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THE WELSH CHALLENGE CUP. FORES IERS v. NORTRFWICH. These clubs met at Gwersyllt Park, on Saturday last, to fnrili(,r (lecidt- tilp tie ror tli, cup, which resulted in a drawn match at Nortli- AtchtUtLt-3? m8t:'at. The ground was un- f?vuQ.abipo?in?to the heavy ruins which ha? f ileu during the morning, ttud the fool. ng Vi.-m slippery and unc. rtam. The home captain won the toss, and chose to play wit'l th» wind, snd sligbtly tip bill. The visitors set the blil: agoing at ubout 3.15, and the pace was at once made fast by the very speedy Northwich forward-, who, in a few mititit s, were -within an ace o! being credited with a goal. The rush, li-;wevei, 'as not coaabincd, the bucking np was loos. and the Gwersyllt men were enabltd to fr. 'heii fortrt-ss from iho c os.- investment of the enemy. Shortly after this, the wearers of the gre. n and red mndott good run up to the vicinity of the strangers' cuadel, and after a fair specimen of crossing, the ball was sent through the portals. ttit-ir cah,it. Tne goal, however, was pulpal.K informal, and the Forest. rs were disapr-i ii.'i il of fir-t bl iod. The wind h d by this tin e abated cot;>id> r tb!j, .-tr-t rthe Northwich plave; kept the home hacks le.sy repelling fuqoe-i ,1:i.uhH on their goai, an ul.tioiigli for son. tini,, tti- nitidis w re pluckilj met, the visitor scored :he lirst goal ftota a long shot which lunched the tape and went under. This rever. at one, usttl>jd the Foresters and caused t ieia to uiay more (I.t:-inilnedlv, and with such success that by the call of half time matters had b, q iali^e i bet*, m b 'h teams—onn goal each. Fiom the change of sides to the end of he gam lie F 'les'rs uad the best of it, and the in dividual play of the visitors could n. t compet. w'th the more combined »«ct:ou of the. horn play, rs. At the cdl of time, the Gwersy i- team had won the tie by four goals to one. The result of this game is another instance of the -uperiority of passing against dribbling. May the For. sters win the cup. GWKR-.YI.LT.—Goal, S. Lovatt; backs, R. William:" T. Whitehouse half-backs, H. Claytoti (captain), J. Tudor right wing. S. Powell, L..Jones left wing, S. Williams, K. McIIutcheon; centres, C. Roberts, T. Dodd. Umpire, U, Price.



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