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-a THE DEATH ROLL OF 185-5.-Witbin the last twelve months what a gap has been made in the me- morable roll! The sagacious and indefatigable Truro -the earnest and philosophic Molesworth—the enter- prising Parry—the warm-hearted and upright Inglis— the scientific De la Beehe-the learned Gaisford—the reforming lIume-the harmonious Bishop-the finan- cial Ilerres-tlie diplomatic Adair—the poetical Strangford also a diplomatist, with Ellis aad Ponson- by, his fellow-labourers in the last named category— the gifted Lockliart-Miss Ferrier and Adam Fergus- son, connected, too, with Sir Walter Scott-Lord Rob- ertson, the convivial judge—Lord Rutherford, his 1\1' 0 acute compeer—Miss Mitford and strong-hearted Cur- rer Bell—Colburn, the godfather to half the novels of the last half century—Sibthorp the eccentric—the tra- veller Bnckingham-Park the sculptor—Gurney the shorthand wrftter.-O. Smith the preternatural—the centenarian Routh—Black of the Morning Chronicle— the life-prcsevering Captain Manby—Archdeacon flare —Jessie Lowers, the friend of Burns—the injured Baron de Bode —and a long file to titled names distin- guished in the pursuits |of life. The war, of course, came in for the lion's share, in sweeping away already illus- trious—or, had fate permitted, those who would have been so; the gentle-hearted, courteous Raglan, the mirror of modern chivalry—the intrepid Torrens-the amiable Estcourt—the untiring Markham—the brave Adams—the gallant Campbell—the unfortunate Chris- tie and Boxer, are the most prominent of the heroes whom tho bullet or thu Crimean lover have forcibly taken from us. Death, too, has been busy with great people in the ranks of our Allies, in the field, on the wave, in the Cabinet, in the private home; Ilarispe Bruat—Maekau—Delia Marmora, who fought so well- the painter Labey—the Statesman Mole—the poet Micziowitz—tho widow of Lavalette—the wife of Emile de Girardin—the brother of Victor lIugo- Count Bruhl, the antagonist of Philidor, the King of Chess—Ivhosrew Pasha, the true type of the old Os- manli—the chivalrous Duke of Genoa—and Adelaide of Sardinia, the early-lost wife our noble Piedmontesc ally. UNDFR THu RosF.Ntany a young lady who ob- jects to be kissed under the mistletoe has no objection to be kissed under the rose," A careless compositor made an error in the above, reuderiug it has no objection to be kissed under the nose." In the Bernese Oberland, especially on the St. Go- thard route, the temperature is just now extraordinarily mild. The snow melts and falls in heavy avalanches.




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