?-?- Farndon' Flint, Rhos, and elsewhere The Annual Moveable Committee of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows meets- at Aberysthwyth the B,'e £ nAal Conference of the Grand United Order of Od?feH,ows is opened at B^kenhead, and the A.M.C. Shepherds meet at Bristol 26-The Review of the Flintshire Militia takes place at Mold, the inspecting officer being Major-General Willis The 27th Annual Delegation of the Order of Druids is opened at Flint 27-Death of the Bev. R. O. Burton, at Minera Hall At a meeting of the Wrexham Liberal Hundred, a pre- sentation is made to the Association by the working men, of three handsome oleographs. 28—Major-General Wiilis, commanding the Northern District, makes his half-yearly inspection of the Brigade Depot, Wrexham A hundred miles bicycle race, in connection with the Mold Bicycle Clubs, results in favor of R. Smith, time—10 hours 45 minutes 29-A new Public Hall is opened at Penycae by Mr Osborne Morgan, who afterwards addresses a crowded meeting'of his constituents. Sir Robert Cunliffe also part in the proceedings A Serjeant in the Cardigan Artillery murders his wife at Aberystwyth, and attempts to c n> init suicide A C(onstrrvative meeting ii held at Corwen, the speakers being the Hon C. H Wynn, Kight Hon. H. C. Raikes. M.P. and Mr W R. M. Wynne, the Con- servative c.indiaata 3)—At a liumerou-ly attended liberal meeting at Denbigh, Sir Robert Cunliffe, M P., accepts an invitation to cmte-t the B irougus at the general election in the Liberal interest i UIN E. 1- largely attended Liberal meeting is held at Oswestry, addres-.es being delivered by Col. Barnes, Sir Robert Cuii iffe, M. t* Mtjjor Cornwallis We.,t, and Mr Jeidison, the Libenl candidate for the division At a meeting at Wrexham of the 200, Mr O,borne M rgan consents to be the candidate at general election for East Denbigh-hire 2-Annual mk-eting at Abe\gele of Denbigh, Flint, and Meiioneth Baptist Association. A handsome gold watch and chain ure pres. nt-d fit Gwernatfield, to Mr B. C. Phillip, Khual, on his coining of age 3- -T)e-itti of Canon Wynne Edwards Llanrhaiadr The member" of the Pride of Kossett Lodge (Shep- henU), celebrate their anniversary 5-Death of the Rev. Ebnezer Jones, Vicar of Cilcain The body of a w min from Sruthsea, Wrexham, missing since the 12b Miiv, is fouad i.i the Severn at Shiewsbury C-A m-eti g of the North Wales centre of S'. John's Ambula ce Association is held at Wrexham the ce tificates are distributed by Sir Robert Gunl ff and a presentation of a gold watch to 31r Helley, H. M. I tispet-tor of Mines L-; matle 8-A choral fe-ti val in connection with the Welsh Wes- leyant is h Id at Mold At F:int two householders, for selling drink on a recent Sunday, are fi-ied £10 and X5, exclusive of eots Death at Plas Heaton, Henllan of Mr J. R. Heaton, treasurer of the County of Denbigh P-Tne new fire engine. Quints." arrives at Wrexham The quarterly meeting of Flintshire English Congrega- tional Union is held at Mostyn The Loyal Trevor Lodge of Oddfellows celebrates its anniversary if)-Choral fe-tival at Overton, in c-innection with the Rural Dea ery of Bangor J-ycoed Q 'arterley Association of North Wales Calvinistic Methodists meets at Towyn 12—At a C )nsei vative meeting at Chester, Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Birt., M.P., and Mr C. S. Main- wiring are select-d as the Conservative candid itea at the general election A detachment from the 22ud Regimsntal Di-t ict ar- rive at Brigade De, 6; to go through their musketry course. Inspection of the Denbighshire Hussars at Llangollen Anniver-arv cel bration of Llangollen and Liautysilio Female Fiiendly Society At Chester, two meetings, presided over by the Duke of Westminster and Mr Davison, Connih's Quty, discuss the R.ver Dee Company's Bill and decide to oppose it L 13-A pavior commits suicirte Dy nmgmg nimseu as Thor..ton Grange, Gresfnrd 15-The ct-ntellary of the Welsh Sunday Schools is cele- brated at Mold The annual co far nee of North Wales English Baptist Union is held at Llandudno The break-up" meeting for the holidays take- place at Holt Academy 17-Annual meeting at Bangor of North Wales Scholarship Association The new fire engine QuiDta is tested in High-street by the Wr xham Fire Brigade Farndon Ladies' i Jub Annual fhow opens at Bidston of Wirral and Bitken- head Agricultural Society A woman and child are stabbed in a public-house at Wrexham At Flint. Holywell, Ruthin, Corwen, Coedpoeth. &c., demonstrations are made in cdebration of the Welsh St a lav sch ol cert niry Special Quirter Sessions held at Denbigh to divide the county in polling districts The 2rd V. E;. R-W P. go into camp on Conway Marsh IS—Termination of the strike at Coleshill Colliery, Bagillt The annual fe-tival in aid of the Institute funds is held at Hawarden Castle Special Quarter Sessions held at Mold to arrange the polling district-i for Flintshire A disastrous colliery explosion occu's at C ifton Hall Colliery, near Manchester, resulting in the loss of nearly 2UO lives 20—Quarterly meeting at Llangollen of Wrexham Teachers Association Annivers irv of Ch(rk Union Friendly Society 22-For staging Mrs Griffiths and her daughter at the Whin Keir Inn,, V or to street, a hawker named Tho.ii i" J r es, Llaiii lloes, is sentenced to six mort' -i'.hiinl lahrr The > ish sc.ndi. School centenary is celebrated at Bryui' Jirou^iicon, Sryneglwys, Cym uau, Ffrith, Cf .Maw Otubi/sfc, Llangollen, L'anypwd, and RV 23-At th. meeting oi tht:J Wrexham Deanery Association a :t.itiOD Ü! h;l"j-:ted against the Welsh Education Bi A i: ivermir iit i, is held at Hilywell respecting tle wat': sanitary state of the town, end the p L for the hospital treatment of  INFECTIOUS t' 24—ln-pecujn :? ay Marsh of 2nd V B. R. W.F. 25—Th? petit"' Mr ihn Fr?iser, Crnarvon, in re- lerenct t, Ll' Peerage is dismissed by the Comrr ? ."u?e of Lords I ""l:'n< t'. h d I e?tings held at Rhostyllen and I"'g'? '"?'T)s being adopted in favor of these ^»proved a9 p-dling places 2i '??'n. ?i.P., addresses a large meeting t ? Li", 29—Fo i. nig ieeper named Bad wick a Ponkey II.V5,; ;,1. is t 2 end At tbj _i'iversL;j Court ftoyal Standard, Summer- hill, Mr W.r,. Jones, C.R., is presented "ith an oil painting of lrmself At Hopo i-iii Ha warden Highway Board there is a stormy discuss on in reference to the calls on the townships Death of Mr John Morris, aged 63, at Belgrave-place, Oswestry 30-The Church Sunday School festival tikes place at Wrexham Racecourse At Flintshire (Lrtar Sessions Mr C. P. Morgan, Bryn- rhaul, Mold, is appointed County Treasurer JULY. 1—A Conservative meeting is held at Holt, addresses beinz given by a party of Conservatives from Wrexham 2—At a property sale at Wrexham, the Lodge, Stansty, is sold for £:1 OUO At Denbighshire Quarter Sessions Maj arConran is appointed County Treasurer The marriage of Mr Parry Jones. Town Clerk of Oswestry, to Miss Gr.ffiths, Bryntirion, L'ansiint- ffraid, iss(ilem,iised at L'.ansaintff. a d, the village being en fete 6-At a meeting of the committee it is decided to suspend the Wrexham Flower Show until 181i The 3rd Bittaliou R. W. F. go in-.o canip on Wrexham Racecourse 7-The Welsh Sunday School centenary is celebrated at Wrrxham by Welsh Nonconformists, upwards of 895 persons marching in procession through the prin- cipal streets The annual meeting of the North Wales Branch, British Medical Association is held at Wrexham L 1rd Kenyon's majority is celebrated at I lanjpwll by a dinn r attended by the tenantry and others 8-A destructive fire occurs at Aberystwyth, resulting in the loss of three lives and in the destruction of a portion of the University College 9—Anniversary of Mold Ladies' Club 10—Mr Osborne Morgan addresses a crowded Liberal meet- ing at Upper Winchenden An inquiry is held at Denbigh by a Government In- spector as to the Green and Yscyfor Wen water supply Gresford and District Rose Club A girl fourteen years of age is shot dead at Rho,esmor while handling her brcther's gun, which had been left loaded on a table U-Wyn Valley Tramway Bill is read a third time in the House of Lords The Borough Magistrates c mmit Ellis Themis, collier, Coedpoeth, for trial at the As-izes on a charge of perjury, in a watch case in which he was the p-ozecutor Gresford Ladies' Club 14—At St. Peter's Chuich, Ruthin, the marriage of the R;v. John Willi .ms and Miss Joaes, Pryocanthe House, is solemnised Biith ef a son and heir to the Hawarden estates Esclusham Church is broken into, and two or three bott'es of wine drunk Police Constable O. Davies, a native of Wrexhim, atrempt, to apprehend two burglars at Kensington Park Gardens, and is severely shot by one of o his assailants 13-The unsatisfactory state of the town brook is discussed by the Wrexham General Purposes C -minittee The preamble of the Wirral Railway Bill is declared proved 17 The prizes at King's School, Chester, are distributed by Sir R. A. Cuuliffe, Bart., M.P. 15—Death of Mrs R. H. V. Kyrke. NantJffrith Death of Mrs David Jones, Hope-street, Wrexhim 20—Mr Osborne Mo-g»n addresses a large meeting of his supporters at Ciedpoeth Oddfellows' anniversary at Wheatsheaf The opening concert at Penjcae fub'ic Hall attracts a crowded audience 21-The result of the poll at Chester on the Dee Conser- vancy question is declared. In favor of the resolu- tion 5,593, against S15. majjrity in favor, 5,143 A meeting is held at the Mansion House to assist in the restoration of Aberysiwyth College A sid death by drowning occurs at the Pikey, near Gresford. A young man has a fit while fishing. His body is discovered in the water by his father Examination day at Howell's Orphan School, Denbigh At Wimbledon the Queen's Prize is won by Serjeant. Bulwer, 2nd V.B. Lincolnshire Regiment, with a score of 3u7 Private Newns, l,t Surrey, was third with 284 and Private Jones, 1st V.B. R. W. F., was also in the 1st sixty with a score of 2ul 22—Chester Music >1 Festival is opened At Penrhos a sinker puts his pipe in a pocket con- taining a full c artridge, the result being an ex- plosion, by which he receives serious injury 23—Mr Osborne Morgan addresses his constituents at Summerhill Major We-t is accepted by the Vale of Clwyd Associa- tion as the Liberal candidate for the Western Divi- sion of Denbighshire Death of General Grant Marriage of Princess Beatrice The High Sheriff is escorted by a large processi in as he passes through D n'dgh on his way to Ruthin Assizes. He is a'so presented with a congratulatory address by the M iyor of Denbigh 24-At Denbighrhire Assizes, Ellis Thomas, Coedpoeth, is acquitted on the charge of perjury, and the jury find Joseph Samuels not guilty on the charge of having caused the death of his nphew at Ruabon, on April 17 25—A shooting match takes place at Erddig Range be- tween Liverpool and Wrexham volunteers. Score: Liverpool 854, Wrexham 851 A young min numed Joshua Jones is drowned while bathing in the Big Pool at Aberderfyn 27 -Flint5hira Assizes are opened at Mold Speech Day at Ruabon Grammar School 28-Death of Sir Moses Montefiore at the age of neary 101 years Denbigh Dog and Poultry Show Installation, at St. Asaph, of Canon Howell, vicar of Wrexham 29-An inquest is held at Rednal, respecting the death of Mrs Peel, Brynynys, from injuries received through a carriage accident on the previous day. The bad Etate of the roads was said to have caused the accident, and the jury censured the Local Highway Board Mr Osborne Morgan addressed his constituents at Cefn Mawr Quarterly meeting, at Hope, of Lancashire, Cheshire, Denbighshire, and Flintshire Presbytery 30—Review of 3rd Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers by Col. Browne, 23rd Regimental District A meeting of the supporters of Aberystwyth College is held at Aberystwyth Mold Flower Show Prize Day at Denbigh Grammar School AUGUST. 3—Foresters' Fete at Acton Park Visit of Toxteth Con- servatives to Mold Sunday School Jubilee at Connah's Quay Institute Fete at Oswestry Anni- versary of Loyal Wynnstay Lodge, 1.0.0., Ruabon Funeral of the late Mrs Peel at Overton The Buckley Engineer Volunteers visit Southport 4—Mr Osborne Morgan addresses his constituents at Rhostyllen 6-Llangollen Sheep Dog Trinls A meeting in support of St. David's College, Lampeter, is held at Oswestry 7-Inspection at Colwyn Bay of 2nd V.B. R.W.F. The Drill competition for the Challenge Cup, terminates in a victory for A Company. Wrexham The Annuil Show of Denbighshire and Flintshire AgricuVursl society is held at Mold. Sir Watkin is elected pi-tron and president, and Mr Ambrose Sutton, Althrey, vice-Dresident 8—Mr Osho ne Morgan addresses his supporters at Llan- gollef!-ro -d Station 10—Wrexham De mery Choral Festival Rejoicings on a large scale take place at Nantclwya Park, in honor i f the majority of Mr H. S. Naylor- Le\ land, the festivities ext-mrting over three days ll-A sinker is suffocated by carbonic acid gas in a Well at Cro-s Lines Hope District F!ower Show A Bazaar is opened at Mold in aid of the Welsh Wesleyan Chapei, P.-ntre Mr Osborne Morgan ad resses a Liberal meeting at B-ymbo, and Sir Watkin a -Conservative meting a Rossetfc 12-Mr J. sparrow lectures on Free Trad1* and Trade Depression at the Pentre School. Broughton, before a crowded audie,ce, Mr Osborne Morgan presiding Rossett Flower Show Coming-of-aee rej ucinus at Abargele, in celebration of the majority of Mr J. H. Roberts, Bryngwenallt 13— Hawirdeu Flower show U- Prorogation of Parliament Mr Osborne Morgm addresses the electors at Rhos, the total number present beins c imputed at 3,000 1(5 The Kev. J. A. Beet preaches his farewall termon at Brynvtfynnon Wesleyan Chapel Inspection at Buckley of the Eneinper Volunteers Anniversay celebrations of the Friendly societies at Rh's 17-A Baziar is held at Gatewen to liquidate the debt on Brymbo Church Mr J. H. Roliert4. Brynwenallt, is presented with an illuminated address by Welsh and English Calvinistic Methodi-t Churches of Abergele and Pensarn Leeswood Flower Show Mr Osborne Morgan addresses a Liberal meeting at Rosett IS-Tw" men are killed at Minera Lead Mines by a fall of roof Death of Aide-man Muspr itfc, Mayor of Flint, who halt been elected to tile civic chair for seventeen years Bazaar at Brymbo Vicarage Worrhenbury Flower Show Mr Osborne Morgan addresses his constituents at BwJchw)'n A?'???ng of Wrexham Licensed Victuallers' Ass1 elation 21-Cilc'lin she -p D)g Trials 21—Cnrwen Flower Show The Triennial election of Governors of Endowed Schoj's takes place at Holt The Dean of St. Asaph meets with a carriage accident non-Denbigh, the horses being frightened by some cyclists. The Dcian, two ladies, and the coachman were injured 22—H-nl:an Flower Show A gentleman, wh Ie visiting at Vron Heulog, Llan- gollen. shoots himself with a revolver 0' Pre-enation of an illuminated address at- Primitive Methodi,t Chapel, Hirdir, to Mr S. Jeffery, by officers and oth-r members of the Wrexham Circuit The members of the Wrexham Braneh of the Typo- graphic-Al A-sociation make an excursion to Iron Bridge 21-Half-yearly meeting of the Welsh Football Association The Lord-Lieutenant of Denbighshire opeas in Art Exhibition at Aberdare 25—Annual meetings of Wrexham Water Company and Wrexham Tramways Company The National Eisteddfod is opened at Aberdare Malpas and St. Asaph Flower Shows The first annual musical festival is held at Llangollen and is attended by upwards of 3,000 persons 28—Annual It e-tin-4 of Wrexham Gas Light Company and Brymbo Water Company The seventeenth annual prize meeting of Denbighshire C unty Rifle Associiiion is held at Llangollen Church schools Festival at Brynmally Holywell Local Boaid decide to do without lighting the public limps in the winter nnIess the Gas Com- pany lower their charges 20—Half-yearly meeting of Wrexham, Mold, and Connah s Quay Railway Company The Rev. W. C. Vaughan, curate of Hanmer, is killed at Threapwood by a pikel 31-Ttio me'-n'.e of Wrexham Anglers' Association visit Llanymynech Annuai tote vi Church of Eng~»nd Temperance Society at Wynnstiy Park Induction of Rev H Roberts as Vicar of Brymbo A trap containing three persons is upset near Great Western station, Oswestry, but the occupants escape unhu, t Trydd) n Flower Show SEPTEMBER. 2-The quarterlv meeting is held at Bagillt of the Flint- shire Congregational Union 3—At a special Council meeting, Aldermin Dyson is elected Ma. or of Flint The funeral takes place of the Rev. W. C. Vaughan at Hanmer The Vale of Clwyd Choir compete at the Inventories. They unfortunately missed the second prize by a breach of the rules An mquest is held at Oswestry on the body of a farm labourer who, wandering at night on the Cambrian Railways, was run over by a passenger train 4—Birth of a d tu-ter at Wynns'ay The Vicar of St Matthew's Backley (Rev.W. Dampier) is seriously injured in a carriage accident at Pontefract 5-General Yorke addresses the L'angollen working men in favor of the Conservative candidate at the General Election The annual rifle match between A and B Companies, 1st V.B.. R. W. F., resulted as follows :—B Company, 692 A Cjinpanv, 6SO. Tne body of a young lady, who had been suffering from melancholia, is discovered on the sand at lihyl 6-A cormorant, two feet i-ix inches in length, is captured at Maeibury, Oswestry. 7—Mr F. :>chnadhorst, Birmingham, addresses a large Liberal meet ng at Wrexhim on Party organisatiun and the conduct of elections" At Wrexham Borough Court, David D ivies, of the Dolphin Inn, is fined JEIO and costs and the license to be endorsed for infringing the Sunday Closing Act 8-At JJanelidan, Ruthin, a servant girl (13), is shot dead by an Oswestry boy, also 13, while handling a loaded gun At the Itegistration Court at Wrexham the Conserva- tives claim for 2 Officers and 21 Noncommissioned Officers of the 23rd Brigade Depd*. The Revising Barrister (Ho t. R. C. Urosvenor) allows the claim, an I notice of appeal is given 9—Whitchurch (Salop) Flower Show John W. Hughes, engineer, is remanded on a charge of bigamy 10—Dj ith of Mrs Edwards, Hand Hotel, Llangollen Cho-al Festival at Nantivich 11—Presentation of a watch an,1 an address to Mr Richard Evans by the emplcyds at Z )edone Factory 13—Daath of Mr Henry Simpson (68), stud groom at Wynn- stay The new Vicar of Brymbo (Rev. Hugh Roberts), com- mences his pastoral duties A groom at Plas Draw, Ruthin, commits suicide by hanging 14-The Rutain Sanitary C)mmittee discuss the question of providing a fever hospit.il. Decide to leave it for a "future generation to consider At a meeting at Flint, Mr Williams, Conservative candidate, announces by letter his retirement from the contest At Warrington Police Court Thomas Jones, a laborer, is committed for trial at the Assizes, charged with having abducted Margaret Judson (15), from Hampton's Wood, near Ellesmere Wrexham Public Hall Company's annual meeting, dividend declared of 3 per cent Volunteer Prize Shooting at Erddig of A and B Com- panies 1st V.B. R. W. F. Death of Mr Charles Griffiths (85), at Brooklands, Wrexham Fecham The members of the Chirk Green Reading Room visit Brynkinalt to thank Lady Trevor for the interest she took in the w.-lfare of the institution 15—The annual meeting of the English Good Templars of Wales is opened at Welshpool Quarterly meeting at Festiniog of Denbigh, Flint, and Merioneth Baptist Association It!—Merionethshire Agricultural Society's Show at Bala 17—Mr Gladstone issued an address to the electors of Midlothian Death of Mr Peters, Celyn IS—3rd annual conference of the Wrexham Deanery Sunday School Teachers' Union is held at Gresford 19-Dest uctive fire at Stan-ty Farm, Wrexham total estimated damage £1.800 Quarterly meeting at Bangor Isycoed of Wrexham and District Teachers' Association Death of Mr D. C. Davies (5S), of Ebnal Lodge Gobowen 21—The final githering of the Provincial Grand Lod;!e of Freemasons, North Wales and Shropshire, is held at Denbigh Important blisting exneriments take place at Mr Lester's quarries at M nera, the explosive employed being gelatine dynamite Sir Watkin addresses a public meeting at the New Schools, Rhostyllen Presentation at All Saii.ti Church, Southsea, to Mr J. E. Willitiiis, Brynteg 22—Malpas Autumn Sports Two women while walking on the Cambrian Railway, near Welshpool, ara cut to pieces by a passing train A hoy employed as a lamplighter between Ruabon and Cefn. is Killed on the Cefn branch by a train running over him 24-Death at Conway of the Rev. Samuel Roberts ("S.R"), aged 85 25-Annual Show at Oswestry of Oswestry and District Agricultural Society 26—A Conservative demonstration is held at Chirk Castle, and addresses are delivered by Mr Myddbton Biddulph, Sir W. W. Wynn, M. P., Mujor Main- waring, Mr J. H. Puleston, M.P., Mr P. P. Pennant, Sir Theodore Martin, &c 28-Annual meeting at Wrexham of Denbighshire District Lodge I.O.G.T. Edward Davies, collier, Brymbo, is sentenced at Wrexham County Magistrates' Court to two months' imprisonment with hard libour for biting a woman's wedding ring off her finger A meeting is held at Llangollen for the purpose of raising a public memorial to the late Mrs Edwards, Hand Hotel. 29—The marriage is solemnised at the parish church, Wrexham, of Mr H. C. Johnson, Hereford, to Miss Lillie Bra Hey, Wrexham The Edeyrnion Agricultural Society holds its show at Llangollen Annual meeting of Mold Liberal Association 30-The 8th annual North Wales Poor Law Conference is held at Carnarvon, Sir Llewelyn Turner presiding. Next year's conference to be held at Rhyl At a meeting at Rhos it is suggested a joint stock company should take over the Pub:ic Hall OCTOBER. I -The Sixpenny Telegrams are used for the first time Death of Miss Edwards, at Rhosymedre Vicarage Death of Lord Shaftesbury A presentation is made to Mr T. Barratt, Weslevan Lay Missionary at Brymbo, on his leaving for the circuit at Accrington 2-The Wrexham Parliamentary Debating Society com- mences its third session Anniversary dinner of the Loyal Cambrian Lodge of Oddfellows. M. U. 3-A man is discovered in a loft at Bedwell Stud Farm, Cross Lanes, in an emaciated condition, and he said he had been there fourteen days without food 5-Principal Jones, Bala College, addresses a large Liberal meeting at Rhos 6-Holywell Eisteddvod At a Consetvative meeting at Flint, a letter is read from Mr P. P. Pennant accepting the invitation to contest Flintshire Boroughs in th? Conservative interest Iiuridecanal Conference at Bingor-Isycoed the pro- posed transfer of the deanery to the di;cese of Chester is postponed as it is said an Act of Parlia- ment would be required Adjourned half-yearly meeting of Cimbrian Railways Company at Oswe-try The opening meeting of the North Wales Welsh Wesleyan Financial District is held at Rhyl 7-The West Denbighshire campaign is opened at Llan- gollen, where Col. West addresses a crowded meet- ii g of his supporters 8—Mr Chamberlain has a conference with Mr Gladstone at Hawarden Castle The head gamekeeper at Aston, Oswestry, is shot dead while out with a shooting party. Col. West visits Pontcysylltau 9-An alarming fire occurs on the premises of Mr David Williams', High-street, Mold, the total damage being estima'e l at £1,000 Col. West at Llantysilio A meeting is held at Corwen in aid of the movement for the rebuilding of Aberystwyth College •s lo-coi. West at Froncysylltau J d At Denbigh, two poachers -Thomas Davies and Ed-d Davies, Henllan-are fined £ 10 and costs for assaults on a gamekeeper and a policeman }o¡  1\ At the Wrexham and Acton Colliery & stone, aa» tou in weight, falls on a workman breaking Dotn ms A soup kitchen is opened at Rhosddn for distressed Wrexham colliers h 1 tors at 12 Sir Watkin addresses a meeting of the e BC Gresford br h nt of 13-A ?on?ee in reference to the D:??b!ishmentof the Church in Wales is held in Liverp?oL ?e s eakers including Mr Osborne Morgan, Sir Robert Cunliffe. Col. West, Mr H. Robertson, M P and Mr J. Robert,  1 ting at M? O??ne  Morgan addresses a Liberal meeting at Liscard Woodh)use Coursing Meeting th Fí Brigade St -i-r J It. Edisbury entertains the Fire „ Bri•gade, S-. 1 Giles'belli ingers and other guests at dinner at the North Wales Mineral Water Factory h ld Am?ng of Mr Osborne Morgan s supporters is held at Panygelli A ?e?a?ded meeting of Mr !rweH's supporters is held at Farndo i and of Mr Osborne Morgan a sup- porters at C )edpoeth   1t 15 St Asaph Diuc?s?n Conference at Welshpool t 1 db 2 persons 18 16—A great Liberal meeting, attended by 2.000 persons, is held at Oswestry in support of Mr Jephson? The speakers inciuded Mr Osborne Mjrgan.MF.and Mr Stuart Rendel, M.P. 17—The result of thi scholuship examinations, offered by the North Wales Scholarship Association, is declared Mr Osborne Mogan speaks at an open air meeting at Llangollen Road Station, and Mr Morgan Lloyd has a stormy meeting at Corwen Presentation by workmen, ke., to Mr George ThomsoD, late manager of the New British Iron Company f 19-Anniver.ary dinner of the Rose of Wrexham Lodge of Shepherds h" E r h First Animal Choral Festival of Daubighshire Eagliih Cingregatiorii.1 Association b-dd at Wrexham The Hon. U. T. Kiinyon addresses a Conservative meeting at Wrexham 20—Annual meeting of the Wrexham Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society Col. West speaks at Liandyrnog Flintshire Quarter Sessions 21—The memorial stones of new Congregational school- room. Buckley, are laid b) Lord R. Grosvenur, M. P., and Mr Hurloutt, Hawarden Col. West addresses a meeting at Pentre Celyn, and Mr H. Robertson, M.P., at Glyndyfrdwy 22-Half-yeibrly meeting of Mold and Denbigh Junction Railway Company, dividend declared 2J per cent. Half-yearly meeting at Uswestry of English Congrega- tional Union of Wales Denbighshire Qaarti-T Sessions open Col. West visits Llanarmon-yn- Yale 23-The First Provincial Grand Lodge of North Wales, Freemasons, takes place at Wrexham installation of Lord Harlech as P.G.M. Fire at Penybont Brickworks, near Ruabon estimated damage X400 The hearing of the Armstrong abduction case is com- menced Col. West at Clawddnewydd 24—At the Denbighshire Quarter Sessions Ed. Jones is acquitted on the charges of embezzlement preferred by vVm. vV.lliams, his employer, a general merchant at Abergele 26-Chellter Win er Assizes open A conference of North Wales Liberals is held at Wrextum, and at night Lord Rosebery addresses a gathering of about 6.0,0 pe: sons A stormy Church Defence meeting takes p'ace at Oswestry at the close the Vicar asks for the "Evening Hyuin" to be sung, and theaudier.ee reply with "Rule Britannii" and "We won't go home till morning Prize distribution to Flintshire Engineer Volunteers 27—Mr H. Robertsou, bl. r, speaks at Bettws, Col. West at Nantglyn, and Maj. r Mainwaring at Llangollen 28-At Holywell a lar,;ely attended meeting is addressed by Mr W. H. Gladstone, M P., and Mr John Ro- berts, M.P. Mr <»-o.,rne Morgan at Minera and Col. West at Llanefydd Prize <isb.ibution at Bwlchgwyn Board Sehools Quarterly meeting at Waverton of Lancashire, Cheshire, Denbighshire, and FI ntshire Presbytery 29-Half-yeai ly meeting ot the River Dee Company Death of Mr Arthur Phillips (aged 79) late of the Vron Colliery A death takes place at Wrexham Infirmary from hydrophobia of a boy fourteen years of rge A crowded conference of the Flintshire Liberal Association is held at Rhyl A great Liberal meeting I, held at Ruthin, addresses being delivered by Sir Robert Cunliffe and Col. West 30—Presentation of address and p ;rse of money to Rev. R. Owen, vicar of Bryneglwys-in-Yale Annual meeting of Wrexham Branch of C. E. T.S. An inquest is held at Overton respecting the death of a young woman, 19 years of aze, who was shot by her brother, a sailor, while handling a gun which belonged to the deceased's sweetheart, to whom she was abjut to be married Mr Osborne .uorgau at Gresford, Sir Robert Cunliffe and Col. West at Denbigh, and Lord R. Grosvenor and Mr John Roberts at Flint 31—Examination of pupil teachers at Wrexham Mr Keuyon at Holt Football: Welsh cup, first round-Newtown defeat Oswestry by two gouls to none. English cup, tirst round—Leek defeat Wrexham Olympic by six to two 2-Wrexham Philharmonic Society give their first concert of the season Mr Osborne Morgan at Penycae; Cd. West at Glyn- ceiriog Lord K. Grosvernor at Buckley Mr W. R M. Wynne at Llandrillo 3-Annual dinner of the numbers of Wrexham Typo- graphical Association C.erical meeting at Hawarden Mr Osborne Morgan at Broughton Major Mainwaring at Llaugynhafal a Liberal meeting is attempted at Holt, the speakers be ng refused a hewing Mr W H. Gladstone at C .nlla.u':t Quay Mr W. R. M Wjnne at Gwyddelwern Public meeting held at Mold In reference to the pro- posed restoration of Moel Fammau tower 4—Lord Richard Grosvenor and Mr John Roberts at Overton Mr W. R. M. Wynne at Be't.s G G. 5-31-tior Mainwaring at Llans innan 6 -A largely-attended Liberal meeting, attended by Mrs Gladstone, is addressed at Wrexham by Sir Robert Cunliffe Col. West and Mr Stuart Rendel at LI inrhaiadr 7—In the Armstrong case, the jury find Stead and Jarrett guilty and acqu.t the others Col. West at Pentredwr, and Major Mainwaring at Llanfair D.C. First annual sports in connection with Rossett Cricket Club Football Welsh C ip, first round. EPesmere defeat Wrexhair Olympic by five goals to one Druids beat Chirk by five to one Rhostyllen Victoria defeated by Berwyn Hangers by two to one 9-At the annual C JUndl meetings the following are elected mayors :—Wrexham, Alderman Samuel Denbigh, Mr li. H. Roberts Ruthin, Mr John Jones Flint, Alderman Dyson Oswestry, Mr Robert Lloyd Sir Robert Cunliffe speaks at Rhosddu, Wrexham, Mr Osborne Morgan at Ponkey, an I Major Mainwaring at Llanelidan A Tory meeting at Penygelli is taken possession of by the enemy Col. West and Mr W. Rathbone at Llandulas Hon. H. Ll. Mostyu and Mr Pennant at Mold Lord R. Grosvenor and Mr John Roberts at Brynford Mr W. H. Gladstone at Penymynydd Whilst returning home fron Rhos Mr Morgan's carriage is smashed, through a mistake as to the road by the coachman, and the right hon. gentleman had a very narrow escape 10-In the charge of indecent assault in the Armstrong case, Stead is sentenced to three months, Jarrett to six months, and Jacques to one month, without hard labor, and Madame Mourey to six months, with hard labor Annual dinner to Permanent Staff, 3rd Bittalion R.W.F. Mr Osborne Morgan and Sir Robert Cunliffe atStansty 11—Mr Osborne Morgan and Sir Robert Canliffe at Holt Lord R. Grosvenor at B idfari Marriage of Miss A. M. Myddelton Biddulph, Chirk Cistle, to Mr R T. Barclay, Westminster, London H-Iomination of Sheriffs 13—A branch of the Primrose League is formed at Mold Church Defence Meeting at Bridgend, Caergwrle. 14-Football Denbighshire Cup, Ruabon Wanderers defeat Moss Valley by six goals to nil Cambrian defeat Ruthin by three goals to one An inquest is held at Mold on the body of a child (2J) who died from drinking the steam from a kettle A supper is given at Chirk Castle to 600 cottagers and othsrs in celebration of Miss Mvddeltnn Rirldninh'^ marriage 1: 15-The Mayor of Wrexham (Alderman W. E. Samuel) piys his state visit to the Parish Church, and the Mayor of Ruthin (Mr John Jones) visits the Parish Caurch and Pendre I dependent Chapel 16—Mr Osborne Morgm and Sir Robert Cm itfe address a crowded Liberal meeting at Wrexham Suicide of the Clerk of the Peace for Shropshire 17—Sale of work at B ynvffynnon Wesleyan Chapel Annual meeting of Wrexhim Deanery Association Oswestry C ittage Hospital BaU IS-Qua.rterly meeting at Cirog. C)rwen, of Denbigh, Flint, and Merioneth Biptist Association 19-DeatbL of Mr Wm. Pri(coard (78) at Talbot-ro-id, Wrexham Return of Sir Watkin to Wynnstay from Brighton 20—A policeman is shot by a burglar at Berthengam Holy well Mrs Howson, as leaving the Deanery, C'le3ter, falls and breaks her leg, caused by a servant stepping upon her dress Conservative meeting at Wrexham At Chester Coanty Court, Mrs Davies. Chirk, is awarded £1'1) damages for the loss of her husband through inj uries received at the Brynkinalk Col- liery 21-Rhos Public Hall Company, Limited, is registered, with a capital of E2,000 in El shares Liberal meeting at Wrexham Sir Watkin a ul Mr Kenyon visit Holt Foatball—E^lish Cup second round The tie, Druids v. Burslem Port Vale, results in a draw (two goals each), that between Oswestry and Crewe Alex- andria ends similarly, each side securing one goal, and that between the Excelsior and Grosvenor (Denbighshire Cup) results in the latter scoring four goals to their opponents' two. The former, how- ever, onject to two playeis, and sustain their protest. 22—A mysterious outrage occurs at Lord Trevor's seat, Brynkinallt, pictures and plate being damaged 23— Launch of the schooner Empress at Connah's (ju.,ty 24-Ddath of the Rev. J. W. Edwards, vicar of Rhosy- medre Nomination of candidates for the Parliamentary representation of the Denbigh and Flint boroughs Liberal meeting at Wrexham A mad dog bites several persons at Ruabon. and is ultimately chased and shot in a cellar at London House Marriage of Mr R. Swann. the Mount, Oswestry, to Miss Louisa Wright, Halston 25—Nomination of candidates for county of Flint Tory meeting at Wrexham 26—Nomination at Wrexham of candidates for East Den- bighshire 27—The first exhibition takes place at Wrexham of the North Wales and Border counties Pomological Society 28-The result of the elections on the previous day for the Denbigh and Flint Boroughs is declared. Denbigh Boroughs—Hon. G. T Kenyon (C), 1761 Sir R. A. Cunlilftl (L), 1,455. M ijority, 306. Flint Boroughs—Mr John Rooerts (I.), I,RZ; Mr P. P. Pennant (C). 1713. Majority, 122. 38—The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone addresses a crowded Liberal meeting at Buckley Sir Watkin addresses a largely attended Conservative meeting at Wrexham DECEMBER. I-The result of the polling for the Oswestry Division is declared. Mr S. Leighton, C, 4 753 Mr Jcphson, L, 3,772; majority, 9S1. Nomination of candidate4 for West Denbighshire 2—The polling on the preceding day is declared for Flint County and Carnarvon Bjroughs elections Flint, Lord Richard Grosvenor, L, 4,758; Hon. H. V. Mostyn, 3,132; majority, 1626. Carnarvon. Mr Jones-Parry, L, 1923; Mr Swetenham, 185S majority, 65 3—Mr Herbert Gladstone visits Rhos and Cefn 5—The result of the polling for East Denbighshire is de- clared at Wrexham Right Hon. G. Osborne Morgan, L 3,831 Sir W. Williams Wynn, C, 3,438 majority, 393. Football: Welsh cup tie, second round, Druids defeat Ellesmere by seven to one Death of Mr W. Errington (50), surgeon's assistant, at 27, Beast Market, Wrexham, and Mr John Ralph, secretary to the Church Defence Institution » 1-Organ reel tal by Dr. Bridge at tbe English Con?egt- tiona! C.?iapel, Mold An 'TiKjue^iJ''held at Rhyl on the body of a woaD, who committed suicide by jumping into th« nver frolD tbe pier S-Th? *r?men employed at Gate wen amlPlas Power Co lierles are prevented working by the Welsh colliers Mt?e? Berington, inspector of holds an inquiry at Chester as to the use of trammel nets in the Dee estuary 9—Feiinpuleston Mill is totally destroyed by fire Poll declared of the West Denbighshshire election: C-l. West, L, 4.586 M ijor Mainwaring, C, 2,5fM mpjoritv, 1,594 11 Last meeting of Wrexham School Board Rejoicings on a large scale take place at Abergele in honor of the return of Mr and M-a H. S. B. L. Hughes from their wedding tour Break-up meeting at Holt Academy 12—Mr and Mrs Osborne Morgan pay a visit to Chirk Green where Mr Morgan addresses a number of his const?lue -ts The ?'n? of T.hnddona. Anglesey, Is offered f"r sale, but is withdrawn, as the reserve price is not reacbed Foo?h?: Denbigh-hire Cup, Grosvenor playoff their undecided tie in fir,t round, with Excelsior, the latter being defeatel by five goals to two. Ruabon Wanderers meet Alyn Stars in second round, the Stars being victorious by four to nil 14-Mr Osborne Morgan addresses a gathering of his con- stituents at Rhos Christma4 Sales of Stock at Wrexham Sreithfteld i5_perfotroance of The Messiah" at Mold, by the Mold and District Choral Soc'ety EVction of Proctor" at St. A.apb Doath of the Dean of Chester at Bournemouth 16-Priz-, distr bution at Grove Park School Death dot Mold, at the ago of fifty, of Mr A. J. Brereton lAndr ias o Fon) Denbighshire Infirmary Ball 17—Sir Watkin distributes the prizes at Ruabou Grammar School Troops from Chester are sent to Llandulas, in conse- quence of a riot between quarrymen on strike and men who had been sent from Liverpool to take their place-, the visitors having to leave without com- mencing work In the Court of Appeal, the case of Price and another v. the Plas Kynaston Colliery Company, i, heard, tht defendanti appealing from the judgment of Mr Justice Lopes, wh se judgment, however, is upheld 18-First annual dinner of the Wrexham and District Anglers' Association The Right Hon. G. Osborne Morgan, M.P., addresses a meeting of tha Wrexham Liberal 203" 19-The remains of the late Dean of Chester are interred at Chester Cathedral Football: Lancashire defeat North Wales by 5 to 0 Welsh Cup Tie, second round Crewe Alexandra defeat Crewe Britannia by 5 to I Newtown beat Welshpool 4 to 0 and St. George's disposed of Oswestry in Shropshire competition by 3 to 1 21-Pe,formance of The Messiah" at Wrexham, by the Philharmonic Society Mr Osborne Morgan distributes the prizes at the Liverpool Institut-i 23-Tho New Post Otfi.;e at Wrexham is opened Break-up concert at Wrexham British Schools




.kl , , IGENCE.


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