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A G L E P- 0 N COMPANY IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, ENGINEERS, MILLWRIGHTS, SMITHS, &c., TUTTLE-STREET FOUNDRY, WREXHAM. MANUFACTURERS of Steam Engines, Pumps. Crab Winces, Kitchen Ranges, Grates, and Stoves, and al -H-)L descriptions of Agricultural Implements, and Wrought and Cast Iron Work in general. N.B.—A large assortment of Kitchen and other Grates always on hand. MONEY LENT ON PERSONAL SECURITY. THE WREXHAM IT CAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY (LIMITED), ARE prepared to advance any sum from X5 to LIOO, on personal or other security, for twelve months, repay- able in weekly, monthly, or quarterly Instalments, at a low rate of interest. Goad Bills Discounted on very moderate terms. The strictest confidence observed.—Application to be made to the Secretary, THOMAS JONES, Offices-Temperance Hotel, Hope-street. ACCOUNTANT. L OCKWOOD AND FARRIMOND, EGEBTON STREET SAW MILLS CHESTER, HAVE CONSTANTLY ON SALE EVERY DESCRIPTION OF FOREIGN TIMBER, American and Baltic in Logs, Red, White and Yellow Deala, Baywood, Mahogany, and Birch, in Boards and Scantlings, I Steam Struck Mouldings of Every Form and Variety. Split and Sawn Laths, Oak, and Elm Boards, SEASONED AND PREPARED FLOOR BOARDS, DOORS, SASHE3, ARCHITRAVES, SKIRTING STAIRCASES, SHOP FRONTS, AND ALL KINDS OF JOINEa'3 WOLtS OF FLR3 C-R.TB QUALITY PREPARED BY dM PATENT MACHINERY At UNPRECEDENTED LOW PRICES, a full List of which may be had on application. EVERYTHING DEMVEMD FREE OP EXPENSE AT THE RAILWAY BTATIOLF* SELLING OFF! SELLING OFF!! SELLING OFF!! the whole of the WINTER STOCK at the N EW BOOT AND gHOE w AREHOUSE, High-street, Wrexham, (Four Doors from the 3farket Hall). E. H O D G E S BEGS KtpectfnUy to announce to the nhabitnts of Wrexham and its vicinity, that in conaeqnence of his premisea JO being too amaH for his 8teadIly increasing buaineM he is now oSFenng the whole of his extens?e and well selected stock of WINTER BOOTS and SHOES at COST PRICE, room being required for Summer Goods now in coarse-of manufacture. Note the Prices. Come and see the articles and judge for yourselves. Women's Cloth Goloshed Boots, 4s 3d Ditto Kid ditto ditto, 5s 6d Ditto Kid patent Goloshed ditto, 59 9d Ditto. Cloth ditto 5t 6d Ditto Kid Military heeled ditto, 6s 6d Ditto Kid Balmoral ditto, 6a 6d Ditto House Boots, Is lOd. Ditto Ditto Slippers, Is Id Ditto Leather Slippers, Is 6d Women's Carpet Slippers, Is 9d Ditto Goloshes Is 6d, Is lid, Best 2s Od Men's Wellington Boots from lis 6d Ditto Short ditto, 98 6d Ditto Blucher Boots, õ. 6d Ditto Button Boots, 10s 6d Ditto Oxford Shoes, 78 6d Ditto Strong nailed Boots, 9a 6d Ditto Goloshes, 2s 9d Anendless variety of Children's BOOT-* aid SHOE?, from SIXPENCE per pair. Children's Goloshes all size ONE SHILLING AND SIXPENCE. IW OBBKKYE THE ADDRmso E. HODGES, THE NEW BOOT & SHOE DEPOT, HIGH-ST., WREXHAM ATTENDANCE IN WREXHAM NEXT WEDNESDAY AND EVÉRY WEDNESDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. LIVERPOOL ESTABLISHMENTS :-134, DUKE-STREET, (directly opposite Berry-street). London Establish-ments :-33, Ludgate Hill, and Recent street. MESSRS. GABRIEL the old-established Surgeon and Mechanical Dentists, present their compliments to the  inhabitants of WREXHAM and vicinity, and beg to state that they visit WREXHAM every WEDNESDAY, and may be consulted at LTON HOUSE, High Street, on the loss of Teeth, &c., from 10 to 5 each day. The necessity has long been felt throughout many parts of the country of being able to obtain the services of a Dentist of some standing in his profession, without the necessity of a visit to TOIVN, or without havlQg to pay an exorbitant charge for such services his desideratum Messrs. Gabriel will at once supply. Messrs. G. are the patentees of an entirely new description, f TEETH and GUMS, which are fitted with absolute precision and success, 8uh indeed as are by any other means nattainable; they are fitted on the most tender gutns with on: springs or wires of any description, and are a firm and useful in the month as the natural masticators;, and, in order to render them within the reach of he most economical, they are supplied at CHARGES strictly moderate. Messrs. G;'a pamphlet (gratis) fully explains he system which has been approved by the highest medical authorities and the press, and will be sent post-free. Messrs. Gabriel beg to say, that, as a guarantee against failures (as is often the case with other dentists), patients are at liberty to return any case not perfectly satisfactory, and another will be made in its place, free of extra charge. Messrs. G.'s patent white enamel, which effectually cnres decayed front teeth, can only be obtained at the following establishments 134, Duke-street, Liverpool, and 33 Ludgate-hill and Regent-street, London, where they may be con- sulted daily, from 10 to 6, free of charge. Observe-Attendance in WREXHAM every WEDNESDAY at Lion House High-street. SCALE OF CHARGES. A Single Tooth FROM £ 0 3 6 Upper or Lower Set. 2 2 0 A Full Set Upper or Lowcr. 4 4 0 Stopping Decayed TEETH 0 2 6 CONSULTATION FREE, Scaleing, Cleaning, Extracting and all operations appertaining to Dentistry at very moderate charges, Stopping with GOLD, WHITE ENAMEL, PREPARED GUTTA PERCHA, &c. c Patent White prepared Gutta Percha for stopping Ducayed Teeth, price with full directions for use Is Gd per box Royal Tooth Powder for beautifying the Teeth anI Gams, the best extant," Is 6d per box. Messrs Gabriel's New Discovery patented White Enamel, same colour as the tCJth with full directions for use price 53 per box. CAUTION see that each box bears the name of the sole inventors and proprietors, Messrs GABRIEL, London and Liverpool, and every Wednesday at the Lion House, Wrexham. Mr, Rowland, Chemist, sole agent for Wrcxham. for the above Preparations. Letters by post receive attention. References to patients. Specimens can be seen Notice every Wednesday at the Lion House, High-street, Wrexham. g A L T g > L T g A L T THOMAS ROBERTS, BEGS to inform Farmers and other large consumers, that he has on hand a large stoek of the Finest Coarse, Fine JJ and Lump SALT, adapted expressly for domestic use, lalao a large quantity suitable for Agricultural purposes, which he is prepared to sell at unusually low prices. Ifir OBSERVE THE ADDRESS,— THOMAS ROBERTS, Wholesale Salt Warehouse, Opposite Messrs. Overton, Fainter, & Co.'a Wino Vaults, TOWN HILL. WREXHAM — t AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS Bentall'a Patent Prize Root Pulpers, fhmuehoo's Single and Double Action Prize Turnip Cutters, with Plate to Cut for Lamba, also to Palp for mixing with Chaff J Richmond and Chandler's Prize Chaff Cutters and Com Crushers; Howard's Prize Ploughs and Harrows. Croakill's Carts, Rollers, and Root Washers. Sold by W. Q V E R T O N, IRONMONGER, WREXHAM IMPORTANT TO AGRICULTURISTS. SUCCESS OF THE NEW GUANO. IMPORTED UNDER LEASE FROM THE CROWN. THOUGH the ,p,,ri.,nts with KOORIA MOOHIA GUANO were made late in the season, and under adverse JL circnmatanoes, the successful rcultB obtained confirm beyond doubt PfofeMdr Vorlcker's report—(in No. 41, Part 1, vol. 19, Royal Agricultural Society's Journal" That ammoniacal manures, applied to turnips in the experimental field, kept back atfirst the crop, and had no beneficial efeet, either alone or in conjunction with phosphates." The KOORIA MOORIA GUANO is essentially a phosphatie manure, containing sufficient ammonia for roots, and, with a mixture of one-fourth of ammoniacal guano, cannot be excelled for either top-dressing, or grain crops. Deeply impressed with the necessity of eucouragiug the import of this valuable maaure, Her Majesty's Government has given euch increased facilities for shipment, that arrangements have been made for a considerable supply. Purchasers can be supplied with suitable quantities from cargoes now on sale, containing from 45 to 66 per cent phosphates. Present prices LA 10s. to £6 10s., per ton, on applying to JOSEPH HINDSON, BROKER, One of the Lessees under the Crown, 20, NOBTll JOHH-STEEET, LIVERPOOL. Government Lessees: OaD, HINDSON, and HATES, Cross Bank House, Kendal, Westmoreland, Mr. Joseph Hindson, Liverpool. Nov. 30th, 1858. Dear Sir,—It was late in Jnly when I received your Kooi ia Mooria Guano. I had it sown in sticbes of 30 inch asunder, at the sime rate per acre as best Peruvian, viz., 4 cwt., the result is that your Guano has done quite as well AS the Peruvian which cost me E14 par ton; it was sown on reclaimed peat bog. I an so convinced of its fertilising qualities that I shall use a good lot of it the ensuing year.—I am, dear sir, yours very truly, WILLIAM EIAISON, ———— Late of Sizergh Castle. A Pamphlet, Hints on Guauo," containing a large number of reports from well-known agriculturists, and f the cargoes here, may be had from the office of this paper, or from the broker. —' GOLDEN LION WHOLESALE WINE & SPIRIT yAULTS, H I G R S T R E R T WREXHAM. ANKERS'S WINE, SPIRIT, AND PORTER BUSINESS Is now carried on by his Nephew, Mr. W. ANKERS, at the GOLDEN LION VAULTS, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM, ADJOINING THE MARKET-HALL. Families supplied with the Choicest selected Stock of Foreign WINES and SPIRITS, at the Lowest Prices. Dealer in LONDON and DUBLIN PORTER, and BURTON, BITTER, and MILD ALES. JRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. JOHN G I T T I N S HAS always instock an extensive variety of FURNISHING GOODS, BUILDING MATERIALS, AGRI. CULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, IRON BEDSTEADS, MARBLE CHIMNEY PIECES, &c., &c., which the public are invited to inspect. N.B.—Strict Economy in Charges combined with a first-class Article. WILLIAM ZACHARY, WHITE HORSE INN, HOLT STREET, WREXHAM, BEGS to inform the Public of the surrounding Counti es, such as Cattle Dealers, that he has taken Eleven Acres- Qfexoellent PASTURE LAND close to the Cattle Market, which he considers may accommodate such dealers as generally stop at his house, and all parties who may be kind enough to give him their support on .Fairand Market days. I WeU-Aired Beds, Home Brewed Pale Ale, London and Dublin Stout, and a Choice Stock of Spirits always on hand. Also Good Stabling on the premises. WILLIAM ZACHARY, WHITE HORSE INN, HOLT STSBB*, WKEXHAM. BEGS to inform his Friends and the Inhabitants of JL) Wrexham, that he has commenced selling Hay. J:Straw; and Potatoes, in quantities that will suit all parties that may be kind enough to give him their support. He also haa started in the 3M-Tr4de, which has BO far given every satisfaction, and he earnestly hopes with future custom that he may continue to merit the lllae. PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, &c. UPWARDS OF FIFTY ALWAYS KEPT in STOOK NEW AND SECOND HAND, BY THE BEST MAKERS, FOR SALE OR HIRE, IT ALL PRICES. Twelve months' hire allowed in purchase. HARPS, CONCERTINAS, &c. Warranty unlimited. Exchanged at any time. Sent carriage free, if purchased. INSTRUMENTS TUNED, IMPAIR &TAKEr;llq EXCHANGE. BOUCHER AND CO. ABBEY STREET, AND THE NORTHGATE. N.B.-Taners of the higheat character.-attend re- gularly in Wrexham and neighbourhood. For terms pply to Mr Bayley, Bookseller. X JACKSON, (TUNKB OP THE CATHEDRAL OBGAN,) ORGAN B U I L D E R, MANUFACTORY, I ovrrlli-OWARAT? CHESTER. TO SERVE MARES THIS SEASON, 1859. That Beautiful Bright Bay Horse, SPORTbMAN," At 2 Guineas each Marc, and 2s Cd the Groom. SPORTSMAN is 3 years old, 16h 2in hjgh, with plenty of bone and fine action was got by Smoker. his dam Tulip, grand Jam Herbert Lacy, Smoker by Jupiter, great great-dam Smoker, which horse belonged to George IV. Smoker is allowed to have got the most valuable stock in the kingdum; and is well kno*n in Shropshire and Montgomeryshire. Health permitting, he will attend at the following places: Wem, Middle, Baschuich, Elk'snii-re, Rednall, Felton, Bed Lion, Oswestry, Whittington, Overton, Elephant and Castle, Wrexham. Hack Inn, Bangor, Wiffin Inn, Malpas, Hammer, Dud'lleston, Chirk, St. Martins. Also that Pure Bred Waggon Horse, "CONQUERING HERO," .At 1 Guinea each Mare, and 2s ad the Groom. The Conquering Hero is a brown horse, 6 years old- 16h 2in high, uncommonly wide, very powerful on re- markably short legs, was got by Iron Duke, the property of Messrs Myotts, Bydulph Hall, which is allowed to be the best horse in North Staffordshire, Conquering Hero's dam, Messrs Myott's favourite brown mare, 0 was by Victory. Health permitting he will attend at the following places: Woolverly, Nunnerly, Loppington, Burton, Cock- shutt, Ellesmere, Whittington, St.Martms, BowlingGreen, Overton, Elephant and Castle, Wrexham, Gresford, Mr Leigh's, Pulford, ANags Head, Farndon, Isacoaed, Buck Inn. Bangor, Worthenbury, Penley. The above horses are the property of Mr Hampson, Veterinary Surgeon, Ellesmere, and for full particulars of pedigree, &c., see handbills which may be had from Mr Mulliner, Veterinary Surgeon, Wrexham. LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER OIL. Prescribed by the most eminent Medical Men through- out the world as the safest, speediest, and most effectual remedy for Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Gout, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Diseases of the skin, Infantile wasting, Rickets, general Debility, and all Scrofulous Affections. Dr. De Jongh's Oil is the most efficacious, the most palatable, and, from its rapid curative effects, unques- tionably the most economical of all kinds. Its immeas- urable therapeutic superiority over every other variety is established by innumerable testimonials from Physi- cians and Surgeons of European reputation. SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS:— A: B. GRANVILLE. Esq., M.D, Author of "The Spas of Germanyon Su Men Death," &C.g 0- Dr. Granville has found that Dr. do Jongh's Oil pro- duces the desired effect in t snorter time than others, and that it does not cause tho nausea and indigestion too often consequent on the administration of the Pale Oils." CHARLES COWAN, Esq., M.D., L.B.C.S.E, Senidr Physician to the Royal Berkshire Hospital, !fe. !:fc. Dr. Cowan is glad to find that the profession has some reasonable guarantee for a genuine article, and wishes Dr. de Jonfth every success in his meritorious undertaking." R. D. EDGCUMBE, Esq., M.D., burgeon to tne uoyat vispensaryl London, yC., e. I have used Dr. de Jonah's Cod Liver Oil in my own family with marked success, and believe it to be in its offeets superior to every other preparation." "Sold only in Imperial Half-pints, 2s 6d.; Pints, 4s 4d. Quarts, 9s. capsulled, and labelled with Dr. de Jongh's sig- nature, without which none can possibly be genuine, by respectable chemists. SOXE CONSIGNEES, AHSAB, HARFORD, & CO., 77 STRAND, LONDO N, Puchasers are solicitously cautioned against prop ose substitutions as they proceed from interested motives, an will infallibly result in disappointment. ROWLAND'S STOMACHIC DIGESTIVE PILLS. THESE PILLS are prepared from the prescription of JL a late eminent physician, and will be found a most valuable remedy for all disorders of the Stomach— impaired digestion,'lfatulence, acidity, deficient appetite for food, pain in the stomach after meals, head-ache or ner vousness, and for females before and after confinements.- They do not contain a particle of mercury, or any of its preparatioL s, being composed entirely of vegetable ingredients; an d their continued use will not weaken, or in any way injure the system, but from the tonic property which they contain, will have a strengthening and invigorating effect. A more valuable family medicine cannot be obtained. Sold in boxes at 8d, Is lid, and 2s 9d by the proprietor, WM. ROWLAND, DISPENSING CHEMIST, High Street, Wrexham. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL AND CANADA AND THE WESTERN STATES OF AMERICA. (Under Contract with Her Majesty's Provincial Govern- mentfor the Conveyance of Mails). 1859 SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS 1859, The Montreal Ocean Steam-ship Company's first-class powerful Scaew Steamers. BOHEMIAN.. Cap. A. M'MASTER, NORTH BRITON ..Capt. W. GIIANGE, HUNGARIAN Capt. THOS. JONES, NOV.A. SCOTIAN. Capt. R. BOHLAND, ANGLO-SAXON Capt. BALLANTINE, NORTH AMERICAN Capt: T. AITON, INDIAN. Capt. W. SMITH, CANADIAN (Now building). Are intended to sail between LIVERPOOL and QUEBEC and MONTREAL As follows FROM LIVERPOOL. ANGLO-SAXON Wednesday, April 27 NOVA SCOTIAN Wednesday, May 4 NORTH AMERICAN Wednesday, May 11 HUNGARIAN Wednesday, May 18 INDIAN Wednesday, May 21 And every Wednesday thereafter during the season of open Navigation. FROM QUEBEC. NOVA SCOTIAN Saturday, May 2 NORTH AMERICAN. Saturday, ttune 4 JIUNGARIAN ,Sattird;iv, June 11 INDIAN. Saturday, June 18 And every Saturday thereafter during the seasou of open Navigation. Rate of Freight to Quebec and Montreal, 60s per Ton Measurement, and 5 per cent Primage. Weight subject to agreement. Cabin Passage Money to QUEBEC, EIGHTEEN GUINEAS and FIFTEEN GUINEAS, inclndiag Provi sions, but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained on Board. Steerage Passage Money to QUEBEC, SEVEN GUINEAS, including a plentiful supply of cooked Pro- isions. By arrangements made with the Grand Trunk RniKvay Company of Canada, Bills of Lading and Passiige Tickets will be granted in Liverpool for the conveyance of Goods and Passengers-at very moderate through rates to all the principal towns in Canada: Baggage taken from the Ocean Steam Ships to ih e Tail- way Cars Free of EJpense. Apply in Londou, to Montgomeric and Greeuborub, 179 Gracechurch-street; in Glasgow, to James and Alexander Allan, 54, St. Enoch Square; Sabel and Searle, 18, Water street, Liverpool; or to ALLEN BROTHERS and CO., Weaver Buildings, Brunswick-street, Liverpool. STEAM TO AUSTRALIA UNDER SIXTY DAYS. Passage Money £14 and Upwards. To the Consignment of BRIGILT2 BaorHKRS, & Co. Melbcurne. "BLACK BALL" LINE OF British and Australian Ex-Royal Mail Packets, and Eagle Line of Packets, In conjunction with the Celebrated Auxiliary Stoam Clippers Great Britain and Royal Charter, Appointed to Sail Punctually, From LIVERPOOL on the 5th and 15th of each MONTH. THE ABOVE IN ADDITION TO BEING THE ONLY LINE WITH STEAMERS OUT OF LIVERPOOL, IS COMPOSED OF THE LARGEST, THE FIN- EST, AND THE FASTEST MERCHANT SHIPS IN THE WORLD. Ship. Reg. Bur. Capt. Date. SIR WILLIAM EYRE 1315..3500..JOPP 5th May ROYAL CHARTER 2164..5000..TAYLOR 15 May JVIOKNING LIGHT 2377 .500..GIILIES. 5th June GREAT BRITAIN 1763.. 500.. GRAY 15th June TO BE SUCCEEDED BY THE FOLLOWING CLIPPELIS AND STF,&MERS:- GREAT BRITAIK ROYAL CHARTEH. LIGHTNING CHAMPION OF THE SEAS DONALD MCKAY MARCO POLO EAGLE SALPANKA OCEAN CHIEF INDIAN QUEEN BRITISH TRIDENT GIPSEY BRIDE GREAT TASMANIA COMMODORE PERBV METEOR I MONTMORENCY fTiHE above celebrated Steam and sailing ?????. Clipper Ships, forming the only lines 'Mt!????' honoured by a visit from Her Majesty the ?""BB'Mf Queen, and so well known for their rapid passages, punctuality in sailing, and splendid accom. modation unsurpassed by any ships in the world, will continue to sail Regularly between Liverpool and Mel- bourne, thus affording to Passengers and Shippers, the most unrivalled advantages. The Commanders are men of experience and noted for their kindness and attention to passengers. The Cabin accommodation is most superior, the Saloons being elegantly furnished with every requisite to insure comfort to passengers, and are supplied with Beds, Bedding, &c. Pal tics wishing to brinpr their friends home from Aus- tralia, can obtain Tickets lor these ships leaving Australia every month. Apply to GIBBS, BRIGHT & Co. Merchants, or to JAMES BAINES, & Co., Liverpool. OR TO MR. ARTHUR CLARKE, BRYNYFFYN. NON TERRACE, WREXHAM. GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH, VSED IN THE ROYAIa LAUNDBY, An4 pronounced by Her Majesty's Laundress to be the fuwat Starch shs eyer used.

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