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Sales by Mr. Grrif&th. "AT CHAP E"L"S T REET, W-REXHAM, 0/t Monday, the 28(A c/ 1856. T\/TR. GRIFFITH Is requested by the Repreacnta- .iri. tives of the late Mrs. Browne (deceased) to SELL by AUCTION, (without reserve) upon the Premises, Chapel-street, Wrexham, the whole of the very substantial and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, and other eifects, which includes——Six goose feather beds, hair and wool mattresses, bedsteads and hangings, and bed clothing, and the usual bed-room furniture, carpets aud hearth rugs, piano-forte, by Broadwood, mahogany tables, chairs, sofas, chimney and pier glasses, China, glass, and cutlery, very hand- some eight days' clock, in mahogany case (chiming the quarters and shewing the daya of the month) and a variety of culinary requisites. Also, Two Horses, set of single harness, saddle and bridle, two cab phoctons, neat Stanhope pony gig, and harness, and numerous other effects. Catalogues may be had from the Auctioneer, a veek prior to the Sale. Sale to commence at eleven o'clock most punctually, and the whole on view <n hour previous to the Sale. ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND, In the Parislt of Gresford. fpO BE SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. GRIFFITH, J- on Tuesday, the 5th day February, 1856, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Lion Hotel, Wrexham, All that very compact TENEMENT, consisting of a Messuage, Garden, and Land, containing 5a Or 37p, be the same more or less beautifully situated near to the Turnpike Road leading from Wrexham to Chester, about midway between Wrexham and Gresford, and near to the Acton Toll Bar, and will be on'crcd in one or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then read. This desirable Property is surrounded by lands be- longing to Sir R. H. Cunlin'e, Bart, Is within a quar- ter of a mile of Acton Park, and forms a very eligible site for building purposes, having an extensive south frontage to an excellent road, and commanding a de- lightful view of picturesque scenery, and possessing the great advantage of a never falling supply of spring water. For further particulars apply to B. H. Thelwall, Esq. Solicitor, Wrexham; MrTong (the Proprietor), ;n the premises, or to the Auctioneer, Wrexham, at ¡03e Omce apian of the Property may be seen. Sale by Mr. Edisbury. SALE ON MONDAY ?,'t R. EDISBURY has been directed by the Execu. J?.i- tors of the late Mr. Phillip Alcock (deceased) to on'er for unreserved SALE by AUCTION, upon the premises in the Beast-market, Wrexham, on Monday next, the 21st day of January, 1856, commencing at the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon, punctually the whole of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other enacts comprising Parlour, .Kitchen, and Bed- room requisites, &c., &c. Sale by Mr. Evans. SALE AT BANGOR, FLINTSHIRE. FpO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. EVANS, on J. Wednesday next, Jan. 23ra, 1856, at Two o'clock la the afternoon, on the premises at Hanger, I'iiutshire, the whole of the useful Household Furniture, and other ESects. Also an active PONY, and a CART, the property of the late Jane Ralph, Fishmonger. REMOVAL or NUI S A_N C E S. rmiIE COMMITTEE appointed on the llth of J anu- I ary instant, by the Ratepayers of the Township of Wrexham Regis, in pursuance of the Act passed in the last Session of Parliament, for the Removal of Nuisances, think it expedient to publish, for the gene- ral inform&tion of the Inhabitants, the following short statement of the Powers and Provisions of that Act. It directs the Committee, as the Local Authority for Carrying the Act into execution, to appoint a Sanitary and to protide <M Offiee. They have accordingly appointed MR WILLIAM BRAGGER, Inspector. Hia Omce is the Committee Room of the Market Ball Company, (up stairs, on the left side of the principal Entrance), and Is open daily from 9 to 6. Any person being grieved by any Premises being in. such a state as to be a Nuisance, or by any Pool, Ditch, Gutter, Watercourse, Privy, Cesspool, Urinal Drain or Ash pit. so Foul,—or by any Animal so kept, —as to be a Nuisance, or by any Accumulation or De. posit which is a Nuisance or injurious to Health, may give a Notice thereof, in writing, at this Omce. The Act also gives power to the Local Authority, or their Omcer, to enter any private premises where they have reasonable grounds for believing that Nuisances exist, in order to inspect the same, at any hour be- tween 9 in the Morning and 6 in the Evening; and the same power to enter any premises when It becomes necessary to ascertain the course of a Drain, or to re- move a Nuisance, in case of non-compliance with, or an infringement of, an order of Justices, or to examine or Inspect any Carcase, Meat, Poultry, Game, Flesh, Fish, Frnit, Vegetables, Bread, or Flour. The Inspector has also power to seize any of the last named articles, which, when exposed for sale, or on their way to, or In course of slaughtering, dressing, or prepa- ration for eale or use, appear to him to be unnt for food, and by a Justice's Order such articles may be destroyed, and the party to whom the same belong, or in whose custody the same are found, is hab)e to a penalty of TEN POUNDS, for each article so found. It is also enacted, that whenever any Ditch, Drain, Gutter, or Watercourse, used for the conveyance of Water or other Matter from any premises Is a Nuisance, and cannot in the opinion of the Local Authority be ren- dered inocuous without laying down a Sewer, they are required to lay down such Sewer, and they are authorised to assess every house or premises using the same, for the payment of the cost thereof. The Local Authority n;ay a!so procure a Justice's Or- der, to require the Person on whom It is made, to provide samclent Privy accommodation, means of Diainage or Ventilation, to Pave, Cleanse, Whitewash, Disinfect and Purify Premise* which are a Nuisance, to Drain, Empty, C!ean6e,FIU-up,Amend, or Remove, the Injurious PooI,Gut- ter, Ditch, Watercourse, &c., or provide a substitue for that complained of, or to carry away any Accumulation or Deposit which is a Nuisance, or to provide for the chanly -<ud wholesome keeping of any Animal kept so as to be u Nuisance, or to order the Removal of such Auima!, or to Prohibit the using of any House declared unut for Human Habitation. Such being the euect of the Act of Parliament, the Committee hope that the Owners and Occupiers of Tene- ments in the Town will assist them by their co-operation in abating the Nuisances which, there is too much reason to fear, exist within their jurisdiction, by conferring with them or their inspector as to the best means of remedying the same and preventing their recurrence. Omce, Jan. !5th, 1856. PLOUGHS PLOUGHS!! PLOUHf! JOHN EDWARDS, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT llfANUFA POST OFFICE, BOWLING BANK, NEAR WREXHAM, "DETURNS thanks to his friends, and the public -L? generally, for their patronage and support since his commencement in business at Bowling Bauk. J. E. has always studied to make a plough that will cut and turn the furrow in the best possibie manner and suitable to the greatest variety of soits. J. E. can give numerous references to partie). who have been using his ploughs for several year:. A Steady Youth as an Apprentice wanted. JOSEPH JONES, TIMBER VALUER, RUABOX. A Stock of Timbsr of all kind< constantly on Sale. <rebnrntinn. FARN HILL SCHOOL, NEAR CHESTER. ESTABLISHED 1842. T\/fR- RUSHBY respectfuUy advertisea his friends and the public that his School will be RE-OPENED on TUESDAY, the 22nd Instant. \VREXHAM GRAMMAR SCHOOL. MR. FLOATER, Begs to acquaint his Pupils and Friends that has School will RE-OPEN ON TUESDAY, the 22nd of JANUARY, 1856. BRITISH SCHOOLS, BROOK STREET, WRB XHAM, Por the Children of I)i, Middle aud Industrial Clasies MASTER. A.. FYFE A IDED by Two Pupil Teachers, in the Third Year of L ?- their Apprenticeship, besides a Monitor in the Twelfth Year of his Age, carefully prepared with the Pu. pil Teachers for his work. FEES; 4 Class 6d. per Week. 3 Ditto 4d. 2 Ditto 3<i. 1 Ditto 2d. „ The Branches taught are Reading, Writing, English Grammar, Geography, Arithmetic, Meusuratiou, Book- keeping, aud Linear Drawing from Examples, furuished by the DEPARTMENT OF PRACTICAL ART, in connection I with the COMMITTEE or PRIVY COUNCIL ON EDUCA- TION. The object of this School is to give a really practical and useful education in the above branches, to the great- est number at the least possible cost. During the course of the past year, the parents of the pupils, with few ex- ceptions, have cheerfully purchased whatever class hooka, &c., their children reaMy stood In need of. Thia is assu- redly the best evidence of a desire on the part of the pub- lic for education; aud that the great majority of parents do not object to furnish their children with whatever Is reasonably necessary, in the way of school material, pro- vided they have reason to betieve that they are making gradual and progressive improvement. Each pupil hav- ing his own text-books ou Arithmetic, Grammar, Geogra- phy, &c., he is able to prepare at home tho3e lessons and I tasks prescribed for next day. These are in every case scrupulously exacted, from each pupil. A Monthly Register Is kept for each class, in which the daily attendance (as regards being present, absent, or late,) conduct, and class standing of each pupil are care- fully and correctly recorded. The result (in the form of a printed Schedule Report,)is seat at the end of the month to every parent or guardian for his or her signature and inspection. Firm discipline and good order are being gradually established, and thetefore the Committee can now confidently recommend the British School to the Public of Wrexham and u- 'giib(iii!-Ilcc)d. SEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES. COLLEGE STREET, WREXHAM. 'T\/fISS COLIVER DGgs respectfully to intimate J?JL that her School will be Re-opened on MON- DAY, January 21st, 1856. MR. SIMMS, ORGANIST OF WREXHAM CHURCH, AND PROFESSOR OF MUSIC AT THE COLLEGE, CHESTER, 'DECS to inform hia Pupils and Friends that be J[) will resume his professional duties on MON- DAY, the 28th of January. Attendance at Mold on 'W ednesday's, as usual. Schools attended on the accustomed terms. 7, King-street, Wrexham. Jan.!856. 'EDWARD THOMAS, HOMOEOPATHIC CHEMIST, AND MEDICAL PUBLISHER, PEPPER-STREET, CHESTER. FAnLY MEDICINE CHESTS in great variety suited to the various Domestic Works on Ho- mceopathy; Cases or single Tubes renlled with Globules, Pilules, Tinctures, or Triturations. ,I[cdicities sent by Post to any àistance. THO..YAS'S GENUINE HO.iJlŒOP ATHIC COCOA Dentrinces, Jujubes, Pomade, and other articles prepared especially for Homoeopathic patients. A vacancy for an Apprentice. GOVERNMENT EMIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA. TTER Majesty's Emigration Commissioners are pre- JLL pared to grant FREE PASSAGES in Vessels which will be despatched in quick succession from London, Southampton, Plymouth, and BIrkenbead, to married agricultural laborers, shepherds, herdsmen, blacksmiths, sawyers, wheelwrights, carpenters, brick- layers, miners, masons, gardeners, and single female domestic and farm servants TO AUSTRALIA. The Emigrants are on their arrival received by a Government Otiicer who will give every assistance in his power by way of information and advice as to the rate of wages,—the places where employment may be obtained, &c. They are at liberty to engage them- selves to any one willing to employ them, and to make their own bargain for wages, and hro not under any engagement of any kind to the Colonial Authorities; they have the option of remaining at the termination of the voyage on board and receive rations free of ex- pense for a few days in order to afford them time to make arrangements for settling themselves in the country. Further particulars and Forms of Application may be obtained by applying to TEO. K. ROBERTS, Government Emigration Agent. Or to Mr. JOHN BURY, Wrexham. All Letters must be prepaid. Register Omce, Elwy Place, St. Asaph, December 1st, 1855. TIMBER AND COAL E. MEREDITH JONES, CHARLES STREET, 1VREXHAM, DEALER in all Kinds of TIMBER for Builders, JJ Carpenters, Wheelwrights, Coachmakeri;, Well- sinkers, &c. Rcundor Sawn TIMBER for Mines, Col- lieries, and Wholsate Merchants. A?ent for the Sale of the Brymbo Go's. Westminster Co'? aod Ruabon Co's. Coal, and the Minera Co s. Lime, at the Wrexham Station. SOUTH SEA COAL. CROSS-KEYS YARD, MOUNT STREET, WREXHAM. THOMAS KENT, 1j3 ) EGS respectfully to inform the Gentry, Tradesmen, and PubJic ot Wrexham and its vicunty, that he has made arrangements with the South Sea Company to sell theircetebrated CoaL Orders received at the House and Yard, and punctnaUy attended to. MR. HENRY LEWISON, Auctioneei\Share Broker,& Mine Agent OFFICES:—TEMPLE-PLACE, I (Formerly occupied by MR. BENNiuN, SonciTOR,); RENTS coUccted and guaranteed if requtr<'d. Ac- I counts cottcctcdeither by Contract or Comm'ssio't. EGERTON STREET SAW MILLS AND TIMBER YARD CHESTER. A T 'P?????? ? ?- ? ? announce that they are Selling MOULDtNGS of every Form, DOORS -AL? ?????"? ofJOINEKS' WORK, manGf?.tared by PArENT MACHINEKY??eaUy ?REDTUTCED PRICED a fall List of which can be had oa application. /? fA l r SEASONED AND FREFAHBD FLOORING ALWAYS ON SALE. \-I" TIMBER AND SCANTLINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPT I ON. E:' 5'C GREAT BARGAINS!' IN DRAPERY GOODS, NOW 9EM.VS AT A. D. JONES'S, CHUgCH-GATES, WREXHAM, AT THE FOLLOWING REDUCED PRICES:— 100 Large size Cloth Mantles, 4s Ud, worth 6s Waterproof ditto, with Hoods, 8s M, worth 12a A large stock of Wool Shawls, from 3s 6d, to l5s 300 Alpaca and Coburg Dresses, 2a 4d, worth 4s 100 Fancy StufF Dresses, 3s, worth 6s 250 Print Dresses, fast colour, 2s, worth 3s A great variety of Furs, from from Is 6d to 10s A cheap lot of Flannels, at 6id, 8id, lOid, and Is. per yard Blankets, all sizes, from 7s 6d to 15s Cotton Sheets and Bed Covers, remarkably cheap 600 BONNETS (white and coloured straw) from 41d to 2s 150 Pieces of Bonnet Ribbons, from 3d to Is per yard Several cheap lots of cap Ribbons, from id to 4d per yard A large Stock, of WOOLLEN CLOTHS, TROUSERINGS, WAISTCOATINGS, CORDS, MOLESKINS VELVETEENS, HATS, CAPS, JIM CROWS, &c., &c., FAMOUS MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIES. JAMES OLLERHEAD BEGS to announce to the Public generally that he continues to receive his regular weekly supply of the famous MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIES, and that during this happy and eociat season of the year, will keep on hand, and be ready to receive aud execute orders for his own celebrated Mince Pies, Christmas Plum Cakes, Boarding Schou Lunch Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Christening Cakes and French Pound Cakes, together with a variety of Parisian Bon Bona, Cossacks, Caskets, Magic Flowers, Gipsy Nuts, and Models of the Russian ex- ploding Machines loaded (not with powder and ball) but with sweets of various kinds. Jellies, Blamanges, &c., &c., Bride and Funeral Cakes as usual. EAGLEFOUNDRY,WREXHAM. KITCHEN RANGES, REGISTER AND OTHER GRATES, FURNACE BOILERS, FIRE BARS AND BEARERS, RAIN. WATER, GUTTER AND DOWN SPOUTS. LAND ROLLERS, STRAW-CUTTERS, CORN.CRUSHERS, MALT-MILLS, &c., AT YEEY LOW PRICES. OdSTrNOS OF EVERY IXESCRIPTION IN IRON A-VD BRASS. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. F. FRASER< WATCHMAKER, SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, ETC., TN tendering his grateful thanks to the Mobility, ?en?? and other Inhabitants of Wrexham and its J? Vicinity, for paat favours, bega respectfully to iniottn them that he has REMOVED TO HIGH-STREET, next door to Mr. Smith's, Draper, where he hopes to merit a continued share of their support. High-street, 'Wrcxbam, Nov. 1, 1855. ESTABLISHED 1770. CABINET, CARPET, & PAPER-HANGING WAREHOUSE, BRIDGE-STREET, WREXHAM. PIERCE AND OWEN. T)EG to invite the attention of the Publicof Wrexham and its Vicinity to their immense Stock of CABINET FURNITURE, CARPETS, FELT CARPETS, DRUGGETS, HEARTH RUGS, DOOR MATS, COCOA and other MATTINGS, OIL-CLOTHS, IRON BEDSTEADS, FEATHER HEDS, AND MATTRESSES, &c., and every other article connected witlt the Trade. Also a large Stock of cheap PA PER-HAN GIN GS. PHOTOGRAPHY. PHOTOGRAPHIC LIKENESSES, 1sT W. CROWE, CHARLES-STREET, WREXHAM. ?ir7' C. respcctfuHv Informs the public generally, that he has, after considerable labour and study, acquired a \V most perfect knowtedge of the above Art, and can conudent!y assert that in point of artistic beauty and eSect, combined with accuracy of delineation and life-like expression, his pictures will bear comparison with the productions of many of the most famed professors o< this beantiM art. W. C. has erected, at a great expense, a suitable OPERATING ROOM, or Private Glass House, on his premises in Charles-street, where likenesses can be taken with the utmost privacy. ZWCM modemte,-from 28. 6d. upivards. Specimens may be seen at the Advertizer OfEee, Wrexham. HARP & PIANO FORTE WAREHOUSE, ABBEY STREET, CHESTER, BOUCHEBT'AND CO.. TTAVE always on hand an extensive Selection oi New and Second-hand INSTRUMENTS of the best jjL character, or SALE and HIRE, on the most moderate terms. Additional Stocks kept by their various Agents in Wales. TUNING AND REPAIRING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. JOHN ROWLAND, ?MANUFACTURER OF CORN SACKS and J? BAGS, Salt Sacks, Guano and Cement Bags, Coffee and Seed Bags, &c.; also Twines, Lines, &c. 17, Beck Goree-street, Liverpool, Dec. 12,18.55. N.B. Goods delivered free of carriage at Chester, Salop, or any intermediate Stations on the line of rail. BRYN-MALLY COAL. TOHNWHITTAKER begs to return thanks to the ? inhabitants of Wrexham, for the liberal support they have hitherto accorded him, and to inform them that he has been appointed Acxr,NT for the sale of the above celebrated Coals. Parties favouring him with their orders, will he sup- plied on the most favourable terms, and the coals wUl be delivered either in the town or country. Wrexham Railway Station, Nov. 23.185J. T. H. SAMPSON, EMIGRANTS' OUTFITTER No. 17, & 18, STRAND S T R E E T, LIVERPOOL. ftARTIES about to emigrate in this locality c.'n have any information ou appncattou to Mr. Henry Wiu- eett, Turkey Mills, Bersham, near Wrexham. T?OUND about three months back, a Black and F Whi?e POINTER BITCH. The owner can have the same by applying to Mr John Hewitt, Onen Fawr Farm, Bear AVrcxbam, by paying all expenses. GREAT RAFFLE I AT THE SWAN INN, PENtDRTN, WREXHAM, For the celebrated Ma'e, GUFS'ST GURIj, ?N SATURDAY, the 9th of February next, (unless ?? further notice of an extension of time be given,) a RaISe will take place at the house of Mr. John Taylor, the Swan Inn, Pfnybryn, Wrexham, for the celebrated Mare, "Gipsy Girl." It Is proposed to have 140 mem- bers at 5s each, the Putter-up to pay JE.3, and the Winner j&2. Owing to thp great number of Lists which have bceu opened in the neighbouring towns, and the celebrity of the Mare, should more names be entered than above sti- pulated, it is not to be deemed a cause of dispute, but the number will be adhered to as closely as possible. mHE ORIGINAL PLOUGHMAN S DROPS t hese T invaluable Drops have for ne;n)y ZM/' ? C?/Mry proved themselves the ONLY effectual cure tor biliousness, auctions of the Jiver and kidneys, dropsy, cancer, nstnia, ulcers, scrofula, king's evil, scurvy, scorbutic afTectioua, erysipelas, and all eruptions of the skin a s:<fe remedy tor all femate complaints, rheumatism, pains in the back, St. Anthony's Urc, nts, and all other diseases arising from an impure state of the blood. Sold in bottles at 2s 9d and 4s Cd each. AGENTS.—JoNES, Chemist, Wrexham KoEERT: Advertiser Omce, Oswestry HoLL, Chemist, Newtown, JoNES, Cliemist, Whndiurch Kixe, Chemist, Market Dravton. LACAKD.] WI LLIAM CRO WE, Tailor, &c., CRARLES STRRET WREXHAM. B UTHI-,V I.,VCL 08 ETR E,. TO ROAD CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. T RICHARD WAKEFORD ATTREE, of Ruabon, in ± the County of Denbigh, hereby GIVE NOTICE that I am prepared to receive Tcudtrs in writhe, ad. dressed to me, for forming and making Roads in the matter of the above Inctosure. Plans and Speciucatious are delioiited for Inspection at the Office of HeweHyc Adams, Kaq., Sohcitor, Ruthin. The Contractors will be required to enter into and ''sign an Agreement, prepared by the Solicitor to the IncloBure, of which the Expenses will have to be paid by the CoEtractor, who must &nd surc-tica for the due performance of his Work, to the satisfaction of the Valuer. Tenders must be delivered on or before the 25th of February, 1856. The Valuer does not bind himself to accept the lowest Tender. Dated this 17th day of January, 1856. R W.ATTREE. TO GLAZIERS, PAINTERS, AND OTHERS. T)ERSONS desirous of contracting with the Board of .L Inspectors of Lighting, &c., for the Repairing, Glazing, Painting, Cleaning, and Warehousing of the Public STREET LAMPS, for Twelve Months from the 1st day of February next to the 1st day of Febru- ary, 1857, are requested to send in TENDERS for the whole or any part thereof, on or before the 21st intant, to S. T. BAUGH, Clerk to the Board. Wrexham, 14th Janurry, 1856. TO BUILDERS, &c. THE MANAGERS of the RHOSLLANERCH- JL RUGOG National School arc ready to receive Tenders for the Hoarding and Re-organizing the School-Room, according to the requirements of Govern- ment. The School-Room being a large building, and the improvemcnta to be on an extensive scale, it is worth the notice of Contractors generally. N.B.—All particulars to be had of Mr E. EIIis. Master, to whom all correspondence is to be addressed. 0 No Tenders will be looked over after 1st February next. R 103, January 17th, 1856. H. KENRICE, WORKING currLB¡f;, SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS AND PATENT ELASTIC SPRING TRUSS MAKER, RIJJGE STREET, WREXHAM. t) K. in returning thanks to his friends and the JH< public in general for the liberal support he has received since his commencement in the above busi- ness, hopes by strict attention to all orders entrusted to his care, to merit a continuance of their patronage and support. Elastic Surgical Stockings, Knee Capa, Ankle Socks, Suspensory Bandages, &c. Breast Pumps, Self-injec- ting and other Syringes Repaired. Repairing, Grinding, Polishing, Setting, &c. SHORTLY WILL BE PUBLISHED, Price One Penny, THE "OSWESTRY HERALD;' AN ILLUSTRATED FAMILY NEWSPAPER. rpHE "OSWESTRY HERALD" will contain, in A addition to a well selected summary of general information on all the leading topics of the day, all the LOCAL NEWS of the Town and Neighbourhood, full and correct RAILWAY TIME TABLES, all the principal Markets of the Kingdom, with other matters of local and general interest. The want of an enlarged and readable local paper has been long felt by the inhabitants of the town and surrounding districts, and In order to supply this hiatus the Proprietor will spare neither expense nor trouble, as it is his intention to render the Oswestry Herald the largest, best, and cheapest publication in this part I of the County. As a large and innnential circulation I -will be guaranteed at once, Advertisers will hnd its columns an advantageous medium of communication with the public. &eW- The Proprietor, in recommending the Oswestry Herald to the notice of Advertisers, assures those who may favour him with their orders, that he will strictly exclude all such as may be offeusive to public morals and as he trusts that the space available for public no- tices will prove remunerating, he will not occupy it with fictitious or gratuitous advertisements to the exclusion of iutei't-sting matter, as is sometimes practised from motives of false economy, aud with the less excusable purpose of acting as decoys. Orders for repeated in- iuscrtions, however, will be liberally allowed for. Orders for the Paper and Advertisements to be ad- dressed immediately to the Publisher, C. G. BAYLEY, Cross, Oswestry. January 1st., 1856. LIME Wj L LI AM J OHNSO;N, T?E&S to thank his numerous friends for the support JD he has received from them since he commenced the Lime trade, and in soliciting a continuance of their patronage, and the of consumers of Lime generally, re- spectfully informs them that he has constantly on hand a supply of the Best Lime at moderate prices. BUILDING LAND, orrosiTE THE WREXHAM SAVINGS' BANK. 1350 Square Yards of Land, Having a Frontage to the Mold Road of Twenty.two yards and a Half, r[IO BE SOLD by Private Contract, in one or more -L Lots, and if more convenient to the purchaser, Two Thirds of the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Thomas Jonca, Accountant, Madeira Hill, Wrexham. THE NEW SHOP, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM, TTS NOW OPENED with a large aud we!l assorted JL Stock of WOOLLEN and LINEN DRAPERY GQODS of every description. The Proprietor begs to state, that the whole of his pur- chases being made for Cash, coupled with the gencra t depression so s'-rioush- affecting manufacture, he will be eliabled, and is determined, to otfer such Goods (for ready money) at ptices much lower than any yet known and e.n-nestty solicits au inspection of the Stock in order to hear out the truth of this representation. N.B. A respectabte and wcil-educated Youth wanted as an Apprentice. One who can speak both the Welsh and Eugtiah languages preferred. A LA RGE ASSORTMENT OF BERLIN WOOLS, much below the usual prices; PENELOPE CANVAS- SES, Crochet Hooks, Curved Handles. &c well worth the attention of the ladies ot the town and neigubourhútlcl. ROBERT LLOYD, U I Proprietor. WALTEK HENRY J011NSON,! F A.h1:IL "Y OX-IMMISRE. I H IGII S 1) R Ell T, TV.R.E X -H A III, TTAS been appointed Agent for the sale of Dr. De t t Joogb's Liht Urown COD-LIVER OIL, A fresh case of which has just been received from Ansard, ilartord Hornby, Dr. De Jough's sole accredited Con- signees for the Unittci Kingdom. i I rice, ttah-pints, 2s. 6d.; Pints, 4s. 9d. and Quart?, 's, impnialllwlf1ur, €c h Tpf. "r. TO BLACKSMITHS AND OTIIERS'. ? npO BE LET, aad may be entered upon on the 2nd ? ?urTN???7??' ? ?? ? ?taMished ?lllji'b SR?P, wtth SHOEIXC-SnEDS.andotbor conveniences; "? ?? ? ?? MESSUAGE or DWELLING.HUUSEand Shop adjoining thereto, to. gether with the Garden, Piggeries, and Appurtenance, situate at rdin-PuIeston, vnhin one mile of the to, n ofWrexham. ReBt moderate, and Taxes very light For further information apply at the Office of Mr.' HuGHES, Sulieitor, Wrexham Wrexham, 14th January, 1856. To BE LET, on the 2nd March next, a HOUSE in Queen-street, IVrexham,. now in the occupation of ;Nliss Rogers. Apply to Thos. Heywood, High.strcct. PUBLIC. HO USE TO LET. To BE LEI an old established PUBLIC-(' )USE,- -t. situate 111 the centre of the town of Wrexitain i It is very, cornruodioui!, and commatide a good business. Apply to Mr. JoMN BuRT, Agent, &c., Wrexham. ??0 BE LEF, an excellent two-stalled STABLE, in JL a central part of Wrexham. Further particulars on application to W Bayley, Bookseller, U'rexham. it) !nt-ten. ? BREWERY. WANTED to Rent, a BREWERY In W¡Oexhawt Minra. HuaboD, or the Neighbourhood; about. 18 or 20 barrel length. Address, Mr. Badham, Accountant, Union Court', Lt vet pool. fw AN'RED, a steady active Boy, to attend to cows, T Y and us a geueral OuL-door Servant. One troni the country, aud not less than Sateen 1-ears of Age prc- krred. App!y to Mr. BAYI.EY, St:itiooer, W'exham. OLD NEWSPAPERS. A NY quantity of Old Newspapers purchased, and the best prices given by )V. BAYLEY, Book- seller, Wrexham. WREXHAM SAVIN(ySBANK. T HE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the JL Trustees and Managers of the above Institu- tion will be held at the Savings' Bank, on FRIDAY the 2oth instant, at 11 o'clock, a.m. JOHN BURY, Actuary. Wrexham, 16, th January, 1856. WREXHAM GAS COMPANY. THE DIRECTORS of the above Company bavejusf, -L selected a variety ot the newest designs in CHANDELIERS, &c., &c., IN CRYSTAL, ORMULU AND BRONZE, to Which they desu-e to draw attention also an assortment of New GAS STOVES for Cooking and Warming which give little or no trouble in the management, creating no dirt, besides being more economical than the ordinary coal lire. The above will be sotd at COST PRICES, and may be seen on application to Mr. DANIEL WEBSTER Manager at the Works. By Order of the Directors, JOHN BURY, Secretary. LET US REASON TOGETHER. HOLLO\V AY'S PILLS. WHY ARE WE SICK? It has b<:en tno lot of the human race to be wcmhcf! down by disease and suttering. HOLLOWAY'S !)ILLS aru espt-cmily aÜapteù to the relief of the WEAK, the NEit- VUUS, tiic DELICATE, and the INFIRM, of atl chmes ages, sexes, and constitutions. Processor llolloway person. ally superintends the manufacture of his medicines and otfers them to a free and enlightened people, as the best remeay the world ever saw for the removal ol disease. These Pills Purify the Blood. These famous Pills are expressly combined to operate on the stomach, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the skin. and the bowels, correcting any derangement in their func- tions, purifying the blood, the very fountain of life, and thus curing disease in all its forms. Dyspepsia and Liver Complaints. Nearly half the human race have taken these Pills. It has been proved in all parts of the world, that nothing has been found equal to them m cases of disorder of the hver, dyspepsia, and stomach complaints generally. They soon give a healthy tone to those organs, however much deranged, and when all other means have failed. General Debility.—Ill BEeaJth. Many 'of the most despotic Governments have opened their Custom Houses to the introduction of these Fills, that the may become the medicine of the masses. Learn ed Colleges admit that this medium; is the be&t remed ever known for persons of delicate health, or where thy system has been impaired, as its iiivigorating propertlea never fail to give alturd relict. 8 Female Complaints. No Female, young or old, should be without this colo- brated n)edn-nie. It corrects and regulates the monthly courses at ah periods, acting in many cases like a charm. it is also the best and safest medicine that can be given to children of all ages, and for any complaint; conse- quently no family should be without it. Sick Head-Ache, Vomiting and General debility.—extraordinary Cure! The daughter of JAMES HILLAGE, of Vronheulo? Jjlanhnangel, six miles from .Uantyllin, Carmarthenshire' was amict.eit for a long time with general debility, sutfer. ing from sick head-ache, langour, vomiting, sinking, at the pit of the stomach, and the thousand and one other evils of a general deranged system. Site was under mod. ical treatment for a long time, but unfortunately was not. benehtted theteby—and every other remedy failed '1'lie father then put her through a course of Holloway's Pills and atter persevering for a short time according to the directions, the bloom of health aain appeared uoon her countenance, and she was completely cured, to tha aston- ishment of all who knew her. I'heise clobrated Pills (u-c u:ondcrfiely efficaci(JuI M tn. following complaints Ague Dropsy inflammation Sore Throats Asthma Dysentry Jaundice Stone and HrM<! BitouBUomptauitai'.rysepeta! Liver Cout- Secondary Symptoms Batches on the female Jrrejra- plaint* Tic Douloureux *kin larities Lumbago Tunuoura Bowel Comptatntt.Fevera of all Piles Ulcers Colics hind* Rheumatiem Venereal Aft4itions Constipation of the Fita Retention of WortnaofaUktndt Bowel.. Gout Urine WeahneM. irom Consumption Uead-ache Scrofula, or Whatever MMe Debility Indigestion Ring's Evil Sc &c Sold at the Establishment ot Professor UOLLJ%AY, ::H Strand, (near T?p?aM?????? J.: all repectal>le  a:d Dealers '? ??.? ??.?.?.?????? at t?f?o? ?ce?'. lid., 9d. 48. d_, l1s" "and 333. each *'??''?'°"?'??'°'!bytaki), t ?..u? e, a?t.?.?. '???? ? ?-.? evoiy '??..? atoled t* PaCkk BOX. KA.YE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. A RE now well known throughout the United Kin?- C ?- dom and onr Colonies for their superior Ileahb reatoring Fropertics, in cases of Acute, as well as Chronic Diseases, especially those arising from Iiiipurities of the Blood, Lzd"gestio;z, anel C01lstipation, They act mo&t beneficially on the Liver, Stomach, and Bu\\cis; and in Constipation COli II cctcd. with long-continued deraugemeut of the biliary organs, termed Bitious Dyspepsia, will be found a must wonderful medicine. For persons of Sedentary habits they are the safest and best Prevfntative of Consti pation, so troublesome and de9- tructive to health. To all cusses of society, especially Females, Artisans, Mechanics, and 'others whose employment confines them to the sitting posture, these Pills are of the greatest ser. vice. In impurities of the blood they wiU be found eNcacioua and sate, not interfering with diet or avocations—and as they are com posed of the nnest Vegetabte Substances, they may be taken by the most delicate with the greatest eonndencc. Hundreds of cases of cure accompany each ) box. ) Prepared by John Kayc, Esq., of Dalton Ha)!, near j "old bv aU Medicine Vendors, at is. lid., 2s. 9d., nnd t< Cd. 'Who'c-cdc Pcpot Bt'p.(f) Street, io;)f)on