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General News. I - ""..J,--.I


General News. I "J,- I Mr. Frederick Adams, farmer, near Abingdon, has' toen found dead in a hedge on his farm. Mr. Chaplin's motion on the subject of the malt tax will be opposed by Mr. J. Barclay (Forfarshire). 12,000 rifles and a large quantity of ammunition v.: been forwarded to Tashkent for the Khan of Khiva. Belgians are rejoicing over the fact that the alleged attempt upon the life of their Queen was nothing but a joke. The Sanitary Council of the province of Rome has authorised the erection of a cremation establishment at Campo Vcrano. I The Trinidad beef factory in the South American Republic of Uruguay uses about 120 to 130 head of bullocks per diem in its tinning operations. Some three or four hundred men employed at the; Barrow Hematite Colliery, near Barnsley, have gone out on strike. Copies have reached Berlin of a Nihilist procla-! mation in which regret is expressed at the escape of the Czar in tho late explosion. The Gazette contains the proclamation of Sir Bartle Frere prohibiting the importation of vines iuto South Africa, owing to the prevalent disease. A "science demonstrator" is to be appointed in connection with the Birmingham board schools, at i salary of £ 250 a year. While three labourers were emptying a cart over the cliffs nhar Clifton Baths, Margate, one of them, named Price, missed his footing and fell on the aands. Assistance was promptly at hand, but he soon expired. The body of a newly-born child was found in a railway carriage belonging to the Manchester, Shef- field, and Lincolnshire Railway Company, at Shef- field, on Friday. The Essex Chamber of Agriculture have passed a resolution condemning the present land laws, and approving of the Government proposals of land law reform. Mahomed Afzulkhan, rossaidar of the 11th Bengal Lancers, and orderly native officer to the Prince of Wales, has been selected for important political em- ployment at Cabul. The foundation stone of the new Fruit and Vege- table Market for the city of London—the site of which is between Farringdon Road and Charterhouse Street—will be laid on the 17th instant. At Faversham, a butcher named Apps, living at Rainham, near Sittingbourne, has been fined 120 and costs, amounting to 27s., for exposing diseased meat for sale in Faversham market. The recent heavy rains have caused great floods in King's and Queen's Counties, in Ireland. Consider- able damage has been done, and in the PuUagh dis- trict ten families have had to leave their homes. The St. Petersburg Molrn contends that the attempt upon General Loris Melikoff's life is but one more proof of the utter uselessness of combating Nihilism by mere measures of police. At a meeting of the Royal National Lifeboat Insti- tution deep sorrow was expressed at the recent accident to the Ardrossan lifeboat while engaged in the rescue of the barque Matilda Hilliard. Mr. Councillor Samuel Smith, in addressing a gathering of cabmen at Hope Hall, Liverpool, offered to present a library of books for the free use of the cabmen if a suitable bookcase were provided. The excavations at Olympia, which have been car- ried on by a party of German savants, but the funds for which were not contributed very readily by the German people, will now be provided by the Emperor Hit of his private purse. A serious outbreak of measles is reported from Devonport. No less than twenty-three cases have been removed from her Majesty's training-ship Im- pregnable. and the epidemic also exists on board the training-ship Implacable. The Berlin International Fishery Exhibition will bo opened on April 20, and will remain open during May and June. A special prize will be given for a home for rendering innocuous the waste water from factories and town refuse. A return, issued, of amounts paid in respect of the grant of Is. for each pupil taught singing in ele- mentary schools for the year ended August 31st, 1870. shows that the total amount paid was C128,680 10s., in which 24,701 schools participated. A writ and notice of motion in the Court of Chancery has been served upon the Leeds Corpora- tion. to restrain them from proceeding with the erection of their new public offices, on the ground that they will interfere with the light to an adjoining warehouse. The Nightsoil Department of the Manchester Cor- poration is yet far from being remunerative. The irtounts just published show for last year an expen- diture of £ 08,289, against total receipts of 120,059, leaving a balance of C48,230 on the debit aide of the i,-count. At Carricknmcross Workhouse, county Monaghan, after about 500 out-door relief cases had been dealt with, a deputation of :100 ratepayers assembled a Jay or twu agJ. and protested against out-door re- lief, stating they were unable to bear any additional hardens. A New York Ilerahl telegram says China is making heavy war preparations, and purchasing irms extensively. The Russian complication ipl I-, chief cause, but a defiant attitude is shovn in a much less degree towards foreign Powers generally. lu reply to a correspondent, who said hr had re- nted thirteen prosecutions, and unsuccessfully tppt aled to the Queen's Bench Division, Mr. Herbert Spencer writes that he is strongly opposed to com- ilkils,)rv vaccination, but he is compelled to refrain from entering at any length into tke question. Honry Flynn, a plate-laver en the London, Chat- w.n, and Dover Hailwav, has just met with a fright- ful death. IIi- was engaged in the repair of the line It Itoehe.-ter, when he was knocked down by a pass- -traiR. His skull was fractured, both legs broken, "ill his buck injured. A bailiff named Dualcin, who had been warning if tenants at K.nockrickard to pay their rents, was h" other ni;i)t pursued by a body of about one iiiTiilrt.J wow en, who pelted him with stones. Dua- kin took n luge in an old house, where he remained "ni ealkd until the women had passed tnd were out ■'t sight. Liout. Palandor, ot the Swedish. Royal Navy, who I'uniffiitndcd the now celebrated Vega. the exploring v¡'s,'ùl in which Professor Nordenskiold made the N'orth-East Passage, will contribute an account of the voyage to the March number of Blackwood." Judgnicnt has been given at Liverpool in the Hoard of Trade inquiry into the foundering of the steamship Bt-ngure, and the loss of thirteen lives, including the captain. The court held that the stability of the vessel had been affected by a leaky tank, whicl. eventually produced the disaster. At a picture shop at the "W est End i" now exhibited "O¡,y of the caricature by Irilray in which Gr-orge 111. represented as looking through a glass at ,ll'on I., whom he holds in his hand. The pic- lure is now labelled "Designed for a stained-glass wiudow in Westminster Abbey." It is said that after Mr. Green has completed the edition of his "Short History of the Eng- lish lVople," lie will set to work on a large historical wûrk tu hridgr over the period between Mr. Free- IlL;¡,n\ Nurinan Conquest" and Mr. Froude's Hiltijrv (if the Tudors." Thc Pope has been informed that three-fourths of u "•« ?itatioo in Ireland is due to the spirit of ?" ''d?in. ?? he has enjoined the lash bishops to ,u,iul t?t whilst j,?;e?j? distress, they should iiihy ITitk) ?" '?"ds ?f those who are worÏâng for jj ?ULtual  m.  ¡ A 'lrtá,lftlJ I" I ?' ''rrcncc is reported from Dunman- ) d\. ('11111'" "r k 1) I I ""[ I, .1' son ? ?""?.  1);?ilie l and Mary R-:Hy,son? m,i? v "i a fanner hnng' nan- the town  :ttln! by the fire-place in their own house, .j   "? hythchre-place iu their ownh.?ej ■J jiiji T ,l.C lir'v.dei;coof a violent storm, wore s true, ? '?"t? ?,j .,iiiej on the spot. i

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