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sales by Messrs. Baugh. & Jones. :ÎR.ŒLEFREEHOLD PROPERTY, CALLED D'AÊ BRYNOG," NEAR WREXHAM, DEN- BIGHSHIRE. f| ( j) BE SOLD BY MESSRS BAUGH & JONES, I at the Lion Hotel, Wrexham, on Friday, the 29th of Ata?- 1863, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject e' ditions to be then produced. All those several ?,, pieces or parcels of LAND containing 13 acres or e I'. I d "c B "'t t ?rc-'?"?- ''?? "CaeBrynog, situate near Adwy'r rhw.M, ?'? to??ship of Bersham, in the parish of l :1\1,. t f D b. h d n-rnh?- the county of Denbigh, an d now in the oc- ?tion of Mr Maurice Hughes. And also all those 3 ?sSUAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES, with the out- ..),;in?. gardens, and appurtenances thereunto belong- .r?d?ining the above mentioned land, and now in the ?'?'i? occupations of Mr. John Roberts and others. T" property ? bounded on the north and east sides 'bnrofbY township roads, and on the south and west by ]mds of T. L. Fitzhugh, Esq., and is within the Stance of 3 miles of the populous town of Wrexham, ?,;t] whence there is railway communication to all parts ?tbc Kingdom. There are valuable Seams, Beds, and Veins of Coal i nisei, and Iron Stone, under the whole of the property, which is adjacent to the Vron, Talwrn, Broughton Hall, u Brrmbo Collieries. The Minerals now worked in the adjoining estate com- the following strata, viz. The Smith's Coal 2 feet t, niches: Drowsal, 3 feet; Powell, 4 feet, 2 yards 6 feet; Crank. feet 6 inches, (with beds of iron stone) Brassey, 5 feet, (with iron stone); Black Bed, 1 foot 6 inches, iVith iron stone) Main, 9 feet, and yard 3 feet. }pr further particulars apply at the Offices of Mr. Humphreys, Solicitor, Messrs. T. and J. Allington Hwrhes, Solicitors, Wrexham, or to the Auctioneers, Temple Chambers, Wrexham. 55"MONTHLY SALE OF FAT AND STORE CATTLE, &c., AT ROSSETT. 1J ESSRS. BAUGH & JONES having been re- quested by several of their (farmer) friends to HaHi!'h a MONTHLY SALE of Fat and Store Stock at ik Rossett, have fixed their first sale for Tuesday, the 2nd of June, 1863, at the Alyn Hotel, and will flank parties wishing to enter Stock to do so as early as I'e,ihle. with the Auctioneers, or Mr. Ledsome, of the Aim Hotel. Messrs. B. it J. beg to say that parties favouring them with Stock for any of their Sales may depend npon prompt settlement of their accounts. Stock already entered :— it Fat Beasts and Fresh Barrens 3 Calving Heifers a Yearling Calves 20 Fat Sheep 25 Ditto Lambs I 1 Young Sow and litter of 10 Pigs Narrow-wheel Cart upon springs, with harvest I gearing complete Set of Thrill Gears Ditto Chain Ditto Four-wheel Basket Carriage The property of Mr. T. Woolrich, Mr. Woodfin, Mr..T. Woolrich, and others. Sale at 1*2 o'clock. Lunch after sale. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD MONTHLY FAIRS MESSRS. BAUGH and JONES beg to announce 11 that their next Sale of Fat and Store Cattle, I Skip. Piss, Horses, and Implements in Husbandry, trill take place in the above Smithiield, on Thursday, the 4ch day of June, 1803, when they will be pre. pared with every accommodation for such Stock as their fyitd, may favour them with. Terms moderate and Settlements prompt. Sale at Ten o'clock. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD BUILDING SITES, Park of the Grove Park Estate, AND EXCELLENT DWELLING-HOUSE, Is King-street, close to the Town of Wrexham, Denbighshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs. BAUGH 1 A: JONES, at the Black Lion Inn, Hope-street. ^rexl.ain, on Friday, the 19th day of June, 1863, at 4 o deck in the Afternoon, subject to conditions, and is tc following or such other lots as may be ageeed at the time of sale:— Lot 1—AH that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 20, King-street, Wrexham foresaid. The house consists of dining, drawing, and 5 bidroouis, kitchen, back-kitchen, yard, stable, and ttiser appurtenances. 1 et 2.111 that Piece or Parcel of excellent BUILD. IG LAND, containing 4,840 square yards, part of the Gto? Park Estate, now iu the occupation of Thomas Painter. Tii~ jot is a most eligible site for the erec tion of a Residence, and has two frontages, one to the Grove fca i. and the other to the Road leading from the town c! ^rexLam to Rhosddu. 3—All that excellent pIece of BUILDING LAND, adjoining the last lot, and containing by ad- measurement, 1695 square yards or thereabouts. Lot 4.—Ditto ditto ) 649 square yards. Lot 5.—Ditto ditto 1634 square yards. Lot 6.—Ditto ditto 1679 square yards. Tiit last four Lots are also in the holding of T. I ?:r. Esq., and have two frontages, one to the Mad '?D? from Wrexham to Rhosddu, and the other to a ?Oj.nml n? road from the Grove Mansion, through park to Chester-road. \1 ?Fartht r particulars may be obtained upon applica- tion to Messrs. T. and J. Allington Hughes, Solicitors, ?'rQ -rxiiam, or at the Offices of the Auctioneers, Temple -'Umbers. C 0 E D -Fo E THT MM WREXHAM. I U I? Peremptorily SOLD by AUCTION, by » ??r?. BAUGH and JONES, by direction of the ?ortga? at the house of Mr. Carrington, the Cross ?  in Coe<l-podh, near Wrexham, on Monday, June ? ?63, at Six o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to J'"V.ti'ms to he then produced :— ifj^jree unfinished FREEHOLD DWELLING- H( with a Piece of Laud adjoining, containing • ,-t ? a<re or thelcabonts be the same more or less, Htuat h. R d "uate on the south-east side of the Township Road I ,??g from Coed-poeth to Nant and Wem, and in the Ration of Messrs. John & Joseph Senior, Builders. r father particulars, apply to the Auctioneers, Ed* » RaDdles, Esq., Brynafon, Marchwiel; or at tt,, OScM of Messrs. T. and J. Allington Hughes, J^tors, Wrexham. I GRESFORD. T FREEHOLD PROPERTY. T 0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs. BAUGH 16' JONES, on Tuesday, the 16th day of June, ?". at the Griffin Inn, Gresford, subject to such con- l. 0n* as tih?U ? then produced. All that Freehold C"apd, wah the land thereunto belonging, situate at j £ fi'in ?? county of Denbigh, and in the occupa- ) t,ic ?' f the Denomination of Protestant Nonconformists, j ?? ? the Weslepn Refonners. ï ale to commence at six o'clock. For further par- tif? "?s apply to ?. J. Jones, Solicitor, Wrexham, or [ lr, ,1 Auctioneers. T?BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MESSRS. ? AUGH and JONES, at the house of Mr. fi., PontMvthill near Mold, on Monday, the ¡ ?', "°?' ?86?, at 5 o'clock in the Afternoon, subject 'J ^"litions j}!l lat FREEHOLD PUBLIC-HOUSE, called the Iil!II o Tavernsituate at Sam, near Tryddyn ?] ? the County of Flint, with the Garden and Ap- t'un "?'" ?reunto belonging, formerly in the occu- I?tin of Mr. Wm Jones, the owner, but now of Mr. .[.'J1\"arq l' j* "1 Jones, Brewer, or his undertenants. -?ii  ^lcr P?lculars apply to Messrs. T. and J. Wirrf on ?gbea, Solicitors, or the Auctioneers, '-u?jn, SALE OF FAT AND STORE CATTLE, 1\¡JE AT GRESFORD. III SSnS. BAUGH AND JONES beg to announce Gnrl'Ftht their NEXT MONTHLY SALE at the G?p?? t 1??, GRE8FORD, will take place on Mo? ."?. the 22nd day of June, 1863, and will P^^es wishing to mtroduce stock to do so at th(. ?? wishing to introduce stock to do scat the ofllCe. Temple Place, Wrexham, or with Mr. ? ?j '? ?e Grinin Inn, Gresford, as early aspossiMe. Sale to commeBce at 2 o'clock prompt. Sales by Mr. C. Richards. TOWN HALL, WREXHAM, DENBIGHSHIRE. rPO BE SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr RICHARDS, ?"°?y' ?y ???' 1863, a variety of useful HJO?USEHOLD FURNITURE, suitable for bedroom I and other purposes, which has been removed for con- venience of sale, comprisingHandsome half tester mahogany bedstead with footboard and cornice, ten I four-post mahogany and other bedsteads, in chints and moreen hangings, nine Excellent FEATHER BEDS, r two wool mattresses, oak beaureau, mahogany and other wash stands and dressing tables, toilet glasses, four mahogany commodes, press bedsteads, oak linen chest, child's crib, ditto cradle, bedroom chairs, handsome set of mahogany dining tables with two loose leaves, office table with drawers, hair seated chairs, cheffioneer, ma- hogaey corner cupboard, oak ditto, mahogany card table, machie table, large pier glass, fine toned grand piano- forte in rosewood, harp, three mahogany knife boxes, two hall lamps, two moderator ditto, perambulator, oak screen, large filterer, Kidderminster and other carpets, thread matts, table covers, picture ornaments, decanters, champagne glasses, writing case, two copper urns, seven I portmanteaus, stand and wheel churns, quantity of grates, two children's chairs, and many other articles too numerous to mention. Sale to commence at one o'clock. Office, High-street, Wrexham, May 15, 1863. SALE AT PARK EATON FARM, NEAR RUABON, DENBIGHSHIRE. MR. RICHARDS, has received instructions from ±ZT- Mortgagees of Mr. William Wilson, to SELL A. UCTION, on Tuesday next, May the 26,1363, the whole of the FARMING STOCK, Implements, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, comprising—6 Young Dairy Cows, (in full profit), team of useful Horses, colts, Half-bred I Brown Horse, 5 years old, useful Bay Cob, 7 years old, !teay to nde and drive, 2 Young Gilts and 11 Pigs I Ch?n ?M Thrill Gears, Hunting Saddles and Bridles, set I J1 iPs? lati ed j Harness, (nearly new), in-side Dog-Cart, suit- able for a family, 2 broad-wheel Carts with iron arms and harvest gearing, broad and narrow-wheel Tumbrils, Patent Corn Crusher, for hand or steam power, Winnowing Machine (by Davies, of Oswestry), Bentall's Patent Root Pulper, Patent Hay Cutter with 2 knives, (by Rich- monrf 6f Chandler,) Croskell's Cambridge Roller, Patent ) Weighing Machine, set of Twins, Iron Plough, (by Hoivard), Wood Ditto, Iron Harrows, 2 set of Wood j Ditto, together with other Implements suitable for I Farming purposes. The whole of the useful and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, (chiefly in Mahogany). Catalogues may be had on application to the Auctioneer. The Auctioneer can with confidence recommend the above Stock, the Implements and Furniture are equal to new. Luncheon at 11 o'clock, sale at 12 prompt. Office, Hope-street, Wrexham, May 19th, 1863. SALE AT CREWE, NEAR FARNDON, CHESHIRE- MR RICHARDS will SELL BY AUCTION, on JU. Wednesday next, May 27th, 1863, the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE &c., the property of Mr. James Edwards, comprising capital eight-day's Clockin oak Cale, oak Dresser and Shelves, 2 oak Corner Cupboards, 6 Kitchen Chairs, Arm Ditto, 2 Leaf Tables, Saucepans, Kettles, 3 pair of Tent Bedsteads, capital Feather Bed, Chaff ditto, Bed Clothes, Oak Chest, Glass, Wheel Churn, Tools, Garden ditto, Cart Rope, Turning Lathe, large Grindstone, 2 Ladders, quantity of Timber. Sale at two o'clock. Office, Hope-street, Wrexham, May 23rd, 1863. WREXHAM JUNE FAIR. I MR. RICHARDS begs to announce that bis next Sale of Fat and Store Cattle will take place in the Wrexham Smithfield, on Thursday, June 4, 1863. Sale at 10 o'clock. The Auctioneer will thank parties who intend entering stock to do so as early as convenient. Sale by Messrs. lightfoot & Jenkins. SECOND ANNUAL SALE Of very prime FAT STOCK, at the Rake Farm, Hawarden, within li miles of the Broughton Station on the Mold Line, 11 miles from the Queen's Ferry Station, and 4! miles from Chester. MESSRS. LIGHTFOOT & JENKIKS have been iYi favoured with instructions from John Griffiths, Esq., to offer for SALE BY AUCTION, on Tuesday, June 2, 1863, at the Rake Farm, Hawarden, the follow- ing very choice Fat Stock:— 28 Prime Fat Bullocks (stall fed). 160 Prime Fat Sheep. 10 Ditto ditto Lambs. Luncheon on the table at one o'clock. Sale to com- mence at two o'clock punctually. Sale by Churton & Elphick. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. Preliminary Notice of Sale of a very Desirable Residen- tial Estate, called "Rhiewport," in Berriew, three miles from the railway station at Montgomery, and six miles from Welshpool, comprehending a Family Resi- dence, and Demesne Lands, extending to fifty acres, and a l so several fine mountain farms, fulling mill, meadow lands, &c., close to the town of Llanidloes being the unsold portions of the estates offered at LIan- idloes last year. T?ESSSRS CHURTON & ELPHTCK have —?- the honour to announced that they have been in- structed to SELL BY AUCTION, on TUESDAY, the 22nd day of JUNE next, 1863, at Welshpool, in the County of Montgomery, the whole of the above fine FREEHOLD ESTATES, full particulars of which will shortly be pub- lished. fi t. b h d In the meantime any further information may be had from Mr H. B. Jones, Solicitor, 22, Austin Friars, Lon- don Messrs Broughton and Hensley, Solicitors, Nant- wich or trom Messrs Churton and Elphick, Auctioneers, Chester, and Whitchurch, Shropshire. Sale by Messrs. Lucas & Co. ANNUAL SALE OF CARRIAGES AT LUCAS'S, LIVERPOOL, BY MESSRS. LUCAS & Co., On Wednesday next, the 27th instant, at Ten o'clock, At their Repository, GREAT CHARLOTTE STREET, LIVERPOOL, THREE HUNDRED CARRIAGES, Including everv description of Vehicle, And 70 Sets of CARRIAGE and GIG HARNESS. The whole on view on Monday next, the 25th inst. NOTICE! FOR Lawn Mowers, Garden Tools (all kinds), JD Agricultural Implements, Iron Bedsteads, Marble Chimney Pieces, Grates and Cooking Ranges, (all kinds), Baths, Toilette Ware, Iron Nails, &c., &c. Apply to ALFRED OWEN, (Late W. Overton,) HIGH-STREET, WHEXHAM. g Special quotations to Colliery Proprietors and large consumers. Tinmen kept for repairs. THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. ROBERT ROOSE, of the town of Flint, in the County of Flint, Chemist and Druggist, having been adjudged Bankrupt, under a petition for adjudica- tion of Bankruptcy, filed in the County Court, of Flint- shire, holden at Mold and Flint, on the seventeenth day of April, 1863, a public sitting for the said Bankrupt to pass his long examination, and make application for his discharge will be held before the Judge of the said Court, on the twelfth day of June, 1863, at the said Court at the County Hall, at Mold, at twelve o'clock at noon precisely, the day last aforesaid being the day limited for the said Bankrupt to surrender. P. ElllS Eyton, Esquire, of Flint, is the official assignee, and Cain Parry, Esquire, of Mold, is the Solicitor in the Bankruptcy. The first meeting of Creditors has been duly held in the said Bankruptcy, and at the public sitting above mentioned proofs of debts of Creditors who have not proved will be received; and the said Bankrupt will be required to surrender himself to the said Court, and to submit himself to be examined, and to make a full dis- closure and discovery of all his estate and effects, and to finish his examination. P. ELLIS EYTON, Registrar. IMPORTANT NOTICE. BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, 2, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. J. HILL T) ESPECTFULLY informs the Public that in consequence of Che ccntmned den of Trade in I 1? manufacturing districts, he has been enabled to purchase at considerably leM than the original coNt pn<e, several large lots of Ladies' and Gentlemen's BOOTS and SHOES, consisting together of upwards of 6,000 Pairs, the whole of which he is now Selling at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. The Stock consists of almost every description of -Boots and Show suitable lor aUeeuoUt aD inspection of which is respectfully P.S.—Observe the ntjmter* TOWN WRBXHAM* BRIDGE WATER ARMS, £ LLESMEBE. RICHARD VVRIG&T. (For the last 24 years Park Keeper to Sir W. W. "Wp1Í Bart., M.P., WjmMtay), BEGS to announce that he has entered on the above first-class Hotel, and trusts by wueinittlug attention, and -D keeping only the choicest Wines and Spirits, to merit a share of public support. N.B.—The house having undergone a thorough repair, and being entirely refitted, will be found in moderil convenience and comfort equal to any Hotel in the Kingdom. Posting facilities of the highest order. Good Stabling, Loose Boxes, and Lock-up Coach-Houses. 18, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. D. HUMPHREYS BEGS to return his sincere thanks to his Friends and the Public generally for the liberal support he has JD received in the Ironmongery Business, and at the same time Jie begs to solicit a continuance of that support, and also to state that he has always on hand a stock of JOINER'S TOOLS, Bar, Hoop, and Sheet Iron, Saws, Files, Edge Tools, Baths, Grate Ranges, &c. r All sorts of Tin and Copper Work done. SUMMER FASHIONS AT MANCHESTER HOUSE. CHURCH-STREET, WREXHAM. M. WRIENT BEGS to inform his friends and the public, that he has returned from London with a Choice Stock of JD SUMMER GOODS, comprising—Woollen Cloths, Fancy Dresses, Muslin Dresses, Shawls, Mantles, Jackets, White Skirts, Crinoline Skirts, Straw and Crinoline Bonnets, Straw and Crinoline Hats, Bonnets, Shapes, Cap Fronts, Flowers, Feathers, Ribbons, Gloves, Collars, Sleeves, Hose, Hair Nets, Fancy Dress Buttons, Stays, Parasols, Sun Shades, Umbrellas, Shirts, Silk Hats, Felt Hats, Cloth Caps, Silk Hankerchiefs, Neck Ties, Shirt Collars, &c. DRESSES, MANTLES, AND BONNETS MAD. TO ORDER. IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF TEA WILLIAM PORTER, TEA DEALER AND FAMILY GROCER, &e., No. 1, HIGH-STREET, (CORNER OF HOPE-STREET), Successor to Mr. Overton and M1". Beale, HAS much pleasure in stating that in consequence of the REDUCTION in the DUTY ON TEA, by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has REDUCED the Price of all his Teas 5d. per pound, and he believes this great reduction in the price of Tea will result in a much larger sale of this important necessity of domestic comfort. He congratulates all lovers of GOOD and CHEAP TEAS on this great boon, and calls their particular attention to the following REDUCED LIST OF PRICES:— Useful Black Tea (sound and good) «. I I 2s. 6d. per pound. Good ditto ditto 3s. Vd. Superior ditto ditto, highly recommended to large consumers.. 3s. 4d. „ Rich Pekoe Flavoured Tea 3s. 8d. Finest Tea imported (a mixture of the rarest and finest Black Teas).. 4s. Vd. Fine Pearl-leaf Gunpowder and Young Hyson, from 48. to 5s. „ N.B.—Every article connected with the Grocery Trade charge the lowest possible price. Samples and Price List of Articles on application. Observe the Address— W. PORTER, (LATE-ME. J. BEALE). —N M MER F ASH ION S. T.C. TONES BEGS to inform his friends and the Public that he has returned from London with a choice selection of goods JD for the Season, comprising Millinery, Straw Bonnets, and Hats, Head dresses, Flowers, Ribbons, &c., &c. Likewise, Dresses, Shawls, toantles, Jackets, in great variety, Crinoline Skirts, which are now ready for inspection P.S.—T. C. J. has always on hand an extensive stock of Mourning. FULL REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF TEAS AT WILLIAM PHILLIPS'S GENERAL GROCERY ESTABLISHMENT, No. 1, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM, In consequence of the duties being considerably Reduced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. \XT P. begs to thank his Friends and numerous customers for their kind patronage, and trusts to receive a W continuance of their kind favours. He also respectfully solicits a trial from those who have not already visited his Establishment, being assured that the superior qualities of his TEAS will give every satisfaction. JOHN L. GAK»tTT, CONFECTIONER, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. OLLERHEAD'S ORIGINAL WREXHAM GINGERBREAD. AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIES. PRIME PORK UIII m uimu uuuu nta lIa MBS* eeeeeeeeeeeeep IAI lIuuaa..a us uouu uunu mutnii IIBa fwiisusgg eeceeeeeeeeeee UUBSUIB 11188 al" aaaaa tiuuu um MM 881 a BaSIA KK eeeeeeeeteeeee 11811 usa aa«» MM aaa aaa un n uuuu "I" MM Ma aaa (Klg t?K eeee MMM MM t?M aaa aaa uuuu uunu MtM Ma Mt KKKK *88* eeee Mm !f8811 ata Blla uuuu uunu ttsta alia aaa (nneg ee»ee«ee ausa MMa aaaaaacaa uuuu uuuu sssn asallaaaltaa KKKft eeeeeeee aassa asaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa uuuu uuuu IUSI. IUaaaaBBaBa Mgg fggggg eeeeeeee 1..111. 1111111811 aaaa aw uuuu uuuu MMM aaaa aaaa gggg ggngg eeee ntus „„ UP888 alaa Baaa uuuu uuuu nn tsesaa aaaa aaaa gtegg ggug eeee teas assies MM MM Mat uuuuu uuuuu 8US 'SM aaaa a&M xxg XCM eee*eeeeeeeeee M" 88- ?MMMM Maa Mat uuuuuuuu MMMMM aaaa aaaa KtKM?Kf: eeeeeeeeeeeeee MMMMM MM aaaa aaaa uuuuu 188. aaaa aaaa ggggK eeeeeeeeeeeeee aiu BRIDE'S CAKE, BIRTH-DAY CAKES, AND FUNERAL BISCUITS. POTTED MEATS, PICKLES, SAUCES, SARDINES, &c., &c. LEWIS & Co.'s CELEBRATED BRITISH WINES. F. ERASER, WATCHMAKEE, SILVERSMITH, AND JEWELLER, 42, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, RFSPECTFULLY invites the attention of his customers, and thejmblic generally, to his Stock of ENGLISH H, and FOREIGN CLOCKS, TIME-PIECES, WATCHES,?LD and SILVER GUARDS, ALBERTS, JEWELLERY in all its branches, Writing Desks, Work Boxes, Ct Bags, Satchels, Portemonnaies, Combs, Brushes, l Gentlemen's Travelling Satchels, Spectacles, &c., &c., Which he is determined to sell at the lowest possible prices. Monthly payments taken. A reduction of 10 per cent. m TV edding Rings. 1821. PROCTOR AND RLAND IN calling attention to their SPECIAL MANURES, beg to state at, by taking advantage of the progress made in Chemical Science, with the assistance of careful experiments on a great variety of soils and the most approved methods of preparation, they have, as far as possible, perfected the Manures which they manufacture GRASS MANURES. The extraordinary change produced by these Manures upon old pastures is now well known. "The coarse "rank herbage which cattle do not relish, and upon which they milk poorly, will be transformed into a carpet of red clover or cow grass, and white clover, which they do e1ish, and upon which they Hinve well; the quantity of milk will be greatly increased, ad the quahty much improved. For Meadow and alo these Manures can be strongly recommended, as they will produce large and early crops of Hay, of supenorquality. WHEAT, OAT, AND BARLEY MANURES, Which will strengthen the straw, and increase the quantity and improve the quality of the grain to the amount of ° several shillings per quarter. TURNIP, MANGOLD, AND POTATOE MANURES, BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, GUANO, NITRATE OF SODA, &c. SALTNEY NEAR OHEBTEB, BIRMINGHAM, WARWICK, AND BRISTOI NOTICE OF REMOVAL.. DURING THE BE-BUILDING OF THE PREMISES, No. 1, HOPE-STREET, THE BUSINESS 8F EDWARD JONES, LATE RI THOBNELY,) HAT MANUFACTURER, AND GENERAL OUTFITTER, WILL BE CABBIED ON AS USUAL, AT NO. 8, T O W N H ILL, ADjoiNiNofMjfc R. tuoa's Vaults, l ere he will have a large and superior Stock of GENTLEMEN'S WEARING APPAREL of every description. Sale by Mr. Griffiths. -¡ WREXHAM JUNE FAlB. SALE IN THE SMITHFIELD. VB. GRIFFITHS bega to annotmce that he haa ..lU. been hODomec1 with instructions from MesaM. R. and T. Parry, of Borras Hall, and Plas Golbourn, tofiELL BY UION; in the above Smithfield, on Thwsday, the '4th day of June, 1863, the following WM STOCK .v- .:20 SfieQdid stall-fed Fat Cowø and Heifers, of V first quality ? Prime Fat Shropshire Dawn and other Sheep Saie at Eleven o'clod?prompt.  ¡\1I'TIfIW-.i'¡ent'. the a b- 9?a r thi? h???'?t?   ? t&?g ? ?? ? ?' ?' ???? L ?' t. Bala bar Mr. j. fiokerlng. PULFORD MONTHLY SALE. MR. JOHN PICKERING will SELL BY AUC- iTi TION, on Monday next, the 25th day of May, 1863, at Mr. John Leigh's, the Grosvenor Arms Ion, Pulford, the following FAT, DAIRY, and STOBE CATTLE, SHEEP, LAMBS, &c., &c. 10 Prime Fat Cows and Heifers 40 Ditto ditto Sheep 40 Ditto ditto Lambs 4 Ditto ditto Calves 9 Fresh Barrens 1 In-calf Cow 2 Well-bred Stirks 2 Ditto ditto Yearling Bulls. Lunch on the table at One o'clock, and Sale to commence at Two. The above named Stock are the property of J. SyMff, Esq., J. H. Broadbent, Esq., and others. Entries will be received np to the time of sale. AOFENT FOR MANOCK'S BONE SAWIKOS, &0. Office-The Eastgate, Chester. J. STEVENS, BREAD AND BISCUIT BAKER, HOPE-STREET, BEGS to call the attention of the Gentry and JO Inhabitants of the Town and Vicinity to the fact that EVERY VARIETY OF BISCUITS are manu- factured on the premises daily. Infants' and Invalids' Biscuits. Best Scotch Oatmeal always in Stock. JANE "CHALO NER, (Widow of the late William Chalqmr, Bricklayer, BEGS to thank those gentlemen who so continuously employed her late husband, and also to announce her intention of carrying on the business (for the benefit of herself and children), assisted by her brother-in-law, SAMUELV CHALONER, and to assure them it will, be her constant endeavour to conduct the business in All respects as heretofore. £ 50 REWARD. STOLEN, some time between the date of the 27th and )0 31st o,f January last, out of a box then in the parlour room of Samuel Stant, of Eyton, near Wrexham, upwards of JE180, three t50 notes, the rest in small notes and cash. Whoever will stive such information as will lead to the recovery of the same, ahaUeceivethe a^ove Reward, by making application to the' owner of the money, Mr. Thomas Arnold, Pentre Broughton, Wrexham. 21st May, 1863. | T?T OTICE, £ 5 REWARD. Stolen from the person XN of Mr E. Fickering, of Cefn Mawr, in Ruabpn, upon Thursday last, between ftuabon Station and Acrefair, 1 Cucumber and 5 Oranges. Any party upon wonviction, will receive the above reward. P.S. Part of this amount will be paid by the Ruabon Association for the Prosecution of Felons, of which E. P. is a member. SHEEP! SHEEP!! Sheep! MOST important to Agriculturists, LEA'S SHEEP POWDER, never fails in preventing the Fly Striking on Sheep or Lambs. Prepared only by Samuel Lea, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Scotland-street, Ellesmere. Sold in cannisters 11., 25., and 6s. each. Sole agent for North Wales, James F. Edisbury, (successor to J. Beale), Dispensing Chemist, High- ftreet, Wrexham. TO IRONMONGERS AND OTHERS. MESSRS. MUNTZ'S PATENT AXLE Co. desire responsible AGENTS for the Sale of their Chain Harrows and Axles. Liberal terms. Apply Patent Axle Co., Birmingham. FOX AND HOUNDS INN, EYTON. ATEA PARTY will be held on the Green, at the above Inn, on Whit Monday, May 25th, 1863. T a on the table at half-past three o'clock. Dancinll; to commence at five o'clock. A Brass Band will be in attendance. Tickets one shilling each. The above Inn is situate on the Bangor road, 3 miles from Wrexham, 2 from Ruabon, 2 from Rhosllanerch- rugog, 3 from Overton, and 3 from Bangor. PON JJEDSTEADS OF BVBRY DESCRIPTION AND PRICE, AT E. OWEN, 20, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. GREAT REDUCTION IN PAPER HANGINGS. A CHOICE assortment of the best LONDON PAPERS, from 2!d. per piece and upwards. Flocks, Golds, Satins, at proportionate Low Prices, At D. LLOYD'S, 4, CHESTER-STBEET. GUNPOWDER, SHOT, &c., AT T. SMITH'S, 21 HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM 21 NOTICE OF REMOVAL. T. COPLESTON, PAINTER, GLAZIER, &C., 2, BANK PLACE. BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public, that in J) consequence of his present Premises being re- quired for the extension of the Advertiser Buildings, and the erection of oteam Machinery for the printing of the- Wrexham Advertiser," he has removed to the ROOM ABOVE, where he trusts he shall continue to receive the support of those who have hitherto favoured him with their commands. BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. LANCASHIRE DISTRESS FUND. Donations and Subscriptions received since 11th April last. Subscriptions by Donations. Instalment. Name. £ s. d. s. d. Amounts advertized up to the 11th April, 1863 789 2 10 313 12 6 Workmen at the Westminster Colliery per Colin Napier, Esq., 2 7 9 791 10 7 313 12 6 791 10 7 Total to 16th May, 1863 1105 3 1 N.B.—1The Committee will be much obliged if those subscribers who have not paid their instalments will kindly do so, in order that the Balance of the sub- scribed funds may be remitted to the Central Associa- tion. The Committee have already paid over and are desirous now to close their accounts. JOHN JAMES, Town Clerk, l Honorary Secretary, I JNO. F. EDGERLEY, Treasurer. a it .et. TO BE LET, a NEW HOUSE, built for a Public 1 House, situated at Ponkey, Rhos, containing Front and Back Kitching, Parlour, two Bedrooms, very | large club-room, and a first-rate Cellar. Apply to Mr John Hewitt, Llanerchrugog Hall, Ruabon. v TO FARMERS AND GRAZIERS. T° LET, Seventeen Acres of GRASS, lately bone ?nure? had nothing on eince Octber. Apply to Kr Kennck, Belmont, FrIth. ["O BE LET, a respectable and commodïoBHOUS A in. Penybjyn, containing Parlour, Kitchen, and fear Bedrooms. A Garden attached. Apply to Mr. Wm, StoJus, 5, Penybryn. m23 'I ff? BE LET aad entered upon on the 24th day of 1 June next; a DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, in the cantre of High-street, in the thriving and rapidly increasing Town of Wrexham, now occupied by Mr. Thomas Williams, Draper. The above premises are most conveniently situated for business purposes, being opposite to the Market Hall and Corn Exchange.—For rticulars as to Rent, &c., apply to the Office of Messrs. T. and J. AmNGTON HUGHEs. Solicitors, Wrexham. TO BLACKSMITHS. A Blacksmith's SHOP to be Let, in an improving -fjL town in Flintshire, doing a good business. For particulars apply at the Printers. TO BE LET, ABENBURY FORGE, which is in i full working order. Also House and Land. Apply to Edward Tench, Esq., Maese Gwyn, or to Mr. Edwd. Edwards, on the premises. q?O BE LET and entered upon immediately a JL DWELLING-HOUSE, in the most delightful suburb of Wrexham, consisting of Sitting-room, four Bedrooms, Kitchen, Back-kitchen, Scullery, &c., &c., and has a frontage to one of the pleasantest drives in the kingdom.—Apply to Mr BURY, Estate Agent, or Mr Bayley, Bookseller, Wrexham. OLD LICENSED PUBLIC-HOUSE TO LET:— The LLAKBBCHRUGOG Anus," with Brewhouse and other conveniences. For further particulars apply to Mr. Wm. Edwards, Colliery Agent, The Rhos, near Wrexham. O BE LET, 15 acres of good PASTURE LAND, JL called "The Mill Hay Meadow," situate in the Borough of Holt. Apply to Mr. Thomas Jones, Tyn y coed, Llanyohan, Ruthin, or the land may be seen by applying to Mr. W. Eccleston, Holt Gate. TO LET, Three convenient DWELLING-HOUSES, .L sitUate at Holt Street Terrace, Wrexham. Rent moderate. Apply to Messrs BAUGH & JQNES, Temple Chambers, Wrexham. ON SALE by Private Contract, very COMMO- DIOUS PREMISES, consisting of a House, Shop, Three Cottages, Bakehouse, with large Oven, Yard, Stable, .and every convenience for carrying on an extensive business, situated in the centre of Rhosllaner- chrugog. Apply to Mr William Spencer, Ðaker, Rhos. ON SALE. A Neat London built four-wheeled BfSKET PONY CARRIAGE, double seated, la good order. To be seen at the Wynnstay Arms, Wremam-reference to Ostler. CART GEARS FOR SALE. FOUR sets of Scotch GEARS by Lee, of Ruabon, Jt* of the very best leather. Will be sold cheap. Apply at Wynn Hall Colliery. « FOR SALE. A One Horse STEAM ENGINE, with a boiler, large enough for a 4-horse engine, with 25 to 35 feet iron piping. Apply to R. Hughes and Son, 56, Hope- street, Wrexham. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, a Neat X PHAETON, with everything complete as far as Boxes and Lamps, and capable of carrying two inside and two out; also a Good Set of Harness. Everything in good condition. To be Sold a Bargain. Apply to Mr C. G. Bayley, the Cross, Oswestry. ON SALE, that well-bred Brown Horse of the Waggon kind, called YOUNG MARQUIS, the property of Mr. Bithel, Gwersyllt, Denbighshire. Apply to the owner, or at the Advertiser" Office, Wrexham. 1'0 BE SOLD, a capital Fanner's MARE, 7 years JL old, suitable for any purpose. Apply to Mr. Bladon, Marchwiel. TO BE SOLD, a BILLIARD TABLE, with slate JL bottom and India rubber cushions. Apply to Mr. W. Pierce, cabinet maker, Bridge-st., Wrexham. HORSES AND STEAM ENGINE FOR SALE. FOUR useful Draught HORSES to be Sold, in J* consequence of the opening of the Wynn Hall Coal Company Railway. Also, a capital 18-inch Cylinder ENGINE, 30-inches stroke, stands on its foundation, complete with winding gear, lately used in sinking a new pit.—A bargain. Apply to the Wynn Hall Coal Co., Ruabon. Situates, &ctt tigtsKteiu WANTED to purchase a HORSE PONY, from 13 VV to 14 hands in height, must be fast and free from vice. Address by letter stating price, age, colour, and where to be seen, to E. M., 30, Regent Street, Wrexham. WANTED in a Tradesman's Fa mily in Wrexham wV a good general SERVANT. Must be clean in her habits and person. Apply personally at No. 14, High-street. TO BRICKMAKERS. WANTED a BRICK and DRAINING PIPE W BURNER. Apply to Mr John Jones, London House, Corwen. With testimonials. TO HOUSE PAINTERS. WAN TED four good BRUSH HANDS. Apply to W Mr Geo. Warburton, House Decorator, 22, Bank Street, Wrexham. MRS HUGHES, 47, Hope.street, is in immediate —' want of Apprentices to the Dress, and Mantle making business. AGENTS WANTED, for the Sale of an article iu j?\_ universal use among Machinists, Millers, Miners, Engineers, and Railway Companies. None but ener- getic and respectable people need apply. To G., care of P. M. Naughton, 18, Wine Office Court, Fleet-street, London, E.C. WANTED, a PARTNER, in a Brick Work, we! YV situated, where a Flourishing Trade is now carried on. Apply by letter to V. S. E. Post Office, Ruabon. PERPETUAL FOUR PER CENT. DEBENTURE STOCK, THE DIRECTORS of the Great Eastern Railway Company are prepared to grant Allotments of their Four Per Cent. Debenture Stock in any gums most convenient to Subscribers. This Stock is authorised by Act of Parliament for the purpose of paying off the Mortgage Debt. It bears interest in perpetuity at 4 per cent, per annum, which must be paid half-yearly, on the 1st March, and the 1st September, and it takes precedence of all the other I Stocks of the Company. Applications to be made to Bishopsgate Terminus, J. B. OWEN, Secretary. 1st May, 1863..SQ