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1- w_- Football. 'u -.J 'J'" -r- WHITE STAR V. CRISPEX LANE.—This match was played on October 4, and resulted in a victory for the former by five goals to none. DRUIDS V. WELSHPOOL.—These teams met at Ruabon on Saturday, when the Druids secured an easy victory of eight goals to one. WREXHAM LEVER V. WREXHAM EXCELSIOR.—These teams met for the first time this season on October 4, on the ground of the Lever, when, after a very fast, I but rough game, the Lever came off winners by four goals to one. PORT VALE V. CHIRK.-Oll Saturday a match was played between these clubs at Chirk. There were about 300 spectators, in spite of the unpropitious weather, rain and hail falling at frequent intervals during the game. The game terminated in favour of the visitors by five goals to one. OSWESTRY V. CASTLE BLUES (SHREWSBURY).—These teams met at Oswestry on October 4th. There was a large gathering of spectators to witness the form displayed by the holders of the Shropshire Challenge Cup and the winners of the Welsh Association's trophy. The Oswestrians defeated the visitors by eight goals to none. MOLl) V. ALYN STARS (GwERSYLLT).-On Saturday a match was played between these clubs, on the ground of the former. The captain of thd Mold team ainng the toss, preferred playing with the wind in his favour, and before half-time was called the Mold team had scored the goal. In the second half-time the Alyn Stars scored 2 goals, which were put in by E. Roberts, and W. H. Gars ton, thus securing a victory for the visitors. CHIRE: V. WREXHAX CROWN.—A match between these clubs took place on the ground of the former on October 4th. The home team had the best of the game throughout, eventually winning by seven goals to nil. The teams were as follows.-Uhirk Goal, Wynne backs, C. Bolas and D. Jones; half-backs, H. Owen, J. Jones, and G. Griffiths (captain); right wing, W. Owen and P. Griffiths left wing, T. Williams and G. Owen; centre, J. Rogers; umnire, Mr Thomas.— Crown Goal, Davies; backs, C'lutton and Hoison half-backs, Matthews, Ellis, and Vaughan; right wing, Lewis and Hayes (captain); left wing. Fisher and J. Jones; centre, Roberts; umpire, Mr Tagg. Referee, Mr Jones. SANDYCROFT V. HYDRAULIC (CHESTER). This match between teams of the largest engineering firms in the district, opened the season at Sandycroft on Saturday. After some rather wild play in consequence of the high wind, the home team won a stubbornly contested and pleasant game, by two goals to one, Bellion scoring for the Cestrians, W. H. Kay and H. W. Acton for Sandycroft. The following were the teams Hydraulic Goal, E. Hughes; backs, R. Curry, Haswell; half-backs, Sharman (captain), Lloyd, Shore; forwards, Harvey, Monk, Bellion, Lloyd, White umpire, D. Evans. Sandvcroft: goal, Reid, Lloyd, White umpire, D. Evans. Sandycroft: goal, A. Chri-tian backs, W. Kelley, Jno. Parrish half. backs. T. Johnson, J. orarrett, W. Bryan; forwards, H. Kay, E. Lewis, J. Johnson, T. Stelfox, H. W. Acton (captain); umpire, J. H. Basford. WREXHAM OLYMPIC v. BOOTLE.-This match took place in very unfavorable weather on the Wrexham Racecourse on Saturday afternoon. The home team had the best of the game, which they eventually won bv two goals to one. Soon after starting one of the Wrexham forwards, R. Davies, sustained an injury to his left leg, and had to be carried off the ground. The teams :-Bootle: J. Jackson, goal; C. Evans and D. Dixon, backs J. Rogers and C. Allsopp, half-backs F. Woods and G. Edwards, left-wing D. Williams and T. Morris, right-wing; J. Grayson and T. Hesketh, centre forwards. Wrexham J. Davies, goal; R. Roberts and W. Davies, backs J. Wilding, G. Thomas, and T. Burke, half-backs; H. Liston and J. Owen, left-wing; R. Davies and W. Roberts. right-wing; D. Cooke, centre forward. Referee, Mr A. H. Hunter, secretary Welsh Football Association, NEWTOWN V. WEST BROMWICH ALBION.This match was played at Newtown on Saturday, in the presence of a large number of spectators. Although the weather during the early part of the day was stormy, it considerably improved by three o'clock. Newtown won the toss and kicked off down hill, with a slight wind in their favour, and in fifteen minutes scored their first goal. The visitors now played a very pretty passing game, but failed to get the leather past Townshend (who showed splendid form in goal). On half time being called it was thought the visitors would soon equalise matters, but the Newtown for- wards played so well together that in less than half an hour they put the ball through the West Brom- wich goal four times, quite upsetting the Staffordshire cup holders' calculations. The visitors' forwards now took the ball to the Newtown goal, and out of a scrim- mage kicked a goal. when time was called. The game was said to be the fastest ever played in Newtown, and the home club are to be congratulated on the good form they shewed against such a crack club, it being the first representative team Newtown have put on the field this season. The fine centering of the wings well merited the applause it evoked. The game resulted in a win for Newtown by five goals to one. Teams-Newtown: goal, Townshend; backs, E. Gittins and H. Owen; half-backs, Gentle and B. Jones; centres, R. Hibbot and W. Owen; right wing, W. Andrews and J. W. Lloyd (captain); left wing, D. Andrews and LI. Savage. West Bromwich Albion-goal. Matthews; backs, L. Walker and Lyons; half-backs, J. Painter, G. Bushel, and A. Bradbury; centre, J. Smith; right wing, Neale and Whitehouse; left wing, J. Reynolds and W. Brad- bury. Referee, Dr. Ray. NORTHERN WELSH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION.—A general meeting of this association was held on Mon- day night at the Station Hotel, Bangor. Mr Farring- ton presided, the following clubs being represented :— Bangor F.C., Bangor Athletic, Carnarvon Athletic, Carnarvon Heroes, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Con. way, Rhyl, and Llanrwst. A letter was read from the Portmadoc representative expressing regret at his in. ability to attend. Major Platt was elected president of the association for 1884-5, the following gentlemen being requested to act as vice-presidents :-Messrs W. Rathbone, M.P., Assheton-Smith, Albert Wood, Sidney Piatt, and R. Lloyd James. Blr W. Pughe, N.P.Bank, Bangor, was re-elected honorary treasurer; and Mr A. D'Oyly Watkins, general secretary. It was decided that the association, having been affiliated to the English association, ithe rules of the latter should be adopted, so far as they related to the game, and that the players of each club belonging to the Northern Welsh Football Association should be registered. Several members complained of the ex- elusion of the North Wales Football Association from the Welsh International Team, it being stated that up to the present, representatives of Welsh teams have been limited to those within a radius of 25 miles from Wrexham. The secretary was instructed to forward to the English Association a strong representation on the subject, and to point out the unfairness of select- ing a so-called Welsh International Team," from which North Wales was virtually excluded—Carnar- von, Anglesey, Flint, Merioneth, and Denbigh having no representative. It was decided that the draw for the tics for the Challenge Cup, now held by Bangor, should take place at the adjourned meeting at Con. way on Monday. Arrangements for matches were re- ported to be pending with the following clubs Liver. pool and District, Belfast, Derby, Cheshire, Man- chester, Staffordshire, Association of Wales and ) Border Counties. I CAERGWRLE WANDERERS V. CROWN (WREXHAM).— This match was played at Wrexham on Saturday, and resu ted in a victory for the visitors of 1 goal and 2 disputed to none. ST. IARYoS (CHESTER) V. WREXHAM LEVER.—A match between the above teams was played on Saturday on the ground of the latter. During the first half of the game the Lever played against the wind and had the game in their own hands, scoring three goals to their opponents' none. In the second half the Lever succeeded in adding three more goals to their score, and then owing to a heavy downfall of rain the game was adjourned. On resuming play the visitors managed to score three times, and the game ended in a win for the Lever by 6 goals to 3. I OSWESTRY V. CREWE ALEXANDRA. Journeying from Crewe to Oswestry on Saturday, the visitors found the home team fresh from their eight goals' victory over the Shrewsbury Castle Blues (Shropshire cup holders), and confident of success. U, pon winning the toss, Oswestry kicked off with the advantage of a strong wind, but half-time found the Alexandra goal intact. Upon resuming both teams settled down, and after thirty minutes' play Bell headed a beautiful goal for Crewe, who continued to press their op- ponents, but were unable to increase the total, and on the cessation of hostilities the Welsh cupholders were defeated by one goal to nil. Teams-Crewe Alexandra Parker, goal Conde and Downs, backs; Bell (captain) and Marsh, half-backs Taylor, Wat- kins, Oakely. Fennell, Done and Edwards, forwards. Oswestry Duncan, goal; Williams and Powell, backs; Foulkes, Evans and Roberts, half-backs Farmer, Shaw, J. Evans, J. Davies, and T. Davies, forwards.




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