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NEWRY HOUSE, HOLYHEAD, ANGLESEY. Highly Important and Attractive Sale of exceed- ingly valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the 'contents of ten Bedrooms, Dining-room, Consulting-room, Surgery, Hall, Sitting-room, Reading-room, Scullery, Kitchen, &c., &c., all el=t;,y furnished without regard to cost, to- gether with the Out-door Moots, Cattle, Carriages, Hay, Implements, &0. MR J. JONES, Amlwch, respectfully an- nounces that he has been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, as abovo, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 6th and 7th days of February next, 1878, to commence each day at 10.30 a.m. sharp, a very large assemblage of first-class Household Furniture, Electro-plated goods, prime feather Beds, double and single sets of Dinner, Service, valuable Crockery, Copper Pans, Saucepans, and Fish Kettles, Linen, Ac., being the property of the late Doctor and Mrs Walthew. The furniture, briefly enumerated; comprises Mahogany single and other Chairs, Easy Chairs, Ladies' Sewing Chairs, Massive Side-boards, Sofas, Couches, Costly Tables of different sizes, Noble Pier Glasses, Mirrors, Barometer, valuable Pictures, Clocks, Carpets, and Hearth-rugs, Cupboards, Shelves, Hatstand, Cocoa Matting, Pianoforte, Cheffoniers, Screens, various valuable Chests of Drawers, Commode, Towel Rails, Toilet Services, Sets of Fenders and Fire Irons, Kitchen Dresser and Crockery, Book Cases, rich and costly Hang- ings, Kitchen Utensils, Ac., together with the Out- door Effects, consisting of one-Horse powerengine, Stack of Hay, two Ploughs, Winnowing Machine, Rakes, Roller, Pig Trough, Cattle, Chaff Cutter, Wheelbarrow, &0. For further particulan see placards. Order of Sale as followsFirst day, Out-door Effects, and a portion of the Furniture; Second day's Sale will be a Clearance Sale of the whole. The Auctioneer begs to draw particular attention to this announcement, as it is one of the most extensive sales held at Holyhead for many years. Owing to the short notice given of the Sale, catalogues could not be prepared. 1139g TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. SMYRNA, LLANGIAN. THE Committee are prepared to receive T Tenders for erecting their Chapel. Plans aud specification are to be seen with Mr Griffith Jouts, Shop Beehive House, Pwllheli. Tenders endorsed, sealed, and sent to Mr Robert Jones, Penybont, Llangian, on or before the 18th February, 1878. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. h 1144g. IMPORTANT TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, AND OTHERS. MESSRS E. H. OWEN & SON have .ill. received instructions to SELL BY AUCTION, on Monday, 11th February, 1871, at the Gas Works, Carnarvon, a large quantity of Scaffold Planks, 3 inch, 2J inch, and 1t inch in thickness, 4 tip Waggons, 1 four-wheeled Lorry equal to new, about 40 Scaffold.PoleS) a quantity of Bridge Tram Rails, and a quantity of Timber of various description. Sale to commence at Two o'clock. For further particulars apply to Messrs E. H. Owen A Son, Auctioneers, Carnarvon. h 1152. PENRHYNDEUDRAETH INDEPENDENT NEW CHAPEL. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. THE Committee are prepared to receive TTenders for erecting their New Chapel. Plans and Specifications are to be seen with Mr C. Williams. Tenders endorsed, sealed, and sent to Mr C. Williams, on or before the 18th February, 1878. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. OWEN MORRIS ROBERTS, Architect, o 1110-h Portmadoc. TO BUILDERS. PROPOSED NEW VILLA RESIDENCE AT LLANFAIRFECHAN. PERSONS demrous of Tendering for the different Works and Materials requiried in the erection of the above for Thomas Bate, Esq., of Rugeley, may see the Plans and Specifications at the Queen's Hotel, Llanfairfechan, and at the Office of the Architect, at Bangor, of whom further partiou!ars may be obtained. Sealed Tenders to be addressed to Thomas Bate, Esq., and delivered at No. 1, North Parade, Llanfairfechan, not later than 2 o'clock in the afternoon, on Tuesday, the 12th proximo. The Contracts are divided for Masons, Slaters, Plasterers, Joiners, and Plumbers, and might be tendered for separately or collectively all in one sum. No pledge is given that the lowest or any Tender will be accepted. RICHARD DA VIES, Architect. Bangor, January 24, 1878. G&B 1114-h AR WERTH. TYDDYN, yn y Waenf?wr, sef 'Bryndwr.er,' TAdeiladau da, a He i gadw dwy fuwch.- Ym- ofyner a Mr Robert Roberts, Grocer, &c., Bridge, street, Caernarfon. 4077g TAI AR WERTH. GWERTHIR drwy gytundeb gyfrinaehol gan Ymddiriedolwyr Cymdeithas Adeiladu Bethel a Saron, dau o DAI LEASEHOLD, No. 13 a 15, Hill-street, Twthill, Caernarfou.-Am ychwaneg o wybodaeth, ymofyner a'r ysgrifenydd, W. J. Williams, Bellel, neu 26, High-street, Caernarfon. 1048-h ON SALE. SODA WATER MACHINE—equal to new,- in-good and complete working order.—Apply te W. Riva, Auctioneer, Holyhead. HOOi ON SALE, a second-hand Sawing table equal to new.-Apply to R.R., Oenedl Office. h 1141g GRBAT BARGAIN. BEER ENGINE with Four Pulls, Pipes, and Taps complete.—Apply at the office of this paper. 1063g > ROYAL WELSH SAUCE. IT HAS NO EQUAL. SOLD EVERYWHERE. RICHARD EVA S & CO., WREXHAM. li57x YMSJNIR gwneyd yn hysbys mifti y Rhifau a enillodd y Gwobrwyon yn y Drawing a gy- merodd le Ion. 26ain, 1878, yn 'Rachub, Llan- llecliid, ydoedd y rhai a ganlynlaf, 280 2il, 1152; 3ydd, 192; 4ydd, 684; 5ed, 334; 6ed, 1038; 7fed, 628. 01149 h 6, NEVILLE CRESCENT, (FRONTING THE SEA,) ILANDUDNO. Very extensive and highly attractive Sale of hand- some and costly Furniture, valuable Oil Paint- ings, Water Color Drawings, Silver-plated Goods, Cottage Pianoforte, Brussels Carpets, BrilBant Pier Glasses, China, Glass, Bed and Table Linen, Goose Feather Beds, and other effects, the property of Henry Faux, Esq., who is leaving Llandudno, and has honored MR J. W. ROGERS with instructioas to prepare and SELL BY PUBLIC AUC- TION, uponithe premises as above, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, February 12th, 13th, and 14th, 1878, forming the complete equipment of 4 Entertaining Rooms, numerous and well- appointed Bedchambers, Servants' Hall, Butler's Pantry, Kitchens, Larder, Scullery, and other domestic offices. Amongst this large assemblage of substantial FURNITURE Will be found a truly valuable carved walnut Drawing-room Suite, upholstered in curled hair, handsomely mottled walnut Cheffoniers with mir- rored panels, marble slabs and high plate-glass backs; soli? Centre Tables in walnut and maho- gany, Occasional Tables, brilliant Pier Glasses, Chandeliers, Venetian Bliuds, lace and other Cur- tains, Oil Paintings by eminent artists, signed and dated; SteelEngravinge, Brussels Carpets, Heartk- rugs, ormolu Fenders, Fire-irons, solid mahogany Sideboard, Telescope Dining Table, sets of maho-, gany hair-seated Chairs, Sofas, Couches, Ladies and Gentlemen's mahogany Easy Chairs, Vases, Lustres, Ornaments, metallic French half-tester Bedsteads, polished tirch half-tester Bedsteads, mahogany do., Palliasses, best wool Mattresses, prime Goose Feather Beds, polished birch and mahogany Chest of Drawers, Wash-stands, en- suite; Dressing Tables, en-suite; Towel Rails, do.; Night Commodes, Toilet Glasses, Toilet Ser- vices, Kidderminster Carpets, valuable Hat and Umbrella Stand with marble slab, Hall Chairs, handsome Lobby Oil-cloth, Mats, Stair Carpets, Brass Rods, Landing Oil-cloths and Mats, Chil- dren's lion (ril)8, with Beds, a large quantity of the very best electro- plated Goods, sets of Ctiina Breakfast and Ten Serviees, Dinner Servicea, an immense quantity of Cut Glass, Blankets, Counter- panes, Sheets, Bolster- cases, Pillow Slips, also all the culinary and cooking utensils. The out-door effects consist of an excellent Wringing and Maligling Machine, a valuable and very useful Forcing Pump, with portable tank for throwing up water to clean windows, especial attention is called to this item; a small 'Climax' Lawn Mower-new, a truly handsome and very good Child's Perambulator, and other useful and mis- cellaneous effects too, numerous to particularize ia an advertisement. The Auctioneer has great confidence in calling the attention of his numerous patrons to this tally genuine and unreserved ::iale. To parties furnish- ing it presents a iamb tempting opportunity of securing well-ma.ie articles and iu tirilt-clus keeping. It seldom occurs ill Llandudno that an assemblage of Furniture of this class comes under the hammer. Full descriptive catalogues will be issued four da, s prior to Sale. The whole will be. on view on ilonda-, one day previous to Sale. Sale to commeuee each day at 12 o'clock sharp. e PRELIJUISARY NOTICE. TO HACKNEY MASTERS, HOTEL PROPRI- ETORS, AND OTHERS. IMPORTANT AND EXTENSIVE SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, &e. MR J. W. ROGERS has pleasure in an- nouncing positive instructions from Mr Kempster, who is retiring from the Business, to prepare and SELL BY AUCTION, about the Middle of March, the whole of his Valuable Stud of Hjrses, Carriages, Harness, and other Effects. Credit upon the usual conditions. Catalogues issued in due course. Auctioneer's Offices—Mostyn-strect, Llandudno" 1128j Iff,LAEfflIAI) MASNACIIDY. GAN FOD PIEBC B A WILLIAMS, GCAERNARFON, wedi pendeifynu gwneyd eu Masnachdy gymaint arall, maent o dan orfodaeth i ysgafnhau llawer ar y Stoc, gan fod pawb sydd wedi gweled STOC P. a W. yn gwybod mai hon yw un o'r Pedair Stoc fwyaf yn holl Ogledd Cymru, os nad y fwyaf. Beth bynag ni fuasai P. a W. yn dymuno newid Stoc efo nnrhyw Fasnachwr yn Ngogleid Oymru. Hyn sydd ddigon ar y pen yma. Ond y peth mwyaf i'r cwsmeriaid ydyw STOC FAWR, a hono ya rhad hefyd. SALE FAWR YN PARHAU. Yn ychwanegol at y lid fawr yn y Oenedl yr wythnos ddiweddaf, mae P. a W. wedi penderfynu clirio llawer ar eu FURNISH- ING DEPARTMENT, set Carpets, Oil- cloths, Linoleums, Damasks, Repps, Quilts, Counterpanes, Blankets, Sheets, Cretonnes, Chimtzes a Dimities, Muslin, Hangings, Ac. Carpet da llathen o led; 3c y Uatk. Ffelt Carpet da, 8c y llath. Eto, llathen a haner o led, 11 4 £ c, pris cyffredin, 2s. Canoedd lawer o Tapestry Carpet Is 9!c; yr hen bris oedd 3s 3c. Real Brussels Carptf da, 2s 60 y llath, ni welwyd fashiwn beth »'r blaeu. Cretonnes splendid, 5Jc. Quiltiau Honeycomb Gwynion, mawr, efo fringe, o 5s 6c i fyny. Muslin Hangings, o Is 60 i fyny. Honeycomb, 1s:4e. Toilet Cevers, 9!c. Edrychwch i'r Oenedl yr wythnes ddi- weddaf, a bydd yr holl list fawr hone i'w cael am ychydig amser, megis ToweVi da, Ie yr un. Eto, yn mesur 34 modfedd, lie yr .11.. LMekii iu Byrddau, IIc yr un. Canoedd lawer » lathoni a Winseys, o lie y llath, haner y pris. RHAID EU CLIRIO YN DDIOEB. Kemnants, naner y pris. Agor am Naw a chau am Saith, nid addair cau am Saith mae P. a W. megia ihai, nid rhaid iddynt gadw yn agored i dreio dal cwemer ei gymydeg, ar Q1 iddo gau yn ol eu air. Cymered pawb sydd eisiam Xwyddae, Rhad y fantais o'r Salo fawr 1wa yn ddioed, neu byddent yn golledwyr mawr. PIERCE & WILLIAMS, AFR AUR, CAERNARFON. "Y GWIR YN ERIIYN Y BYD." EISTEDDFOD LEOL TAI/YSARN TESTY. YCHWANEJOL Rhoddir gwobr o6p 6s, gan Chwarelwyr DyfFryn Nantlle, i'r Seindorf Brea (B, Jlimf) a chwareuo orou "Slow March" (Solferino) E. M-irie, cyhoedd- edig gan Mr R. Smith, Derringhom-street, Hull. Bitiuixx,UD: -Yeiacerdd Gwynedd ac Eos Morlais. Tklrkav:—Ni chaniateir i Fand a fa yn ym- gystadlu am 20p gynyg. Rhaid i bob un fod yn aelod o'r Band chwe mis cyn yr Eisteddfod. Ni clianiateir Professor ond i arwain yn umig. Em'au yr ymgeiswyr i fod yn Haw yr Ys-grifcnydd, HUIIH OWIIlf, Talysam, Nantlle, erbyn Mai Sfed, 1878. oll33h CYFARFOD LLENYDD0L SOAR, PENYGROES. A MORIAll, LLANLLYFNl. TEST YN ATX AGOBED I'R BYD. BABDDONIAVNT, 5. Maxwnad i'r ddiweddar Mrs Mary Morgans, LlanKyfni. Mesur rhydd. Heb fod dros gan' llinell- Gwobr lp Is. 6. Marwnad i'r diweddar Mr William Richard Jones, Brynhyfryd, Nazareth. Gwobr lp la. CERDDORIARTH. 10. I'rCoraddatganooreu "Haleliwia i'r Gor- ucliaf," (Beethoven). Gwel Cerddor y Sol Fja, rhif 58. Gwobr 5p 5s. 14. Solo Soprano, Yr eneth amddifad (Mr W. Jarrett Roberts, Caernarfon). Gwobr 5s. 15. Solo Tenor, "Y teithiwr blinedig," Pen- cerdd Gwynedd. Gwobr 5s. 16. Solo Bass, allan o'r "Anthem Goffadwr- iaethol i'r diweddar Barch. E. Morgans, Dyffryn," gan Alaw Ddu. Gwobr 5s. Farddoniaeth, Gwilym Eryri. Y Gerddoriaeth, Mr William Parry, Birkenhead. AMODAU.- Y cyfansoddiadau i'w hanfon i'r Ys- grifenydd, wedi eu cau i fyny, gyda rhif y testyn oddi allan, erbyn Mai 21ain, 1878. Yr ymgeiswyr ar y gerddoriaeth i anfon eu henwau iddo erbyn Mai 25ain, 1878. Ni wobrwyir oni bydd teilyng- dod. LLEWELYN JONES, Penygroes, oll32 h Ysgrifenydd. CYFARFOD LLENYJ)DOL BEAUMARIS, LLUN Y PASG, 1878. Trwy amryfusedd cyhoeddwyd yn y programme o'r Testynau fod rhif 29, sef Tyat-ysgrif cyntaf neu'r ail y Tonic Sol Ffa,' yn rhydd i bawb. DALIBB STLW.—Y mae yn gyfyngedig i Ysgol- ion y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd yn Beaumaris. W. T. WILLIAMS, Victoria House,, Beaumaris, Y Igrifenydd. Chwefror 4ydd, 1878. G1146 li ASSEMBLY ROOM, POBTHMADOC, NOIJ; Wener, Chwefror HS,fed, ORATORIO MENDELSSOHN "EDJAH." Miss CATHARINE PENNA, Miss MARTHA HARRIES^ EOS MORLAIS, MB. ORLANDO CHRISTIAN, PORTMADOC CHORAL SOCI'ETY. PIANOS Ma. J. PRITCHARD A MR. J. T. PRITCHARD. HARMONIUM MR. D. PARRY, U.C.W. Y drysau yn agored am 7, i ddechreu 7.30; all4.3;h GUILD HALL, CARNARVON, For Two nights only. ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH AND 14TH, 1878. Admission:—Reserved Seats, 2s; Front Seats,. Is; Bafek Do,, 6d. DoorS open at 7 15 p.m., to commence at 8. The above Room will be beautifully Decorated, Seated, and Illuminated on the occasion. PROFESSOR H I 0 D I N I Cosmopolitan and Cyclogeotic Tliaumatirgiflt, Conjuror and Anti-spiritualist, in his Inleserib- able Entertainment, introducing MYSTERIES FROM ALL NATIONS L Comprising Phenomenal Illusions of the most unfamiliar and comprehensive character,-De3:ter- ous-Subtle-Ifumorous- WITHOUT ORDINARY PHYSICAL AP- PLIANCES! His tricks are new and original, and for elever- neBS in palming and genuine sleight of hand, we have seen nothing of late Tears to equal Prof. Hiodini's Unique Entertainmen.t." -8- Tori Clipper. o-&B 1118 h Market Hall, Penygroes, Wednesday and Thurs- day, 6th and 7th. Market Hall, Bethesda, Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 11th and 12th. Guild Hull, Carnarvon, Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 13th and 14th. CYMDEITHAS GYFELLLGAli DEYILN- GAllUS A DYNGAl'OL CYNHALIWYD cyfarfod Mymyddoi y gym- deithas hon yn y Concert llajl' 1.?dNel?;oll ?st., Lerpwl, ar y 23ain o lonawr, Air William Jones, y llywydd, yn y gadair. Yr oedd y 34ain adrodd- iad arianol, am y fiwyddyn oedd yn gorphen ar y laf o Chwefror,. yn dangos mai eyfanswm y cyf- alaf yn ol yr adroddiad diweddaf ydoedd 24,131p 8s 4Jc. Yr oedd yr arian a gasglwyd yn ystod y flwyddyn yn cyrhaedd i 16,Olp 68 10c, a'r llog, ftc,, yn 1053p. 16s 2c, a'r eyfanswm cyllidol yn 41,276p lis 4$c. Fe dalwyd arian ar farwolaeth i 1237 o hawliau hyd y swm o 8640p 10s ac yr oedd 99 o roddion, y cyfan yn gwneyd 210p 158 i aelodallan o elw, comisiwn y casglyddion, a rlioddion o. 4588p 9s 3c a chostau goruwchreol- aeth y cyfan oedd 185np 98 7c, gan adael 'gweddill o 25,983p 7s 61c. Fe arbedwyd yu ystod y flwyddyn 1851p 198 2c, a gwerth y gymdeithas ydoedd 25,983p 7s 6Jc. Cynwysai hyn dek bonds i'r swm o 11,000p, water bonds Corphoraeth Lerpwl, 20i)up; echwyn ar berchenogaeth rhydd-ddal- iadol, 9150p; eiddo rliyd(lddaliadol, 36, St. Aune- street, 1673p 19s; arian yir y Northwestern Bank, 1764p 14s 11c, ac yn nwylaw y trysorydda goruch- wylwvr gwladol, 394p 13s c. Wedi i Mr Rich- ard Thompson, yr ysgriient-dd, ddarllen yr åi- roddiad, yr hon a dderbyniwyd gyda chymerad- wyaeth, dywedodd y cadeirydd ei fod jm ei bys- tyried yn rhagorel pan y cymerid i ystyria«*h y darostyngiad mawr mewn mnsnach yn ytsod y deuddeg mis diweddaf. Yr oedd ef yn &ynu eu bod wedi arbed cymaint, a golygai fod.efyllfa bresenol y gymdeithas yn dra boddliacfl. Wedi i'r c d irydd ymadael o'r gadair,' ar "1 cySawni ci swyddogaeth am y flwyddyn, ail-etholwyd ef' yn unfrydol i'r uiki-by-w swydd drachefn, yr hon a ddaliodd eVa deugain mlynedd. Ail-etholwyd y Meistri Kendal, Johnson, White, Taylor, Gart- land, apitsbury, ac Alcot, yn" aelod an eft pwyllgor. GoruchwyKwr, MrE. Booley, 10, Rose Hill, Tre- .ffynon. 0113511. AT BIENI PLANT. YN EISIAU, Bachgon leuano wedi oaol JL addysg dda, yn Egwyddorwas (Apprentice) yn y Drapery. Ymofvrier a R. Jones, Bethesda. Also, WANTED, a nusliini Young Man, with unquestionable character. Apply, stating age, salary, anlast employer, to tfiq abore addiess. »1U7 li IMPORTANT TO SHIP OWNERS. MASTER MARINERS, &c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MB. DAVID JONES, on ThuMday. Feb- ..L mary 14, ""7", at the NBWS-BOOK, PoM. "KADOC, at G o'clock p.m. AR those 64-61 share* in the Schooner Cavn"u,, of the Port of Carnarvon 64 Tons Register and carrying about 120. The above Vessel is well found in Materials, fee. in good repairs, and sea worthy, apd now lies in Portmadoc Harbour. Further particulars may be obtained by apply- ing to the Captain on Board, or the Auctioneer, 3, Cliurch-street, Tremadoc. 1153h TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are invited for erectiug SHOPS JL at TURF-SQUARE, CARNARVON, for Mr Parry, Boot Maker. Plans, Sec., may be seen at the (Jarnai von Offices of the Architects, John and R. G. Thomas, to whom sealed tendelS are to be delivered on or before Friday, the 15th day of February. No guarantee is given that the lowest or any tender will be accepted. .1255h HYSBYSIAD. -t?Y YN MSIEU AR LOG, yn ol ?5 y cant ?U?U ar Eiddo yn un o'r lleoedd goreu yn sir Gaernarfon. Rhenti, X70 y flwydddyn. Am fanylion, ymofyner a rhif 1160, swyddfa y Genedt. 1160-h AT ADEILADWYR CAPELAU, YSGOLDAI, &c., &c. AR WERTH, yr oil o DDODREFN hen Gapel y Methodistiaid Cymreig, Cranmer Street, Liverpool, yn cynwys EMteddieoedd, Moinciau, Ac., &c. Am fanylion pellach ymofyner a Mr G. M. Jones, Messrs Robert,?, Williams & Co.' ,Timber Merchants, Boundary Street, Liverpool. 1159C _ANTED,a [steady young max aa an TV Assistant to the Grocery Trade, one having a knowledge of provisions preferred. Apply to T.[Jones & Co., Confectioner, Carnarvon. 1158h MAE DAFAD FYNYDDIG ddyeitfir wedi l' crwydro i'r Bachau Farm, Llandegfan. Gall ei pherchenog ei chael ond talu y costau yn nslvn a'i chadw a'r hysbysiad hwn.— RICHARD HUGHES, Bachau, Llaudegfan. 1154h DALIER SYLW. YMAE y Drawing gan John Owen Griffith, YCeunant Coch, yn Chwarel Llanberis, yn cael ei ohirio am its, gan na ddaeth y tocynau i law. 01136h NOTICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the .L I half yearly General Meeting of the Festiniog Railway Company will be held at the West- minster Palace Hotel, Victoria-street, West- minster, London, on Wednesday, the 13th February, 1878, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of passing the Accounts and declaring dividends for the half-year ending 31st December, 1S77, raising capital, electing Directors & Auditors, and generally transacting the business of the Company. C. E. SPOONER, Secretary. Portmadoe, 25th Jan., 1878; 0](l2h YMAE CYFRIFYDD o ymarferiad eang- JL yn barod i ymgymeryd â threfnu as archwilio cyfrifon ar delerau rhesymol.-Ymofyner trwy lythyr ag L. M. N., Oenedl Office, Carnarvon. a 1106-h AT DRESSMAKERS. YN EISIEU, gonothod fel egwyddoresau at JL waith GWNIO. 71cfyd, Improvcr.-Ym. ?ofyncr a Mrs C?weF. ?, Lxbridge-street, CamM- HM-h "TN EISlEU, Bachg-en cryf vn brentM i'r T. GENERAL DRAI'ERY a GROCERY.-Ym- ofyner ag E. Jonathan, Trefriw. GllU-h DARGANFYODIAD GWERT11 FAWR AT ADFERYD' GWALLT. CARMAN'S HAIR RESTORER AGYDNABYDDIR i fod eystal- os nad A gwell na Adforydd Mrs Allen, Rosettee, ae eraill. _Y mae befyd yn rhatach. Nid Uywiedydd ydyw, ac ni chynwysa. olew. Adfera wallt Uwyd i'w liw gwreiddiol. Symuda ymaith dandruff a phob anmhuredd oddiiu y pen. Y mae yn atal i'r gwallt eyrthio ymaith. Hyrwydda dyfiait a chryfhad y gwallt, gan roddi iddo dlysni ae ym- s ddangosiad ieuanc, ac yn wir efe ydyw yr Adfervdd goreu a rhataf a ddefnyddiwyd erioed. Ar werth yn unig mewn potelau mawriou, Is 6te yr un. Anfonir parcel o dair potel, wedi eu pacio, i un rhyw fan yn y wlad ar dderbymiad 51 o tamp. neu P. O .O. ar dderbyniad 5t o stamp* PAROTOIR BP GAN JOHN CARMAN, DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIST, (Qualified by Examination). APOTHECARIES' HALL, HOLYWELL. AOHNTS:— CABBNABPON r—Mrs Griffith Owen, Druggist. FFLINT:—Mi> Michael Jones, Chemist. LKBPWL :—Evans, Sons, and Co., (goruchwylwyr cyfanwerthol).  Gwerthir. ef gan fferyllwyr parchus ln mhobo tref. 1156 W. LLOYD GEIFFITH, CORN MERCHANT, PALACE STREET, CARNARVON. DYMllNA Mr IlDyd GriaLth hysbyM e? Dluosog gwsmeriaid fod ganddoStoc HeJas?h o HadydPytatws Gwyddelig o'r fath oreu, Csireh, Haidd, CLOVER, EYEGRASSy &c., a phob, math o ARTIFICIAL MANURES, am y prisiau. iselaf sydd yn bosibl. Erfynir ar i Ffermwyr, Ty4ùyn. wyr, &c., alw yn y maenachdy eang sydd gan Mr Griffith yn y lie uOBod, cyn prynn eu hadau mewn lleoedd eraill, fel y galloai gael dewis a bamu drostynt eu hunsin, a chael cyflawn werth eu harian. Bydd y Pytutwa GiwyddeBg i'w cael yn ystodyr wythnos.nesaf.. iirll-f