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Sales by Auction. SALES BY MR. LLOYD. # r- /r_ -_r -r WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. FAIR DAY, THURSDAY, MARCH 18TH, 11:180. Til rV LLOYD'S next AUCTION will take place on 1\ Thursday, March 18th, 1&;0, the present entries ? Re?O?of Fat Heifers, Bullocks, and Bulls. jrll I'.ury Cows ami Heifers, Calved and ?CdVC (this Auction is noticed to be one of the lead- 'n? sales for first class Dairy Cows during this time of year). A lot (If choice Barrens, Stirks, and Stock Bulls. magnificent selection of Fat and Rearing Calves, Heifers anil Bulls from the leading Stocks in the neighbour- hood of Cheshire. I prime lot of Shropshire and Welsh Wethers, also Store t Sheep. of Pork and Bacon Pigs, In-pig Sows, and J. Dumber of Pork a.mI BacoD PiJ:s, In-pig Sows, a.nd Stùre Pi¡s. Sale ?1030 prompt. HORSE SALE, First FAIR in the Month, at two o'clock. j' All Entries taken up to morning of Sale. Ofticea. rtamaey, Wrexham. 209 MONDAY, MARCH 15TH, 1880. M Head of Fat and Store Cattle, 5 Horses, 110 Fat Sheep, Pigs, and Implements. lli/hlu Attractive and Important Sale of Agricultural St"d,at BRYX FARM PEXYLAN, sitil(ift- fti,o iiiiles from Iluttbon Station, three from Over- "><• fr""1 Wrexham, awl three from Dudlenton, over r onion Uridye.. -mft fI U tL"Yn has been honored with instructions from J?t ?')n Thomnsoii, Es.| whoissh-insupf?rmin?, ?nf?in- the i?i?hhourbood, to SELL BY AUCTION,  hi FaTulyar<1 situate us aforesaid (without reserve), the ? ?bis b!Kbh ?!n?b)e FARM STOCK, IMPLE- ur' TS A. TI" HEAD of CATTLE, viz.- '0) ?!:?n?t?.-?'nt two and three year old heifera to calve. )•> Piinic fat heifers and bullocks. 4 Dairy cows, two in full milk, due to calve in October. I; Barren heifers, ti Yearling heifers and bullocks. 1 Roan pedigree stock bull, eighteen months old, nrandHon of Telemachus the 5th, by the Matins of Kxt'ter's lioyal Winning Bull to Telemachus. I Boan pelliTee cow, three-year-old, in calf. N U The above Bull and Cow are eligible for the Herd jiook (see catalogue), ten of the calving heifers are due for September and October. R, HOUSKS, ViZ.- Powerful brown waggon gelding, four ??.n)d It! 1, and fit for town work; ditto brown waggon ■ 'Hi' hands, and in foa!;apair of brown waggon I "ftdiM?, riams two years, a capital match one yearling art colt. _u ])? P'UME WFI.Slt WETHERS. # ■x Sc? s, one with pig, and one in pig. TnK IMPLEMENTS will include four new carts by Croskm, with faring. liquid manure, sheet iron barrel, on cast iron wheels, patented by Coleman and Norton, hay tedder, by Nicholson, horse rake with seat, 2 cylinder flat roller, large size Cambridge roller, Samuelson's combined reaping and mowing machine, 2 Llanypwll ploughs, 1 ridging plough. scuffle V.i £ -z:i £ rlutin harrows, cultivator and broad share with seven feet, 2 sets of iron harrows, double row turnip drill, straw cutter, turnip pulper, kibbling mill, 2 sheep cratches on wheels, 2 long and short ladders, heel rakes, sacks, large rick sheet, steel pikels, yelves and shovels, J acts of swinglftrees, 20 iron hurdles, 3 cart ropes, cow chain, brushing hook- and hay knives, sheep shears and shearing liencllfS, scythes and mittens, spring balance scales to wei-h :Mlllbs., wheel barrow, cart jack, siiii,-s, &e. <f\KI>r.v TOOLS, >W. Lawn iiii)wer, 2ft wide, for pony, (ost CM in ?7?; small d. ?rden roller, two cucumber [r?mes th?- n?-urcs .?e.) p.t?oc.. sack of seed vetches, •wysssr   ??. s sets of I-'g,iir new "et of thrIll gears, 2 sets of .?i?r-. ? s.ts of 1)14,ii,-rii o(l(l neck ?tr.ips? h..rs?ru?-i. fonr?na]! waterproof sheets, st?Me I io")-. I: "bl.l,. buckets, Ac. DOl; CVUT HARNESS Ac.-Stylish light-running dog cart Collin's nateht iixlen, lamps and cushions, by Lyon of Liverpool (new in lï(i), pony cart or baggag-e cart on 1). liristol Waggon Co., set of harness, set of ponv Inrness 2 ridii.g .-addle. 2 children's pony saddles, 3 .tnitbte rein bridles, 2 sti-iffle bridh-s. 3 various bridles, 2 clippir." machines, :> hor-e rugs and rollers, stable tools, saddle stand and table, harness and blacking brushes. SPORTSMEN. Four jtigeons and box, 2 tame rabbits, double h-rrel breechloading gun. central fire. P S.—The Auctioneeer, wishing to to invito special at- tention t" this most import int sale, can assure intending purchasers they will be welcome to a capital luncheon at Kleven o'clock, and afterward" will be offered to them for I public competition 1;0 very choice short heifers and bullocks, twether wi,li first class horses and colts, 110 fat sheep, and the best and most improved lot of agricultural imple- ments. by most of the leading makers, he has ever had the of offering for competition, the whole of which were new in 1*77 there not being a single second-hand iniplemement or tool on the farm. Catalogues ready, apply to the Auctioneer. Sale at Twelve o'clock, after Eleven o'clock Luncheon. Offices -Plassey Farm, and Feathers Hotel, Wrexham. 515bpc FRIDAY, fAHCH 12TH, lSSt1. THIRTY-FIVE HEAT) OF CATTLE, SIX HORSES, PIGS, &c. Ath-cttire Sale of Dairy Cow*, Heifers, Yearlings, Stock livllii, Waggon IItrfrs, Pigs, Implements, Peas, Oats, i f v., at EYTO- SitH'Tti' Fnvr Miu'-s from Wrexham and One from Overton Uridye. Mil LLOYD has IJecll instructeù by Mr Richards (who is "iving up the farm and retiring from farming) to SKliL BY AUCTION, in his Farmyard, on Friday, March 12th tlie whole of his truly Valuable AGRICULTURAL FARMING STOCK, viz. t'.lTTLK— 27 Choice young dairy cows and heifers for early profit (14 with calves at foot) I Roan yearling bull 5 Yearling heifers (very choice) 2 Stirks HORSES— lj. 3 a capital work,er Chestnut gelding, 7-year old, 15.3, a capital worker Brown waggon mare, rising 7-year-»>ld, 16 hands, very powerful, and a noted brood mare Brown half-bred gel 'ing, 5-year-old, 16 hands, very suitable for a brougham, has been at all kinds of work Chestnut waggon gelding, 3-year-old liav cob, igeil, about 14.2, very fast, in foal to a I thoroughbred horse, a noted brood mare 1 Stv" lish dark brown mare, rising 5-year-old, about I 14 hands high, steady to ride or drive l'n;s— 2 Gilts in-pig 2 Fat pigs 3 Large store pigs 4 Bags seed peas (Iti,tiltitv of seetl oats IMPLEMENTS, IV-R.—Broad wheel waggon with iron arms, nroad weel cart complete. 44 inch wheel cart complete, Ire size spring cart with pi? cratches, spring market sliandry, Whitechapel dog cart, iron ploughs, double furrow plough, iron, wood, and chain harrows turnip scumes, cultivators, Cambridge roller, wood roller, turnip drill and roller, turnip pulper, straw cutter, winnowing machine, patent scales and weights, pig troughs, long and short liiitlers, grinding stone, waggon and cart ropes, cow truss, scr.t'.i'T.s, shovels, yelves. pikels, heel rakes, half measure, •set ii "rippers. cow chains, sack truck, feeding troughs, saw- tn' hay knives, hooks, mittens, timber chains, wheel- ban scvtliPs. A'C. CI.MK —Two sets chain gears, two ditto thrill gears, l>V.Y,i:g backhands, odd gears, set of harness, saddle and (IHUM • rein bridle, corn coffers, stable tools, &-c. of the Dairy Vessels and House- urniture about the third week in April. N.i:The Cows and Heifers arc in-calf t8 a pedigree are also by sxme f?)! /»,-h at 12 o'clock, Sale at 1 o'clock prompt. Wrexham. yjltla WEOEOA y. MARCH 24TII, lO. ¡ THE (1IIOVKS, ERB1STOCK, f?t tut Three MUcs from Ruabon and Six from Wrexham. Ih llihf Important of Lice Stock, Valuable and Costly F- ilro mi Furniture, Out-Door Effects, «<v. Mi: LLUYHhas Lcun honored with instructions from i?t C. G. Price, Esq. (who is le:l\in the neighbour- hood), to SELL by AUCTION (without reserve) on Wetinesdav. Atm-h 24th, upon the above-named premises, the following- superior and substantial HOUSEHOLD FriiNJTl'RE. Livestock, and other Effects, appertaining to Dining and Drawing-rooms, Hall. Study, Kitchens, Pantry, together with the contents of ten Bedrooms, Out- Huor Effects, itc., viz. DIMNIJ ROOMS—Mahogany dining table with extra l'-ave-i, six mahogany hair-seated chairs, easy chair in rusewood, handsome Illall •gany sideboard, tapestry, carpet to tit r IOIII, lieartlirng, set of damask window curtains, f anier and irons, iVc. H.II.I. Excellent weather glass, set of croquet, set ol lawn tennis, hall table and two chairs, Ac. IlimviMi ROOM. Handsome Brussels carpet to fit room, hearth rug, chimney gi ts* in gilt frame, fender and irons, c in rosewood, small stand, two handsome papier mache • ill,a,, net of creta window curtain', lined with twill silk. WHY.—Quantity of books and shelves, leaf table, five • liiirs, two for tstools, small oal table, writing desk, stuffed li'Ti.11, taj>e?u'y carpet and hearthrug, Ac. or mi'. BKDROOM INCLUDE:—Several '¡''¡'JlY half tester and iron bedsteads, with rich hang- in ittresses and hair mattresses, a number of nrst-c1aIS3 f.?h?rLt'?. hotster-: ami pillows, mahogany painted and Jther wash ?:,nds am) dressing tables, chamber ware, 10"'111\ I. 1 niaho-jmy and other night commodes, tapestry, Brussels, Ki'td?nnitxto- (-:trpets and hearthrugs, cane-seated M. tlr 1 '? i?'"? ''h"?s. towel rai)s, a number of baths, fenders "ei.rons, several Pairs of sheets and blankets counter- ?'?''   tt. t ..?    window curtains, chimney ornaments,mahogany, j NTJJCR CIITSTS of drawers, &c., &e. j-v. 'l'iiK.vs AMI PAN IHYS." Three iar?e sycamore and dea1 bI.l );t)-? and small cupboards, (> Windsor chairs, '?'?o. arm chair, timepiece, fender and irons, iro, r: "l, parratin lamps, set of dinner service, tea services, •"j-" .t:!d glasses, knives and forks, butler's tray stand, plate rack, sca'es and weihts, preserving pan and foun- ?'' ir?n s?u?'ep?nx and kettit?s, preserving jars, excellent •l ip .niid action cbnrn, cream steins, &c. S 'MHIIFS.—Colt's li-cliambered revolver, with case, in ^avlleut condition, tires two kind of bullets, round and 'U'cal; six-^iambered revolver in good repair, pair pistols, tVc. UITDOOR EFFECTS. Thirty iron hurdles, garden roller, %ite flower stands, netting, garden tools, wheelbarrow, Mable tools horse cloths, cart jack, ? sets harness ridinrr 6 i:t(-k, gets harnes4, ri(l;n- L)VK STom.-KxceUent M ung dairv cow in full profit and a noted milker. Pony carriage, with lamp and cushion complete. Sale at Twelve for One o'clock, prompt. Full particulars in catalogues, which are now readv. I Offices: Plassev, Wrexham, zfo'.lTp PRELIMINARY XH-XIDfKST. I I a,},taut Sale of LIZ) valuable Dairy Cow, lleljalS, Stirks, Jlitll,and Yea liny*, H Wagyon Horses, and Colts, Ply*, the whole of the AyrictUtveal Implements, and Daim Vessel*, at CAE ULAS, i,it?t(ite near rroiiic# !fa mites from. Rhostyllen, and 3 frmii Wrexham. ) ]\TR I.LOYD has been instmdellllY Mr Bithell, who is ?i giving up farming, to SELL by AUCTION, about t"e First week in April the whole of the above Valuable ?t<'ck. Particular* to follow. "Rices—Plassev, Wrexham. 512f PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. H'-ibi.y attractive Sale of ill calriny Heifers, iitidt., and I u Coicx, 13H Shropshire and Clou Etces lambed and 200 Welsh Hire: served by Shropshire rams, 8 I'Colts, risiny ;} < 'irs old, all now at work, 3 yearling j Y"rt Cults. The Implements icill include: new Lorry*, •j Corts, Tedders, llorse Hakes, moiriny machines, culti- iiti'rs, Cambridye and nther hollers, Plouyhs, Harrows, .V-tfiHyt and the irhule of the other small implements ap- ¡ I'Ttn I uiny to a farm or,-?)O acres, at Si'RINt; LODliE, WREXHAM. MR LLOYJ) has been favoured with instructions from JL Mr William Lee, who is giving up the Lower H-ill :on ,I, Isacoed Farms, to Sell by Auction in his farmyard, at ) £ |>rnig Lodge, aforesaid, the whole of the above truly :tluab!e Agricultural Farm Stock on Friday, April lltli, Pi.vticiilitrs to follow. 525p t a Sales by Auction. SALES BY NIR F. LLOYD. TUESDAY, MARCH 23RD, 1880. TWLL FARM, NEAR CROSS LANES, One mile from Bangor, and Three from Wrexham, Important Sale of Live and, Dead Farming Stock, Household Furniture, Dairy Vessels, Out-door Efects, tt-c. MR LLOYD is in receipt of instrnction! from the re- 1. presentatives of the late Mr Shaw to SELL BY AUCTION (without reserve) upon the above-named pre- mises, on Tuesday, March 23rd, the whole of the Agricultural Farming Stock, and other Effects, as follows- LIVE STOCK.—15 young da.iry cows and heifers, calved and to calve, tire two-vear-old heifers, two yearling heifers, and two yearling bulls SHEEP.—40 pure bred Shropshire store sheep. HORSES.—Two powerful and active in-foal mares, ex- cellent workers, cream coloured cob, steady to ride or drive, stylish bay filly, four years old, 16 hands high, by St. I Claire," black do do by a noted trotting horse, two years old colt by St. Claire, yearling cart colt, by Studley's horse. PIGS.—Sow and followers, two in-pig sows, two in-pig gilts, store pigs, &c. PRODUCE.—Quantity of hay and straw (fuller particulars next week.) FARMING IMPLEMENTS.—Hand wheel ploughs, carts with harvest gearing, iron and wood harrows, turnip scufflers, cultivators and land rollers, capital horse rake, turnip pulper and straw cutter, oil cake mill, the usual assortment of rflkes and pikels, heel rakes, cartlropes, seed hopper, and half measure, &c. GEARS.—Thrill and chain gears, Scotch backhands, neck straps, set of harness, odd gears, &c. HOUSEHOLD AND BEDROOM FURNITURE, &c.—Mahogany deal, and other tables, round stands, Windsor and other chairs. Brussels and other carpets, fenders and irons, chimney ornaments, clocks and timepieces, pictures, weather glass, corne- cupboards, plates and dishes, tea services, &c., iron and wood bedsteads, dressing tables and washstands, chests tóf drawers, several pairs of sheets and blankets, counterpanes, bedroom chairs, night cunmodes, chamber ware, bedside carprtting, &c., together with the whole of the dairy vessels, out-door effects, &c. Sale at One o'clock prompt. Catalogues are in course of preparation and may be ob- tained from the Auctioneer. Offices, Plassey, Wrexham. 598na SALE BY MESSRS CHURTON. ELPHICK &Co. .r-r r, /r' MOLD, FLINTSHIRE. Important Sale by Public Auction of Colliery Ctnd Brick- works Leases, Machinery and Plant, as « going concern; Freehold Land and Cottages, Horses, Portable Engine, etc. YJESSRS C?HURTON, ELPHICK, & CO. have been t) instructed by the liquidators of the Mold-Argoed Colliery Co., Limited, to offer the above at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on Tuesday, the 9th March, 1880, at Two o'clock precisely. Catalogues and full particulars may be obtained of the Auctioneers, Chester; of Messrs Kelly and Keene, Solici- tors, Mold or of Mr H. R. Duke, 7, Queen Victoria-street, London, E.C. 527b Sale of Excellent Dairy Cows and Ilefer,, IlacK ann Cart Horses, Gears, Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Vessels, Feather Beds, d-c,, at the YEW TREE FARM, POULTON, about five miles from the city of Chester. MESSRS CHURTON. ELPHICK, & CO. have been ?? favored with instructions from the Executrix of the late Mr Charles Jones, deceased, to SELL BY AUCTION, on Monday, March Sth, 18S0, commencing at Twelve o'clock punctually, the Valuable Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, including 2U valuable incalf dairy cows, several of which will have calved by the day of Sale six two-year- old barren heifers, valuable grey mare, about 15 hands, 4 years old, a capital harness mare; powerful black cart mare, about sixteen hands, four years old, a good worker horse gears a portion of the IMPLEMENTS of HUS- BANDRY, comprising broad-wheeled wagon with harvest gearing, 2 ditto carts, iron land roller, ditto plough by Howard, American hay rower, ox harrow, together with the DAIRY VESSELS, comprising large windlass churn, tin milk pans and cans, cheese vats, ditto tub, milk pails, cheese press also 5 prime new Goose Feather Beds, &c. Luncheon will be on the table at Eleven o'clock. N.R-Catalogues may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Messrs CHURTON, ELPIIICK, ROBERTS, AND RICHARDSON, Chester. 592b FARNDON, CHESHIRE. Important Sale of Valuable Freehold Property, comprising I Shops, Dioellinrf-Hou.iej, Cottaaes, and Gardens, situate in the healthy villiute of Farn lon, aiout eight miles from the City of Chester. I p ESSRS CHFRTOX, ELPHICK, & Co. are favored v8 with instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Green Dragon Hotel, Chester, on Saturday the 20th day of I March, 18S0, at Two for Three o'clock p.m., punctually, in the following or in such other lots and in such order as the vendor's agents may determine upon at the time of sale, and subject to snch conditions as will be then produced, the undermentioned valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, viz.:— LOT 1.—Brick and Slated DWELLING-HOUSE situated in the centre of the village of Farndon, on the east side of road from Famdon to Holt, with yard and out-offices, in the occupation of Mr James Cook Broster. LOT 2.—Two Brick and Slated COTTAGES, very pleasant- ly situate, in Farndon aforesaid, with considerable frontage to the road, having extensive gardens, out-offices, and pig- geries, in the respective occupations of James Hall and John Weaver. LOT 3.—A Brick and Slated COTTAGE, situate adjoining Lot 2, with the garden and out-offices belonging thereto, in the occupation of Miss Caroline Woolley. LOT 4.—All those valuable and extensive PREMISES known as FARN HILL, formerly in one occupation, but now subdivided into three tenements, situate close to lot 3, with garden, yard, three piggeries, pump, and out-offices belonging thereto, in the respective occupations of Mr Phillips, Miss Ince, and Mr Joseph Kdge. LOT 5.-All those seven Brick and Slate d COTTAGES, situate and adjoining lot 4, with piggeries, out-offices, garden?, and yards belonging thereto, together with a large and valuable piece of Garden Land, well stocked with fruit trees, extending to Churcli-lane, containing in the whole I :i square yards or thereabouts, in the respective occu- pafions of Owen Warburton, Mary Davis, Francis Edwards, Robert Power, Ralph Fowlts, Richard Thomas, and Samuel Thomas. LOT t;All those extensive and very valuable BUSI- NESS PREMISES, comprising Grocery and Drapery Es- tablishment, with Ironmongery and Drug Business com- bined, situate at Farndon, at the corner of Chester-road, with extensive frontages, together with commodious dwell- ing, ware rooms, cellars, wash-house, out-offices, stables for nine horses, with lofts over coach-house, and large pro- ductive Garden, in the occupation of the executors of the late Mr James Broster, grocer, draper. The goodwill of the business will be included in the sale, and the purchaser will be required to take the trade fixtures at a valuation, which will be produced at the time of sale. The Stock-in-Trade may be taken at a valuation, if desired LOT 7.—A commodious and roomy DWELLING-HOUSE, situate adjoining lot Ii, with yard, out-offices, and excellent gardens belonging thereto, in the occupation of Mr George Ii Parker, jun. ) LOT S.-All those two extensive Messuages or DWEL- LING-HOUSES, situate adjoining the last lot, with yards, out-offices, and large gardens belonging thereto, in the re- spective occupations of Mr Joseph Piggott, saddler and harness maker, and Mr William Davis. LOT !}—Two newly-erected Brick and Slated COTTAGES, situate at the rear of lot (i, with piggeries and out-offices belonging thereto, in the respective occupations of Henry Williams and Mrs CUT. The tenants will kindly show the various lots, and any further information may be obtained at the offices of Messrs I BOYDELI., TAYLOR, tii-I FLCtTT, Solicitors; or of Messrs CHUKTOX, ELPIIICK, ROHF.KT.S, and RICHARDSON, all of Chester, where plans of the property may be seen. A plan may also be seen at the shop of the late Mr BROSTER. fa591b SALE BY MR H. COOKE. -r,j, THE DOG KEXXEL FARM, SHOCKLACH, CHESHIRE, Distant 3 miles from Malpas Station, and 11 miles from Worthenbury. Thirty-five Ilead of Useful Shorthorned Cattle, Powerful IV.tifno i Horses, Imjil-mrnts, Four Large Stacks of Capital Fed iis, well harvested comprising young Coivs and Heifers (early to calve), including Twice Grand Barrens, One Shorthorn Bull (two years old). Two Sows and Piys, One In-Pig Soiv, Brewing and Dairy Vessels, Household Furniture, and Other Effects. MR H. COOKErespectfuHvannouncesthathe IS tavorea 1f with instructions from Mrs Foulkes (who is giving up the above farm), to SELL BY AI CTION, on Wednes- dav, March 17, 1S80, an assortment of MODERN IMPLE- MENTS, narrow-wheel w?SO". tumbrils, Scotch cart I' (equal to new), one dogcart, bean drill, hutders, wjnnowjn machine, wo ploughs, weighing machine and beam, chaff cutter by Clav and Sons, wood harrow, iron twin, four sets of gears, riding saddle and bridle, &c., &c HOUSEHOLD FURXITURE—Iron and wood bedsteads, feather beds, handsome chimney glass, china, glass, dairy and brewing vessels, and other effects. ) The Auctioneer has great pleasure in recommending to the public the aoove stock. The dairy cattle are well grown and noted milkers. The young stock arc very useful, colory, good hair, and of excellent breeding. The horses are active, vith plenty of muscle and bone, and capital workers. The implements are all modern make, and equal to new. The furniture is very useful. Particulars to-be had in catalogues from the Auctioneer's Office, Hijli-street, Ellesmere. Luncheon (by ticket) at 11 o'clock. Sale at 12 prompt. 494z SALE BY MESSRS MACDONALD & ERASER. r'" /_r"r,,r"J-F.f'J" SCOTLAND. PERTH AUCTION MART. IMPORTANT SPRING SALES OF SHEEP, CATTLE, AND HORSES. WEDNESDAY, 10TH -MARCH —The Annual Sale of V T Shorthorn and Angus Pedigree Bulls, Cows, and Heifers will comprise 140 Shorthorn Yearling Bulls 25 Polled Angus Do., 23 Shorthorn and Angus Cows and Heifers, consigned by eminent breeders. Sale at 10.30 a.m. MONDAY', 15TH ?lARCH.-Specie Spring Sa!e of i L Clydesdales Horses, Colts and Fillies, Harness Horses, Cobs and Ponies. The numbers will comprise 150 Horses of a most useful class deserving special attention. Sale at 10.30 a.m. FRIDAY, 26TH MARCH.—Annual Great Sale of Grit FEwes, Feeding Sheep, and Cattle. The entries will comprise :l,OO{) Cross and Half-bred Hoggs (part in fleshy condition), 5,000 Blackface and Cheviot Ewes in lamb (served with Leicester rams), also Cattle and Milch Cows. Sale at 10.30 a.m. 1 Catalogues of each of above sales, or Annual Pocket 1 Diary of the whole of the great sales during the current year, to be had on application. MACDONALD & FRASER. I Auction Market Offices, Perth, 25th February, 1880 Mix Sales by Auction. SALES BY MESSRS BAUGH AND JONES, Sale of Valuable and Modern Househtld Furniture and other Ejects, which icill be removed from PLAS FFRON, near Bangor, Flintshire, to the Public Hall, Wrexham, for convenience of sale. MESSRS BAUGH & JONES have been favored with instructions from Major De Laseelles, who is leaving Plas Ffron aforesaid, to SELL BY AUCTION,in the Public Hall, Wrexham, aforesaid, on Wednesday, March 17th, 1880, the whole of his Taluable Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other Effects, comprising oak dining room suite upholstered with leather, telescope dining table, three-tier dinner waggon. carpet, skin hearth ru-(Y-i, &c., 4c. IN ENTRANCE HALL AND STAIRCASE. -Oak hall table and carved oak chairs, Brussels stair and landing carpets, brass stair rods, mats, fcc. MORMNG ROOM comprises-Ebonized rocking, occasional, wicker work, and other chairs, couch and easy chairs, in cretonne covers, handsome walnut wood table with drawer and paper cupboard, top covered with leather, China matting on room, four large sized Indian hearthrugs, stained wood Pembroke table, mahogany cornice pole with brass rings and brackets and cretonne window curtains. BEDROOM FURNITURE in japanned oak and other woods, wardrobes with glass silver-plated panel, brass and iron bedsteads, hair and wool mattresses, feather bolsters and pillows, bed linen, toilet glasses, washstands, dressing tables (en suite) with marble slabs and toilet glasses com- bined, antique and other handsome toilet services, mahog- any and other towel rails, Brussels, Kidderminster and other carpets. KISTHEN AND SERTANTS' HALL.—White wood and other tables, chairs, clocks dinner, breakfast, and tea services, crockery, tin milk pans, iron and wood washing tubs, patent wringing and mangling machine (nearly new), crockery, and very numerous and miscellaneous articles and effects. Also about 500 choice bedding plants, in pots and boxes, a child's pony saddle and bridle (quite new), and a quantity of garden tools, &c. N.B.—The Auctioneers beg to call special attention to this Sale, the furniture is London make and nearly new. Catalogues are in course of preparation and will be ready six days prior to the Sale On view the morning of Sale from Nine to Eleven o'clock. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock most punctually. Z5%P SALE AT 2, CRESCENT TERRACE, BEAST MARKET, WREXHAM. UNDER A DISTRESS FOR RENT AND ASSIGNMENT. MESSRS BAUGH & JONES have been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, at No. f, Crescent-terrace, aforesaid, on Monday, the 8th day of March, 1880, the whole of the useful Household FURNITURE, Shop Goods, and other Effects, comprising- IN PARLOUR —Fender and fireirons, chimney ornaments, pictures, cane-seated chairs, walnut whatnot, pianoforte, muslin window curtains, roller and blind, perambulator, sundry books, druggetting, stair carpet and brass rods, door mats, &c. IN SITTING-ROOM.—Fireirons and coal vase, pier glass, pictures, six mahogany hair-seated chairs, mahogany easy and arm chairs, table, mahogany cheffonier, tapestry carpet and hearthrug, muslin window curtains, blind, roller, &c. THE THREE BEDROOMS contain-Cane seated chairs, toilet glasses, washstands and services, dressing tables, I feather and flock beds, chests of drawers, towel rails, iron and wood bedsteads, mattresses, bed and other linen, door mats, window blinds and rollers, druggetting, &c., together with the usual kitchen and culinary articles and effects. THE SHOP EFFECTS comprise:—Blue, dry soap, cinnamon and cloves, ginger, pepper, pudding spice, candles, ham and bacon, tea canisters, truck, currant seive, ham saw, bacon knife, flour scales and weights, brass scales and weights, nearly new, potatoe scales, coffee mill, gas fittings, flour scoops, bread tins, baking troughs, peel and irons, &c., &c. No Reserve. SALE at 11 for 12 o'clock, prompt. b595f PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. Sale of excellent Pat Bemsts, Short Horn Dairy Cows, Heifers, Bulls, Bullocks, Yearlings, and Pigs, Valuable Wagon Horses, Implements of Husbmndry, Stacks of Prime Upland Hay, Straw, Potatoes, Thrill, Chain, and Ploughing Gears, Dairy Vessels, and part of the valuable Modern Household Furniture and other Effects, at TAN-Y-CLAWDD, adjoining the Turnpike road leading from Wrexham to Ruabon, three miles from the former and two miles from Ruabon. "jl/TESSRS BAUGH AND JONES have received instruc- ITX tions from Gomer Roberts, Esq. (who is giving up fanning), to prepare for a SALE BY AUCTION, in the latter end of March, 1880, of his excellent Fat, Dairy, and Young LIVE STOCK, Pigs, Valuable Teams of Wagon Horses, &c. Household FURNITURE, and other Effects. Full particulars will appear in future advertisements. 602b J T SALES BY MESSRS JONES & SON. WREXHAM SMITHFIELD. THURSDAY, MARCH ISTH, 1880. MESSRS JONES AND SON, will hold their 1. next SALE OF STOCK in the abeve Smithfield, on Thursday, March 18th, 1880. STOCK ALREADY ENTERED. A lot of Prime Fat Beasts Several Dairy Cows, Fresh Barrens, In-calf heifers, short horned bulls A nice lot of Sheep, Lambs, Calves, and Pigs Sale at Ten o'clock. SETTLEMENTS AT CLOSE OF SALE. Offices :—4, Arcade, High-srreet, Wrexham. 907b Sale of Dairy Cows and Heifers, Draught and Hack Horses, Colts, Implements of Husbandry, at ROSSETT, I Midway between Wrexham and Chester. MESSRS JONES and SON have received instructions rfj)L from Mr Thomas Thomas (who is giving up the farm), to Sell by Auction, on Wednesday, March 10th, 18S0, on the premises at Rossett, the whole of his live and dead FARMING STOCK, comprising ten young dairy cows, I heifers, and barrens, two yearling heifers, two very power- ful waggon horses, five and six vears old, 17 hands high, grey mare in foal, active grey mare, seven years old, 15-3, steady in harness and saddle, two and one-year-old cart colts, half bred yearling colt, about 12 couple of Dorking fowls, Scotch cart with harvest gearing, broad wheel ditto, four wheel dog cart, capital spring cart with side cratches, lorry on springs with sideboards and harvest gearing, mowing machine by Samuelson, corn drill with 13 spouts by Garratt and Son," iron wheel plough bv "Hornsby," iron swing plough, set of iron har rows by Howard," wood harrows, several sets of swing trees, winnowing machine, waggon cover, thrill and chain- gears, (nearly new), plough gears, neck straps, about six measures of Myatt's kidney potatoes in boxes, and numerous other effects. Sale at Twelve for One o'clock, prompt. 499p fro BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by order of the Mortgagee, by Messrs JONES AND SON, at the Hotel of Mrs Hughes, The Mount, Brymbo, on Friday, March 12, 1880, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, and subject to conditions to be produced, and in the following lots LOT I-All that well-built MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, situate at High-street, Drymbo, and the Land belonging thereto, containing by estimation 40) square vards, more or less, formerly occupied by James Howard deceased, but now in the occupation of John Hughes, tailor and draper. LOT 2-Also all that MESSUAGE near to the above- mentioned, and adjoining or abutting upon High-street, Brymbo, and also a SHOP near the same, the dwelling- house being occupied by Mr Jenks, baker, and the shop unoccupied. LOT 3—Also all those Two MESSUAGES or COTTAGES adjoining the last-mentioned property, now in the occupa- tion of Margaret JDavies and Jane Edwards-. Lots 2 and 3 occupy a space of 300 yards, more or less. Three-fourths of the purchase money may remain on mortgage at 4& per cent. if desired. For further particulars apply to SHERRATTS, Solicitors and Notaries. Wrexham and Birkenhead, or to the Auctioneers, Overton Areade, Wrexham. 511c MONDAY, MARCH 22ND, 1880. SALE OF FAT STOCK, AT THE ROSSETT AUCTION MART. MESSRS JONES AND SON beg to thank their J?l patrons and friends for their liberal support, and wish to remind them of their next Sale of Fat Stock, which will take place on Monday, the 22nd day of March, 18S9, at their Auction Mart, Golden Lion Inn, Ros-sett, when the following stock will be offered :— Fat Bullocks, Heifers, and Bulls. Useful Dairy Cows and Calving Heifers. Prime Shropshire Down and other Sheep. Fat Calves. Pork and Bacon Pigs. Thefroperty of A. Balfour, Esq., F. Potts, Esq., J. Boydeli, Esq., General Townshend, E. Swetenham, Esq., C, Topham, Esq. B. S. Roberts, Esq., T. Beakbane, Esq., E. Moss, Esq Mr J. Edwards, Mr Woolrich, Mr Davies, Mr Wooirich, Mr Pritchard, Mrs Woolrich, Mr Lewis, Mr Bayne, Messrs Baguley, Mr Dudleston, Mr T. Thomas, Mr Thomas Lewis, Mr Gilman, Mr Zachary, Mr Roberts, Mr Edward Woolrich, Mr Bishop, Mr Thomas Evans, and others. Further entries respectfully solicited. Sale at TWO o'clock, prompt. Offices:- 4, Arcade, High-street, Wrexham. 594 Sale of Dairy Coivs, Heifer, Cart, Dairy Vessels, Household Furniture, &e. AT SUTTON GREEN. MESSRS JONES AND SON have been instructed by Mr John Whitley to SELL BY AUCTION on the premises at Sutton Green, on TUESDAY, the 16th day of March, 1880, the whole of his Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, Dairy Vessels, and Household Furniture, com- prising-Two young in-calf cows, one cow and calf, pro- mising yearling heifer, pony cart on spr.ngs, wheelbarrow, cow chains, ladder, rain tubs, iron pig trough, hay knife, hand chaff cutter, pony gears, meal tub, pikels, hay rakes, yelves, shovels, hand saw, baskets, &c. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &C., include oak, leaf, and I round and whitewood tables, three mahogany and oak ,iinte(I screen, oak dresser comer cupboards, oak bureau, painted screen, oak dresser and shelves, eight day clock, oak and other chairs, rucking do China tea service, cruet stand and glasses, sundry glass, 'pictures, wall glass, tea trays, paraffin lamps, chimney ornaments, brass and other candlesticks, fenders, fire irons, iron stool, flat irons, meal; saw and chopper, crockery, table knives and forks, and knife box, copper warming ¡ pan, plate shelves, iron French bedsteads, feather beds, mattresses, bed linen, rush seated and other chairs, oak mahogany chests of drawers, chair commode, dressing tables, washstands, toilet glasses, towel rails, large linen chest, clothes basket, cast fender, &c. IN DAIRY, &c., capital wheel churn, butter tub, scales I and weights, cream pots, sundry brown ware, oak benches, dolly and tub, buckets, iron pot, saucepans, kettles, coal box, water cans, frying pan, beoonis and brushes, watering can, Dutch oven, &c. | Sale at 12 for I o'clock prompt. 550n Sales Dy Auction. SALESSBY MR. J. W. BROWN. STOCK SALE AT BROUGHTON HALL STATION. MR J. W. BROWN begs to annouree that he will SELL BY AUCTION, at the above Station, on Wed- nesday, March 10th. 18s0, the following FAT CATTLE, SHEEP, CALVES, PIGS &c., viz.: 20 Prime Fat Bullocks and Heifers Several Calving Cows and Heifers 90 Fat Sheep 3 Fat Calves 12 Fat and Store Pigs Together with such other Stock that mvy be entered up to day of Sale. Luncheon at twelve o'clock, (Is each) Sa'j at one o'clock. 589 Important Sale of Freehold House Property in the town of Jlold. IfR J. W. BROWN has been favored w;th instructions iVH to SELL by AUCTION on Tue!da:. 23rd March, 1880, at three for four o'clock precisely, at the Black Lion Hotel, Mold, subject to conditions of Sale to be then read, unless previously disposed of by private contract, all those four subitantially built MESSUAGES trDWELLING- HOUSES, with the Gardens in the rear, be! ig Nos. 48. 50, 52, 54, New Street, Mold, now in the severe: occupations of Messrs. Paul Fowler, John Williams, Richa i Elites, and Thomas Jones. The whole containing ar area of 1,053 square yards, and having a frontage to Nev. Street of 63ft. 2in. The property is capable of great improvement, and is now let at the very low aggregate rental of 6, which with a small outlay might be greatly increased. Further particulars may be obtained from the Auctioneer, or from Messrs. Kelly and Keene, soliciturp, Mold. 590a SALE BY MR. S. ASTON. AUCTION SALE ROOM, EXHIBITION GROUND. HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. MR ASTON will hold his usual monthly sale of HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and other effects, on Monday next, March 8th, comprising—Handsome drawing room suite in walnut, upholstered in crimson velvet, pier glass in black and gold frame, plate 40 by 30, cheffonier with plate glass doors and back, pair of duchesse toilet tables, washstand fitted with marble slab, three sets of mahogany drawers. commode bed steps, with patent pan and top covered with Brussels carpet, bhvli toilet glass with twist pillars and jewel box, sofa in hair, couch in American cloth, centre table, round and square kitchen tables, useful kitchen dresser with two cupboards and five drawers, valuable "Vienna Regulat\r" clock, ornamental coal vase with scoop, oil paintings, oleographs, and other pictures, hat and umbrella stand, with plate glass back and marble slab, treadle Fret-work machine, with set of saws complete and sheet of patterns, valuable piece of office furniture, bedsteads, beds, new hair, and other mattresses, carpets, Wheeler and Wilson sewing machine with cover, &c. Also a quantity of DRAPERY GOODS. N.B.—The above premises are always open for the recep- tion of furniture, pictures, plate, pianos, harmoniums, and other effects, to be included in the usual Monthly and other sales, as may be desired by the owners. Sale at 1.30 for 2. Office: Argyle-street. 556p SALE BY MESSRS ETCHES, NUNRLEY, AND ETCHES. THE next Whitchurch (Salop) Horse Sale will take i. place 00 FRIDAY, March 19th, 1880. Entries for catalogues close Mareh 12th. ETCHES, NUNNERLEY, & ETCHES, AUCTIONEERS, 506 Whitchurch, Salop, and Crewe. SALE BY MESSRS. TATTERSALL. RUGBY. MESSRS. TATTERSALL will hold Sales of HUNTERS, HACKS, and CARRIAGE HORSES, at the Rugby Establishment, on TUESDAY, March 23rd. TUESDAY, April 13th. Applications for terms and stalls to be made to Messrs. TATTERSALL, Albert Gate, London. 446 SALE BY MESSRS. T. & W. WHITFIELD. VALE OF LLANGOLLEN. TWO FREEHOLD COTTAGES AND LAND. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by M.; T. and W. TWHITFIELD, at the Aqueduct In'v VroncyayUte, on Friday, the 12th day of March, 18b0, at iour o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions, all those two newly erected COTTAGES, with gardens and piece of land ad- joining, containing together la lr 31p, or thereabouts, in the occupation of Mrs Rowland and another. The property is situate within a short distance of the Holyhead road, and about three miles from the town of Llangollen and it commands some of the finest views of the renowned vale of Llangollen. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or at the offices of Mr Henry Davies, solicitor, Oswestry. 609p Business Announcements. "r,r- ,r"J I CHOICE VARIETY OF BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. Y" STRACHAN, SEED MERCHANT AND NURSERYMAN, WREXHAM, Invites inspection at the Railway Station Nurseries. 408p SELECTED FARM SEEDS. Y. gTRACHAN, I SEED MERCHANT AND NURSERYMAN, WREXHAM, Offers a Splendid Lot of the True SCOTCH CHAMPION POTATOES, WHITE ROCKS, REGENTS, and other kinds. GUARANTEED DIRECT FROM SCOTLAND. OATS, BARLEY, CLOVER, and GRASS SEEDS. PRICES AND SAMPLES ON APPLICATION. 409b NEW SPRING GOODS. BROWN, HOLAIES) & CO, beg to aunounce they are prepared with New Goods in all Departments. The Dress Fabrics are Cashmere, Beges, and a., variety of Novelties manufactured specially for them. Washing Satines and Crepes in Pompadours and New Shades. PRICES FOR DRESSMAKING. Material Dress, plainly made 10 (>. 91 fully trimmed, from 12/6. The Newest Parisian Styles and God Fit' are guaranteed. LINEN ROOM. They hold a large stock of Table L' :ens, Sheet- ings, and Calicoes, obtained direct from the best makers, and offered at prices which, in a short time, cannot fail to be augmented on account of the rapid rise which has recently taken place in all Linen and Cotton Yarns. Patterns sent free on application. SILK MERCERS TO HER MAJESTY AND H.R.H. THE PRINCESS OF WALES. Chester, February, 1880. 331n SUITABLE PRESENTS. CHEAP, GOOD, AND USIFUL, AT THE BOOK AND STATIONERY DEPOT, 1, CHURCH STREET, X'REXHAM. PHOTO AND SCRAP ALBUMS IN A VARIETY OF BINDINGS. LEATHER GOODS IN RUSSIA, MOROCCO, CALF, &c. WRIBLES, PRAYER BOOKS, CHURCH SERVICES, AND HYMNALS in all sizes, great varip-y of bindings, and newest designs. BIRTHDAY BOOKS, IN FANCY A-7T) PLAIN BINDINGS, including the Longfellow, Tennyson, Keble, Shakespeare. &c., ltc, CALENDARS, AND DIARIES FOR V by Marcus Ward, J. T. Smith and Son, A ANNUALS, CHRISTMAS BOOKS, AND PICTURE VOLUMES. FANCY GOODS and ARTICLES of Virtu imported direct from Vienna, most suitable for presentations. TOY BOOKS.—Caldecott's and other new Books of the Season. iJo TEXTS IN GREAT VARIETY, hand painted and printed, framed or unframed. MUSIC.—The largest stock in Wrexham. W. GARRATT-JONES, I BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, AND GENERAL NEWSPAPER AGENT, 1, CHURCH STREET, 2676 WREXHAM. Businesss Announcements. Important to all who suffer from weak digestion, loss of app-tite, or distaste for food. USE AT ALL MEALS, | WITH SOUPS, HOT AND COLD MEATS, POULTRY, GAME, FISH, AND VEGETABLES, PREMIER DIGESTIVE SAUCE, THE PUREST, MOST DELICIOUS, AND MOST WHOLESOME SAUCE EVER MANUFACTURED. PREPARED SOLELY BY • J J1 I DB. ARTHUR HILL HASSALL'S REPORT on the PURITY and QUALITY of this SAUCE 11 printed on every label, and without that and the ABOVE SIGNATURE noae is genuine. SOLD WHOLESALE BY MAURICE, ASHDOWN, AND CO., SEEL STREET, LIVERPOOL, AND RETAIL BY THOMAS STEVENS, CONFECTIONER, HOPE-STREET, AND f WILLIAM PHILLIPS, TEA DEALER, No. 1, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. AND BY ALL DEALERS IN CONDIMENTS. I 532 EDWARD ROGERS & SON, Beg most respectfully to inform their Customers and friends that they have now completed their purchases for the coming season, consisting of V SCOTCH TWEEDS, CHEVIOTS AND HOMESPUN SUITINGS, FASHIONABLE OVERCOATINGS AND FANCY TROUSERINGS, GENTLEMEN'S SCARVES, HOSIERY, UMBRELLAS, WATERPROOF OVERCOATS, PORTMANTEAUS AND BAGS in great variety. E. R & S. also beg to say that MR ROBINSON (their late cutter) has left their employ but they have made such arrangements that they feel will meet with their customers entire approbation. CHARLES STREET, WREXHAM. 401n TO FARMERS. NEW AGRICULTURAL SEED AT M. D. JONES. MARKET HALL SHOP, 10, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. THE cold wet season of 1879 having made crops very shorE: prices are consequently higher than in ordinary seasons. M. D. J. begs to inform farmers of the district that he has selected a good stock of FIRST CLASS SEED which he is prepared to sell at a very moderate price for cash. Note.—Samples and prices on application. 458 THE KING'S HEAD FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL AND POSTING HOUSE, HOLYWELL, Is now RE-OPENED under the management of MR AND MRS LAMBERT (of the Star Hotel, Mold), where by strict attention to business combined with moderate charges, they hope to secure for themselves a continuance of that public support and prestige with which for many years this Hotel has been favoured. HOT AND COLD WATER BATHS. WINES, SPIRITS, AND CIGARS OF THE CHOICEST QUALITIES. AN ORDINARY HELD ON MARKET AND FAIR DAYS. PARCEL AGENTS FOR THE LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY COMPANY. Posting in all its Branches, personally superintended by Mr Lambert. An Omnibus Runs in connection with the Trains. 249a PRIZE M E D A (tL ALES, £ ——————— KILDERKIN 21s. I Y A L -= A LB nT H I -rn Z. ALL. i z c 1 -?w i I 1875 I FIRKIN 10s. 6d. I PALE FAMILY ALE. A DELIGHTFUC TOXIC OF A DELICATE STRAW COLOR AND FINE FLAVOUR, BREWED EXPRESSLY FOR FAMILY USE, BY THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMPANY, WREXHAM. THE CELEBRATED GUINEA WREXHAM, IS GALLONS FOR 21s, 9 GALLONS FOR 108 6D, Delivered Carriage Paid. THE WREXHAM BREWERY CO., WREXHAM. d2471a J. W. *BENSON, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER .v- By Special Warrant TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, And by Special Appointment to H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, H.I.M. THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA, PRIZE MEDALS—LONDON, DUBLIX A PARIS. BBNSON'S WATCHES, Of every Description, suitable for all climates, from 2 to 200 guineas. Chro- nographs, Chronometers, Keyless, Levers, Presentation, Repeaters, Rail- way Guards', Soldiers', and Wrorkmen's Watches of Extra Strength. BENSON'S CLOCKS, For Churches, Turrets, or Public Build- ings, Dining ar Drawing Room, Li- brary, Carriage, Church, Hall, or Shop. Perpetual Calendars, Wind Dials, &c. No VEI.TY-" EARLY ENGLISH" Clocks, in Wood and Ormolu, Decorated with Blue China, Wedgwood, &c., from £5 5s, Made solely by BENSON. BENSON'S GOLD AN SILVER JEWELLERY, Of every Description, in the Richest and Newest Designs, at the Lowes Prices compatible with good workman ship. Brooches, Bracelets Necklets Lockets, Rings, Earrings, &c. and also in Diamonds and Precious Stones. BENSON'S "Workman's" £ 5 5s Silver English Lever. (Warranted.) BENSON'S "Everybody's" Silver Watch, £ 3 3s, with Crystal Glass. (Warranted.) BENSON'S Silver and Electro-Plate.-Po)- Race and Athletic Meetings, Presentations or Household Use, Special Designs and Estimates Free. BENSON'S NEW PAMPHLETS of WATCHES, the most comprehensive in the WORLD, giving prices and illustrations of every kind. Just published, 2 stamps. BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of CLOCKS, the largest yet published, with designs and prices. Free, 2 stamps. BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of JEWELLERY, illustrated. 2 stamps. BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of SILVER and ELECTRO-PLATE, illustrated. 2 stamps. S BENSON'S new PAMPHLET of TURRET CLOCKS, illustrated. WATCHES SENT FREE AND SAFE BY POST. Watches, Clocks, Jewellery and 'Plate Repaired by Skilled Workmen. Plate, Jewellery, and Watches Exchanged. CLUB MERCHANTS AND SHIPPERS SUPPLIED. STEAM- FACTORY AND CITY SHOW ROOMS:— LUDGAT.E HILL; WEST-END ESTABLISHMENT: 25, OLD BOND STREET, LONDON, ESTABLISHED 1749. g264Sb WARNING WHEN YOU ASK FOR RECKITT'S PARIS BLUE SEE THAT YOU GET IT. RECKITT S PARIS BLUE THE GENUINE IS USED BY THE LAUNDRESSES OF THE PRINCESS OF WALES AND 1334 DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH I THE I POOR MAN'S FRIEND. I DR. ROBERTS'S OINTMENT. This invaluable Ointment (as originally prepared by G. L. ROBERTS, M.D.) is confidently recommended to the Public as an unfailing remedy for Wounds of every description-Scalds, Chilblains, Scorbutic Eruptions, Burns, Sore and Inflamed Eyes, &c. Sold in pots at Is lid, 2s 9d, lis, and 22s each. Sold wholesale by the Proprietors, BEACH & BARXICOTT, Bridport; and retail by all respectable chemists. N.B.—The use of either Dr. Roberts's Alterative Pills or his celebrated Auti-Scorbutic Drops, in conjunction with the Ointment, is strongly recommended. See Pamphlet with Testimonials, forwarded post free. 2b Business Announcements. K NOWLES, HARNESS AND SADDLERY WORKS, 28 & 29, HENBLAS STREET, WREXHAM, Begs to thank his customers and friends for their past support, having commenced business at the above address, he hopes to have a continuance of the same. Allover Hogskin Saddles from E3 3s. Single Harness, Brass Mountings from JE5 5s. do Silver Plated do to .-t:ï 7,4j Double Carritge Harness, lirass do „ £W His do Silver Plated do „ £ lrt IRs, Workmen sent any distance to Collieries, Farms, and Private Residence to repair Harnesa, Gears, &,e., or any such work taken by contract. Note the Address :— R. KNOWLES, 28 A' 20. HENBLAS STREET, (Opposite the Advertiser Office,) 253p WREXHAM. JAMES L LOYD, OAK TREE lXX, RUABON ROAD, WREXHAM. HORSES AND TRAPS FOR HIRE, FURNITURE REMOVED WITH GREATEST CARE, ALL KIND OF TEAM WORK DONE. CONTRACTS ENTERED INTO &C. 569a Town or Country. JJOBINSON & HUGHES, PRACTICAL TAILORS AND DRAPERS, 30, HENBLAS STREET, WREXHAM. G. R. begs to state that he has lieen with Messrs E, Rogers and Son, Charles-street, for upwards of nine years, and that he has taken Mr K. Hughes uito partnership, who was with the late J. Clarke, Hope-street, for upwards of eighteen years, and with Mr T. C. Jones, Church-street, for the last six years. R. & H. beg to solicit the Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of the town and district for their kind support, and at the same time to thank their very many friends who have promised them their Patronage almost unsolicited, alsuring them that nothing shall be wanting on theirpart to merit the same. ENTIRE NEW STOCK TO SELECT FROM. LADIES' ULSTERS, JACKETS, AND HABIT MAKERS. LIVERIES ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. 456b 1\1 ARTIN BROTHERS, BRIDGE STREET, PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS. AND PAINTERS, AUTHORISED WATER FITTERS. Hot and Cold Baths, Water Closets, Lift and Force Pumps made and fixed. Wall Papers supplied and Hnng Patterns on application 249b J. G. & J. LL\YD, PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, AND PAINTERS, LEAD PUMPS, WATER CLOSETS, BATHS, BEER MACHINES, AND WATER SUPPLY FITTINGS OF TIIE MOST IMPROVED CONSTRUCTION. All orders promptly attended to. QUEEN'S SQUARE, WREXHAM. 237p SEEDS OF SUPERIOR QUALITY. Y. STRACHANS ILLUSTRATED AND DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE IS NOW READY. It contains a very Choice Selection of Kitchen Garden and Flower Seeds, procured from the MOST CELEBRATED STOCKS AT HOME AND ABROAD. CATALOGUES FORWARDED POST FREE ON APPLICATION. SEEDS, VALUE 20s & UPWARDS, CARRIAGE PAID. FIVE PER CENT DISCOUNT FOR CASH. HIGH-STREET & RAILWAY STATION NURSERIES, WREXHAM. 164z J. G. CRnMPTON, SMITHFIELD LEATHER WORKS, WREXHAM. SHEEPSKIN HEARTHRUGS AND MATS in any size, shape, or color, at low prices. RUGS AND MATS CLEANED AND RE-DYED, &c. SEND FOR PRICE LIST. T Morrocos, Roans, Wash Leather, and Fancy Leather of all descriptions. Leather for Flower Work in all shades. 2760Z ECONOMY IN THE GARDEN. NEW CAT A LOG U E, 1880. JOHN & G EORGE ICH ATTIE Beg to announce the publication of their NEW CATALOGUE of VEGETABLE SEEDS.-The choicest kinds. FLOWER SEEDS.—The newest varieties. POTA.roE.s. -Best Exhibition kinds. GLADIOLI., Very choice collection. EVERY GARDEN REQUISITE. CHOICEST QUALITY. MODERATE PRICES POST FREE TO ANY ADDRESS. SEED WAREHOUSE: NORTHGATE STREET, CHESTER. 299a H AX ELL'S ROYAL EXETER HOTEL J_ is situate in the most open part of the WEST- STRAND, close to the THEATRES, and most JKapffK, Objects of Interest, with the advantage of being entirely surrounded by the wood pavement Apartments, 2s 6d; Drawing-Rooms, with Bedrooms en suite, 10s 6d, 12s bd Service, Is 6d. The tariff is never varied. TOURIST SEASON. We will add that the House is admirably placed for pleasure parties. Nor is there a more comfortable or inexpensive a hostelry in London Vido Cambridge Chronicle. 7c IMPORTANT TO* FARMERS. BY ROYAL APPOINTMENT. To To the HEK MAJESTY, ? PRINCE OF WALES By Special Warrant, By Special Warrant, dated Dec. 27th, 18(;5. Png;?n? dated Feb. 10th, 1866. D AY, gON, & H EWITT, Inventors of the" ORIGINAL s TOCKBREEDERS' jyjEDICINE CHEST, FOR ALL DISORDERS IN HORSES, CATTLE, CALVES, SHEEP, AND LAMBS. This Matchless Chest contains all that a Farmer can require to keep his Stock free from disease, and in fine healthy condition, viz. DAY, SON, and HEWITT'S CHEMICAL EXTRACT of GREAT PAIN DESTROYER," prevents Paining and Heaving in Bad Lambing, Cures Swollen and Broken Udders in Ewes and Cows, and all Gangrenous Wounds* Cuts, and Sores in all Animals. DAY, SON, and HEWITT'S "GASEOUS FLUID" Dstops Internal Pain, Colic, Scour, or Diarrhea De- bility, Colds, Shivering Fits, and Great Exhaustion In Horses, Oxen, Calves, Sheep, and Lambs, imparting- rare Strength, Vigour, and Appetite.. DAY, SON, and HEWITT'S RED DRENCH fhe Dmost marvellous Cleansing Drench; is of immense value in checking all Feverish Symptoms after Calving and Lambing, rendering the milk of the Cow and Ewe copious, pure, and wholesome for their off-spring. ? DAY, SON, and Hewett's "BRONCHOLINE for Husk and Hoose in, Sheep and Calves. It enters the blood, and Impregnates it with a pungent gaseous odour destructive to the Worm or Parasite In the Windpipe and Liings. DAY, SON, and HEWITT'S "RED P?STE BATi! S » Dfor Mares after Foaling, it being a "eat nurifirof the milk for the colt; it scatters and destroys all Humour?s and Feverish Symptoms in Horses, and is just thf remedy to restore appetite and impart a Mole-like condition D AY. SON, and HEWITT'S" GAS EO DINE:' "CAR- t F AfTNATIVt-' r'tj?TT. c chests. MIVATIVE CHALK," &c., are contained in these Price of chest complete, including KEY TO FARRIERY," separately in S carriage paid. Any article can be had separately in boxes. These important inventions have stood the test of time, and are the true Farmer's Friend and Guide in all his Cattle Diseases. CAUTION.-Beiva)-c of Low-priced Imitations, and see that the name of DAY. SON, & HEWITT, is on all bottles and packets. DAY, SON, & HEWITT, 22, DORSET STREET, BAKER STREET, LONDON. W., AND WANTAGE, BERKS. za265 £