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BOIiOLGH MAGISTRATES' COURT. I Most AY, JULY 23TH. I Be fore the Mayor (Dr. H. V. Palm), in the clizir, I T C. Junp". E a., J. F. Edisbnry, Esq Y. Strachan, I Eq, and W. Overton, E-q. SEQ'JEL TO A TEA PARTY. 1 John Davit", 0, iiury-street, was charged with an assault on married woiiian named Mary Williams.- Complainant f-aiii a week ago she bought a ticket t) go to a tea party. When in the Barnfield, Davies got hold oi her ti-,ir, hit her in the fac?, and pinched pieces out of h-.r.— Datendant said Mrs William*, her two si.-teri, mid »istrr-iii-law were making a noise. Mrs Wii iauid tot hold of him by the throat, but he did not hi' :it,-r. ii ai n ant's evidence having been confined by a witness, J aires Harrison, a brother- in-iaw t., titf nduiit, said Mrs Williams "ansffled" held of Davies by the collar and declined to release bin. Witney interposed, and the other women then btiuck ijitil. had to be taken away by her mother.—f.C l'ugii "aid he found defendat.t fighting afterward* "Ih c.,iiij) r.inant's husband in Mount- atrett. Ti.[e were also present the sisters and mother, ai <i as tluy were making use of badlarguaize, witne.-s ha t t tii-talen to summon them al'.—Fined 21 GJ and 10, w-t-. AMICABLY DISPOSED OF. Thomas B >ti», ti-hmonger, was charged on remand by Jjerxt. M'-i.aren with u-ing threatening language towards his wi-e,-TI.e Clerk said the case had been adjourned f r t',c attendance of Mrs Booth.—The offactr repealed t .e evidence he had given at a previ-njB i.zaring, adding that eince the adjournment defendant i.h I uetrii very gOOld, attending to his business in the m.wket.—The Mayor Hag he bcome a teetotaller 'Viii;epia Yei.-Ann Bo( th said her husband had taken the joledga. and had promised to be diff-^ren1. the had nine children, and could not keep [Jjtui wit limit lii-i suppoit.—Mr J. C. JonfS Wad he nw tre yiu ln-d been confined the day he came back Uitners: No, he was too drunk.-The defendant wi-s hound over in JtllO to keep the peace for twelve month*. Tile Mayor said they hoped, coa-i'ieriug I,,)w lenient they had been, he would be a better mail lean lIe had been. THE Ai.I.kGED STARVATION OF A BABY. I Mary Ann W yper was charged uy bergt. AlcLiaren with neglrc'iiiz tu provide h^r c did, a baby of five I moutliH, with futficient food.—Margaret Brady said the accuse 1 hud been living with her for three or four month*. \V iim-i-s newr thought the baby would live, it had not t een well froui its birth. The woman did I justice to the child, ieeding it and keeping it clean. She ted the child with cike3 bread, and new milk. —The Mav»- Si" had no right to feed it with cakes. —l>v ii .-i fc-L-r Lin Uay The mother took a drop of drink now and Liotti. She had neen her drunk twice, Wi,.en t-iie wa* iirmik witness looked after the chi!d. 5he had "t *t-en it nince they left her house. Ite Mother h:* ?" 8utfj:ieTJt food herself. The accused's husband, a i>i..>enj*kt-r, was Lot a sober man. It was abuut six ,.r .,( Vd' weeks after they left her house I that she iit»i»<d the death of the baby. A hii^lit l. i.kitii; girl, Alice L^e, who said she was ten Jems <! n-H la-t April, and that she went to the Cathuiic fjenon', and had pad the second standard, wn taiUii. She made a statement that when Mrs Wypcr brought the baby she gave it her. She liaised it, a:td it slept with her and her grand- mother, and the latter before noing out left it sweet miik, C'-rii tl itir, ni,d arrowroot, which witness gave. She only looK the citi-ti iii the town once, to see a I circus. livery tune the Imby cried she took it up. nurstd aiui led i'. and then it went t-) sleep. Mra Wyper was at and c"m home orca a week. On ihi Mo;;oav i»;i-iii< on, about three o'clock, before Mrs \y I'"r \H'i ay, tiji child was on the sofa, and witness "id it «»u'd f»U r-ff, its mother saying it wouid I: I- much ioi- From then until it died it wouid not tnkt; any food which was offered it.- Mrs Wyper H w cuuid it fall off the sofa, when I placed it thuc Dr Johi^toii vi-,ve evidence similar ta that reported. The child vae; lz, idmrt of 5ibf. in weight—The Mayor: Itcu^ht to lime been some I-tlbs -By In. spectur I he < i.ild iw kept clean. It had not been pM-pf-ny f! (i 1!-r nioi.th. A n»w-b )rn infant would be heav a-i than it WHS.—Mrs NVyper It had never be-n won iiun: It" i,iriii.-Bv tiie Mayor There was nr Jui.fr •- loll.. Ln, i ilit- secured, said she had to go out t" e.»i: i.ei ~i-i:iui» ti-ih. She only had the child te!i iii, It, iii, t;i,r had lnin on a brick fi.or tllr two or inoiiMis, and had ni t had her clothes off r that unit. S.tf was sorry for her, RO she took It- r t»n i tie 1-ys and 10,11) had them ever since. -by the Mayoi :S;n- -ii i not knuweorn H mr was not proper Si c did .t for t .e best, and knew no better. It ;i not 10;" i;.inner nfter slie had it, it could not. Sh" i i-I not :n pind for relitf. — By Inspector Lindsny "I tiez e Imu *t< 1011 u nni'i-t about six years before < n on- of liie accused's c-!ni irei>. The accused did not liii.i-\v<itii if diink in a fortnight, and withi-ss (.1,.1 do tn-it in a c uiiie of dtyp. (Laughter.) Her ei t I..k as well :>s iip, if she had it. The Re:,oh th=*n i>t;ied for consultation. Upon their retail:, t n r -a; f t ey i;:d d-cided t ) di-- mids the caie. 'I ht-y tn ngh It otiu'iit to he a warning to the accu-iil it <• -v-1 a:.y in r,. i; >t t) feed them like thi. Ano-lis. tim ■ ii. '.vo-d i !,e lietr-r for her t.) spend the n:o?ioy in i i.e chii.i ttia-i d. iLk it. The Bench tt.o.ivUi it w iiiii-r case for thi li,c to have brou^i.i A C.\«n I Mary (..ivr.iiai. ii i.puomj, charged K ?zt Crump, Crecceiit Tei r -c., »ith i >v i:io abusive lan^t'.age — Mrs f :iviiu^_h sai'i o .hi y 1:1 iiefer.atit came by her and asked Sot I i). tit in r, er (.r mart;aiiue. Sue to:J de. fendant it wits Ih >• luiiiii tiiij. ,¡t, 1.1 I.er butt=r was iii»r^ar-ne, s-he replying that >!ie had given her n:iir.e an i a.i-nw, :u.d riiie dare not summon her. She said she wt? ;ti tie compelled to do so then, defendant, ai.-i'i c;.i,i!.ir i, r uncoinp imert >rv names. Such a..tl<t.n.elli. lui.'nt iio li.,ir injuiy. On Saturday she had of Lu t-r ii; t')e market, which she sold. She hud a vnim-p.j, Mrs Jane Gritfith., of Wortheiiln. • who t.ui not an.-iwrr when called.—1\C. Wooliam & I!.j lor had served the summons on the witness, coi!ip'nit:a:o itayir.s; she had j^romised to pay her.— Ivniiy i'at bishire, a daughter of de- fendaiit. ham ii mi ttier was sp?aking to M;s G-riftith-, when con:j i:Mii.t c. tn- up and called fiernatnes. Her niolher remai k>u to A; rs (iiiilitin I know there is no Euar^anne m yimr i iilt- Mrs Cavanaali being four yards mvuy. S:ie did not ilpeak to the com- plainant.—Mis f -;I she did not wish to hurt defend -nt, but st.e I ad a big LuMne-s, ar.d a Statement iiKt* thi- might do her a great itj-iry.-Ti, case was dijii.. c-J (;A*R: IRFNCK I <rprcErnT;t(?ItL'?'e?: U. Wec-er, S. Rjmrt- A wero crnnte-i to -I! G. Weaver, S. II jbert?, A. Mudd, .c'. I ?-

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