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Sales by Mr. Griffith. .rr"'J"J" .r, 'J IMPORTANT SALE AT DEE VILLA, LLANGOLLEN. MESSRS. GRIFFITH & JACQUES h?vc RECEIVED ?'L poîtivc and umes tricted instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, on MONDAY, the 4th day of February, 1856, upon the premises DEE VII/LA, LLANGOLLEN, the whole of the very valuable, modern, and substantial HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, which will comprise every articlo for completely furnishing a genteel House, including Down and Feather Beds, Hair Mattresses, Four-post, Tudor, and French Bedsteads, with the usual chamber requisites; dining, drawing, and break- fast Room Suites, in Rosewood, Spanish Mahogany, and other choice woods, Brussels, and Kidderminster car- pets and hearth rugs, kitchen and culinary utensils, &c &C. Descriptive Catalogues may be had Ten days previous to the Sale, from the Auctioneers at Lllangollen or Wrexham, or of Mr. Monk, the Library, and Mr. Allen, Ponsonby Arms, Langollen. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock punctually, and the Auctioneers invite an inspection of the Furniture the day previous to the Sale, between the hours of 10 and 4 o'clock. Offices, "Wrexham and Llangollen, 18th Jan. ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND, In the Parish of Gresford. TO BE SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. GRIFFITH, on Tuesday, the 5th day February, 1856, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Lion Hotel, Wrexham, All that very compact TENEMENT, consisting of a Messuage, Garden, and Land, containing 5a Or 37p, be the same more or less; beautifully situated near to the Turnpike Road leading from Wrexham to Chester, about midway between Wrexham and Gresford, and near to the Acton Toll Bar, and will be offered in one or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then read. This desirable Property is surrounded by lands be- I longing to Sir R. H. Cunliffe, Bart., is within a quar- ter of a mile of Acton Park, and forms a very eligible I site for building purposes, having an extensive south frontage to an excellent road, and commanding a de- lightful view of picturesque scenery, and possessing the great advantage of a never failing supply of spring water. For further particulars apply to B. H. Thelwall, Esq, Solicitor, Wrexham; Mr Tong (the Proprietor), oil the premises, or to the Auctioneer, Wrexham, at whose Office apian of the Property may be seen. SALE OF FAT STOCK, AND CALVING HEIFERS. MR. GRIFFITH is favoured with instructions j?JL from Mr. Joseph Clark, to SELL by AUCTION, I at the Cambrian Brewery Farm, Wrexham, on TUES- DAY, the 5th day of February, 1856, 61 primefat "Welsh WETHERS. I 31 iat SOUTHDOWN EWES (Very Ripe, and I warranted not in Lamb), j 8 Good PORK PIGS. 1 Large fat PIG. 2 FAT COWS. 6 well-bred in-calf HEIFERS, (for early note) 1 BARREN COW. N,B —The Sheep must be taken away within a week from the day of Sale, and will be sold in pens of Five I or Ten each, as may be agreed upon. Sale to commence at two o'clock precisely. Sale by Mr. Edisbury. MR. EDISBURY has been instructed to offer for un- 1.1 rcseved SHE by AUCTION, up n the premises at BEKSE DUKLINCOURT COTTAGE,near Wrexham, on MON- DAY, the ] Ith day of February, 1856, tLc whole of the CAPITAL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Prime Goose and Down Feather Beds, Bedsteads, Ma- hogany Chest-of-Drawers. and other chamber requisites. Late the Property of Mr. John Jones, (deceased.) Sale to commence at 12 o'clock at noon punctually. Sale by Ur. Jones. ANNuTtT sALE OF FAT isTOCK AT LLANDYN HALL, WITHIN ONK MrLE FBOU LLANGOLLEN. MR. R. JONES respectfully announces that he is in- structed by the Proprietor, RICHARD EDWARDS, Esq, of Llaudvn, to offer (or unrestricted public compe- titiou, ou TUESDAY, the 5th day of February, 1856, 160 Prime Fat Welsh WETHERS, (In Lots of Five each.) 8 Ripe Fat COWS. 1 Ditto do. BULLOCK. Lunch on the Table at Eleven o' Clock. I Sale to commence at Twelve to a minute. BANK OF WALES. (To be Incorporated by Royal Charter.) Commencing Capital £100,000, in 1000 Shares of each, upon which not more than JE50 per Share will be called up. TRUSTEES; Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart, M,P., Wynnstay. Sir R. H. Cunliffe, Bait., C.B., Acton Park, Denbigh- shire. John Lloyd Davies, Esq., M.P., Blaendyffryn, Cardi- ganshire. John Johnes, Esq., Chairman of the Carmarthenshire Quarter Sessions and Recorder of Carmarthen. COURT OF DIRECTORS William Wright, Esq., Gresford Bank. H. B. Watkin Williams Wynn, Esq., Llanvorda. Dr. Phillips Jones, Chester. John James, Esq., Wrexham, I Edward Tench, Esq., Ruabon. Thomas Painter, Esq., Wrexham. Richard C. Rawlins, Esq., Hope Mills. (With power to add to their number.) LONDON BANKERS: The Union Bank of London. AUDITORS Hugh Owen, Esq., Barnsbury Park, London. John Farrer, Esq., Banker, Manchester. I (Future Auditors to be elected annually by the Share- holders.) SOLICITOUS Messrs. Edgworth and Pugh, Wrexham. HEAD OFFICE Wrexham. THE Deed of Settlement (which has received the sanction of the Board of Trade) contains among other special clauses the following, vi2. :— That no advance upon account shall at any time exceed f3000 to an individual or firm. That no advance shall be made to any Director or Officer of the Bank individually. That one-fourth in number of the Directors shall retire from the Board annually and be imlujible for election for 12 months. Detailed prospectuses may be obtained on application at the Head Office of the Bank in Wrexham. The allotment of the Shares is now being proceeded with, and the Share list will very shortly be closed. TKSDERS FOR POLICE CLOTHING. ¡ PERSONS desirous of Contracting for any of the I -L following articles of Police Uniform, are re quested to forward Tenders in writing, together with Samples of the Cloth, or other articles, to the Superin- tendent of Police, at his office in Wrexham, on or be- fore the 16th of Februrary next õ- 17 Rifle Green Cloth Body Coats. 17 Pairs of Trowsers of the same. One Rifle Green cloth Frock Coat, of finer cloth for Inspector, and Trowsers of the same. 36 Pairs of Blucher Boots. 17 Police Hats, also one for Inspector. 20 Oiled Cloth Capes, lined with haze. The whole of the articles are to delivered at. the Police Office in Wrexham, by the 12th day of May next. 'usttbukry 0?<p. Wrexham, .?th Jan. T?P. i f ST. DAVID'S DAY, 1856. LOVATT'S OLD SWAN INN. I As the important occasion on which the sons and I lovers of Cambria meet together to celebrate the Natal Day of the Patron Saint of Wales happens this year on Saturday (Market Day), and consequently particularly inconvenient for Tradesmen to leave their business, Mrs. LOYATT has been advised to hold her ANNUAL DINNER on FRIDAY, the 29th instant. PRESIDENTS JAMES BUCKTON, Esq. COLYN NAPIER, Esa. Ma. EDISBUHY, 1st February, 1856. I MiL. HOOK, I MR. J AS. JACKSON. < HUGH SAMUEL JONES, Auctioneer, Land and Estate Agent, LLANGOLLEN. HS. J. BEGS to inform the public of Llango- JLJL. Hen and its vicinity, that he has been induced to commence in the above busines, and hopes by his endeavours to discharge his duties with fidelity, to give universal satisfaction to those who may entrust him with the favour of their patronage. Llangollen, Jan. 24th, 1856. EBNAL, NEAR OSWESTRY. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, a DESIRABLE FARM, In Grass, caned the Yewtree Cottnge," at Ebnal, two miles from the Gobowen Railway Station, near oswestr"1 Present rental, £ 30 per annum. The tetant will shew the property. For further particulars apply to J. S. TOFT, Brony- I garth, uearChirk. EDWARD THOMAS, HOMOEOPATHIC CHEMIST, AND MEDICAL PUBLISHER, PEFPER-STREET, CHESTER. FAMILY MEDICINE CHESTS in great variety suited to the various Domestic Works on Ho- moeopathy; Cases or single Tubes refilled with Globules, Pilules, Tinctures, or Triturations. Medicines sent by Post to any distance. THOMAS'S GENUINE HOMOEOPATHIC COCOA Dentrifices, Jujubes, Pomade, and other articles prepared especially for Homoeopathic patients. A vacancy fur au Apprentice. GOVERNMENT EMIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA. HER Majesty's Emigration Commissioners are pre-l JLL pared to grant FREE PASSAGES in Vessels I which will be despatched in quick succession from London, Southampton, Plymouth, and Birkenhead, to married agricultural laborers, shepherds, herdsmen, blacksmiths, sawyers, wheelwrights, carpenters, brick- layers, miners, masons, gardeners, and single female domestic and farm servants TO AUSTRALIA. I The Emigrants are on their arrival received by a I Government Officer who will give every assistance in his power by way of information and advice as to the rate of wages,—the places where employment may be obtained, &c. They are at liberty to engage them- selves to any one willing to employ them, and to make their own bargain for wages, and are not under any engagement of any kind to the Colonial Authorities j they have the option of remaiiiiag at the termination of the voyage on board and receive rations free of ex- pense for a few days in order to afford them time to make arrangements for settling themselves in the country. Further particulars and Forms of Application may be obtained by applying to THO. K. ROBERTS, Government Emigration Agent. Or to Mr. JOHN BURY, Wrexham. All Letters must be prepaid. Register Office, Elwy Place, St. Asaph, December 1st, 1855.  RICHARD GRIFFITHS, of Tanyclawdd, near I Ruabon, farmer, having accused Edward Rogers, of the Ponkey, near Ruabon, aforesaid, butcher, of having stolen a sheep, do declare that such accusation is false and without foundation, and I hereby publicly apologise to the said Edward Rogers for having made such an unwarrantable assertfon, and express my re- gret at having done so. As witness my hand this 31st I da' y of January, 1856, day of January 1856 RICHARD GRIFFITHS. I Witness—Lewis Jones, Clerk to Mr. E. Pugh, Solici- tor, Wrexham, RICHIA-RD JONES, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, &c., LLANGOLLEN, IN returning his sincere acknowledgments for the very liberal patronage bestowed upon his late father so many years, and subsequently extended to the firm of John Jones and Son, respectfully announces that he has taken upon himself the above business, and hopes, through strict attention to all matters confided to him, as well as punctuality in settling every sale ac- count, the same support will be accorded to him. Office, Butcher's Arms Inn, Llangollen. NOTICE. ALL Persons having anv claim against the Estate of I A the late Mr. JOHN KERRISON, of Charles Street, Wrexham, iu the County of Denbigh, Guu and Archery Manufacturer, are hereby requested to send in their accounts of the same to me for examination. I JOS. OLIVER, Accountant. Vicarage Hill, Wrexham. j TIMBER AND COAL. E. MEREDITH JONES, CHARLES STREET, WREXHAM, DEALER in all Kinds of TIMBER for Builders, J.7 Carpenters, Wheelwrights, Coachmakers, Well sinkers, &c. Rcund or Sawn TIMBER for Mines, Col- lieries, and Wholsale Mei chants. Arrent for the Salo of the Brvmbo Co's. Westminster I Go's. and Ruabon Co's. Coal, and the Minera Co s. Lime, at the Wrexham Station. I SOUTH SEA COAL. CROSS. KEYS YARD, MOUNT STREET, II WREXHAM. ,.T HO MAS KENT, I BEGS respectfully to inform the Gentry, Tradesmen, D aud Public of Wrexham and its vicinity, that he has made arrangements with the South Sea Company to sell theircelcbrattd Coal. Orders received at the House and Yard, and punctually attended to. JOHN ROWLAND, MANUFACTURER OF CORN SACKS and J3LL BAGS Salt Sacks, Guano and Cement Bags, Coil'ec and Seed Bags, &c.; also Twines, Lines, &c. 17, Beck Goree-street, Liverpool, Doc. 12, 1855. N.R. Goods delivered free of carnage at Chester, I Salop, or any intermediate Stations on the line of rail. J PHOTOGRAPHY. PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESSES, W. CROWE, CHARLES-STREET, WREXHAM. WC. respectfully informs the public generally, that he has, after considerable labour and studv acquired a Y V most perfect knO\lege of th above Art, ad cu confidently asert that iu otnt 01 artistic 'beanty and enect, combined with accuracy of delineation and life-like expression, his pictures win bear comparison with the pio uctions of many of the most famed professors of this beautiful art. \? erec{ed> at a great expense, a suitable OPERATING ROOM, or Private Glass House on his prem?ca lU Sharks-street, where likenesses can be takea with the utmost privacy. Priccs moderate,—-from 2s. 6d. upwards. # SlleClmens may be seen at the Advertizer Office, Wrexham. H ARP & PIANO FORTE WAREHOUSE, ABBEY STREET, CHESTER, B()UCHER~1ND CO., HAVE always on hand an extensive Selection ol New and Second-hand INSTRUMENTS of the best L L character, or SALE and HIRE, on the most moderate terms. Additional Stocks kept by their various Agents in Wales, TUNING AND REPAIRING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. EAGLE FOUNDRY, WREXHAM. KITCHEN RANGES, REGISTER AND OTHER GRATES, FURNACE BOILERS, FIRE BARS AND BEARERS, RAIN-WATER, GUTTER AND DOWN SPOUTS. LAND ROLLERS, STRAW-CUTTERS, CORN-CRUSHERS, MALT-MILLS, &c., j AT VERY LOW PRICES. CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION IN IRON AND BRASS EGERTON STREET AND TIMBER YARD SAW MILLS gSSPS CHESTER ALFRED LOCKWOOD & Co. bg to announce that they arc Selling 'MOULDINGS of every Form DOORS ?L SASHES, and all kinds of JOINERS' WORK, manufactured by PATENT MACHINERY, at greatly REDUCED PRICES, a full List of which can be had on application. SEAsoNED ANO PREPARED FLOORING ALWAYS ON SALE. TIMBER AND SCANTLINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. S. BAYLEY'S, (LATB 8CDLOW) GENERAL CONFECTIONERY AND BRIDE CAKE ESTABLISHMENT, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM Agent for Stiveu's celebrated British Wines, viz;— e. D. I a d Green Ginger Wine. per bottle 1 6 Sherry Ditto, (recommended). 16 Cowslip Ditto 1 6 Port Ditto. 16 Gooseberry Ditto, „ ] 6 RICH BRIDE CAKES kept always on hand, and ready on the shortest notice. FUNRAL Br3 CUITS supplied on the shortest notice. DINNER at One o'clock, p. m. on Thursdays and Fair Days. PLUM CAKES, SPONGE CAKES, SEED CAKES, aud WINE BISCUITS ef all kinda. A comfortable REFRESHMENT ROOM ittached t* (h8,hop. GREAT BARGAINS!! IN DRAPERY GOODS, NOW SELLING ) AT A. D. JONES'S, CHURCH-GATES, WHEX HAM, AT THE FOLLOWING REDUCED PRICES :— 100 Large size Cloth Mantles, 4s lid, worth 6s Waterproof ditto, with Hoods, 8s 6d, worth 12s A large stock of Wool Shawls, from 3s 6d, to 15s '¡ 300 Alpaca and Coburg Dresses, 2s 4d, worth 49 100 Fancy Stuff Dresses, 3s, worth 5s 250 Print Dresses, fast colour, 2s, worth 3s A great variety of Furs, from from Is 6d to 10s A cheap lot of Flannels, at 6 id, 8dJ 10d, and lB. par yard Blankets, all sizes, from 7s 6d to 15s í Cotton Sheets and Bed Covers, remarkably cheap 500 BONNETS (white and coloured straw) from 4id to 28 150 Pieces of Bonnet Ribbons, from 3d to Is per yard Several cheap lots of cap Ribbons, from id to 4d per yard A large Stock, of WOOLLEN CLOTHS, TROUSERINGS, WAISTCOATINGS, CORDS, MOLESKINS, VELVETEENS, HATS. CAPS, JIM CROWS, &c., &c., FAMOUS MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIES. JAMES OLLER HEAl) I BEGS to announce to the Public generally that he continues to receive his regular weekly supply of the _D famous MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIES, and that during this happy and social season of the year, will keep on hend, and be ready to receive aud execute orders for his own celebrated Mince Pies, Christmas Plum Cakec Boarding Schoo Lunch Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Christening Cakes and French Pound Cakes, together with a variety of Parisian Boo Bous, Cossacks, Caskets, Magic Flowers, Gipsy Nuts, and Models of the Russian ex- ploding Machines loaded (not with powder and but with sweets of various kinds. Jellies, Blarnanges, &c., &c., Bride aud Funeral Cakes as usual. DANCING. MR STEPHENSON & SON be? to announce to their Pupils and Friends that their Rooms, in Bank- I j\jL Stret, Wrexham, will RE-OPEN on TUESDAY, the 5th of February next. ¡ Cards of Terms may be bad on application at their Residence, Chester-street. Days of Tuition, every Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. EVENING CLASS at 8 o'clock. Schools and Private Families attended. Violin and Violencello taught. January 24th, 1856. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. F. FRASER, WATCHMAKER, SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, ETC., IN tendering his grateful thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and other Inhabitants of Wrexham and its  Vicinity, for past favours, begs respectfully to inform them that he has REMOVED TO HIGH.STREET, next door to Mr. Smith's, Draper, where he hopes to merit a continued share of their support. High-street, Wrexham, Nov. 1, 1855. ESTABLISHED 1770. CABINET, CARPET, & PAPER-HANGING WARFUOTJSE, BRIDGE-STREET, WREXHAM, PIERCE AND OWEN. BEG to invite the attention of the Public. of Wrexham and its Vicinity to their immense Stock of FURNITURE, PARPTTTS FELT CARPETS, DRUGGETS, HEARTH RUGS, DOOR MATS, COCOA and other m ATTIKPS OIL-CLOTHS, IRON BEDSTEADS, FEATHER BEDS, AND MATTBESSES, &c., and every otter article connected viththe Trade. Also a large Stock of cheap PAPER-HANGINGS. UNDER ROYAL LETTEKS PATENT. HENRI'S ARABIAN MEAL FOR HORSES AND CATTLE. THE Patentee is gratified to announce that this Food JL is now employed with entire success in many bran- ches of ber Majesty's SciYicr, and that its fame has al ready crossed the channel, being used by the Imperial Cavalry of the East, as well as in the Chief Racing Sta- bles. Being prepared of pure vegetable agents, it speed- ily imparts new powers of endurance to the horse, which enable him to withstand with case the greatest fatigue. It also gives brightness-to liis eyes, elasticity to hislhnbs, and a glossy smoothness to his coat. Ample testimonials of its efficacy with further part iculars, may be had On ap- plication to MR. WM. OVERTON, GROCER, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. TESTIKON t AL. Windsor, Sept. 24th, 18-55. To C.W. Henri, Esq. -Sir,! have been for some time past sending yoQr Arabian Horse Fted to her Majesty's Hunt- ing tablc, at the Palacc, and the result is so satisfac- tory that all the Horses are to be fed upon it once per day. Will thank yoa to forward me 10 cwt. I am, Sir, your obL, CHARLES EMMINGS. WHEREAS a Petition of ISAAC GRIFFITn, T V at present and for ten we?ks )ast past residing at Rhos Tyllen, in the parish of Wrexham, in the county of Denbigh, miner, previously for seven weeks residing at Wrexham aforesaid, miner and dealer in groceries, and for nine years previously residing at j Wern, in the township of Esclusham Above, in the said parish of Wrexham, miner and publican, an insol- vent debtor, having been filed in the County Court of Denbighshire, at Wrexham, and an interim order for protection from process having been given to the said I Isaac Giiffiths, under the provisions of the Statutes in that case made and provided, the said Isaac Griffiths is hereby required to appear in such aforesaid Court on the Twenty-sixth day of February, at Ten of the CL ck in the forenoon precisely, for his first examination touching his Debts, Estate, and Effects, and to be fur- ther dealt with according to the provisions of the said Statutes: And notice is hereby given, that the choice of Assignees is to take place at the time so appointed. I All persons indebted to the said Isaac Griffiths, or who have any of his Effects, are not to pay or dc. liver the same but to Thomas Gold Edwards, Clerk of the said Court, the Official Assignee, nominated in that behalf by the said Couit, acting in the matter of the said Petition. Dated this 1st day of February, 18-56. THOMAS GOLD EDWARDS, I Registrar. BIRMINGHAM HALL, WREXHAM. I E KNIBBS, having become the Lessee of the above J. Hall, applications for Shops. &c., must be ad- dressed to him, at his residence, High-street, Wrex- ham. N.B.—The Wrexham Cheese Fair will be held on Tuesday next, February 5, 1856. RUTHLV INCLOSURE. TO ROA n CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS.  RICHARD WAKEFORD ATTRER or Pu b?. in I I the County of Dm high, hereby GIVE OTICE that I am prepared to receive Tendfrs in writin?, ad- dressed to me, for farming and making Roids iu the ma'ter of the above Inclosure Plans and Specifications are deposited for inspection at thp Office of Llewellvc Adams, Esq.. Solicitor, Rnthin. ¡ The Contractors will" bfc required to enter into and sign an Agreement, prepared by the Solicitor to the Inelosure, of which the Expenses will have to be paid by the Contractor, who must find sureties for the due performance of his Work, to the satisfaction of the Valuer. Tenders must be delivered on or before the 25th of February, 18.56. The Val uer docs not bind himself to accept the lowest Tender. Dated this 17th day of January. R. W. ATTREE. LIME. WILLIAM JOHNSON, BEGS to thank his numerous friends for the support he has received from them since he coinuHiic.d the Lime trade, and in:solicitmg a continuance of their patronage, and the of consumers of Lime gellclally, re- spectfully iuforms them that he has constantly on hand a supply of the Best Lime at moderate prices. THE NEW S II 0 P, I HIGH STREET, WEEXHAM, I Is NOW OPENED with a large and well assorted JL Stock of WOOLLEN and LINEN DRAPER i GOODS of every description. The Proprietor begs t.) state, that the whole of his pur- chases being made for Cash, coupled with the general depression so seriously affeetiug manufacture, he will be enablcil, and is detcrmiued, to otfer such Goods (for ready tt.oney) at prices much lower than any yet known; and I earnestly solicits an inspection of the Stock in order to i bear out the truth of this representation. N.B. A respectable and well-educated Youth wanted as an Apprentice. One who can speak both the Welsh and English languages preferred. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF BEELIN WOOLS, much below the usual priccs PENELOPE CANVAS- SES, Crochet Hooks, Carved Handles, &c wdl worth the attention of the ladies o! the town aud neighbourhood. ROBERT LLOYD, Proprietor. WALTER HENRY J01L\S0N, F^MIL-Y- CHEMIST, I HIGH STREET, WltEXRAM, HAS been appointed Agent for the sale of Dr. De t t Jongh's Liht Brown COD-LIVER OIL, A fresh case of which has just been received from Ansard, llarlord Hornby, Dr. De Jongh's sole accredited Con- signees for the United Kingdom. I I rice. Half-pints, 2s. 6d.; Pints, 4s. 9d. and Quarts, I •Js, imperial measure. PLOUGHS PLOUGHS!! PLOUHS! I JOlIN EDWARDS, AGRIOULTURAL IMPLEMENT MANUFA CTURER, POST OFFICE, BOWLING BANK, NEAR I WREXHAM, EETURNS thanks to his friends, and the public i generally, for their patronage and support since his < oniinencemeut in business at Bowling Bank. J. E. has always studied to make a plough that will cut and turn the furrow in the best possible manner and suitable to the greatest variety of soils. J. E- can give numerous references to parties who have j bteu usiug his ploughs for several years. i A Steady Youth as au Apprentice wanted. j JOSLrlI JONES, TIMBER VALUER, RUABON. A Stock of Timber of all kinds constantly on Sale. BftY N-MALLY COAL. JOHN WHIT TAKER begs to return thanks to th.. <? mhabitants of Wrexham, for the liberal suppor they have hitherto accorded him, and to inform then that he has been appointed AGENT for the salo of the above celebrated Coals. Patties favouring him with their orders, will be sup plied on the most favourable terms, and the coals wil be delivered cither in the town or country. Wrexham Railway Station, ? Nov. 23, 1855.  br Tpi. I '¿V' LAVISTER??? I HALF WAY -8ET,RF; £ >" CHESTER AND WREXHAM, AMD* NEAR ROSSETT STATION. I TO LET, on building leases, for years, at annual I several Lots of well situated, dry and rich I n. tage LAND, at and near the village of Lavister, in the township of AilinloD, and county of Denbigh, lying on the south side of the Chester and Wrexham Turnpike Road?,-and along the Darlaiid Road, DOW in the occupa- tion of M fS. Parsonage, offering very desirable and con- venient sites for commodious dweliiug-hoasee, business premises, and large gardens, without outlay in the pur- chase of land. 1 A plan of the lots is lodged for inspection with Mr. Joseph Birch, saddler, Lavister, who will show the laud. Forpartieutars.andtotake lots, apply to Mr. DALIES, MoUirigton Chester. TO BE LET, on th/2nd March nest, a HOUSE in JL Queen-street, Wrexham, now in the occupation of Miss Rogers. There is a commodious School-room attached to the premises. Apply to Thos. Heywood, High.street. ffinntrft. AYOUNS MARRIED MAN ?whose "WIFE could ?A. take charge of a Dairy, if required), wishes to meet with an engagement as GARDENER, he understands both Kitchen and Flower Garndening, and can can be well recomeiidcd from his last plfice. Apply to Air. Bavley, Bookseller, Wrexham; TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. WANTED, a DRAPER'S ASSISTANT or an Apprentice having partly served his time. Apply to Mr. John Clark, Woollen Draper, Wrexham. WA-> 1 ED by a YOUG WOMAN who can be- TT well recommended from her last place, a Situ. ation as Housemaid or Nurse. Apply to Mr. Risley, Booksaller, Wrexham. OLD NEWSPAPERS, ANY quantity of Old Newspapers purchased, and the best prices given by W. BAYLEY, Hook seller, Wrexham. WREXHAM OAS COAIPAiN Y. rI^HE DIRECTORS of th above Company have just JL selected a variety ot the newest desi?'tS iu CHANDELIERS, &C., &C.3 IN CRYSTAL, OR.MULL AND BRONZE, to which they desire to draw attention also au assortment of New GAS STOVES for Cooking and Warming which give little or no trouble in the management, creating no dirt, besides beiug more economical than the ordinary coal lire. The above will be sold at COST PRICES, and may be seen ON application to Mr. DAXIKL WEBSTER, Manager at the Works. By Order of the Directors, JOHN BURY, Secretary. T. H. SAMPSON, EMIGRANTS' OUTFITTER, No. 17, & 18, STRAND S T R E E T LI r E RPOOL. PARTIES about to emigrate in this locality cr.n have JL any information on application to Mr. IJeury WiD. gctt, Turkey Mills, Bershim, near Wrexham. KAYE'S PILLS. ARE now well known throughout the United King- dom and our Colonies for their supeiior Health restoring Properties, in eases of Acute, as well as Chronic. Diseases, especially those arising from Impurities of the Blood, Indigestion, and (Constipation. They act most beneficially on the Liver, Stomach, and 13owe!s; aud in Constipation connected.with long-continued derangement of the biliary organs, termed Bilious Dyspepsia, will be found a must wonderful medicine. For persons of Sedentary habits they are the safest and- best Preventative of Constipation, so troublesome and des- tructive to heaith. To aU classes of society, especially Females, Artisaner; Mechanics, and .others whose employment eontiues them- to the sitting posture, these Pills are of the greatest ser. vice. In impurities of the blood they will be found efficacious and sate, not interfering with diet or avocations—and as they are composed of the finest Vegetable Substances, they may be taken by the most delicate with the greatest confidence Hundreds of cases of cure accompauv each box. Prepared by John Kaye, Esq., of Dalton Hall, near Hudderstield. Sold by all Medicine Vendors, at Is. lid., 2s. 9d., aud 4s. fid. Wholesale Depot, 22, Bread Street. Loudon. LET US REASON TOGETHER, HOLLO WAY'S PILLS. WHY ARE TVE SICK? It has Iwen the lot of the human race to be weizhed down bv disease and PILLS are especially adapted to the relief of the WEAK, the XER. VOUS. the DivLiCATK, aud the INFIRM, ot all dimes, aires, sexes, and constitutions. Prolessor Holloway person- ally superintends the manu aoture or his medicines, and otrcrs them to a free and enlightened people, as the best renieuy the world ever saw for the rClIovat of disease. These Pills Purify the Blood. Those- famous Pills are expressly combined to operate 00 the stomach, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the skin, and the bowels, correcting any derangement iu their func- tions, purifying the blood, the v. i-y fountain of life, and thus curing disease in all its forms. Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints. Nearly half the human race have taken these It has been proved in alt parts of the world, that nothing has boon found equal to them in casos of diso-ders of the liver, dysp-psia, and stomach complai its generally. They soon give a healthy tone to those cr«ans, however much deranged, and when all other means have failed. General Debility.—Ill Health. Many 'of the most despotic Governments have opened their Custom Houses to the introduction of these fills that the may become the medicine of the masses. Learn ed Colleges admit- that ihis medicine is the best remedy ever known for persons of delicate health, or where the system has teen impaired, as its invigorating properties never fail to give afford relief. Female Complaints. Xo Female, young or old, should be without this cele- brated medicine. It corrects and regulates the monthly courses at all periods, acting in many cases like a ch irm H is also the best and safest medicine that can be to children of all atres, and for any complain. :V,nse- quently no family should be without it Sick HeadrAche, Vomiting and General iJcbility.—JJ}3rtraordin;:ry Cure! r L The daughter ofJAM^S IIILLAGT, of Vronbeulog. Llaufihaugel. six miles from Llaiifviiiu, Carmarthenshire, was atlncteii for a lonir tin)", with *?eiK*ral debility, sudor- ing from sick head-ache, lansrour, vomiting, sinking, at the pit of the stomach, ami the thousand and one otho" evils of a treneral deranged system. She was 111\.1 ical treatment (or a long time, but unfur*- benelitted thcieby—aud father then put her tln"- and alter pe- direct io-