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LOCAL NEWS. I TUE NEW GAS WOBKS.—We understand that the directors of the Gas Company have accepted the tender of Mr Benjamin Owen for the erection 8f the retort house and chimney stack. LONDON- UNIVERSITY.—We are glad to find that Mr R. A. Jones, son of the late Rev. John Jones, of Wrexham, his passed with honoers the matri- culation examination of London University. RIFLE VOLUNTEERS.—The members of the first D.R.V. will meet for drill at the Barracks, on IneBday evening next, at half-past seven, when ten rounds ef bhwfr cartridge wil) be served oat co each member, THE NATURALISTS FIELD CLUB.—Arrange- ments are being made for an excursion in connec- tion with the above project in a week or two. AUCTION MART.'—Messrs Griffiths and Co. dis- posed of a large supply of excellent stock in their mart on Thursday last, and although the long-con- tinued drought has rendered pasturage for either cattle or sheep scarce, the demand was brisk and the price satisfactory. Stock entered: Cattle and calves, 25; sheep, 549 and a few pigs. FIRE.-—A rather singular fire occured yesterday I in some fields near the Cock Inn, in the occupation of Mr McDermctt and Mr Wilicock. It appears that some lade were burning a quantity of old paper, which ignited the grass and spread rapidly, owing to the present scorched state of the fields. Fortunately the fire was got under before any great damage was done. THE DROUGHT.—In consequence of the continued drought, the directors of the waterworks' company were on Monday last reluctantly compelled ti issue a notice to the effect that the water supply would he turned off from seven o'clock every night till seven o'clock the next morning, and urgFng tbe necessity for economy and for confining the con- sumpoion to domestic purposes. RAILWAY EXCURSIONS.—We would remind our readers that they can have a run to Bangor and back by the Wrexham Mold and Connah's Quay Rail- way on Monday for the trifling sum of 3s. The Great V* estem Railway also present a very tempting programme, including day and other trips to Liverpool, the Isle of Man, Barmouth, and the Welsh Coast. Weymouth and the Channel Islands, Portsmouth, and other attractive places of resort. BAPTIST CHAPEL, CHESTER-STREET.—On Tues- day last, the children, about'80 in number, attend- ing the Sunday school connected with the above chapel had their annual treat. Instead of having an excursion, the treat this year took the form of a tea-party in the school-Tocm, and afterwards a visit to Acton Park, where the attendants at the school heartily enjoyed themselves in a variety of ways. THE GWERSVLLT REFLB CONTE ST.-We would reziind onr readers of the annual contest of the Gwersyllt volunteers, which takes place on Monday next. The programme of shooting, which ia a very attractive one, inclndes an all-comers prize, of the valne of f5, for which a strong competition amongst the neighbouring corps is expected. Dancing will take place in the evening, and we have no doubt that a very pleasant day will be spent. A large company is expected. HILL STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL.—On Sunday, the 17th inst., the anniversary sermons were preached in the above chapel by the Rev. W. Howells, president of the Trevecca College. The rev. gentleman preached three times to excellent congregations, and at the end of each service col- lecti-ons- were made in aid of the chapel fund. On Monday afternoon, the Sunday school children were taken to Bersham, where an excellent tea was prepared for them in a field attached to the house of Mr I. Shone. Upwards of 150 sat down to tea, and when it was over amused themselves at various games in the field until nearly nine o'clock, when they returned to town. BRYNYFFYXXOX WESLEYAN CHAPEL.—The anni- versary sermons at this chapel were preached on Sunday last by the Rev. George Fletcher, of Man- chester. There were larg3 congregations, and the discourses of the rev. gentleman were of an im- pressive and practical character. In the morning he selected for his text 2 Timothy ii, 3—6 v, and in the evening Luke xiii, 49, 50 v. On Wednesday evening the Rev. Richard Roberts, of London, preached in the chapel, and, of course, had a good congregation. The rev. gentleman, whose great powers are well known, selected for his text L the words; What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ! (Matthew xxvii, and part of 22nd verse). The sermon occupied an hour in delivery, and was listened to with great attention. RIFLE CO-EST.-On Monday last, the second m .1 • # 18", « .1 i competition tor tne prize 01 ±,& tor the best aggre- gate score in six weekly competitions, took place at the range of the 1st D.R.V., at Sontley. The shooting was of a good average character, but the highest score made was one less than that obtained by Private N. Humphreys and Lance-corporal Smith at the last contest. Forty-three points were secured on the first occasion by Humphreys and Smith, and 3i points by Sprigging, whp improved his position this time by making 41 points. Ser- geant Leef, who obtained 36 points last contest, now scored -gS points. The following is the return of the shooting 200 500 600 Total Private N. HUILFkrcys i5. 13. 14. i 11 Spriggins 16- 11 14. 41 Sergeant Lees IS. 12. 11. 38 Bandsman C. Jones 12 13. 10. 35 I^.nee-eoqsaia.1 Smith 13. 10. 8. 31 PrivateB"thell. 18. I I. 10 31 „ T. Davies H. 10. 7. 31 „ Sykes 13. 13. 4. 30 „ T. Edwards H. 11. 8. 30 Sergeant Wcodville 11. 14. 5. 30 .T. Jones II. 6. 7. 24 Private.T. Davies lL. 9. 2. 22 11 Matheson 8. 8. 4. 20 Lance-corpexal J. Roberts .10. 5. 2. 17 WREXHAM MOLD AND CONNAH'S QUAY RAIL- i VAY.-WE had a recent opportunity of visiting the port of Conaah's Quay for the first time since the appointment of the present energetic manager of the railway, and were agreeably surprised with the progress made since our previous visit, and the in- dications of business manifest along the line and at the Quay- New branches connecting the line with old and new works are opened, and every effort made tG develope the resources of the dis- trict. At Connah's Quay timber, iron ore, and other commodities were being unshipped, while coal, iron, and every, vark-ty of Buckley earthen- ware took its place. The most noticable fact in connection with the traffic, and indicating the ad- vantages of intercommunication, was a vessel tak- ing in a cargo of coal for Spain. This, we were informed, was from the Frood Works, and that the vessel would return ladeii with a cargo of iron ore. Such are the advantages of international commerce in these piping times of peace. Heaven I grant there be no interruption. The company have recently purchased three and & half acres of river frontage, and are fcueily utilizing it in increasing their accommodation for the increasing traffic. Jadging by the manifest indications, this railway is now doing good .and efficient public service, and likely to do more. TE QUEEN'S MINBZPJSLS.—Our aid acquaintance, Mr Bernard, who introduced to urs such a capital entertainment a few years ago undea the name of A Comio Opera," appeared with his superior troupe of Christy's Minstrels in the Town Hall on Saturday and Monday last. On the former day he was not so well patronised as the excellence of the programme oaght to have guaranteed but on Monday there was an audience worthy of the performers. The ball was.crowded to overflowing, and the mperature of the.densely-packed edifice on a warm summer evening .is^s'easanter to imagine than to experience. The singers were, altogether, far superior;^ any similar body --f entertainers that has yet paid ns a visit, and the performance was devoid of those objectionable and unmeaning features which so often deSgnre such entertain- ments, but wao characterised by good music and worthy interpreters of it. The bano- wasan excel- tOEt ene, and played the accompaniments in such a tasteful manoer.Ra to exhibit the vocal parts to the best advantage. JThe witticisms and-bye-play were far above the average, and incladel some original bon mats. The bones (Mr Louis Linssay) was a j capital performer, and is supposed to be the most finished master of his peculiar department. His songs were given with csuch originalty and humour. Mr J. Hill (banjo) was also a good comic nigger and dancer. But, to paes to the better portion of the programme, we may particularly mention the excellent manner in which the concerted piece, Exceltiior," was sung, the solos by Mr Bernard, Mr Bishop, and Mr Webster Williams, being well sus- tained with superior voices. The solo and chorus. Tramp o'er moss and fell," by Mr Stella and com- pany, was also a prominent itera in the programme, the high parts being marvellously sung for a man by Mr Stella. Mr Webster Williams, in singing Nellie of the vale," written and composed by Mr Bernard, displayed a capital tenor of great range, and showing much careful training. Mr Bernard, whose fame as a vocalist is sueh that we cannot increase it by compliments, however well deserved they might be, favoured the audience with an interpretation of the popular ballad, "Just before the battle, mother," of which he is the composer. This was sung by Mr Bernard before the Queen at the special request of her Majesty, when the troupe appeared at Balmoral, in October, 1868. The trio, I'm not the queen," by Messrs Bernard, Vestris, and Stella, was rapturon., ly received. We may also mention the following as popular features in the programme:—" I doat on the military," Mr Vestris ballad, Nellie's grave (Bernard), Mr C. Bishop The Pirate Queen," Mr Vestris and company Oh, gently breathe," Mr C. Warde eccentric song and dance, Tiny Tim," by the Liliputian wonder; solo, with variations on Scotch airs, on ths Japanese biilder or one-stringed fiddle, &c. Several of the songa were composed by Mr Bernard, and the whole entertainment was of such a first-class character, that the audience will look for* Stfd to a future visit with great pleasure. LroUT INFANTRY DRILL ON THE RACE COURSE. The Wrexham and Gresford companies of volun- teers met on Tuesday evening, and were drilled together on the racecourse, Wrexham mastered as follows;—Three officers (Captain Yorke, Lieut. Pugh, aud Ensign Morris), two sergeants, and fifty-eight rank and file; and Gresford, two officers (Lieut. Manley and Ensign Price), two sergeants, and twenty-four rank and file. Acting Adjutant Conran was in attendance, and the companies were put through the usual light infalltry drill. The band of the Wrexham company was present. PRINCE OF WALES LODGE, C-.U.O.-The anni- versary of the Loyal Prince of Wales Lodge. G.U.O., hold at the Bowling Green, celebrated its anniversary on Monday last. The lodge is a very important one, having upwards of 400 mem- bers. About 250 assembled on the occasion, and precerlerl by the Volunteer band, conducted by Mr J. W, Jones, marched through the town. The members, in the course of the day, stopped a short time at the Yorkshire Hall in order to consider some questions connected with the lodge. It appears that a large amount is paid in this lodge in the third class,"—i. e., to superannuated mem- bers-and there was no fund set aside for that purpose. At the meeting in question, it was decided to establish a snperannnatioti fund, to which each member should contribute one shilling annually. Another question which has lately caused a great deal of discussion was that of beer. It used to be the custom at the lodge to allow every member half-a-pint of beer, paid for out of the lodge funds, on attending the meetings which are held fortnightly; but about six months since, by a vote of the lodge, this practice was abolished. As many members ware not satisfied with this course, the question was again discussed at the meeting in the Yorkshire Hall, and it was decided that there should be no beer. On the conclusion of this business, the members continued their march, and afterwards sat down to a substantial dinner provided by Host Wilcock, in the tent upen the Bowling Green. Afterwards, the band commenced playing, and dancing was kept np with great spirit on the capital ground which the green affords for each a purpose. ——————


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