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ELLESMERE, RUABON", AND SHREWS- BURY RAILWAYS (OSWESTRY, ELLESMKRE, AND WHIT- CHURCH RAILWAY COMPANY.) (Powers to Ojwestr/, Ellesitiire, and Whitchurch Railwiy Company to miks R-tilwiys from Elles- mere to ll'tubon, and to jain. th* Shrewsbury and Crsio3 Railway of the London and Nortl, Western R.iilway near IVOM Power to raise Additional Capital; Arrange men Is with other CoitiprAniej Amendment of Acts.) N OTrol IS nEREBVT GIVENT, That appli- cation is intended to be made to Parliament in the next Si».,un tor an Act tor tne Iollowing pur- poses, or some of them (that is to day) To enable the Oswestry, Ellesmere, and Whit- church Railway Company, herein called the Company," to make and maintain, in or through the pirishes, townships, extra-parochial or other places following, or some of them (that is to say) Ellesmere, Tiimpley, Grange. Elson, Grenhill, other- wise Greenhill, Eastwick, Trench, Old Crickett New Crickett, Criftins, Dudleston, Sodyllt, St. Mar- tin's, in the county of Salop hrbistock, Ruabon, Dynhynlle-issa, Dynhynlle-ucha. Coid Christ- ionydd, Christionydd-Kenrick, Hafod, Morton Aug- licorum, Morton Wallicorum, Morton above, Mor- ton below, Ithyddalt, Bodylltyn, Bellan, Hafod, Hafod-y-Bwch, Eyton, Eyton Park, Park Eyton, and Esclusham below, in the county of Denbigh, Ban- gor, otherwise Bangor Monachorum, otherwise Ban- gor-is-y-coed, in the counties of Denbigh and Flint, or one of. them; the following railways, with all proper and necessary stations, works, and conveni- ences connected therewith (that is to say) A Railway commencing by a junction with the Railway No 1, described in "The Oswestry, Eliesmere, and Whitchurch Railway Act, 1861," in an enclosure numberel 119 in the parish of Ellesmere on the plans in that AQI (herein called the Act of 1861) referred to. and terminating by ajunction in the said parish of Ruabon with the Pla Madoc Branch Rail- way, at or ne?r the point where thtt Rutway crosses the tramway of the Shropshire Union Railways and Canal Company ninety yards, or thereabouts, south of the shed of the Plas-yn- Weru Brick Works; A Railway commencing by a junction with the last-named intended Railway, at a point where the same is proposed to be carried over the road leading from Ruabon to New Iiall, five hundred and thirty yards, or thereabouts, from the junction of that road near the Bryn Rail- way Bridge with the turnpike-road leading < m Ruabon tJ Wrexham, and terminating by a junction with the Shrewsbury and Chester Line of the Great Western Railway, at or near ue north or Wrexham end of the passenger atatiou at Ruabon; A Railway commencing by a junction with the first-named intended riilway from Ellesmere to the Plas Madoc Railway, in the field belonging to Si nun Yorke, Ejjq, adjoining the Bryn Rail- way Bridge before-mentioned, bounded on the east by the said Shrewsbury and Chester Rail- way, and on the west by the turnpike road from Ruabon to Wrexham, and terminating by a junction with the Branch Railway from Huar bon through the Gar l ien Lodge lands to the Ponkey and Brynrowua, at or near the point where that Railway crosses on a level the public road connecting the turnpike road be- tween Ruabon and Wrexham at Afongoch with* the public road leading from ltuabon to Wynne Hall; ARtilvvay commencing by a junction with the first-mentioned intended Railway at a point in a field belonging to Sir Watkin Williams W,nn, Baronet, in the occupation of John Allen and Mary Allen, situate in the township of Bodylltyn, and being two hundred yards, or thereabouts, westwards of th;) point where the said public road from Afongoch joins the said public road from Ruabon to Wynne Hall, and terminating at a point on the before mentioned Shropshire Union Railway and Com- pany's Tramway, two hundred yards, or there- abouts, south of the bridge which carries the said Ruabon and Wynne Hall public road ov r the said tramway: To enable the Company to make and maintain a Railway commencing in the parish of Hanmer, in the county of Flint, at a point near to and to the south of a house there known as Bettisfield Hall, there to form a junction with the Oswestry, Elles- mere. and Whitchurch Railway now .in course of construction, passing then ;e, from, in, or through the parishes, townships, and places following, or some of them (that is to say) Hanmer, Bettisfield, Bronnington, Northwood, Newtown, Waterloo, WhixaU, Frees, Pool Heath, Paddle Green, Crea- more, Edstaston, Lacon, and Wem, in the counties of Flint and Salop, and terminating by a junction with the Shrewsbury and Crewe Line of the London and North Western Railway at a point fifty yards or thereabouts north of the cattle arch under that Railway on the Creamore Farm, and near the post indicating three quarters and twenty miles from Crewe: To enable the Company to make such openings in and alterations of the Shrewsbury and Chester Line of the Gre t Western Railway,, the Plas Madoc Branch Railway, and the Railway to the Ponkey and Brynyrowen, as may be necessary or expedient for the purposes ot the said junc- tions, and to stop up, alter, or divert, either temporarily or permanently, turnpike and other roads, streets, canals, rivers, or streams for the pur- poses of the said intended Act, or any of them To purchase, by compulsion or agreement, lands and buildings for the purposes of the intended Act, or any of them, and to vary or extinguish any rights or privileges connected with such lands and buildings To levy tolls, rates, and duties, to confer, vary, or extinguish exemptions from the payment of tolls, rates, and duties, and, if necessary or expedi- ent, to alter the tolls and charges now leviable by the Company To enable the company to apply their corporate funds to the purposes of the intended Act, or any of them, and to raise further sums for such pur* poses, or any of them, and for the general purposes ot their undertaking, by the creation of new shares, or by borrowing on mortgage, or by either of those means, and as part of their general capital and funds, or wholly or partly as a separate capital charged primarily or exclusively on all or any part of the intended ) railways and works To extend and make applicable to the railways and works to be authorised by the said intended Act the provisions contained in the 57th, 651h and 67th sections of the Act of 1861, and, if necessary or expedient, to sanction and confirm any agree- ments entered into in pursuance of that Act prior to the passing of the Mid intended Act, and to make such further provision for securing to any Company whose Railway shall communicate with the Liaiiw^ys of the Company, or the Railways pro- posed to be authorised by the said intended Act, such full facilities as may be necessary for the traffic ot any such Company as aforesaid passing, or in- tended to piss, thereon, or on any part thereof: 1:0 sflter, enlarge, Vary, or repeal all ur some of the powers and provisions of the several Acts fol- lowing, or some of them (that is to say): "The Os vestry, E iiesuiere, and Whitchurch Railway Act, lo'jltiie Act passed iu toe ni.-ith and tenth years ui the reign of iler present Majesty, intitul- ed An Act to consoii iaie the London and Hir- mingham, Grand J auction, and .Manchester and Birmingham riaiiway (Jo npanies," an l the several other relating to ur atictil17 the Company by that Act inco. porated, namely, the London and \I I Ai ortii A esUj.- n li nl v.iv Com.any i.he Oswestrv, Weicapooi, aad Newrtow.' iy IS Jo," and the other acts relating to or affecting the Oswestry and Newtown Railway Company; and the Act passed in the fifth and sixth years of the reign of King William the Fourth, intituled An Act for making a railway from Bristol to join the London and Birmingham Railway near London, to bp called 4 The Great Western Railway,' with Branch os therefrom to the towns of Bradford and Trow, bridge, in the county of Wilts;" and the sevopai other Acts relating to or affecting the Great Wes. tern Railway Company And notice is hereby further given. That, on or before the Seth day of November, 1861, plans and sections of the proposed Railways, together with a book of reference to such plans, a published map with the proposed lines of railway delineated there- on, and a copy of this Notice as published in tho London Gazette," will be deposited for public inspection with the clerk of the peace for the county of Salop, at his offioe at Shrewsbury with I the clerk of the peace for the county of Denbigh, at his office at Ruthin; and with the clerk of the peace for the county of Flint, at his office at Mold, and th:tt on or before the said 30th day of November, 1861, a copy of the said Gazette" Notice, and of so much of the said plans. sections, and book of re- ference as relates to each parish in or through which the said railways or work s are intended to be con- structed, will be deposited with the parish clerk of each such parish at his usual place of abode, and, in the case of any extra-parochial place, then with the parish clerk of an adjoining parish; and that printed copies of the proposed Bill for effecting the objects specified in this Notice, or some of them, will be deposited in the Private Bill Office oi the House of Commons on or before the 23rd day of December in the present year. Dated tin eleventh day of November, 1861. TLLLEATTD, So-N, GODDEN, AND HOLME, 34, Ol 1 Jewry, Solicitors. PRITT, SHERWOOD, VENABLES, GRUB BE, Afn JONES, 7, Great George Street, Westminster, Parliamentary Agents.