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LLANGOLLEN. I PETTY SESSIONS, TUESDAY. — Before Corbett Yale, Esq. (chairman), Capt. G. LI. Dickin, Major Tottenham, and R. M. Biddulph, Esq. IMPORTANT ASSACLT CASE. Five men, named respectively Samuel James, Jonah Thomas, John James, Richard Evans, and Edward Hughes, surrendered to their bail charged on a warrant with assaulting Thomas Edwards, con- tractor, in the the Vroncysyllte Lime Stone Quarry. Mr Clough, Corwen, appeared for complainant, all the defendants being represented by Mr Ashton Bradley, Wrexham. Complainant, in reply to Mr Clough, stated that he was contractor in the above quarry, and defendants worked for him. On Monday, April 5th, they came to the Quarry at seven in the morning and demanded an increase of wages. He refused to give it them, and said he would then give them a fortnight's notice if they wished. On this they left the place. About two in the afternoon they returned. He was then working on a platform on the side of the quarry. They shouted out to him to come up and said they would tight him. He refused to up to them. They kept annoying him for about a quarter of an hour and then went away. They had been drinking. Between four and five they came back again, Jonah Thomas shouted on him to come up or else he would soon be down the rock, he refused to go, whereupon Thomas began to throw some loose dirt at him. He repeatedly re- quested them to go away, and said he had no occasion to go to them as they were all drunk. At last they knocked down his powder bottle which he had placed oh a ledge of rock a few feet on one side. The bottle tumbled down the rock and was smashed. On this he went up to them, taking with him the iron bar with which he was then working. He asked them who had knocked his bottle down. Hughes said he had done it, whereupon lie put the bar down and struck Hughes twice in the chest. The hve defendants then made a rush at him, took hold of his neck. Richard Evans struck him behind the ear until he fell sense- less OH the ground, and when he was down they kept abusing him, He was qnable to say after that blow who struck hhn afterwards. He was not able to eat J anything for four days from the effects of the assault, and he remained in the house for a fortnight. Cross-examined hy Mr Bradley Had received a verbal notise from defendants for an ad vance of wages about four days before the assault. Had not reduced their wages, as they were earning 2s lOd and 3s all last winter. He promised to go to Mr Eddy's office to see what could be done in the matter, provided they kept to their work, but as they left he was un- able to go. When they came to the quarry they said nothing about wages either time. They were all drunk. Did not challenge them and say I was as good a man n-s any of them. I might have said some harsh words to them. Did not attempt to strike any of them with the iron bar. They did not ask for money when they came as there was none due to them. Edward Edwards, son of complainant, said he had just come home from his work when he heard there was a row in the quarry, he went there and found that defendants were abusing his father. Jonah Thomas was standing in front of him with his coat half off, and the others had hold of him. He (witness) struck Thomas. Richard Evans then came up, and he witness tripped him down. His father sub- sequently was knocked down apparently dead. Water was sent for to restore him. All the defendants were there at the time. He (witness) had been summoned by Richard Evans. Jane Hughes, a girl living at Penygraig, a cottage close by, deposed to having seen Jonah Thomas throwing dirt at complainant, and seeing the latter go up to the men, and striking Hushes, after which he was knocked down. He staggered in passing their house on his way home. Mr Ashton Bradley, for the defence, contended that j according to the instructions he had received, it i appeared that complainant had brought all this upon himself by striking the tirst blow. He called I Charles James, who said that he was one of the men who went to the quarry that morning. They had given notice to complainant for an increase of wages a week before this occurrence When he re- fused that morning, they all left the place, but lie and two others returned to their work the second quarter of the day. He was working not far from complainant when defendants came up between four and five o'clock. He did not see any dirt thrown, and his belief was that the bottle must have fallen of its own accord. Saw complainant go up to the top of quarry, and place a crowbar somehow against one of the men. After that they went out of his sight, and he did not interfere, but walked home right through the midst of them. To the Bench I am brother to one of the defen- dants. The case having occupied above two hours in the hearing, the Bench, after a short consultation, inflicted a penalty of £ 2 and costs on each of the defendants, with the alternative of two months' imprisonment. Canic Trespass.—Peter Jones, gamekeeper, Glyn, charged Moses Evans, an old man in the employ of Mr Thomas Jones, Cagnant Farm, with having set snares on lands belonging to Capt. Best.—Prosecutor produced six grins, which lie alleged had been put down by defendant on the 29th March. He was watched until next morning, when he was caught in the act of taking a hare out of one of the grins.— Defendant, who strongly denied the charge, was fined 10s and lis costs. School Board Cases.-Jk)liii Williams, attendance officer for the Llangollen School Board, laid informa- tion against the following parents for neglecting to send their children to school, and in each case » penalty of 5s including costs was inflicted :—Shadrack Williams, two girls, 10?, and 1l years, respectively, I no attendance; John Humphreys, carpenter, Penllyn, boy not on register of any school; David Evans, boy _u 111 ;3 years, twelve attendances in eight weeks; Edward Jones, Pencoed, boy 1H years (several previous con- victions), not attending any school Joselih Lewis, Penllyn, boy 10 years, five attendances in three months. Setting Corse on Fii-(-Fotir lads from about 11 to 16 years of age, were charged by Mr Brawn, game- keeper to Major Tottenham, with having set tire to some gorse on land s in the Parish of Llantysilio.— Three of the defendants admitted the offence, the fourth admitting he was with the others, but did not set fire to the gor.e.-Tlie Bench severely reprimanded the defendants, and remarked. that the offence was of a very serious character, as they might have set plantations, fences, or even farm houses and their stock on fire. They had power to send these lads for trial before a judge, but they had decided this time to take a more lenient view of the matter, in the hope! that the parents of the defendants would give them a good sound thrashing with the birch rod, or some such instrument.—Major Tottenham, who had retired from the bench during the hearing of this case, said that this charge had been brought forward as a warning to others. Fires of this kind were of such frequent occurrence in that neighbourhood that sometimes it was as much as his men could do to go from one place to the other to put them out.—They were fined 5s and costs. Drunk and Refusing to Qtzit.-Tlenrv Elli-z, cliirge(I with the above offence by P.C. Macllae, was fined 10s and costs. Pig Straying.—For allowing a pig to stray on the highway in Llantysilio, Thomas Edwards, Gyfelia Farm, was fined 2s Gd and costs. Arrears of Bates.- On the application of Mr Samuel Moreton, assistant overseer, an order was made in a large number of cases for the payment forthwith of arrears of highway and poor rates. Transfer of Lice)ise.-Tlie license of the Feathers Inn, Llangollen, was temporarily transferred to Mr Thomas Attwell. Renewal of Gunpowder Licenses.—The licencos for the following were renewed Llangollen Slab and Slate Company, Llangollen Lime and Fluxing Com- pany, Glynceiriog Granite Company and the con- sideration of the following was adjourned to next meeting Brynkinallt and Black Park Collieries Company.









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