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DRUIDS v. LLANGOLLEX. I Upwards of a thousand people witnessed with in- tense interest the contest for the cup between these teams in Wynnstay Park on Saturday. A liigli wind unfortunately made passing difficult, but some tine play was nevertheless exhibited. The home team as winners of the toss commenced play with the wind. During the first half time the Rangers played pluck- ily, making persistent efforts to score. There oppon- ents, however, played well, and towards the close of I the tirst half time their first success was greeted with loud cheering. Two more goals followed soon after, consequent upon the latter being the proclamation of half time. With the wind against them the well-tried backs of the Druids fully sustained their reputation, they being successful, with one exception, in repelling every onslaught of the Llangollen forwards. In the scrimmage in front of the Druids' goal the custodian was upset by one of his own side, and the ball was carried through with a rush by the opposing forwards. Previous to this occurrence a successful shot at the Llangollen goal had been disallowed, on the ground of off side." The position of the parties remained unaltered iintil timo was fnllerl. The teams were composed as follows—Druids :—Goal, B. Hoberts backs, John Powell, R.Jones; half-backs, W. Williams, and E. Bowen right wing, James Lloyd and D. Hey wood left wing, John Vaughan nnd John Jones; centres, W. Smith and C. Ketley. Umpires, Messrs G. T. Thomson and H. F. Cope. Referee, E. A. Cross, Wrexham. Berwyn Rangers Goal, S. Parry; backs, J. P. Davies and B. Jones half- backs, S. Jones, E..Toues, and J. Jones left wing W. Roberts and J. Roberts right wing, J. Edwards and J. Joses centre, T. Roberts. FOOTBALL FIXTURES. WREXHAM. Nov. 20th, v. Druids at Ruabon Nov. 27th, v. Ruthin at Ruthin I Dec. 4th, v. Birkenhead at Wrexham Dec. llth, v. Llangollen at Llangollen Dec. 18th, v. Liverpool at Wrexham Dec. 18th, v. 2nd team at Liverpool Dec, 25th, v Crewe at Crewe Jan. I st, v. Llangollen at Wrexham Jan. 15th, v. Oswestry St. Oswalds at Wrexham Jan. 29th, v. Mold at Wrexham Feb. 12th. v. Blackburn at Wrexham Feb. 19th, v. Corwen at Wrexham Feb. 26th, v. St. Oswalds at Oswestry March 5th, v Birkenhead at Birkenhead March ihth, v. Liverpool at Liverpool March 26th, 2nd team at Wrexham CIVIL SKRVICK. Nov. 211th, v. Chirk at Chirk Nov. 27th, v. Corwen at Corwen Dec. 4th, v. Talke Rangers at Wrexham Dec. llth, v. Chester Wanderers at Wrexham Dec. 18th, v. Gwersyllt-, at Wrexham Jan. Sth, v. Talke Rangers at Talke Jan. 15th, v. Oswestry at Oswestry Jan. 22nd, v. Corwen at Wrexham .Tan. 2!)th, v. Ellesrnere at Ellesmere Feb. 5th, v. Newtown White Stars at Wrexham Feb. 12th, v. Chester Wanderers at Chester Mar. 12th, v. Northwich at Northwich April 9th, v. Northwich at Wrexham GROSVENOR. Nov. 20th, v. Cambrian Works at Wrexham Nov. 27th, v. Chester College at Chester Dec. 4th, v. Chirk at Wrexham Dec. 11th, v. White Star, Oswestry, at Wrexham II Dec. 18th, v Corwen at Wrexham Dec. 27th. v. Castle Blues, Shrewsbury, at Wrexham Jan. 15tli, v. Gwersyllt at Wrexham Jan. 22nd, v. Llangollen at Wrexham Jan. 29th, v. Chirk at Chirk Feb. 19th, v. Holt at Holt. March 5th, v. Chester College, at Wrexham. Mar. 12th, v. White Star, Oswestry, at Oswestrv. CORWEN. Nov 20th, v. Denbigh at Corwen Nov. 27th, v. Civil Service at Corwen Dec. llth, v. Dùlgelley at Corwen Dec. IHth, v. Orosvpnor at Wrexham Dec. 25th, v. Llangollen at Corwen Jan. 22nd v. Civil Service "t Wrexham Jan. 2!lth, v. Dolgelley at Dolgelley Feb. Hlth. v. Wrexham at Wrexham DRnDS. Nov. 20th, v. Wrexham at Ruabon Dec. 4th, Y. Wednesday Old Athletic, at Ruabon Dec. llth, v. Stiff,or(i Road at Ruabon Dee, lth, v. Shrewsbury Endlleers at Shrewsbury Jan. 1st, v. Oswestry at Ruabon Jan 8tli, v. Stafford Road at Wolverhampton Jan! 15th, v. Wedneshury strollers at Ruabon J m 2(!th' v. Huthin at Kutltin Feu. 5th, v. Wedneshury Old Athletic at Ruabon Feb 12th, v. Northwich at Northwich Feb. 19th, v. Oswestry at Oswestry. CHIRK. Nov. 20th, v. Civil Service at Chirk Nov. 27th, v. Oswestry at Oswestry Dec. 1th, v. Grosvenor at Wrexham Dec. 4th, v. Druids (2nd team) at Ruabon Dec. llth, v Foresters at Gwvrsyllt Dec. 18th, v. St. Oswalds at Oswestry Jan. 8th, v. Llangollen at Llangollen Jan. 22nd, v. Oswestry at Chirk Jan. 2'?th, v Grosvenor at Chirk Feb 5ttt. v. Wrexham at Wrexham Feb. 19th, v. White Stars at Oswestry Feb. 21;tli, v. Druids 2nd team at Chirk March 19th, v. Wrexham at Chirk ltKltwy.V RANGERS. Nov. 20tli, Druids at Ruabon Nov. 27th, v. liwersyllt at Llangollen Dec. 4tb, v. St. Oswalds at Oswestry. Dec. llth, v. Wrexham at Llangollen Dec. ISth, v. I)riii-I, Lliiti at Wuaoon Dec. 25th, v. Corweu at Corwen Jan. 1st, v Wrexham at Wrexham Jan. 7th, v. Chirk at Llangollen Jan. 15th, v. GwcrsyIlt at Gwersyllt Jan. 22nd, v. Grosvenor at Wrexham F. b 26th, v. Oswestry at Llangollen Mar. 5th, v. Druids iitt at Llangollen MOLD. 20th, v. Chester Wanderers at Chester N'ov. 27th, v. Rhyl at Rhyl Dec. 4th, v. Flint at Mold Dec. llth, v. Holywell at Mold Dec. 27th, v. Uuthin at Ruthin Jan. 1st, v. Druids at Mold Jan. t'th, v. Gwersyllt at Mold Jan. 22nd, v. Flint at Flint Jan. 2Hth, v. Wrexham at Mold Feb. llth, v. Chester College at Chester Feb. 18th, v. Holywell at Holywell Feb. 25th, v. Chesters Wanderers at Mold DENBIGH. Nov. 20th, Denbigh v. Corwen at Corwen March llth, bSl, Denbigh v. Mold at Mold

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