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Sales by Auction. "TAN* nY 1Esns BAUGH AND JOF., r" Lawts, and Premise, at AI >U"Y • p,? rtf" ,r' English tr??/?t! c??p? in the ""t /? r.iam, in the parish ? !r?2-Aow, in the ,,r:lt, j {, ()II'n:}I.  ) HE S'U.P ?? A rCTIO by MESSRS BATGH ? n i ) f?"* '? ?' ??"?''norArms, ADWY, aforesaid  ?'" I I I l' t d it   r M |V, to conditions to be MUL'TIIITF |IRI"LU and in the FOLLOWING or such other .1': :111\ I 'It..] ■ JS INAV be agreed upon. I \11 that stone 1milt and s?ted MESSUAGE ,?,?"?' ?'?? ?"? large garden in the front 1 i" Uw rear. toother with the cow- I" LF .1 <nvdl yard in the rear, together with the cow- I' ,V -;u ? bni!ding "??'? ?"? keeping straw, &c., piggery, ?' l' I '"IF VVare adjoining the main road leading from ílllh I. I l' ^■ • '.„ I" R"Fhin :md OPPOSITE Nryn Offa, the residence 11.,xI1 f' 1 tl ..? KS'L-I and is now in the occupation of MR  will' I!I", F)f! piece or pareet nf LAXD near T'■ 'N •' A" that F piee OR parcel of LAD near (..1, ;h:¡,il1 a frontage to the township road leading '? ?..r.aidtoWrexha)n past Higher Berse and f,n-, tIll' )'r"rty of Mr R'??rd Jones and contains bv ,:11' (' I th 3 1' ?r "p., an' IS now in the occupation of the ■"m'tIiIip Williams. 1.1,'hn J, "l1ll, .I, 1 I« MOST ''hgibh' for building purposes either RESIDENCE or cottage property. A 1" all that Fie!d Piece or Parcel of Land ad- Vn '•tin- )!?t described iot having ? frontage the whole ?"' i?'tf.rc?f to t??e highway fading from Adwy to Tyn-y- I 'ï MIL CONTAINING bv estimation ha!f-an-acre, and now L. ,?)):)ti?n"f the said JOHN Williams .?, PII N' of Land is most advantageously situate for 1 h f ,.??.t))r)'<?fs,the new t t>re rom is most extensive and .t"II.¡l1t" .!?'?t'"r)'rt]t'u)arsap)')y to Messrs Acton & BURY, '? ?'r. \nn. or at the Onices of the AUCTIONEERS, I rii'Viv I I S Wrexham, where a Iap or Phn of the ?' ,? ( ) '? Wrfxhain, where a Map  ,?.v).inspected. i?. ? t')''?k the :lme Ihy, upon the Hrstiv de- :) PREMISES, ?'? be ?'? ?Y Auction, the Household ,j.? ry"t, late th property of Mr Edward Owens, I j i nU54n I'CIiMC HALL, WREXHAM. • a Valuable Sttuttr of Brdronm, Sitting, awt 1>,í7,r;,I." Xottinghaui Lace Curtains, w;n'/mr Vahuwe*, Lf/iv Table and Bsdeovers, Anti- l' "1.1 r. ,(-(to • IV P.K RY AUCTION, by MESSRS BAUGH I TIHL ■» S AT the ahove place, on Tuesday and We i- «. ?? ??' ??' ? ?Re stock of LACE ,1" .I. I f .1 j;??\S (Consigned from Messrs Samuel Peach and "i ?j?tf.n-tnrt rs. lttingham), embracing Floral Inser- ?[i,j))f.;u'dHo))iton Lace, Ba-s?et of Flowers, Pe- I'.NIK granite. Fruit, Ferns, and Flowers, together J' )aMc quantity "f I?ce Table and Bedcovers !n LJRIIHCENT design, also Antimacassars, Window V?ances, ¡' Sale to commence at 11 and H prompt. ■ VIII TI 'NEEIS call the attention of the public to the ,t ?h.'it? classgoods.comingfromthe nmutf:?'t'cr' and consist of the latest patterns for -»*;is ILL. (,-NOILS on on the mornings of Sale. .F..],|IU-s inav lie had on application to the Auctioneers' fem|'l«-Chambers. 1055f L.L' "F FIN E DNN ELLING HOLTSES at Glanv I SOUTH Sea, will not take place, r BAUGH AXD JONES, Auctioneers. SALE BY MR SNAPE. I;I:K-K«»|{n, DENBIGHSHIRE. t;l:f>FIIIW, J)EXBIGHHn:E, I '?).??ff;t' .'<('.?t-<?nrL<'[!  I' ,J.. suit <? ))r?\\r!?h'announce that he is instructed to for SALE BV PUBLIC AUCTION, at the ? '? ..?i' on Monday, the 24th day of May, for Four o'clock in the afternoon, aHdsuh- -.t?'ht'tht.nptoduced.indinthefonowing ?. ')"t OR Lots as may he determined at the time .dt1 r.I-IIMY-crected, elegant,substantial, and con- F ■ • LI1 N I LL A R ES 1 NBXCKS (Brick and Stone R A (.'rrsfurd aforesaid,and fronting the Wrex- ¡ T ,1: LI.-tiT Highway Road, and c.illeil "Burton ••Thornton Grange," and NVoodl mils. I I 1 All that ni'wly-erected Freehold VILLA, being V. ], L'.MT N Villas, standing in its own grounds, with kitchen aarden, well stocked with fruit trees, ¡ 1 'f h.. .IL L <NI LINT lit D grounds in front, having an independent nr.-II- -INFIAME. IT contains on ground floor—Entrance FYI! ILIIIIII.-MIIM, drawing-room (with tit, HT-II. kitchen, nnd pantry, with useful cellar. On (••IT H r JLt-t b.'drooiiis, servants' bedroom, storeroom, iinr-tv; ,,11,1 \I c An excellent.yard, containing washhouse, C• ..ILLI"TISE. and nut-ortiees, now in the occupation of Mr ¡ H I«KILLS Tilston. 1. Ml that FREEHOLD VILLA RESIDENCE, HUVTOII Vill i- adjoining Lot I, and vii.ilir n ILI -I-RIIITII.N and containing the same accommoda- ti..J1 "itlr the addition of an excellent stable and coach FC"I\ with hay loft over. In the occupation of Major "I.:r.tll. FREEHOLD ). Anthatv.?yhand-'omp detached FREEHOLD ?'J\ L>EN( 'I,, known as :R::TI LOT and now in the occupation of Dr. John I JIO::■- It contains on ground floor—Entrance hall, dining ITI-1 DRAWING room, breakfast room, kitchen, back kit and butler's pantry, with good crllar underneath, ON the floor- I best bedrooms and dre-sing room, J IV.iiits' bedrooms, bath room, and w.c. An exccllent I tib! yard, washhouse, pigsty and out-offices, capacious .OME y:ird, containing roomy stable, with two stalls antI J, BOX. and coach house with hay loftover, large walled in kitchen garden, w..1I stocked with choice fruit trees, orna- mental ground s in front, with croquet lawn and carriage: LOT L.— All those two semi-detached FREEHOLD VILLA i'K-dDEXCES, known as the" NVoodlands," Nos 1 and 2, ,I'.joining I."t ;1. now in the respective occupations of Misses H'lt.'hinsoii and Mr .sheluierdine. Each villa contains on uiid floor, entrance hall, dining and drawing rooms with luy window), kitchen, back kitchen, and pantry. «-h ■•.•liars under: MI the first floor, three bedrooms, s store room, bath room. and W.C. Enclosed oiitainin^ wa-LI house, coal house, ar.d oilt-offices, I; kitchen and fruit garden, and ornamental grounds in :it, ;I:ul carriage entrance. L!:e above PROP rty is situated in the midst of some of 1. u,,t charming and picturesque scenery in North Wales, IS close to the beautifu1 and far-famed Vale of Gresford. It IS within ten minutes' walk of Gvesford Station upon the I., W, Railway, less than three miles from the market l"W'I of NVrexhaiu, and about eight miles from Chester. The respective tenants will kindly show the property, AND any further information may be had on AP- lication to Mr EVAN MOUKIS, Solicitor, NVrexham; MESSRS, NICHOLLS, A Co., Solicitors, Altrincliain; or the AUCTIONEER, LINN House, NVrexham. SALK lY MESSRS CilimTOX, ELPFLLCK&Co 'mi' find fJxti'Mslr,' of Va>vahU Household China, Gla^s. SitPlate. Plated 1,. £ >m«iKngraving*, Wiaen, •• i S. Unrw-s*, tlnrsea, Calm tig Heifers, [Jull, Imple- HILL, CLOSE TO HOLT, if i!- .< fi'ttiit Stations, ii". /i H,tilwa;i; Fin-' Mil->frh,n Wrexham, lí" the City of duster. "HrHTO: F.LPHICK, and CO, have been '2 fivoic.I with instructions FROM the EXECUTORS of the — :h:x 'don i s. t- '■ I !II:I- _"¡onis, TU-'sday. NVednes'lay, Thursday, anil Friday, May 11, liith. l.'Jth. AND IHIl, JS•»,->. commencing each Kleve-.I for TWELVE o'clock pun-fa illy, TH? whole of adapted to four ■••' T lining room- and numerous i ed and DRESSING rooms, ;• set of M IL'gaiiv t'-I(-=cope dining tables l ift. I• hand ami.■ ditto sideboards, with plate anti H '• t LB IW ers and fUtiiig' tlnve-tier dumb waiter, set of lounging chairs, ouehes, ARE., nn- I ill tnorocc I le'.ther excellent w-lnut wood draw- ONIII '.ui!E, nplvistered in bin.- r-p, N>ah<'gany, walnut, t I •. • INL. writing, and MWIFIII! tables, liand- L.oii' IL and gold cabinet richly ornamented with • la, valuable French clocks and timepieces,brilliant pier "):;11111"\ ARTICLES Iil>raV\ Imoks, oil paintings and drawings by r.c .ITI-FS. I'UGT ivings, E:?!i.i and foreign china -I-lMt ve objects, sjiia'.L somi-gvard pianoforte ,.1, .AI/T-D and gilt frame (by Broadwood and Sons), I R.ra-sels, tapestry, and Kiddertninst-r carpets; and muslin WINDOW curtails: richly cut glass, !•• ciiin.I dinner, tea, and cotb-I' .ervic -s cutlery, a of BED and table linen, moderator and other et-oHron and bra.-shalf-testerand French bedsteads, wool mattresses, prime feather beds, itikets AND c'liitit-rpan-cs. hands mie mahogany, varnished ad POLICE.I birch bedroom appointments, including ^1 wardrobes with plate glasj DO /VS; toIIet services, I -.items .f do:II".stic o.i.-es, I.E. l'!I..oi t-!»i«iu KRR!H-r>inclu.le A valtiabh- chestnut entire GRCFS: bone ar.d now: power- ■ « ug-.n L.orse, hamis, 31 TWO AND THREE I A!:s <»!) HEI EER" c.-ilved and in-calf two ditto ■ '■ A heifers, bulllock, ueli-bred TWO YE:IVS I"»]D bull, an -'■ "I'LIT ponv tr;ip, w/ch lamr-, cii^L-.ions, strongly NVhiti-chaptd, w'Lh ditto, in nrst-iate condition set HUM,••;• hoi >e GTIIRS. iron huti'.K-s, an assortment of I •■KM KVI'S OF HL'SB VNDKV, including four carts, I >:»•! ROLLERS, aiowing and leaping N.achine, horse rake, hii I o-.vs, scuffles, horse getring for chaff cutting, I aii .'ion pillais and ornamental double gates, garden liv.'es, and a great variety of mistellaneous effects. iVsreshments will provided on the premises at -ivi ite cluirges. < ITALOGII'JS itwopence EACH) MAY bs ob:A-ne I from the. '•i-!injt<.n Arms, Holt the Wynnatay Anns Hotel, ^•O.HINI: OF fro II the Auctioneers, MESSRS CHl-RTOX, RICHAHDSOX, Chester. flOllz   C?"a B«o?. J nt //■iifrliult' F'tifni'ur. Man*, China Boolcz, ?'?r.«.).<. Guns, Kitchci if*v l)ai>UV^SCFO, and • f.lin-ls. nt EYTON FARM, thru idles from H"ahr,„ MKSSNS. ( HlïnOX, ELPHICK. and Co. have been FAVOURED with instructions from the Executors of 11. Evison Eso., to SELL bv AL CTION, on ? .? Wednesdav, Mav 1" and 1% 18W, commencing  '?.? ?t ELEVEN for Twelve o'clock punctuaJIy.the V";•1' "f t)? exceHent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, .t"i to Dining and Drawing-rooms and several Bed and "grooms, including, an excellent mahogany secre- .■ aa.L '?casc. (Iinin and card tables, conches, single IL "U)?in? chairs, nphot?tere.t in hair abng'; glas, and ('arth"lIware books, engravings, Brussels, AND Kidderminster carpets double-oarrelled gun, set of iron and wood four-post FR.-NRU Isteads, excellent goose feather beds, chests 'IR.IWERS, dressing and "WA^H TABLES, wardrobes, toilet ? T'iri. kitchen and culinary requisites, dairy and brew- '1i U'S^ELS, ;IIIIL other miscellaneous EFFCIA. 'at TLOGN- IN LV I„, obtained from the Wynntay Arms ''I^S, Kiiahon and NVrexham or from the Auctioneers, I'hurton. Klnhick IVOBERTS, AID RICH'tvdson, Ches- "*R I07 MR RICHARV OLLS.RHEAD. ¡- SALE AT STHEET HOPE, miles from C"rf'-rlr r  MONDAY, MAY lOltt, nSIi, r, I has received instructions from MR NVIIIIAM ('ONNOR, to SELL :>v Auction, as ahove, hIs I M.H> >].D Fl'UNITl'UE, Farming Implements, and '1.1't. HALE at One O • « V ••U-ei's (tthce, I LI ;V!E-i-street, NVIEXH. 108, p "\U: ¡;y AX]) ETCHES. ??. ?.fiTCHUi:CH(-t?'P?H'?' -ALE.  r'??.f l!t\.hnrch (Sa:??r. -ir wincake R  "? FUIDW, M I> ?!?' !SS() ■• I!OGUES DOSE M;R 4-1; i T iii.s, NRXXKRI.V. r R-he-, i -NT vi I::r.T'ts, '.Vh'tcl'.U'-dx AAD Crewe. Sales by Auction. SALES BY MR. LLOYD. r WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. FAIR DAY, THURSDAY, MAY 20th 1S80. I R LLOYD'S next ?fCTION will take place on wui include^ ???' ???' ???' ?? present entries wHIincI A prime lot of Fat Heifers, Bullocks, and Bulls. Several magnificent Dairy Cows and Heifers, Calved and to Calve (this Auction is noticed to be one of the lead- ing sales for first class Dairy Cows during this time of year). A lot of choice Barrens, Stirks, and Stock Bulls. A magyllficent selection of Fat and Rearing Calves, Heifers and Bulls from the leading Stocks in the neighbour- hood of Cheshire. A prime lot of Shropshire and Welsh Wethers, also Store bheep. A number of Pork and Bacon Pigs, In-pig Sows, and Store Pigs. The property of T. LI. FitzHugh. 6 Prime Fat Bu'locks. Sale at 10 30 prompt. HORSE SALE, First FAIR in the Month, at two o'clock. All Entries taken up to morning of Sale. Offices, Plassey. Wrexham. 209 SALES BY MESSRS JONES & SON. 1, F'I"f'f' ,-v WREXHAM SMITHFIELD THURSDAY, MAY 20TII, 1880. VfESSRS JONES AND SON, will hold their next SALE OF STOCK in the above Smithfield, on Thursday, May 20tli, 1880. STOCK ALREADY EXTERED. A lot of Prime Fat Beasts Several Dairy Cows, Fresh Barrens, In-calf! heifers, short horned bulls A nice lot of Sheep, Lambs, Calves, and Pigs Sale at Ten o'clock. SETTLEMENTS AT CLOSE OF SALE. Offices :—4, Arcade, High-srreet, Wrexham. 07b SALE OF FREEHOLD PUBLIC-HOUSE AT BRYMBO. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs JONES AND JL SON, at the Mount Inn, Brymbo, on Tuesday, May 11th, 1880, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to con- ditions to be then produced, all that old-established and well-built PUBLIC-HOUSE, called the Railway Tavern," situate near the railway gates, Brymbo. The house con- tains two parlors, taproom, bar, kitchen, cellar, brewhouse. large clubroom, and three good bedrooms, with large and productive garden, containing by estimation about 1000 square yards, and now in the occupation of the proprietor, Mr William M oses. For further particulars apply to Mr J. ALLIXGTOX HUGHES. Solicitor; or the Auctioneers, 4, Arcade High-I street, Wrexham. 1055b ———— MONDAY, MAY IOTII, 1S80. I SALE OF FAT AND STORE STOCK, AT THE ROSSETT AUCTION MART. "l"ESSRS JONES AND SON beg to thank their it ■ patrons and friends for their liberal support, and wish to remind them of their next Sale of Fat and Store Stock, which will take place on Monday, the 10th day of j May, 1880, at their Auction Mart, Golden Lion Inn, Rossett, when the following stock will be offered :— l: Fat Bullocks, Heifers, and Bulls. Useful Dairy Cows and Calving Heifers. 30 Prime Shropshire Down and other Sheep. 15 Fat Lambs 15 Fat Calves. 20 Pork and Bacon Pigs. 10 Store Pigs The property of A. Balfour, Esq., F. Potts, Esq., J. Boydell, Esq., General Townshend, E. Swetenham, Esq., C, Topham, Esq., B. S. Roberts, Esq., T. Beakbane, Esq., E.Moss, Esq., Mr J. Edwards, Mr NVooIrich, Mr Davies, Mr iVoolrich, Mr Pritchard, Mrs NVooIrich, Mr Lewis, Mr Bayne, Messrs Raguley, Mr Dudleston, Mr T. Thomas, Mr Thomas Lewis, Mr Gihnan, Mr Zachary, Mr Roberts, Mr Edward NVooIrich, Mr Bishop. Mr Thomas Evans, Mr Handley, Miss Roberts, Mr Hughes, and others, Also, a useful Donkey, Harness, Trap. and Cart. Further entries respectfully solicited. Sale at TWO o'clock, prompt. Offices4, Arcade, High-street. Wrexham. 1049 f SALE BY MR LOVATT. — TO BRENVEIIS AND CAPITALISTS. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD INVESTMENTS AT NVREXHAM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by MR LOVATT (by S_ order of the Mortgagee), at the NVynnstay Arms Hotel, NVrexham, on NVedne-alay, the 12th day of May, ISS:), at Four o'clock in the afternoon punctually, subject to condi- tions, and in the following or such other lots or order as may be decided upon by the vendor at the time of sale LOT 1.—The recently erected Brewery, now in full work- ing condition called "THE YICTORIV BREWERY," with an steam brewing plant complete, fitted and served throughout with water and gas apparatus, togetner with all fixtures and other effects attached to the above premises. Also the several parcels of land adjacent to the Brewery, and the stabling, loose box, sheds, and premises lately occupied therewith, All the above Premises are situate near the Cattle Market, in the borough of Wrexham, and were recently built and occupied by Mr Thomas Manley, brewer. The Land is well suited for Cottage Building sites, for which there is great demand in the town. LOT 2. The old-established and well-known INN, adjacent to and f on ting Lot 1, formerly called The Cock," but now The Victoria Inn," situate at the junction of Holt and Farndon Stree's. in the borough of Wrexham, with the yards and outofficcs belonging thereto, now in the occupation of Mr Thomas Henry Roberts. LOT :t-Tir"e well-e.stahlisheii Licensed BEERHOUSE, called The Bull's Head," with the yard and offices occupied therewith, now held by Mr John NVilliams, and situate in Farndon-street, NVrexham. All the above Lots adjo'n each other, have a street '-outage of 708 feet, are immediately c >nnected with i the old Cattle Market and new Smithfield, and pre- sent an admirable site for improvement and building operations Con.i ierahJe outlays have very r- cently been made to improve t' e supply of water in the well upon the premises, and there is nowa first-rate supply. The a"ove property off. r.s a rare opportunity for Brewers or Investors. For further particulars, or any treaty as to the property, allnI,. to Messrs LEWIS AND SON, Solicitors, Wrexham. 924 fbn SALES BY MR J. W. BROWS. J j. s- ■ STOCK SALE AT BROUGHTON HALL STATION MR .1. W. BROW?N will hold his next FORTNIGHTLY ?_ SA LE nf Fat ?nd Store Cattle, Sheep, Lambs, Pigs, Calves, Ac on Wednesday, May IHth, 1 "IJ. Early entries to the Auctioneer will oblige. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock prompt. Church Lane, Mold. 1O!17 ON MONDAY NEXT, MAY 10th, 1880. AT THE STORES, PONTJJLYRDYN, NEAR MOLD, I MR. J. W. BROWN has received instructions from Mi- ?tiL R. Hird, who has given up the above premises TO SELL BY AUCTION on Monday next, May 10th, 1880, a portion of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Out-door Effects. For Particulars see Post Bills. 1008n I /?<?</f(«t Sale of Valuable and Modern. IIouxehold Furni- ture, Milncrs Iron Fire Pioof Safe, and JT?C?<tf FFYN"NFA, MOLD. IV ith in five minutes ivallc of the Railway Station. MR, J. W. BROWN has been favoured with instructions l' from the executors of the late Mrs. Bancroft to SeU, by Auction, on the premises a above, on TUESDAY, nth! M \Y 188U,' the whole of the valuable and modern HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, outdoor effects, &c., appertaining to dinin? and drawing rooms,staircase, hall and landing, four bedrooms, two kitchens, pantry, conservatory, yard and garden and containing amongst other thiags dmmg room suite in mahogany and upholstered and ftnffed with hair, iverv handsome carved and m issive old-fashioned mahog- anv sideboard (7 ft.), Brussels carpets, ornaments, and a quantity of old-fasioned Chin: and glass, drawing roml suite in walnut and green damask, walnut cheKomer with marble top and glass back, tables, steel engravings, &c, The Bedrooms are replete with iron half-tester and other bedsteads, feather beds, hair mattresses,. &e" mahogany and oak wardrobes, mahogany find p unted cnests ot drawers, mahogany chcval glass 4 ft, by 2 ft. 3 in., and large toilet glasses, painted washstMids, dresmg tables, towel rails, night commodes, chamber ware, Kidderminster and felt carpets, &c. The Kitchens contain all the usual utensIls III abunfance, also a capital large mahogany corner cupboard, capital 8 days upright clock, also, a large collection of dinner ware, iugs, &c.. t ju„s, &(.. Sale at I o'clock to the minute. Full particulars in Catalogues, which will be forwarded on application to the Auctioneer. HOOn AT LOWER KINNERTON, II (tjjovt one mile from Brought>n Hall Station. MR J W BROWN has been favored with instructions j?i from Mr W. Wilkinson (who hIS glVlg up his farm) TO SELL BY AUCTION, on Friday, May 21st, 1880, the wboie r' his Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, and a porUonof the Household FURNITURE. Full particulars of which win be found i.n postm-Mb and in next week's advertisements. ?'? ————— j SALE BY MR G. F. BYFORD. i :—— — I KUTHIN AUCTION MART. ? -? <-?' c it BYFORD is favored with instructions to M -'ELI' BY AUCTION, in front nf the Castle HoteL Authin i on Tue3day, 20th inst. (Fair Day), at Eleven o clock j precisely, 4 Grand ripe four-years-old Heifers 7 Ditto three do Bullocks \.n excellent Shorthorn Heifer in full proftt Fat Calf. The c"ttle will be sold separately and a weeks keep The ca e WI wed if require,l. 1 T?i^ .bove '?l the property .f Robert Ble.rd, E. The above are ,a pool Park, Ruthin. Further entries iv-'pi-jtiully solici^t. 11'- 1"1 1 W::7. iluUiiu. May 8th, 16*0. ¡ Sales oy Auction. I SALE BY MR. S. ASTON. I I.<R ASTON has received instru:tions from Mr loan I ?V?. Jones, Talwm, near Adwy'r Clawdd, who is leaving this country, TO SELL BY AUCTION, on MONDAY, May 10th, without reserve, the whole of his neat and clean Household FURNITURE, and outdoor effects, comprising useful horse, rising six years old, sow and pigs, shandry, heavy cart, harness, gears, chaffcutter, patent churn, six Windsor and two arm chairs, Pembroke table, two eight day clocks, oak dresser with shelves, sofa in hair, iron bedstead, mattresses, feather bed, cane seated chairs, wash stands, dressing tables scullery utensils, &c., &c Sale at 1.30 prompt. Owing to the above the usual Monthly Sale will be post- poned 1120f Legal and Public Notices. 1_" J TAKE NOTICE that the Grand drawing of Prizes that T was to take place, on the 20th inst. for the benefit of David Leech, Moss, near Wrexham, who has been disabled since the 18th September, 1878, is to be POSTPONED until the ::6th of May, and all Books are requested to be sent in on or before the 24th of that month. The winning numbers will be published in the Wrexham Advertiser and Liverpool Weekly Mercury of the 29th May, 1880. 948p TAKE NOTICE that my Grand drawing of Prizes that .I. was to take place on May 1st is POSTPONED until thie 5th of June, and all Books are requested to be sent in on or before the 1st of June. The winning numbers will be published in the Gwijliedydd of the lith June, and Liverpool Mercury of the 12th June. (Signed), Richard Rogers, Bwlchgwyn. near Wrexham. 1085 STARTLING ANNOUNCEMENT. A SPLENDID MUSICAL BOX TO BE GIVEN AWAY TO EVERY READER OF THIS PAPER. 'I^HE West of England Musical Society, Totterdown, JL Bristol, in order to encourage the public taste for musical art, have made arrangements whereby every reader of this paper will be presented with a HANDSOME BOHEMIAN MUSICAL BOX capable of emitting eight or more airs. The tunes are various and well selected and the box itself is an article strongly made and beautifully polished, As this is a genuine presentation it will only last for two weeks, and the distribution will be finally and positively closed on May 22nd. No box will be sent without this Bond, cut from the paper and applicants will please state at same time whether married or sing'e. The West of England Musical Society only possess a limited number of boxes so it is calculated that some will have to he refused QTo insure safe package, free carriage, and to pay expenses of advertising, &c.,a sum of Two shillings must be forwarded with the Bond, either by P.O.O. or stamps Post Office Orders to be made payable to the secretary, Mr F. Calder. The West of England Musical Society will send one Bohemian Musical Box to the undermen- tioned address, free. Married or Single All orders must positively be received before May 22nd. 1094f BOROUGH OF NVREXHAM. APPOINTMENT OF COLLECTOR. TOWN COUNCIL will at their meeting, to be 1 held on Tuesday, the 25th inst., be prepared to elect a Collector of the General District Rate, and other Rates and Monies which may require to be collected by or on be- half of the Corporation of Wrexham. The Salary will be £100 per annum, and the person ap- pointed will be required to devote his whole time to the duties of the office and to the service of the Corporation, to give security in the sum of £;:>00, and to carry out all law- I fu! instructions of the Council and the Town Clerk. Applications in candidates own handwriting, stating age, qualification, and present occupation, and accompanied by recent testimonials, must be sent to me not later than Monday, the 24th inst. Canvassing the members of the Council will be considered a disqualiifcation. By order, THOMAS BURY, Town Clerk. Regent Street, Wrexham, 6th May, 1880. 1088a THE COMPANIES ACTS, 18b'2 & 1867- IN THE MATTER OF THE NANNERCH LEAD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. FOR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT, as a Current- r going Concern, the Machinery, Plant, and Materials of, or belonging to, the Nannerch Lead Mining Company, Limited. The Mine is situated about U miles from the Nannerch Station on the Mold and Denbigh Railway, Flintshire, North NVales. The Lease of the Royalty can be secured by the Purchaser. Schedules of the Machinery and Plant, and any further particulars, together with order to view, may be obtained on application to the Liquidator, Mr Ralph Carr, 163, West- gate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 1104a GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAYS. EXCURSION TRAINS will run as under .—SATUR- JCj DAY, May 15th, to Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol, Taunton, Exeter, Torquay, Plymouth, Truro, Fal- mouth, Penzance, and other stations from Chester at S.35, Wrexham, 9.5, Oswestry 9 10, and Shrewsbury 10.30 a m., to return May 22nd. SATURDAY, May 15th, and WHIT MONDAY.—To NVar- wick, Leamington Banbury, Oxford, NVorcester, Droitwich, Malvern, Evesham, Bath, Bristol, Reading, and London, from Chester at 9.15, Wrexham 9.4'1, Corwen 6.45, Ruabon 9.55, Oswestry 9.45, Gobowen 9.55, Minsterley 9.15, and Shrewsbury 10.50 a.m., to return May 19th or 22nd from Chester, NVrexham, Ruabon, Oswestry, Gobowen, and Shrewsbury (with exceptions) to Wellington, NVolverh.imp- ton, Bilston, NVednesbury, NVest Bromwich, and Birming- ham, to return May 17th, 19th, or 22nd. Day Trip Tickets issued on Whit Monday only. To Chester, Birkenhead, Warrington. Manchester, and Liverpool, from Baschurch, Oswestry, Gobowen, Chirk, Ruabon, and Wrexham (with exceptions) to return May 17th or 20th. Day Trip Tickets issued on Whit Monday only. ON SATURDAY. May 15th, and WHIT MONDAY Excursion Tickets available for 16 days will be issued to Cherbourg and Paris, via Weymouth, from Chester at 9.15, Wrexham 9.40, Oswestry 9.45, and Shrewsbury 10.45 a.m. Tickets and handbills can be obtained at the Stations. J. GRIERSON, 10S2b General Manager. NVREXHAM MOLD AND CONXAHS QTAY RAILWAY. CHEAP TRIP TO RHYL, WHIT-MONDAY, MAY 17th EIGHT HOURS AT THE SEA-SIDE. ) EAVE NVREXHAM, 8.25 a.m. Gwersyllt, 8.30 1 > Cefnvliedd, 8.35 Bridge End, 8.40 Caergwrle, 8.43 Ponyffordd, 8. 50 a.m. Returning from Rhyl at 7.0 p.m. Fare there and back, 2s 6d, Third Class, in Through | Carriages. 1123n ATHLETIC SEASOX, 1880. i NOTICE TO MEMBERS OF FOOTBALL, CRICKET. AND BICYCLE CLUBS, AND OTHERS. A MEETING will be held at the Walnut Tree Hotel, Rhosddu, Wrexham, on Monday. May 10th, with a view of forming a North NVales Athletic Association, and fixing a date for opening the New Enlosed Athletic Grounds (adjoining the Hotel and now in course of con- struction), with a Grand Amateur Athletic Festival All gentlemen desirous of joining the Association are invited to attend at 7.30 p.m. 1078a — Pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, made in the matter of the Estate of Gabriel Jones, deceased, and in an action, Roberts against Jones, 1879, J. 177. THE CREDITORS of GABRIEL JONES, late of J! Tvnwydd, Gyffylliog, near Ruthin, in the County of Denbigh, who died in or about the month of March, 1875, are, on or before the 31st day of May, 1880, to send by post prepaid to Mr John Parry Jones, a member of the firm of Parry Jones and Son, of Denbigh, the solicitor of defendant, Mary Jones, the Administratrix of the deceased, their christian and surnames, addresses and descriptions, the christian and surname of any partner or partners, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of their accounts, and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said order. Every creditor holding any security is to produce the same before the Vice-Chancellor, Sir Richard Malins, at his Chambers, situated at No. 12, Staple Inn, Holborn, Middlesex, on Tuesday, the Sth day of June, 1880, at Twelve o'clock at noon, being the time appointed for adjudicating on the claims. Dated this 5th day of May, 18"!0. E. W. WALKER, Chief Clerk. DEAN & TAYLOR, 21, Theobalds-road, Grey's Inn, Agents for MINSHALLS PARRY JONES, Llangollen, lOSUz Plaintiff's Solicitors. — RICHARD GREGSON ELLIS, deceased. Pursuant to I t the Act of Parliament, 22nd and 23rd Victoria, chapter 33, entituled An Act to further amend the law of property and to relieve Trustees. Notice is Hereby Given that all Creditors and other persons having any claims or I tlemands upon or against the estate of Richard Gregson Ellis, late of PIas Newvdd, in the parish of LI:mfwrog" and of Ruthin, both in the county of Denbigh, M.nera) Water Manufacturer (who died on the 1st day of December, )9, and whose will was proved on the 15th day of March, ibso, in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, by Richard George Ellis, Charles James Ellis, and NViiiiam Saxon Ellis, the executors therein named), are hereby requierd on or before the t th day of June, 1>80, to send in the particulars in writing of their claims and demands to us, the undersigned, the solicitors of the said executors, after which day the said executors will proceed to distribute tlie assets of the sriiii deceased amongst the parties. entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which they shall tneu have received notice. Dited this 1st day of May, C. C. KLLISMUXDAY, A* Co., 39, St. Swithin- Lino, London. solicitors tor the said Executors. Public and Legal Notices. 'r- ;r-> TO THE ELECTORS OF DENBIGHSHIRE.  ENTLEMEN,—Her Majesty having been pleased to cx appoint me her Judge A(Ivmtte Genera], I resign into- yoar hands, in accordance with Constitntional usage, the trust which you so lately reposed in me. In soliciting for the fourth time, a renewal of your confi- dence, I venture to express a sanguine hope that, to the honor of serving the Queen in an Administration, whose advent to power, has been ratified by the all but unanimous voice of Wales, I may unite the great privilege I' of once more representing you in Parliament. I am, Gentlemen, Your obliged and faithful servant, GEO. OSBORNE MORGAN. 20, Bolton-street, London, NV., PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION. COUNTY OF DENBIGH. THE RETURNING OFFICER of tpt countv of Denbigh < will on the 13th day of May instant, between the hours of twelve o'clock at noon and two o'clock in the after- noon proceed to the Nomination, and if there is no opposi- tion, to the Election of One Member for the said County, at the County Hall, in the town of Denbigh, in the said County. Forms of Nomination Paper may be obtained at the offices of Mr Llewelyn Adams, 5, Castle Street, Ruthin, in the said County, between the hours of ten in the forenoon and four in the afternoon, on each day intervening between the 5th day of May instant and the day of Election. Every Nomination Paper must be signed by two regis- tered Electors, as Proposer and Seconder, and by eight other registered Electors, as assenting to the Nomination. Every Nomination Paper must be delivered to the Returning Officer by the Candidate proposed, or by his Proposer and Seconder, between the said hours of Twelve o'clock, at noon, and two o'clock in the afternoon, en the said Thirteenth day of May instant, at the said Countv Hall, in the town of Denbigh aforesaid. Each Candidate nominated, and his proposer and Seconder, and one other person selected by the Candidate and no other persons are entitled to be admitted to the room. In the event of the Election being contested, the Poll will take place on the Eighteenth day of May inst. Signed, T. NAYLOR LEYLAND, Sheriff and Returning Officer. Dated this 4th Day of May, 18S0. TAKE NOTICE. 1.- That all persons who are guilty of bribery, treating, undue influence, personation, or other corrupt practices at the said election will, on conviction of such offence be liable to the penalties mentioned in that behalf in The Corrupt Practices Prevention Act, 1854," and the Ballot Act 1872 and the Acts amending the said Acts. 2. That by the Parliamentary Elections (Returning Otticers Act, 1875), it is provided that every person having any claim against a Returning Officer for work, labour materials, services, or expenses in respect of any contract made with him by or on behalf of the Returning Officer for the purposes of an election (except for publications of account of Election Expenses), shall within fourteen davs after the day on which the return is made of the person or persons elected at the election, transmit to the Returning Officer the detailed particulars of such claim in writing, and the Returning Officer shall not be liable in respect of anything which is not duly stated in such particulars 1107p HAWARDEN AND HOPE HIGHWAY DISTRICT BOARD. PERSONS desirous of Contracting with this Board for JL the CARRIAGE OF MATERIALS for the Repair of the Roads in this district for twelve months, may obtain further information from Mr Henry Jenkins, Surveyor to the Board, Pentrobin. near Hawarden. Tenders to be sent to me at Broughton Workhouse, not later than Fridav 28th May. By Order, JOSEPH RIGBY, Clerk. May 3rd, 1880.. I072z Entertainments and Meetings. -r' "'u- PRELIMINARY ADVERTISEMENT. rpHE JJUAJBON DISTRICT of the MANCHESTER UNITY FRIENDLY SOCIETY intend holding a DEMONSTRATION in W Y N N S T A Y PARK, on the 31ST M A Y, the same being kindly promised by SIR NVatkin Williams NVtnx, Bart. Full particulars will be duly advertised. 593b TENDERS ARE invited for Two TENTS for the sale of Refresh- J?_ ments, and One for the sale of Tea and Coffee, &c everything to be non-intoxicants in the latter tent. Tenders to be sent in, addressed to Mr ROBERT Jones, Spring Cottage, Street Issa, Ruabon, not later than 10th May. 1053z NVREXHAM HARE AND HOUNDS CLUB. AMATEUR ATHLETIC SPORTS. FIFTH ANNUAL MEETING, ACTON PARK, S A T r n D A Y .TUNE 5 r II, I I) SO, Particulars as to Sports, Prizes, &c., with Forms of entry may be obtained from 104Sn J. STEWARD CRAWFORD, Hon. Sec. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. IT is PROPOSED TO HOLD A GRAND BAZAAR IN MOSTYN PARK, By the kind permission of THE Right Hon. LOnV and LADY MOSTYN, In AUGUST next, Under Distinguished Patronage. Proceeds in aid of a New Church near Most* n Station. Contributions of any description will be thank- fully received at The Vicarage, Llanasa, near Mostyn. 974n Ley for Cattle. LEY AT CYMMAU PARK, from 12th of May to 12th of October, 1S80, at following rates :— £ s. d. Yearling Heifer or Steer 18 0 Two-year-old 2 0 0 Cow or three-year-old ditto 3 0 0 Two-year-old Colts 3 7 6 One-year ditto 2 7 6 All stock taken into Ley will be seen daily, but at Owner's risk. Apply to Mr GEO. HOWE or Mn Jno. PARRY, Ffrith. I' 854a LEYS AT LLAY HALL, GRESFORD, FROM the 12th May to 10th October, 1680, at the I J[- following rates :— FOR CATTLE only. A Yearling Heifer £ l 10 0 I A Two-year-old ditto 2 0 0 FOR HORSES only. A Yearling Colt 3 0 0 A Two-year-old ditto 4 0 0 A Three-year-old ditto 5 0 0 No cattle or horses will be allowed to be changed, and all to be at the risk of the owner, who shall have no claim, for compensation for any cattle which may stray or g^ i lost. I Any person booking cattle or horses, and not entering the same, will be required to pay as above. I All beasts are liable for the price of the leys. To be booked at Mr R. Randles, Llay Green Farm, Gresford. ALSO to be LET, about 29 acres <.f excellent LAND for Grazing. 933b LEY A T THE LODGE FARM. £ s. d. ¡ Yearling Heifer or Steer 1 5 0 Two-year-oM do. 117 6 Three-year-old do or Cow, 2 15 0  Yearling Colt 2 5 0 Two-year-old do 3 5 0 Apply to Mr Thomas Breeze, The Lodge Farm, near Common Wood, Holt. 1000b JOHN LUPTON, I CABINET MAKER and UPHOLSTERER, I (For IS) years in tlte employ of MrNVm. Pierce, Uridge-st.) WORKSHOP-QUEEN-STREET, NVREXH\M. ) ALL kinds of Furniture made TO ANY 'ksiun. t Furniture packed and removed to any distance. REPAIRS NEATLY EXECUTED. Private Address 3, Madeira HI LI.. 1038 NOTICE. GEORGE JJENNETT. C U T L E U I It 0)1 S H E F FIE L f), having taken Shop, X". 4, PEDLARS' MARKET, for a short time, all orders entrusted to his Daughter will be promptly ntteuIlPl1 toe 'i' Legal an4 Public Notice. .r- ",J_n-, ,rr'J'.r'r-r,r..j- WHIT MONDAY, 1 8 8 0. THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE "ALMA LODGE," OF THE GRAND UNITED ORDER OF ODDFELLOWS. beg to inform the Public that their GRAND DEMONSTRATION will be held on ACTON PARK, (By the kind permission of Sir R. A. Cunliffe, Bart., M.P.) ON WHIT MONDAY (BANK HOLIDAY), MAY 17TH, tB89. AT THREE O'CLOCK, THE FOLLOWING ATHLETIC SPORTS WILL BE COMMENCED:— 120 YARDS HANDICAP. 1st, Electro Tea Service 2nd, Silver Medal; 3rd, Bronze Medal. Entrance, Is. 150 YARDS HANDICAP. 1st, Cup 2nd, Cruet Stand 3rd, 5s. Entrance, Is. QUARTER-MILE HANDICAP. Open. 1st, Cup 2nd, Silver Medal; 3rd, Bronze Medal. Entrance, Is fid. QUARTER-MILE JUVENILE HANDICAP, under 16, and resi- dent within 10 miles of Wrexham. 1st, Cup; 2nd, Silver Medal; 3rd, 5s. Entrance, Is. 3 MILES WALKING HANDICAP. 1st, Silver Stop Watch 2nd, Gold Centre Medal; 3rd, Silver Medal. Entrance I 2s. 11 Mile Running Handicap. 1st, Timepiece-ander shade [' 2nd, Cup 3rd, Silver Medal. Entrance, 1& 6d. 150 YARDS HANDICAP. For Youths under 18. 1st, Cruet Frame; 2nd, Silver Medal; 3rd, Bronze Medal. Entrance, Is. run CONDITIONS, &c., SEE SMALL BILLS. The Committee have at great expense secured the services of the following talented artistes:- MONS. JEROME! The wonderful SLACK WIRE WALKER, who hns been specially engaged at considerable expense, will give his astounding Performances on the Slack Wire. PROFESSOR TYLER! THE GREAT CRYSTAL PALACE ILLUSIONIST, who will go through his wonderful MAGICAL MARVELS and Ventriloquial Entertainment of Wonders. Special Engagement (by particular desire) of the old English Entertainment, Punchinello, THE QUEEN'S PUNCH AND JUDY (Title registered), as presented at Buckingham Palace, before Her Majesty and the Royal Family. At Four O'clock the BAND will play for DANCING. The whole to conclude with a Magnificent display of FIREWORKS! £ 1° SIXPENCE ? ? cha"01 One Shi,"°8 will be strictly adhered to on the Children under Twelve THIŒEPECE. Cheap Trains from all parts. Refreshments sold on the Ground. Parties desirous of estimating for the right of supplying Refreshments, should send in their Tender on or before Monday, May 10th, to J. Barker, Secretary, Meifod Terrace, Wrexham, from whom all other information may be obtained. 1049p ME ROBINSON WATSON WILL (D.V.) COMMENCE A I SERIES OF SPECIAL SERVICES j I IN BRYNYFFYNNON WESLEYAN CHAPEL, WREXHAM. I ON SUNDAY, MAY 16TH, To be Continued Daily, Morning and Evening, until the Friday following. The Meetings conducted by Mr Watson have been made a Messing to many thousands of all classes in all parts of England 922z ^—awns—»■ 1 ■r—^ Business Announcements. "r-r"d' W. A. NOTT (Son of the late J. G. Nott), 9, VALE STREET, DENBIGH, AND I 26, HIGH STREET, RHYL, BEGS to inform the Clergy, Gentry, and inhabitants of Rhyl and neighbourhood that he has purchased the t business belonging to MRS NOTT, 2G, HIGH STREET, RHYL, in addition to the above, and solicits the favor of their support and patronage hitherto extended to the family. CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY DEPOT. 1 ————— ENVELOPE CASES. PORTRAIT ALBUMS. ALBUMS for Drawings, Poetry, &e. BIBLES, PRAYER BOOKS, and CHURCH SERVICES. BAGS with WAISTBELTS, in Russia and Morocco Leather. BAGS for Ladies and Gentlemen. BOOKSLIDES. BLOTTING CASES, flexible Solid Russia Leather. CARD CASES, in Pearl, Ivory, and Tortoiseshell. CIGAR CASES. PURSES and POCKET BOOKS. PENCIL CASES in Gold, Silver, Aluminium, and Ivory. WRITING DESKS, in Russia and Morocco Leather, and in Mahoganv, Oak, or Walnut Wood. TOURIST CASES. DRESSING CASES. I JEWELLERY BOXES. WORK BOXES. DESPATCH BOXES. POCKET DRESSING CASES, in Solid Leather (capital present for a Gentleman). WRITING CASES in Solid Leather (very strong and useful). ENVELOPE CASES and BLOTTING BOOKS. STATIONERY CASES. SMELLING BOTTLES. INKSTANDS. TEA CADDIES. DIARIES, handsomely bound, for presents. PENHOLDERS, Silver mounted. PURSES, CIGAR CASES, and RETICULE, in Seal- skin. The New French and American PLAYING CARDS. NOTE PAPER. ENVELOPES. NEWTON AND WlNSOR'S DRAWING MATERIALS. FISHING TACKLE, Ac. ) ANY BOOK NOT IN STOCK SENT FOR IMMEDIATELY. MONTHLY MAGAZINES AND PERIODICALS PROMPTLY SUPPLIED. SCHOOLS SUPPLIED. lOS'.lb EDWARD SMITH, 2 6, H I G R STREET, WILL be prepared on anll after TUESDAY NEXT, 3hy 4th, to submit for inspection the Latest Pro- ductions in MANTLES, MILLINERY, DRESSMAKING, SILKS, FANCY DRESSES, SKIRTS, PRINTS, &c., PARASOLS, HOSIERY AND GLOVES, FANCY LACE GOODS, TRIMMINGS, HOUSEHOLD LINENS, Ac., &c., to which he solicits an inspection. j E. S. begs to assure his Patrons that his entire Stock will be found marked at the very Lowest 1 Prices consistent with supplying the most Reliable Goods, BLACK SILKS GUARANTEED NOT TO CUT OR WEAR GREASY FROM 3s. TO 10s. 6n. PER YARD. 1062z I GAME SEASON, 1880. TO GAMEKEEPERS. C. K BENSON & CO., i! 14, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. Beg to notify that they are the j SOLE AGENTS FOR NORTH WALES AND BORDER COUNTIES FOR THE SALE OF GEORGE WILSON'S CELEBRATED I PHEASANT, POULTRY, & DOG FOOD. ¡ These goods can be supplied from C. K. B. & Go's, depot at Wrexham or direct from Norwich at the snme prices as charged by G. W. at his Establishment, I ST. AUGUSTINE, NORWICH. I CARRIAGES PAID TO NEAREST RAILWAY STATION. r 1 PRICE LISTS WITH TESTI.%IONIALS FREE ON APPLICATI:O.N. HUGHES AND ?CU?, r> G H O P E S T R E E T, j WREXHAM. LARGE AND SPLENDID NEW STOCK OF WALL PAPERS FOR 1880. A SHOW ROOM DEVOTED TO THIS DEPARTMENT. 864z PRIZE MEDALA JTITST KILDERKIN THE GUINEA FIRKIN 21s. 10s. 6d. W R E X H A M PALE FAMILY ALE. BREWED EXPRESSLY FOR FAMILY USE, BY THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, WREXHAM. THE CE"1 -IEBRATED THE CELEBRATED j U I N E A WREXHAM, IS GALLONS run 21s, 9 GALLONS FOR 10s 6D. DeUvc-vcd i'xn-fcse Paid. THE WREXHAM BREWERY CO., W R E X H A M d2471a V Business Announcements. -r- "r- J DINE AT gTEYENS' R ESTAIURANT, CHOPS AND STEAKS, DINNERS, LUNCHEONS, TEAS, REFRESHMENT CONTRACTOR, 45 A .ID 46, HOPE STREET. WREXHAM. s..G6à SELECTED FARM SEEDS. "r -R \rl- Y g TRACTIVE 1: E t)- Ni ERC RANT rti-VD L SES? MERCHANT MD NURSERYMAN, Offers a Splendid Lrt- of the True SCOTCH CHAMPION POTATOE X, WRITE ROCKS, REGENTS, and other kinds. GUATlANTErin DlRKCT FROM SCOTLAND. OATS, BARLEY, CLOVER, and C'BASS SEEDS. PRICES AND SAMPLES ON APPLICATION. 409b  E.ED SEED!! SHED"? "?? 4 CORN EXCHAN-(?ll-, Opposite the ?.yfM- Market, "■ -???? "?' ? Open on TIII RsnAV-^ND Satuhdays. IJVAN N V f- L L I A M S BEGS So thank the Agricultural- ts of Denbighshire for their liberal patronage during the last 22 years in Wrex- ham, ampto invite an inspection of new and 6rst-claa— stock of OF EVERY DESCRIPTIONS, including /ale of Clwvd Red Clover ( "fry superior), Here- ford Clover, White Dutch, Trefoil, Cow Grass, Alsikc Clover, Scotsh, English, anti Italian i^ive-grass, Vetches, Swede, Tiirrfp, and Garden Seed, etc S'c. I Also at BAILEY STREET, OSWESTRY. 7S7z ROBINSON & JLJUGIIES, PRACTICAL TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 30, HENBLAS STREET, WREXHAM. G. R. begs to state that he lias with Messrs E. Rogers and Sf,n, Charle.s-street, for upwards of nine years, and that he has taken Mr E. Hughes into partnership, who wns with the late J Clarke, Hope-street, for upwards of eighteen years, and with Mr T. C. Jones, Church-street, for Lhe last six years. R. & H. be- to solicit the Clcnvy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of the town and district fur their kind support, and at the same tilllP to thank their very many friends who have promised them their Patronage almost unsolicited, assuring them that nothing slinll be wanting on their part to merit the same. ENTIRE NEW STOCK TO SELECT FROM. LADIES ULSTERS, JACKETS, AND HABIT MAKERS; LIVERIES ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. 45('b NEW GOODS. WE have just to hand complete deliveries of NEW HOODS for the Spring Trade, now ready for inspection. We desire to call attention to our large assort- ment of fashionable BRAIDED JACKETS AND DOLMAN'S Suitable for Young Ladies' wear, and very reason- able in price. ENGLISH and FOREIGN DRESS MATERIALS in the prevailing combinations, aud in great variety. CRETONNES for 1N80, all filit colors. We can now offer special m-ices for LACE and GUIPURE CURTAINS. The designs are beautiful and in perfect taste, and our customers will do well by favoring u- with their orders. Wo are this season extra well prepared in our Millinery department, and very respectfully solicit an inspection. W m & JNO. pRICHARD, DRAPERS. 1 4, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM 367n I ESTABLISHED 1817. DYEING! DYEING DYEING: I FIRST-CLASS It I Z E M E D A L Awartletl 1,474. < CERTIFICATE OF Î MERIT 3 1 '1 ] i. fC.L{ l'; 1.. 1 I f THE LARGEST DYE-WORKS IN THEl MIDLAND COUNTIES. IMPROVEMENTS IX THE ART OF BYV.INGi i.\ r. .l.L. .1. I AND FRENCH CLEANING. ] a:.r.II '1. V J .11.1. AT THE j MIDLAND COUNTIES ST FA?-! POWER j DYE WORK-, 1 f. T l' ,1 L E I C K s T E i; L I C ii r i ..XI? HURTOXOXT!), j' n JOHN ? M I T H j SOLE PROPRIETOR. < AGENTS IX THIS DISTRICT:— ) WREXHAM: MISSES WIIITI G j: Fancy Repository, 2, Hijh-itreot j OSWESTRY: j' MRS M. REASON, Fancy Repository, Church-street. Goods sent to and received from the above I Agents Weekly i AGENTS WANTED IN RUABON AND JX- ltEPUKSENTED DISTRICTS. F The New Price and Color List for 1878 -to be had Gratis or Pot Free. I JTAMES L LOYD, OAK TREE INN, RUABON ROAD, V." I{ 3 X H A M HORSES AND TRAPS FOR HIRE, FURNITURE REMOVED WITH GHEATEST CARE ALL KIND OF TEAM WOIJJC DOXE, CONTRACTS EXT EKED INTO &c. 56!1 Town or Country. JOHN JjURQUHARSON, Can still suplay good PLANTS OF STANDARD AND DWARF ROSES f the most useful sorts fcr the Flower Garden, EVERGREEN SHRUBS and FRUIT TREES, HARDY SPRING FLOWERING PLANTS, suitable for the Rockery and Flower Garden. VEGETABLE and FLOWER SEEDS of th& most useful sorts to be had at the >-V»rket Hall.. where Orders };)r Nursery Stock, &-c., will bo attended to. a87b CLAY AXD SONS, ELLESMERE, SALOP. Manufacturers 0; First Prize PORTABLE AND FIXES- STEAM ENGINES and THRASHING AXn FfX?HIXG MACHINES. j BEST LOW MOOR FIRE OXES Mid   nEPAm TO W«tTABLEEXciNES & MACHINES. GALVANIZED CORRUGATED IRON BUILDINGS ERECTED COMPLETE. IRON FENCING, ENTRANCE FIELD GATEx, IRON HURDLES, kk(-. Wholesale and Ketail Ironmongers. Agents for all the <eauing Mukeis of Machinery and Implements. RRID'?E??TEP. foundry.<iSrt& I