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Footb?U.  RHOSTVLLEN (VICTORIA) V. (.'tfIHK.—Thi.s ttf;)'?? played on S?turd?y, on the ground of the fo-n?r' oJ I I I 'III- resulted in a dr?w, wt 1 teams scoring two "?'t] WREXHAJI ATHLETIC V. OSWKSTKY.—A ?t?)?"' he p??yed between the a?)? c!uhs at Oswe-a. d?y (Saturday.) Kick (,If at th'¿e. Team leav 'hlJ. oJ "re 12.5.5 )).in. WREXHAM ATHLETIC V. CHESTER ROVEI,* — 1 m?tch wid be played between the above duL? tiidy (Saturday), on the Kecr&?t,:on Ground. Kick ,,? ? three o'clock. A good game is expected. DRUIDS V. CHESTER COLLEGE.—O11 Saturday U D .d 1 I f' l' h. lie Druids team played a friendly iiiatc h with H students uf Chester College, in 'Wynnstav Pail- V6 permission of Sir. W. W. Wynr., Bart., Th result was— Druids, four L-Oalli- ('he,.iter (_!Oll BLACK PARK V. DRUIDS' B TEAM.—A matehwa played between the above teams on Saturday, on the ground of the former, and after a very pleasant "aloe resulted in a victory for the home team by tw:) to none. MILLWOOD ROVERS (2ND TEAM) v. WHITE ST\H< (MINERA).—A match was played between the above teams on Saturday, 12th inst., on the ground of the latter, and resulted in a victory for the former by three goals to nil. FLINTSHIRE V. RUTHIN.-This grand match will be played to-day (Saturday). Piay will commence at 3 o'clock. Admission to the ground 4 leach. Members and honorary members will be admitted free on pro duction of tickets at the gate. Flintshire will be represented by the principal players selected from all over the county, and an interesting game mav Ip anticipated. HARTFORD ST. JOHNS v. GWERSYLLT FORESTERS —On Saturday, a match which had been looked for. ward to with a good deal of interest, came off at Hart- ford. The weather was fine and the ground wa< in good condition. There was a large number of specta-' tors who evinced great interest in the game. Tiij fol- lowing were the sides—Hartford—W. Smith, goal • E. Holland, T. Prest, backs J. Col'iey, .T. Gibs 111 half, backs; Rose (Capt.). W. Collev, S. Wilding, W. Har- per, W. Forster, & J. Houghton, forwards. Gwersyllt -J. Foulkes, goal R. Davies, R. Buckley, backTs*- G. Roberts, H. Bostock, W. Shone, li:ilf-i).Ic! Ellis (Captain), E. Griffiths, C. Davies, T. Roberts E. Owen, forwards. Urnt)ires-W. Sutton, S. Wil- liams. Referee—J ames Hitchens. The visitors won by three goals to one. WREXHAM ATHLETIC V. CHESTER ROVERS.—A match was played between the above clubs on the ground of the latter, on Saturday, which resulted in a victory for the Athletic by five goal s and one dis- puted to nil. The home team would do well if they would play the passing gaine and indulge less in that unnecessary charging. The goals were obtained as follows— W. Roberts, 2 J. Parry, 1 W. Roberts, 2. The following are the players. Atliletic-Goal, W. H. Parry backs, C. Roberts, D. Owen li, R. Davies, W. Roberts, T. Burke; right wing, \V. Jones, W. Robeits; left wing, A. Poole, \V. Roberts; centre, J. Parry. Rovers—Goal, Brierley backs, Wytcherley, J. Parkinson half-backs, A. Ihrbr, W. Wilks, A. Peers; right wing. ,T. Wilcock, J Brannan left win;, J. Shone, C. Griffiths centre, L. Wise. FLIST V. CONWAY.—The tie between these clubs in the first round of the Northern Welsh Association Challenge Cup competition was played at Flint on Saturday, and resulted in favour of Flint by four goals to love. Teams Conway—R. Williams^ goal; J. H. EVAUS and H. Hugh" backs T. Owen, T, H. Williams, and J. T. Williams, half-backs; T. Roberts, W. Hughes, J. Jones, Rev. D. Davies, and W. H. Rowlands, forwards. Fiitit-W. E Bithell (captain) goal E. J. Hughes and D. ,T. Tho.- nas, back God- frey Price, R. Jackson, and R. Ashcroft, half-Kicks Simon Williams, Robert June II. Ashe, oft, .T, Bithell, and Samuel Butlev, forwards. NORTHERN WELSH ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CIT.— FIRST TIE.— RCTHIN COLTS t, FRIARS' SCHOOL, BANGOR.—This competition took place on the Friars' ground 0:1 Saturday in the presence of a large number of spectators and after a pleasant and interesting game resulted in a draw, both sides being credited with a. goal each. The Colts did not exhibit t heir usual form, although they succeeded in placing the leather between the posts four times, three of which however, on an appeal to the referee, were dis illo ve l, whereas the school played well to^-eth -r ar-e to be congratulated upon being able to score against such formidable backs as were arrayed against thein. The ground was in a very slippery condition and was much narrower than 50 yards, the minimum breadth allowed by the Assooiatio.i. The tie will ba re to be decided at Ruthiu to-day (Saturday.)