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LONDON SAYINGS AND DOINGS. 1 (From our own Correspondent.) I So much pressure has been put npon tb? HIMS jfl Office with regard to the imprisoned ?'s ? kere, J? that Mr Bruce must be placed in r"ther aG awk* 9 ward position. If he refuses to release tbe mtD he will become very unpopular with a large section ■ of the public if he releases them, lie throws JI M credit on the discretion of Mr Jas'i^e Brd, aDd I virtaaHy endorses the opinion of 'he a,?#atOrg, ^1 that the Jadg?'9 sentence was too severe. The J case of these stokers is now under the com;:derto m tioa of the Home Secretary, and I iucime to b8- ?) heve that his decision wiU be a compromise—? j the men wiU be liberated at the completion of half if the time of their sentence. I regret to say that I hear already of heavy subscriptions tcwardt giving these men a great public ovation when they ■Jfl are set at liberty. If the Government iotenw ■ moving in the matter, it would be well I I for them to do so at once, and not to defer it oDtw Parliament is at Westminster. Since the 4th of January, always a most crittcul 8 day in commercial transactions, there have been 1 reported failures to the amount of some three millions sterling. Bat how m'wy unreported failures have occurred, I wonder ? The failnre of a great house always involves the draggi'? tiowo j of smaner firms even though the e?fct may not result in liquidation or bankruptcy. It is to be feared that the number of cases of compounding with creditors during the last three weeks mnst have been very considerable, while faitnrcs io th? ¡ Manche8tr and drapery trades h?ve been Painfully numerous. Under such circumstances, tha UIM- happy state of affairs in South Wales becomeS doubly disastrous. If we may credit certain special correspondence in the Daily News, the Imperialists are not very sanguine as to the restoration of the Empire, at all events not for some time to come. The special" of your enterprising contemporary way- laid Prince Napoleon at Clarid^e'd Hotel, poanced upon him, and interviewed him. la jasticeto the Prince, the special ought to have said to huB, "You are liberty to say anything you lilie, but whatever you say will be taken down, and may be used in evidence against you." It is just possibte that the Prince might have expected such a result. At all events, he was cautious and undemonstra- tive. I shall not quote any passages froin his remarks, the whole of which deserve careful perusal and study. I would, however, point to a fact which may be taken in connection with these utterances (if fact it be) that the Prince, according to the Swiss Times, "proposes erecting a ue19 chateau (he could not well erect an old one) on the remainder of the estate belonging to him at Pran" gins, Canton Vaud." For the moment the humiliating position of the champions of the claimant's case on the djor of the Court of Queen's Bench absorbs other topicss