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District News. 1 ..r-_VJ'U' MOLD. -J'- I THE LOCAL GUARDIANS met on Wednesday, present Messrs. J. Corbett, chairman, E. P. Edwards, and T. W. Bowdage. The list of applications was of the usual character, rather long, though hardly so un- favorable in character as those of two or three months ago. Neither of the applications were of public in- terest. SALE OF THE ARGOED COLLIERY.—On Tuesday last the sale of this colliery, which has been put into liquidation by arrangement, took place at the Gros- venor Hotel, Chester. The sale was made into two lots, that of the colliery, machinery, &c., and the cottages in Alyn-street. The purchaser of the col- liery was Mr E. J. Bartlett, cf London, and of the cottages Mr W. Hopwood, of Mold and kleeswood. We hear that the colliery is likely to start again in a ¡ few weeks. GWERNTMYNTDD NATIONAL SCHOOL. The Diocesan Inspector's report of the Gwernymynydd National School has been received and is as follows This is one of the best schools in the diocese, it is a proof of what can be done by hard and constant labor and judicious management. The accurate knowledge pos- sessed bv the chil(irtfn the manner in wb-ich they sing and the excellent discipline reflects very great credit upon all connected with this school. Twenty- nine scholars earned cards of nierit, the honor certifi- cate being awarded to Eliza Lewis." GRANI) CONCERT.—On Monday evening the annual grand concert in aid of the Pendre Chapel Restoration Fund was given at the Market Hall, and passed off most successfully, there being a very large and appreciative audience. The president, Mr A. J. Brereton, took his seat soon after eight o'clock, and after protesting against the unnecessary custom of appointing presidents for that class of entertainments, expressed his pleasure in co-operating in any good movement and for a good cause. Without more ado, he asked the artistes and choir to proceed with the programme, which was as follows :— Address.President Chorus An(i the glory of the Lord Song I loved her in the spring time "Eos Morlais Song Cambrian War nong"Miss Lillian Price Instrumental solo. Fantasia on Welsh Airs .Miss Annie Powell Song "The noble boy" Herbert Williams Instrumental duet Mrs Edwards and Miss Lewis Song Oh, how delightful "Miss Lillian Price Glee Y Wawr Duet .Eos Morlais an,1 Miss Lillian Price Solo (piano), Descriptive fantasia of Maesjjarmon Battle M. W. Griffiths Chorus. Rhuthugvrch Song Hen wlad y menyg gwynion "Eos Morlais Overture (harmonium). Les Deux Magot" S. Williams Duet The Two Cousins "Misses A. Powell and Hales Song .The Desert" Herbert Williams Song Esmeraltla "liss Lillian Price Song "The Distant Shore" Eos Morlais Chorus.. Belllligedig Finale National Anthem Eos Morlais never appeared in better form in Mold than on this occasion, and was rewarded with repeated encores after each of his efforts. Miss Price sang with precision. She has an excellent mezzo-soprano voice, and could she throw. more character into her sing- in" she would become a rea!ly popular favorite. The local artistes did well, as they always do. Miss Powell's pianoforte solo was a first-class treat, and perhaps the most enjoyable and best rendered part of the entertainment. \Ve believe that she has just recei ved a certificate of merit in connection with one of the musical colleges, and we were exceedingly glad to see a young lady a native cf the old town acquit herself so well. The Glee Party acquitted itself well too, though it would have been heard to better advantage had one gentleman not made his voice so prominent, and thus nearly' spoil the performance. proiii i neijt, tiit l tliu.; iiear l The object should he to blend one's voice with the other singers, and not to make it distinct and become the subject of ridicule instead of admiration. We trust this hint will be found sufficient for the fault is becoming a habit, and the gentleman is not too old to correct himself. The choir was in every way creditable to the conductor, Mr R. Dykins, the voices were fairly well blended, and of quite average quality. Perhaps had the rendering been less loud it would have been more agreeable. On the whole the concert was a decided success, and more than average merit. PETTY SESSIONS, -AIONDAY.-Before J. Scott Bankes, C. J. Trevor Roper, A. F. Jones, E. Thomson, and C. P. Morgan, Esqs. Row at Connahs Qua;—George Clark, Win. Green- wood and Anne his wife, were charged by Air Picker- ing of llockliffe Lane, with being drunk and fighting near Kelsterton, on the previous afternoon. He said the men were drunk and Clark took his clothes off and wanted to fight Greenwood, who he said had robbed him of a tobacco box and two sovereigns. Greenwood then threw his wife down and then thrashed her.-P.C. Pearson gave corroborative evi- dence, and added that the prisoner Clark prevented some females going along the road, and all the prisoners used very bad language.-Clark and Price were fined 10s each and costs or seven days to gaol. The woman was let off. Brotherly Affection.-Edward Williams of High- street, plasterer, was summoned by his brother John with striking him on the previous Monday. He called out to him as he was going along the street. John did not answer, as Edward was tipsy. The latter then struck him.—Edward was fined 10s and costs or seven days in default. Alleged Ass(iiilt.-Robert Jones, a young lad for whom Mr Roper appeared, was charged by Rees Jones, a much bigger lad, with assaulting him on Sunday night, the 22nd of February.—The complain- ant said lie was on the road between Cathole and Gwernymynydd, and as he went along and passed the defendant he said Good night," when defendant then struck him in the face and then on the head. In answer to Mr Roper, he said there had been two pre- vious quarrels between them, when he and not the de- fendanc was the aggressor. There were no witnesses on either side, and as complainant said the assault was witnessed by two persons, the magistrates, at the suggestion of Mr Roper adjourned the case, so that they might be summoned. Sehool Attendance Cases.—John Francis, Iferquis. Ordered to send his brother, who lived with him, to school. -Thomas Roberts, not sending his son, John Thomas to school, he having made but 10 attendances out of a possible 120.-Patrick Kinnsey sending his daughter only six times since July last. Ordered to pay as costs. Alleged Titeft.-Ellen Mead, a married woman, was charged by Sarah, wife of Robert Oldtield, of Celyn, Leeswood, with having on the Thursday previous stolen a two-shilling piece. The prisoner called with a basket, hawking, asking complainant to buy. She refused, but offered three-pence for garters and tape. she went to the drawer where there were a florin and three-pence. Prisoner accepted the three-pence and a piece of bread and butter. Complainant then placed the articles she bought on the chest of drawers, also the florin, but gave the three-pence to the prisoner. She went and cut the bread and butter, returned and gave it to the defendant, who went away. In about half an hour she went to put the articles away, when she missed the florin, and none but the prisoner had been in the house. Complainant then went and gave in- formation to the police, who, however, failed to get any information. There being no other evidence the prisoner was discharged, the chairman saying she was not legally guilty, and if morally so, hoped she would reform. Di-i(iik-fitizess.-An(Irew Mulligan, charged by P.C. Nelson with being drunk and disorderly at Coed Talon on the 4th May last. He had'been summoned but did not appear. He was fined 5s and 14s costs, with three weeks to pay.—The Chairman That's a good fellow, don't get into trouble again."—Defendant: "No, I'm going to joing the Methodists or Good Templars, or what you call 111111 ? 11 (Loud laughter) amid which the defendant left the court. Vagrancy.—A man named E. Roberts, of respect- able appearance and dressed in something like a work- house uniform, with a pair nf slippers on 0 his feet, was in dock, having been apprehended on suspicion of hav- ing ran away from an asylum or a workhouse. He had refused to give any account of himself until that morning when lie said that he came from Llanwrst. He was. remanded till Wednesday so that the authori- ties there might be communicated with.