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WEDNESDAY.—THE CUP DAY. Rain fell steadily at early morn on the present Cup day but good, bad, or indifferent weather makes little matter with the class of people who flock into the an- cient city by rail from all points of the compass, and constitute the immense throng to be found on the Cup day at Chester. Suffice then to say, that in the latter respect the present anniversary formed no exception to those preceding it, and that upon the walls, slopes, and every available spot on the plain below again presented a spectacle unrivalled only at Epsom and Doncaster, on the Derby and St. Leger days. Through good and evil report the race has "held its own," and justified the liberal sums voted by the directors at the close of each meeting for its successor. Diminutions in the strength of the fields since Joe Miller s memorable year may be accouted for in various ways, but notably in the increase of big handicaps in the south of England, and in the fact of fewer horses being bred and trained to stay the Cup course, two miles and a quarter, to say nothing of so many recently figuring in the ists merely for gamb- ling purposes. Premature betting, however, so prejudi- cial to honest sport, at length seems to have wrought its own dissolution, and, like plunging" itself, became a thing of the past, leaving the turf in a more healthy -1. .LL_ .L" a state tnan it nas Deen tor several years past. Six races on the official card of the day, but only one-the Chester Cup—possessed any public interest. The field for this prize was smaller than usual, as only fifteen runners went to the post, a remarkable falling off as compared with former years. Lord Hawke held his position of first favourite firmly to the close of the betting and Indian Ocean, Not Out, Mortemer, and Our Mary Ann were also freely backed. The latter, notwithstanding the noise made in connection with Sunny and other Woodyeate s horses, proved the best animal from this unpopular stable, and it is satisfactory to note that she was easily beaten, after the tricks played with William Day's animals. How the race was woi is fully detailed below, and we need only remark here that the despised outsider, Glenlivat, who was unheard of in the quota- tions till the eve of the race, achieved a hohow victory. The winner, who- was purchased out of John Shepherd's stable, at Malton, did credit to William Scotb's judg- ment, and the run of ill-luck so long associated with the Holywell stable has at last had a well-deserved turn. Appended are full details of the sport which began with THE DEE STAND WELTER CUP (Handicap) of 5 sovs each, with 50 added winners this day 71b extra. Seven furlongs. Sir F. Johnatone s Vex, by Vedette—Flying Duchess 6 yrs, list 71b T. Cannon 1 Mr Blanton's Johannisberg, 3 yrs, 9st 101b .French 2 Mr J. Dawson's Highthorn, 4 yrs, I Ist 71b .Challoner 3 Betting 7 to. 4 agst Vex, 4 to 1 agst Johannisberg, 7 to 1 ast Highthorn, and 10 to 1 each agst Jarnac and Sims Reeves. Won cleverly by a neck length and a half between second and third, neck between third and fourth. Nine ran. THE CHESTERFIELD FLYING STAKES of 5 sovs. eaeh, with 100 added; certain winners 71b extra. Nearly a mile. Mr J. Osborne's Vintner, by Claret-Alma, 4 yrs, 7st 101b W.- Platt 1 Mr T. Lombard's Alaric, 4,ears, 8st 51b (in. 71b. ex.) [Hunter 2 Mr Cotton's Jack in the Box, 3 yrs, 7st (car. 7st lib) Jeffery 3 Colonel Forester's Polyglot, 3 yrs, 6st .Ashworth 4 Betting 6 to 4 agst Alaric, 7 to 4 agst Vintner, and 6 to 1 each agst Jack-in-the-Box and Polyglot.-Won in a canter by a length, a bad third. THE TRADESMEN'S PLATE of 200 sovs. in specie, added to a handicap sweepstakes of 25 sovs each certain 31r penalties. About two miles and a quarter. Mr W. H. Scott's Glenlivat, by Dundee-Morning Dew, 4 yrs, 6st (car. 6st 2i») Jarvis 1 Mr T. Lombard's Mortemer, 6 yrs-, 9st 31b .Custance 2 Mr W. Day's Our Mary Ann, 6 yrs, 7st 4tb (c. 7st 51b) Wyatt 3 Mr Johnstone's Lord Hawke, 3 yrs, 5st 71b. Challoner 4 air J. nawiey s Kosicrucian, 6 yrs, Si;t 121b Wells 0 Mr J. Hope's Enterprise, 4 yrs, 7st 121b (c. 7st 131b) [J. Snowden 0 Mr Kennington's Lady Henriette, 6 y. 7st 81b. Hudson 0 Mr Saunders's Indian Ocean, 4 yrs, 6st 121b.Osborne 0 Mr S. Myer's Not Out, 4 yrs, 6st 101b (car. 6st 121b) [ OVilson 0, Mr R. Sterling's Cap-a-pie, 6 yrs, 6sfc 101b.Crickmere 0 Mr J. Scott's Viscount, 6 yrs, 6st 81b West 0 Mr Etches's Cherie, 5 yrs, 6st 61b Vivian 0 Mr Jackson's Cyclone, 3 yrs, 5st 121b Warrington 0 Mr W. Day's Sunny, 3 yrs, 5st 71b .Newhouse 0 Mr James Dawson's Highthorn, a yrs, 5st 71 b (car. Sst81b. t Gra,y 0 Betting at Starting 100 to 30 agst Lord Hawke, 5 to 1 each ag,t Indian Ocean and Not Out, 6 to 1 agst Mortemer 10 to one agst, Our Mary Ann, 100 to 7 agst Rosicrucian, looto tt agst Enterprise, 20 to I agst Sunny, U5 to a.g" Glenlivat, 30 to 1 agst Cap-a-pie, 40 to 1 Jagst Cyclone, 50 to 1 each agst Lady Henriette and Viscount, and 109 to I agst Cherie. THia RACK AND ITS REBULTS.fter several false starts in which Cyclone, Lord Hawke, Highthorn, Viscount, and others took prominent parts, the fifteen competitors were despatched on pretty fair term-, at thirty-nine minutes past three o'clock. Glenlivat, next the rails, gut otf in advance, and he was closely pursued by Our Mary Ann, Cyclone, UiKhthorn, Lord Ilawkei. Sunny, and Lady Henriette. Heading the remaining horses were Viscount Cap-a-Pie, Enterprise, Not Out, and Indian Ocean; the rearward trio being Mortemer, Cherie,. and Rosier uciiin, the last of whom was outpaced in the first quarter of a mile, and was never really in the race. Before the distance had been fairly pa-sed Not Out crossed Indian Ocean, and the latter striking into the heels of the Cheltenham box.. threw his jockey, who fortunately was not hurt; and-al- loped on riderless. Rounding the Workhouse turn Cycloi e and Lord Hawke raced up to Glenlivat, and the 1,4tter e- ing lightly "eased," Cyclone went on with the lead, he oth r horses, with the exception of this trio present., c a a lung" tail" as they ran the course in the first romd, with Mortemer, Cherie, and Rosicruciaa whipping in. The lot ran in wide order, with little noticeable change in the positions, pa-sing the Stand in the second round of the cour-e, but about six furlongs from home Cyclone, who was leading, hugged" the rails, fell, and galloped on without bis jockey. At the half-mile po t Glenlivat and Lori Hawke became the leading pair. Our Mary Ann beir; £ third, and JSXortemer, who had run through his horse- at this point, fourth. Entering the straight Lord Hawke was beaten, and Our Mary Ann and Mortemer took their p!ac<> in waiting on Glenlivat. At the distance the issue wa- left with Glenlivat and Mortemer,. and although the French hor.-e made a g illant effort half-w.ty in the distant e, he failed to reach Gleniivat, who shook him off in the hst two hundred yards, and won easily by three lengths, length between second and third; a bai fourth. Rosicru- cian, beaten nearly a distance, struggled in fifth, Tiscouut sixth, Sunny seventh, Lady Heiuiette eighth, Not Out ninth, and Cherie tenth. The 18.t pair were Cap.a-Pie and bnterprise, the latter being hopelessly beaten in the first mde and a, half. Highthorn, after going once round the course was pulled up and returned to the inclosure.- Time, aa taken by Benson's chronograph 4 minutes 2 > j seconds. The following are the winners of the above race with other particulars, since 1824:- Year Winner Agest.b 1824 Doffo of Venice.ö. 9 2 182;, Hymettus 5.8 3 182,3 Bratandorf .5 7 i8*JT7 Grenadier 9 1828 Fylde 4. 7 12 18*29 Hals ton 4 8 0 1830 Felt 4 & 3 1831 Independence.. 5. 8 9 1832 Colwick 4. 8 3 1833 Pickpocket 5- 8 9 1S34 The Cardinal a.8 7 1835 Btrd'dme 4. 8 1 tj-SHTajnworth. 8 5 1837 (general Chasae .6.9 7 IS38 King Cole .>7 g 1839 Cardinal Puff L.,93 1840 Deyof Algiers 4 7 10 1841 Cruiskeen a.. 7 9 184 £ AJicOH%wthorn .4 6 0 11;143 Millepede .5..7 3 1844 Red Deer .4 0 184a Intrepid 4. g 6 Corranna a.8 9 1847 St. Lawrence .a.7 10 1848 Peep-ol-day Bey .L7 0 Year Witmsr Age st Ib 1 849 Malton 4.. 6 10 850 Mounseer 4 (; 9 1851 Nancy 34 12 852 Joe Miller 3 4 10 1853 Goldflnder 5..7 6 854 Epaminoadas.3 4 m 1 1855 Scythian 4..7 4 1,4% One Act, g 5 4 185; Leamington 4 6 a 858 Vanity 4 6 10 185? Leamington. H a ?' 1860 St. AUMns 3 Z$ 1861 Ben Webster 4 7 t 862 Tim ?autHer .36 )? 1863 Asteriod 5 0 4 864 Flash in the Pan s ? 4 865 C. by D. O'Rourke- HighSyer's dam 4 S, 8 18W DalbY' '2 18? Beeswing 4 V 0 18<,8Pa?J&nes 36. 8fi& Xxit of the Garter ..5.9. 1?0 Our Mary Ann 5 ts 1 an Glenlivat Z.l. a a tHE 1HIRD BEAUFORT BIENNIAL STAKES of 10. sovs each, rhlil> ^edf0E thr"-year ol(is; colt,% 8st 101b 8thes, 88t 71b pe?ty and allowances. Seven furlongs. Mr C. Rayner's*. jun. Mr Feeder, by Caterer-All ing- ton, 8st 101b Carver 1 Mr Merry's Rifleman, 8st 21b J. Snowden 2 'Mr Kirk's Lady Scarlet, Set 71b Huxtable 3 Betting 5 to 2 agst (Rebecca, 4 to 1 each agst Lady Scarlet and Bumble Bee, 1 agst Phosphorus, 8 to 1 agst Mr Feeder, and It, to 1 agst Miss Lizzie. Won by a length, a length between second and third. THE CITY MEMBERS; PLATE of 60 sovs; t'«O-year-olds 6st 9!b; three, Set 91b four 9st 81b be and up- wards, 9st 101b m. and g. allowed 31b.; selling and other allowances. Five furlongs. Mi C. Blanton's Johannisberg, by King John—Money Spinner's dam, 4 yrs, 8st51b ( £ 150) Jewitt 1 Mr C. Rayner's, jun., Seringapatum, aged, 9st 31b (Y-7,5) French 2 Nlr T, E. Walker's Charybdis, 2 yrs, 5st 12 b, (£75) T. Osborne 3 Petti g 5 t, o „ 2. agst Charyb, d, is and Johannisberg 4 to 1 agst Seringapatam, and 8 to 1 agst Robert Walpole.- Won by half a length, length between second and third. Eight ran. THE FOURTH BEAUFORT BIENNIAL STAKES of It) sovs. each, with 100 added, for t'so-year-olds colts, 8st 101b; tillies and geldings, 8st 71b; penalties and allowancea. Five furlongs, MrT. Parr's Nonius, by Griinston—Nero, 8st 71b T. Cannon 1 Mr Iderry's f by Scottish Chief—Masquerade ist 71b  N i. Dswson's Toft, 8st 101b J. Snowden 2 Mr M. D?wson's Toft, 8st 1Mb T. Challonea- 3 Betting: 4 to 1 on the Masquerade fill, 6 to I agst Toft, and 10 to 1 Nonius. Won by a neek length be- I tween second and third. Five ran.



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