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I FOOTBALL NOTES. The Wrexham team, and their supporters that went with them to Corwen on Saturday, were quite dismayed when they heard that Trainer had mused the train, and the question—" What shall we do ?" was asked more than once on the journey, as the result did not appear to he such a certainty. How- ever, Phennah happened to be going down with them, and, although he had not handled the ball for about three or four years, he was thought to be the best,, substitute. The game, however, turned out quite differently to what everyone expected, as throughout the whole of the time Phennah was not called upon to use his hands once, and the question asked him before commencing—" Did he think he would be able to manage it "seemed a very ridiculous one after- wards; Things have come to a pretty pass when a club, after winning their tie, Bets stoned off the ground. Such was the case, though, at Coedpoeth on the occasion of the match between the Druids and the club from that place. Hooting and yelling at players during the match is bad enough, but when it comes to getting chased off the ground with bricks, stones, and sods, 1 think that is carrying it too far. That such was not the case I don't for one moment believe, as the Wrexham team were treated the same way when they played their tie there last season, and, if I remember aright, had to do some "taU walking to escape the shower of stones that came after them. I am glad to hear that the matter was brought before the Association at the meeting on Wednesday night, and although nothing definite was come to in tb. matter, as Coedpoeth is out of the competition now, still it seemed to be generally understood that they would either be debarred from entering next season or the club that was drawn against them should have the, choice of ground. Wrexham, having entered the English Association for the first time in the history of the club, plav off their tie with the Liverpool Ramblers on Saturday,, on the Racecourse. The following I believe, vro tll., correct teams :-Wrexham--Goal, J. Trainer backs, G. Thomas and W. Davies; half-backs, T. Burke, B. Edwards (captain), and E. Griffiths right wing, R. Davies and W. Rl berts left wing, H. Sisson and, J, Davies centre, A. Eyton-Jones. Ramblers- Goal, H. A. Bailey back, J. B. Ism ay and H. Bewley half-backs, G. W. Turner, R. M. Pilkington, and A. R. Midwood; right wing, H. Stewart- Brown and G. Smith left wing, W. Rayner and R. Winter centre, S. G. Smith. RzKmNt. FOOTBALL FIXTURES; Nov. 10th, v. Liverpool Ramblers (English Gup Tie), ai, Wrexham. Nov. 17th. v; Davenham, at Davenham. Nov. 24th, v. Everton (Liverpool), at Wrexham. Dec. 1st, v. Bootle, at Wrexham. Dec. 8th, v. Oswestry, at Oswestry. Dec. lfitb, v. Shrewsbury Castle B ues, at Wrexham. Dec. 22nd, v. Excelsior, at Birmingham. Dec. Mtth, v. Chirk, at Wrexham. JaIl. 5th. v. M'al-all Swifts, at Wrexham. Jan. 26th. v. Bootle, at Bootle. Feb. 2nd, v. Cbiik. at Chirk. Feb. "tb" v. Everton, at Liverpool; Feb. Ifith, v. Excelsior, at Wrexham. Feb. 23rd, v. Davenham. at Wiexham; Mar. lat, v. Astlfy Bridge, at Bolton. -or. 8th, Y. Hartford; at Hartford. Mar. 22nd, Y. Shrewsbury Castle Blues, at Shrewsbury.