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Money. MONEY W 'A.NTED —Mr William Connor has appli- J?t cations for ?250 and £ 400, for which good mortge" will he h-en.-Auction and Agency OSu-es, Regent-place, Wrexham. U- MR. WILLIAM CONNOR has £1,500 and X-0,000 )Wt trust monev to Lend, on good mortgage security. -Apply personally, or by letter addressed to him at his Estate Agency Offices, Regent-place, Wrexham. 1370g THE GENERAL LOAN & DIS- COUNT COMPANY. 5S. Booth-street East, Oxford-street, Manchester. MOXHY immediately and confidentially ADVANCE^D, from £ ■> upwards, on personal security, furniture (with- out removal), farm stock, &c. Bills promptly discounted. prospectus Id., hy post 2(1. 11 T*/l"ON"KY to Lend on personal or other security from £ "31 to .t:(liI. to lie repaid by easy monthly quar- terly, or other instalments, extending over a period of from one month to two and a. half years. Confidence and punctn-'litv strictlv observed.-Apply personally orliy letter to Mr THOMAS HOWAUTII, o, 2!1, Booth-Street East oxf'>nl-road. Manchester. Attendance given at the Star Hotel, Mold, on every Mold fair day. The Office has been established many years. 44j MONEY LENT OV PERSONAL OR OTHER SECURITY. THE WREXHAM LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, Limited, are prepared to advance any Sum from t5 to £ 500 upon Personal or other Security, for periods of from three months to two years repayable by Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or other Instalments. Good Bills Discounted on advantageous terms. The strictest confidence observed Application to be made to the Secretary, Mil .).\MHs TAYLOR. Offices: No. 13, Queen-street, Wrexham. Forms of applications furn- ished free. It" applied for hy post, same will he forward- ed upon receipt of a stamped directed esivelope.-Office hours, for the purpose of making advances and receiving j-e payineiits, from 1(» to 5 p.m. 7.r Shipping Notices. SHORT SEA PASSAGE. F, VERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY TO [1 j AMERICA. <  ? -k By the sP]e»lM MAIL STEAMERS of the a?g?.? ALLAN UXE, running in connection with ?-T!<H?. the URAND TRUNK and other RAIL- WAYS, and forwarding passengers on easy terms to all WAYS, s in CI'LNADA tn(I the WESTEII.N ZiTATEI);-  Stations in CANADA and the WESTERN STATES :— EUROPEAN Jilly 5 'AUSTRIAN „ 7 GERMANY 12 ♦PRUSSIAN „ 14 HIUKRNIAN ..?2,111 ?NKr;TOR!A? 21 CASPIAN „ 20 SCANDINAVIAN „ 2* Calling at Londonderry (Ireland) every Friday to em- bark passengers and her Majesty's mails and from QUEBEC, BOSTON, or NEW YORK, £ 18 ISs. and j £ 1515s., including Provisions, but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained on board. A limited number of intermediate passengers are taken in each Steamer at gg 9 s., including Bed, Bedding, and aU necessary utensil. dining apart from steerage. Application for berths to be made Ten days in advance. Steerage Passage to either Quebec, Portland, Boston, or New York, X6 (Is., including a plentiful supply of cooked Provisions. Baggage taken from the Ocean Steamships to the Rail- way Car* free of expense. Pamplilets on Canada supplied gratis. fI:i¡ SnoitTKST Voi TK to San Francisco via the "C:IO: PACIFIC RAILROAD. THROUGH TICKETS issued on the most favourable terms. For Freight or passage apply to ALLAN BROTHERS it Co., Alexandra-buildings, James-street, Liverpool, and S3. Foyle-street, Londonderry. Or to THOMAS RILEY, 5, Bridge-street, Wrexham. NATIONAL LINE. STEAM PROM LIVERPOOL TO NEW YORK EVERY WKDNESDA Y, -i. AND FROM QUEENSTOWN EVERY .? THURSDAY. ?-TM,.i? NATIONAL STEAM SHIP COMPANY (Limited.) The new full-powered British Iron Screw Steam-ships. SHIPS TONS SPAIN (Building) EGYPT (Building) ITALY, Grace :J..OO HOLLAND, Thomas. :Ufll) FRANCE, (hogan. a5ïl THF.Ql'F.KNTliompsoiLtf) 17 I sifills TONS I ENGLAND, Griggs 3307 ERIN, Thomas .S.SIS HELVKTIA, Thomson 3318 PENNSYLVANIA, 2SSH VIRGINIA, Bragg 2?7 1 DENMARK, Forbes 3HS WIN tie aespatcneu trom Liverpool to -sew i orK as follows:- THE QUEEN -WF.o:"F_'mw, July 27th. PENNSYLVANIA HELVETIA .WED:"ESO.Y, August 10th. And from Queenstown the following days. The Saloon accommodation on board these Steamers is very superior. Rate of Passage 12 and 15 Guineas, ac- cording to accommodation in Stateroom—all having same privilege in Saloon. Return Tickets Twenty-three Guineas. There is excellent accommodation for Stserage Pas- sengers, and a full supply of Cooked Provisions served up by the Company's Stewards. Passengers hooked through to Aspinwall,-San Fran- cisco,—the inland towns of Canada and of the United States on favourable terms. For Freight or Passage apply to THE NATIONAL STEAM SHIP COMPANY, (Limited), 21 and 23, Water-street, LIVERPOOL to Mr JOIIV POWELL, 2, Charles-street, WREXHAM 101 or to N. and J. CUMMINS and BROS., Queenstown. Business Announcements. MESSRS. A. and W. COULSON, Public Ac- countants and Auditors, Gibraltar House, Church- Btreet, Oswestry. Balance Sheets prepared. Partnership, Executors', and every kind of accounts, adjusted and investigated. Periodical supervision, and Audits undertaken, or Books posted by yearly contract. 8Sj MR. COETMORE K. JONES, T AND SURVEYOR, DRAUGHTSMAN, ETC. 1 J ?!<cc<?r to A. /1. 3/?L?7CF, ??.?. TEMPORARY OFFICES- 4, SALISBURY PARK, 1223j WREXHAM. MIDSUMMER AUDITS.  HARPER D?XON. ACCOUNTANT and E • PUBUC AUDITOR. Accounts carefully examined, Balance Sheets, State- ments, Partnersliip Accounts adjusted, etc., &-c. Equi- table terms. CORINTHIAN BUILDINGS, 16,-SOUTH CASTLE STREET,-16, L I V E RPOjO L. ioioj THE ALBUM PORTRAIT STUDIO, 26, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM (Opposite Jfr. Kennedy's). lVIR. B. J. EDWAET)S Begs to announce that he has made great alterations in bis Studio both for the comfort of visitors and the pro- duction of FIRST-CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY, equal in every respect to the best yet produced in London or Paris. Mr. B. J. E. also returns many thanks to the nobility, gentry, and tradesmen for their liberal support, and .hopes still to merit a share of their patronage, by his jdesire to please and the production of good and Artistic Photography. Mr EDWARDS invites special attention to his superior Styles of "CARTE DE VISITE," "CABINET," and Other PORTRAITS; also his "NEW HALF-GUINEA TINTED PORTRAIT," which is universally admired. PORTRAITS FROM CARTE TO LIFE SIZE highly finished in Oil & Water. Miniatures on Ivory, &c. CARTE DE VISITES from 7s. M. per Dûz, Views of Country Residences, Interiors, Wedding Parties, Landscapes, Machinery, Animals, &c., ifcc. Terms on application at the Studio. 26, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM, OPPOSITE AIR. KENXKDY'S. 64]j PORTRAIT OF PETER WALKER, ESQ. JL Frames for the above Portrait, with Crest, in the newest and most elegant designs, at GEORGE WARBURTON'S, CARVER AXD GILDER, CHESTER STREET, WREXHAM. Specimens may be seen. SoOj PORTRAITS CARTES!! PORTRAITS! JL 2s. Cd. per doz., or Is. 6<1. per half-doz. NORTH WALES COPYING COMPANY, LIMITED. Send Carte and Stamps, with Stamped Directed En- velope, and Twelve first-class copies, with the Original, will be returned. AIJDRESS- SCOTCHER AND COMPANY, BAZAAR, ?/t?..v(;f, Holywell, Xorth Wales. 91j GALVANIZED IRON ROOFS AND BUILDINGS, CISTERNS, CAB L EST RAN D FENCING, HURDLES, GATES, Co.NTINOC.s IRON BAR FENCING, ASPHALTE ROOFING FELT Lm thaii USE per Square Foot; Liberal <lUamat for ijuQiitity. S. SOTHERN, 3349F 24, and 20, Henblas-Street, Wrexham. •*r A l.VL-i.\I1.' .l\, y AND SCULPTURE. W. HEXRY T H O MA S, ST OS EM A SOX ASD SCULPTOR, BEGENT STREET, WREXHAM, Uegs to thank his numerous friends for the liberal patronage they have bestov. ed upon him since he has commenced business, and to intimate that he is pre- pared to take in orders tu any extent for TOMBS and CROSSES, CHIMNEY PIECES, Arc., in Marble, Enamelled Slate, or Granite. W. H. T. begs to call special attention to a SUN DIAL that he lias constructed on a new principle, the dial portiun of which is exeuited oil Slate, and iias the advantage of not being iuiiject too magnetic influence "while the accuracy with which it is set insures a correct indication of time. W. H. T. has great pleasure in intimating that Sir Roger Palmer has already favoured him with an order for one of these novelties, which has just been fitted up in front of the house, at Cefn Park. MARBLE TABLETS AND MONUMENTS OF ALL KINDS CLEANED AND POLISHED. I LETTER!XV OX STO VE AXD MA )-.DLE. "YARD: Oppu?ite Ki'?-?feet. adjolnmg ??t. Mark's Cburch. l?jjj Business Announcements. FRESH SANDWICHES EVERY MORNING AT TEN, AT W. PEATE'S RESTAURANT, OVERTON ARCADE. Bottled ALES and STOUT in Prime Condition. WREXHAAI GI INGERBREAD, IX XEAT WRAPPERS AXD TIXS. WiU carry better, keep better, and be more suitable for Presentation than otherwise packed. PRICE ONE SHILLING PER CANNISTER. S. MADDOCK, CONFECTIONER, SOLE MAKER (in Cannisters) OF THE ORIGINAL WREXHAM GINGERBREAD. Sole Ageat for the AERATED BREAD and SKLF-R.VISING FLOt n, 18, IIOPE-ST. (opposite the Talbot Inn), WREXIIA M. AGENTS WANTED. H:}j SOLE MANUFACTUFJ^OF THE ORIGINAL AND HIGHLY CELEBRATED I/TV TREXHAI-Vt GINGERBREAD. AS SUPPLIED TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. W. KENDRICK, 20, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. SOLE AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS MELTON?MOWBRAY PIES^4J 7Hj CAUTION. ROYAL GERMAN PA-BRIGHTOX. Under Her Majesty's Especial Patronage. I XV VLIDS and others desirous to use the SELTZER, i_ FAC141-Xt.lF-N, VICHY, KISSINGEN, and other MINERAL WATERS so successfully prepared under the HIGHEST MEDICAL SANCTION for the past FORTY YEARS by STRUVE and Co., at the above Establish- ment, will please to observe carefully, that STAVES NAME IS ON THE LABEL and ON THE RED INK STAMP AFFIXED TO EACH BOTTLE ON THEIR WATElts-tvithoitt which, though contained in Struve's Bottles, they cannot be of their Manufacture-1 The frequent application by other parties of the terms Brighton Seltzer," *'Bri,"hton ichy, &e., to aters with which STRUVE and Co. hace no connection, renders this Notice due alike to the PUBLIC and to STRUVE and co. The AUTHOR of a recent work on MINERAL WATERS says "If Artificial Mineral Waters arc prescribed, we should INSIST ON STRUVE'S ALONE being used. STRUVE'S MINERAL WATERS are sold at the PUMP ROOM, BRIGHTON, and by all respectable Chemists in the Metropolis and Provincial Towns. In Wrexham, bv Messrs OVERTON and WILLIAMS, Wine Merchants, and Mr J. BROUG11TON, Chemist. In Bangor, by Mr R. L. GRIFFITHS, Chemist. 1:14.50 HAXELL'S ROYAL EXETER HOTEL, WEST STRAND, LONDON. THIS HOTEL, situated in the most open part of the i_ West strand, close to the Theatres, Operas. Places of Amusement, and Objects of Interest, is in style and comfort equal to any in London, while the Charges are Moderate in the extreme, and are never varied. The Hotel contains upwards 01 vne nuiiureu nuuma, AND AN ELEGANT AND WELL-APPOINTED LADIES' COFFEE ROOM, With Reading Room, supplied by Mudie* with Papers, Periodicals, and Books. EDISBURY'S AMERICAN HAIR RESTORER POSSESSES the singular property of Restoring Grey- JL Hair to its Natural Colour, and prevents Baldness. Is NOT A DYE. Full Directions for use enclosed. In Bottles at 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. each. London Agents: BARCLAY & SONS, Farringdon-street. Liverpool R. SUMMERS & Co., Lord-st., EVANS, SON & Co., Hanover-street. Chester „ GIUNDI-KY & SON, Northgate-street. Bottles carefully packed and forwarded per rail to all parts of the kingdom. PREPARED SOLELY BY JAMES FISHER EDISBURY, DISPENSING AND FAMILY CHEMIST, ESTABLISHED 1819, 3, HIGH STREET, WREXHAM. 970j F R A N C I S S VOICE LOZENGES (COMPOUND CATECHU LOZENGE IMPROVED), For clearing and strengthening the Voice, relieving all affections of the Throat, Hoarseness, Iluskiness, Sore Throat, Relaxation of the Uvula and Tonsile, Teasing and Xervoiis Coughs. THEY will be found to olear and give power and jL tone to the voice in speaking or singing and also prevent and relieve throat affections arising from any unusual exertion of the voice or from colds, exposure to changes, inclemency of the weather, and other causes. One of the leading physicians and standard authors of the present day in treating on the active ingredient of these lozenges statesPublic speakers and singers use it with much benefit as a preventive of hoarseness and as a remedy when it exists." TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS. Mr Lewis (Llew Llwyvo) I believe that I could not have performed my part (owing to hoarseness) at the concert, had it not been for the efficacy of your lozenges." Mr Hughes (chorister, Bangor Cathedral, N.W.) "Y Ollr lozenges completely restored my voice," &-c. Rev. Mr Roberts, Glanaled "They are excellent for disordered voice and hoarseness." A clergyman (near Wrexham): They have a wonderful effect upon my voice." Sold in boxes, 7kl., Is. lid., 2s. 9d. each, per post for 9d., Is. 3d., and 3s. 2d. in postage stamps, from the PROPRIETOR, J. FRANCIS, Pharmaceutical Chemist (exam.), WREXHAM. Agents: Messrs Evans, Sons, and Co., Liverpool; Sutton and Co. London, æc. 2538y MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS of all kinds, l by the best makers, new and second-hand, on Hire, with option of purchase, at all prices. Instruments supplied on the THREE YEARS' SYSTEM whereby they become the property of the hirer at the end of that period, without further payment. Instruments of all kinds Tuned, Repaired, and taken in Exchange. Newest Music at half-price, and post free. BOUCHER & CO., CIRCULATING MUSIC LIBRARY, 145, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER. 577j REDUCTION IN PRICE! COAL. VRON COLLIERY, MAURICE & LOW. NEW WHARF, WREXHAM. Main Coal 5d, per cwt. Crank 5id. House Coal. 5d. Riddled Slack :d. Nut Slack .3d, Through Slack 2.d. The above is Cash Price at the NEW WHARF, NEAR THE WORKHOUSE. Cartage to any part t)f the Town per cwt. All Coal booked will be charged I'd. per cwt. extra. AGENT: MR. ARTHUR PHILLIPS, JUNIOR, 47, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM. 2 WALTER JONES, I, Queen's Ilead Yard, OSWESTRY, SALOP, REGISTERED PRINCIPAL BILL POSTER. The strictest attention will be paid to all Bills entrusted to his care. Member of the United Kingdom Bill Poste)-sAsqociatio?i. 725j ICE CREAMS AND WATER ICES JL Of every variety and flavour, made to order, from ONE PINT UPWARDS, at W. PEATE'S RESTAURANT, OVERTON ARCADE. F INDLATER'S CELEBRATED DUBLIN STOUT, CASKS FULL ENGLISH MEASURE, H. K. AHPIALL, ACE:\T. ]OT;4 H. K. ASPINALL, AGENT. TJORNI MAN'S T E A Selected from the spring gathering, and imported free from facing powder, is very strong and delicious in flavor. Sold only in packets,—present prices, 2s. 4d.—2s. 8(1.—3s.—3s. 4d. and 3s. Sd. per lb. Agents for this District WREXHAM Potte)-, Bookseller. OSWHSTKY Roberts, Bookseller. LLANGOLLEN Thomas, Bridge-street. WHITCHURCH Jones, Chemist. SHREWSBURY Payne, Chemist. RUAHON t;. Powell, Grocer. CHESTER Ma reliant. Chemist. MOLD 11 voles, 22, New-st. Son. WKM Chemist. IWy TO PIC-NIC AND PLEASURE PARTIES. J^RAKLS & FOR HIRE QTJEETS HOTEL, OSWESTRY. 1099j j Business Announcements. RICHARD CHADWICK, ENGINEER, MILL WRIGHT, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDER, EAGLE FOUNDRY, WREXHAM. AGENT for the "Safe and Sure" Sectional Wrought Iron Boiler, Cowburn's Safety Valve, J. Bailey and Co.'s Patent Inventions, Ac. 1021 QRDER AT ONCE!! MOWING AND REAPING MACHINES, HAY- MAKERS, HORSE RAKES, Ac., By all Makers, at their prices, at the Old Implement Depot, Opposite the Market IIall, High-street, Wrexham, ALFRED OWEN (late OVERTON) PROPRIETOR. Yaril-Chester Street. 101 tij HARROWS CHAIN, ZIG-ZAG, & DRAG—of all sizes. CORN tV sEED DRILLS—suitable for any method of cultivation and work uuon any soil. n. FIELD ROLLERS.—The Cylinders being made of iron can be used in all weathers. HORE RAKE.-Royal Agriciiltural Society's Prize Pattern. MOWING MACHINES with all the latest improvements. LAWN MOWERS, GARDEN ROLLERS, GARDEN SEATS, and GARDEN TOOLS, to be seen at J. & H. KJEYWORTH & Co. Liverpool Agricultural Implement Depot, .55, Tarlton-st., Liverpool—and at 71, Foregate-st., Chester. 741j ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY'S PRIZE HARVESTING MACHINERY. JOHN Me HATTIE INVITES inspection of his extensive and varied collec- I. tion of MOWERS, REAPERS, HAY MAKERS, and HORSE RAKES, by Hornsby, Banilfitt, Burgess, and Key, Samuelson, Howard, Kearsley, Ransome, Nicholson, and other celebrated makers. J. M. delivers these Machines carriage free at any railway station. Illustrated price lists and any information desired may be had on application. SEED & IMPLEMENT WAREHOUSE, 136, XORTH GATE-STREET, CHESTER. 9S7j ESTABLISHED 1835. LAWN MOWERS AND GARDEN ROLLERS. GREEN'S PATENT LAWN MOWERS have proved to be the BEST, and have carried off EVERY PRIZE that has been given in all cases of com- petition. Manufacturers of Galvanized Wire Netting- GREENS PATENT HOT WATER BOILERS. Drawings and Price Lists Free on Application. THOMAS GREEN & SON, SMITHFIELD IRON WORKS, LEEDS, and 54 & 55, Blackfriars Road, London, S. 764j BREWERS AND PUBLICANS WROUGHT IRON BREWING BOILERS FOR SALE, AI'I'LY TO W. HORTON AND SON, Manufacturers of STEAM KYGISE BOILERS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. PRINCE'S END, TIPTON, STAFFORDSHIRE. 2:J:J2j NOT I C E.-C E F N FREESTONE .1. QUARRIES. These QUARRIES are now fully opened, and the Proprietors are prepared to undertake orders for all des- criptions of Building Stone, of any given dimension; Grinding Stones of all sizes and very superior quality; Pig Troughs, Cisterns, Copings, ifc all kinds of Masonry. I Orders to be addressed to ,> THE MANAGER, MR. CHAS. CHATHAM, 607j Cefn Freeston Quarries Co., near Ruabon. CEFN FREESTONE QUARRIES. — The i whole of the above QUARRIES being now in the hands of Messrs. DESSIS and Co., they beg to intimate that, in addition to the communication between the Quarries and the Great Western Main Line, a connec- tion has just been completed with the LlangoUen Branch Railway, which will enable them to supply Llangollen, Corwea, Bala, Dolgelley, and the whole of the coast dis- trict with this valuable BUILDING STONE. Messrs. Dennis and Co. have also arranged for direct communi- cation by tramroad with the canal, whereby facilities will be afforded for shipping the stone to all parts traversed by the Ellesmere and Chester Canal. 949j PONKEY BRICK & TILE COMPANY (LIMITED), NEAlt RUABON. MACHINE PRESSED BRICKS, l.f.J.. 22s. 6d. per Thousand. SANITARY PIPES, CIIIMXEY TOPS, FLOOR- ING TILES, J-c., Ac. l§04j Apply to the MANAGER, Ponkey, Ruabon. HALKIN HYDRAULIC LIME AND LIMESTONE, PARY'S MINE, HOLYWELL. THE HOLYWELL LIME COMPANY (LIMITED), MANUFACTURERS OF ROMAN AND PORTLAND CEMENTS, Have supplied the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board with upwards of 160,000 tons of their celebrated Halkin Mountain LIME STONE during the last ten years, and have now the exclusive supply of the article to that Board. This stone yields the Hydraulic Lime with which the great Docks at Liverpool and Birkenhead have been almost entirely constructed and maintained. The Bridge- water Trustees, the Weaver Navigation Trust, Belfast Harbour Works, &c., have also been largely supplied with the article. It was used exclusively in the con- struction of Runcorn Bridge, and is now in increasing demand for Sewerage, Colliery, and other Works. For prices, &c., apply to H. JUDD, Manager, Holywell Lime Company, Limited, Holywell, Flintshire. 1615j m R B ENJAMIN DAVIES, A UCTIONEER, dc., PANT, RUABON. 2403 JOHN H. KIDD AND CO. Have an extensive assortment of the Newest Designs in BRUSSELS, KIDDERMINSTER & TAPESTRY CARPETS, HEARTH RUGS, FANCY MATS, J: OIL CLOTHS. CARPETS MADE UP AND FITTED PROMPTLY. 2440j HENBLAS-STREET, WREXHAM. WHO IS TO GLAME ? JUST PUBLISHED. PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS TO MASTERS AND MISTRESSES WHEN ENGAGING SERVANTS. BY A LADY. PRICE ONE PENNY. C. G. BAYLEY, THE CROSS, OSWESTRY. A Splendid New HEARSE, with one or more A MOURNING COACHES to match, for HIRE, AT THE QUEEN'S HOTEL, OSWESTRY, At very low and reasonable charges. 1101 j TOURISTS, SPORTSMEN, AND LOVERS of the Gentle Art,—Heads of Families who want economic clothing for their children,—Agriculturists, Tradesmen, and others, are recommended to use the GENUINE HAND-MADE WELSH TWEED CLOTH. It may be had in great variety of pattern and texture, and includes Wynnstay Shooting Cloths, 2s. a yard; Welsh Fishing Cloth, 2s. 6d. a yard; Superfine Welsh Tweeds, from picked wools, 4s. 3d. a yard—eight yards are sufficient for a suit. Welsh Limeys, for ladies' dresses, 3s. a yard Skirts (3 yards) for 10s. 6d. Jenny Jones Linsey Aprons 3s. tid. each. Welsh Blankets and Flannels, endless wear. JOHN MEYRICK JONES, DOLGELLEY, Manufacturer of the famous Hand-made Welsh fabrics, will be happy to send patterns of Tweeds, Limeys, or Flannels by Post, and he begs to remind the public that Dolgelley being on two lines of railway the charge for parcels to any part of England is very low. 447 CROWTHER AND GROSSER, MANUFACTURING & ANALYTICAL CHEMISTS, Are prepared to make Chemical Analysis and to supply all qualities of Carbolic and Picric Acids, Aurine, Ma- chinery, Colliery and Burning Oils, Greases, &c. N.B.—Mr Greesser having had five years practical ex- perience as a Chemist with Dr. Grace Calvert, of Man- chester, will bestow the utmost skill, care, and attention upon any article submitted to him for analysis or in- vestigation. Address— PLASKYNASTON CHEMICAL WORKS, 351 j NEAR RUARON. Just Published, post free two IItamp., WONDERFUL MEDICAL DISCOVERY, W showing the true causes of Nervous, Mental, Physical. Debility, Lowness of Spirits, Indigestion, WANT OF ENERGY, PREMATURE DECLINE, with plain directions for PERFECT RESTORATION TO HEALTH AND VIGOUR IN A FEW DAYS. The most important fact that these alarming com- plaints may easily be removed WITHOUT MEDICINE, Is here, clearly demonstrated, and the entirely new and highly successful treatment, as adopted by the Author, fully explained-by means of which EVERY ONE IS ENABLED TO CURE HIMSELF perfectly, and at the least possible cost. Sent free on re- ceipt of two stamps, by W. HILL, Esq., M.A., Berkeley House, South Crescent, Russell Square, London, W.C. THESE CURATIVE MEANS ARE SO EASY and SIMPLE in APPLICATION, THAT ALI,. ( ''A -N Til EM SELVES PRIVATELY. SUCCESS- FULLY, A: at the SMALLEST COST in a FEW DAYS. "The object of this extraordinary publication is to prove how Nervousness and concomitant eiii )? er:pdl1ally and successfully treated, ?nd the most convincing proof of the rmea!:y of this, tIle.L'l?,Lte.,t o of human discoveries, is testified by the numerous cases of cures effected."—Medical Record. :.167 Business Announcements. NOTICE. THE ROYAL DENBIGHSHIRE MILITIA BAND JL having lately had a PROFESSIONAL Master engaged by the Officers, have made great improvement, and are available for Pic-Nics, Clubs, or Dance Parties. The newest and most fashionable Music is now per- formed by this Band in London style. Applications to be made to CHARLES JENNINGS, Band Master, 1294 3, Stanley-street, Hightown, Wrexham. I TEPHENSON'S 24 ]R- C. A S QUADRILLE BAND, Comprising .-—Violins, Piarw, Violincello, Double Bass, Flageolet, Clarionet, Cornet, d:c., May be engaged on moderate terms for Balls, Parties, Concerts, &c. Terms on application to Mr C. A. STEPHEN- SON, Commercial Inn, College-street, Wrexlnm. Any number of the above instruments may be selected to attend Private Parties. 74j THE WREXHAM RELIANCE STRING BAND-FOUR IN NUMBER, COMPRISING VIOLIN, PICCOLO, CORNET and VIOLINCELLO, may be ENGAGED on easy terms for Pic-nics, Pleasure Parties, &c. N.B.—This Band plays a first-class selection of Dance Music. Apply to- EDWIN JONES, Conductor. 1162j 30, YORKE STREET, WREXHAM. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. THOMAS F 0 ULKE S, Slater 4, Plasterer, Griffiths's Square Mold, Begs to inform his numerous patrons that he has re- moved from MAESYDRE, to the above capacious premises, where he hopes by strict attention to business and due regard to moderate prices, to merit the same support he has hitherto received. P.S.—THOAIAS FOULKES, Slater and Plasterer, Griffiths's Square, Mold. 776i THE CROSS, OSWESTRY. DAILY and WEEKLY NEWSPAPERS, conveyed L by the Cambrian Railway Co., on the day of Pub- lication, by the first Train after receipt. All orders promptly attended to by C. G. B A Y L E Y, BOOKSELLER, The Cross, Oswestry. THE NEW LANCASHIRE STEEL PEN, JL-J AND ALL OTHER PEXS, Manufactured by EDWARD VOORSANGER, SOLD BY CHARLES G. BAYLEY, THE CROSS AND CHURCH-STREET, One of the Agents for Oswestry. J^E WIS AND QWEN, THE LIBRARY, OSWESTRY, RAILWAY AND GENERAL PRINTERS AND STATIONERS, ARE PREPARED TO FURNISH ESTIMATES TO PUBLIC COMPANIES For every description of Printing and Stationery. WALL PAPERS. CHOICE NEW PATTERNS IN GREAT VARIETY, AT ALL PRICES. T. PHENNAH, 496j VICARAGE HILL, WREXHAM. NOVELTY IN WALL pAPERS. CHEAPER THAN EVER!! Elegant Designs and good quality from 2! per Piece. J R JONES, Plumber, Painter, &c., MOUNT HOUSE, RUABON, & HIGH-ST., CEFN (Plumber and Fitter, by appointment, to the Cefn Waterworks). IRON BEDSTEADS, COTS, & MATTRESSES. 765j T H 0 M A s LEWIS, NEWS AGENT AND BILL POSTER, 6, OSWALD ROAD, BEATRICE-STREET, OSWESTRY. 726j CHARLES CjLARKE, BILL POSTER FOR TOWN & COUNTRY, TOWN CRIER AND NEWS AGENT, PLINT. Agent for the sale of the WREXHAM ADVERTISER at Flint, Bagillt, Northop, and surrounding districts. G EORGE B LOWER, Member of the United Kingdom Bill Posters' Association, GENERAL BILL POSTKR AND DEAD WALL DECORATOR, 6, JONES'S COURT, PENTREFELIN, WREXHAM. Lessee of Special Posting Stations. Town and Country orders punctually attended to. TERMS MODERATE. D OGS.-NALDIRE'S TABLET for WASHING DOGS, Is a Medicated Soap, Which destroys Fleas and other Insects, Cleanses the Dog's Skin, Removes all unpleasant Smell, And improves the Coat. Price Is., of all Chemists. N.B.—Beware of low-priced Imitations, which are worthless. NALDIRES WORM POWDERS FOR DOGS. One dose a Cure. Sold by all Chemists. Wright and Holdsworth, London, Sole Manufacturers. Sold by Edisbury, Wrexham. 864y THE Birmingham Patent "SAFE and SURE" Sec- Ttional Wrought Iron BOILER. The highest evaporative power in the least space is obtained. All parts made in duplicate and tested to 5001bs. per inch. For price. &c., apply to Mr RICHARD CHADWICK, Eagle Foundry, Wrexham. 102Qj ESTABLISHED 1789. WILLIAM PIERCE, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, AND GENERAL UNDERTAKER, BRIDGE STREET, WREXHAM. AGENT TO THE PATENT METALLIC AIR- TIGHT COFFIN COMPANY, LIMITED. THESE coffins are covered with white, -L Mack, and crimson cloth or velvet, and and every design of coloured and metal furniture is used. They are only i the weight of lead coffins and are more durable. The expense is so small that they can be used for all funerals except those of the very poorest class. Various sizes kept in stock. 2383y FUNERALS. WYNNSTAY ARMS hOTEL, WREXHAM. J. B. MURLESS BEGS respectfully to inform the public he Bhas reduced the charge for his funeral equipage to the following scale :— WITHIN FOUR MILES FROM WREXHAM. 2nd Hearse and Pair 21s. 2nd Mourning Coach and Pair 21s. ABOVE FOUR MILES AND UNDER EIGHT FROM WREXHAM. 2nd Hearse and Pair 3ls. 6d. 2nd Mourning Coach and Pair 31s. 6d. The use of a handsome silk velvet pall, 7s. 6d. The best Hearse and Coaches, with new ostrich feather plumes, at the usual charges. 823y NEW and Handsome WEDDING BROUGHAMS are for HIRE, at the QUEEN'S HOT K L, OSWESTRY, At very low and reasonable charges. llOOj NOTICE NOTICE!! NOTICE! JOSEPH READ, Cab Proprietor. Queen-street, Wrexham, begs respectfully to inform the public that he has had a VAN built specially for removing fur- niture. All orders entrusted to him in that line shall reer- /e his best and prompt attention. A convenient BREAK to carry fourteen, CARS, &c., always on hire. 784j w EDDING BREAKFASTS, DINNER PARTIES, LUNCHEON, & PIC-NIC PARTIES, SUPPLIED THROUGHOUT by W. PEATE. RESTAURANT, OVERTON ARCADE. 1170 ASPINALL'S (LATE R OWLAND'S FAR FAMED STRONG, MILD, PALE INDIA AND FAMILY PALE ALES. CASKS 9, 18, 3ti, and 54 GALLONS. Brewed at the Celebrated NAG'S HEAD BREWERY, WREXHAM. Applications for Local, District, and Town Agencies to be made direct to H. K. ASPINALL. W:Wj NAG'S HEAD BREWERY, WREXHAM. KAYES WOKSDKI.LS The ]{p,¡II!a" jor lulu,us Di^vi'dsrs. Sold by all Chemists, ic., at Js. lAd., i's. yd. and ild by ;ill -1: Ud. per box. -tid Business Announcements. MARAVILLA COCOA.—SOLE PROPRIETORS, TAYLOR BROS., LONDON. The COCOA (or CACAO) of MARAVILLA is the true Theobroma of Linnaeus. TAYLOR BROTHERS having seeured the exclusive supply of this UNRIVALLED COCOA, have, by the skil- ful application of their "soluble principle" and elaborate machinery produced what is SO undeniably "THE PERFECTION OF PREPARED COCOA, that it has not only secured the preference of Homoeopaths, and Cocoa drinkers generally, but many who had hitherto not found any preparation to suit them have after one trial adopted the MARAVILLA COCOA as their constant beverage for breakfast, luncheon. &C. "A SUCCESS UNPRECEDENTED."—The Globe says: Taylor Brothers' Maravilla Cocoa has achieved a thorough success, and supersedes every other Cocoa in the market. For homoeopaths and invalids w could not recommend a more agreeable or valuable beverage."—Sold in packets only, ky all Grocers. DNICOLL & Co., of Lonaon and Paris, have several JL? novelties to offer to the Public through Mr S. DAVIKS, Welshpool; Mr E. LKWIB, Wrexham; Mr II- HCUHKS, Denbigh; and the agency of the principal Clothiers. Hosiers, and Drapers in the United Kingdom.—Country ad- dresses given on application to 6, Fell-street, Wood- street, London, E.C. THE RUG PALETOT, a Patented Dual Garment, serving for a Cloak for the shoulders, or a covering for the knees. Groceful, cheap, will fit anybody, dust and shower proof, and light in substance lor Summer. "L'IMPElL>l'RlëE, an Elegant aterproofCLOAK, I J also a Skirt and Jacket, formmg a new and com- plete Dress for a Lady. THE GUINEA TWEED OVERCOATS, and the new Summer Melton PALETOT. nnHE SAILOR BOY and New Style Knickerbockers for JL for Boys.—The whole of the above sold wholsale only By D. NICOLL & Co., 6, Fell-street, London, E.C. ASLETTV—THE CITY TAILOR, S7, GIUCK- JLJL CHURCH-STREET, and H2, FENCMURCn-STREET. Try his 13/- TROWSERS, all Wool and warranted shrunk — Patterns and Cards for Self-measurement sent Post Free. /?\RIGINAL WEED SEWING MACHINES (Lock- ? Stitch). 'o work by Hand, from 21/; by Foot, from jE7 10/. Strong, simple, and elegant. NORTH AMERI- CAN SEWING MACHINE Co., 9, Newgate-st. City, E.C. NOTICE.—IMPORTANT SALE! T. A, SIMPSON (LATE T. A. SIMPSON & CO.), 154, RUOENT-STRKET, & 8, BEAK-KTRULT, W. IN CONSEQUENCE of the death of his late Partners, and the NEAR EXPIRATION of the LEASE of a portion of his Premises, Mr T. A. SIMPSON will, until fur- ther notice, offer his Large and Varied Stock to his Patrons and Friends, at the following REDUCTIONS, viz., JEWEL- LERY 10 per CENT., FANCY GOODS 20 per CENT, for CASH. Intending Purchasers will find it ef great advantage to make an early inspection of same to secure PRIORITY OF CHOICE. T. A. SIMPSON, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Watch and Clock Manufacturer, Dressing Case and Bag Maker, Die Sinker, Stationer, Engraver, anot Foreign Importer, 154, REGENT-STREET, & 8, BEAK-STRKET, W. rpiIE HERCULES FAMILY GYMNAST (Prangley's JL Patent). Trade Mark Hercules leaning on a taff. Health may be acquired and mamtained by the regular and judicious use of this Gymnast, which surpasses all others. Sold at all Fancy Repositories. NEW DOG CARTS and TWO WHEEL TRAPS of the latest designs warranted, £12 to £20. Basket Carts £10, Drawings and Prices Six Stamps. CHARLES PEARCE, New Coach Works AYLESBURY. MILLER and MANXTRES .L For Root, Corn, and Grass Crops. Of Local Agents. Wholesale only, 36, Mark Lane, London. The GRAND DIF LOMAT OFHONOUR (being the FIRST Prize, and superior to the Gold Medal) Amsterdam Exhibition. 1869. LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT of MEAT makes EXCELLENT BEF TEA, for 2?d. a PINT. CAUTION.—None genuine without Baron Liebig's the in- ventor's certificate on every jar. Best and cheapest Stock for Beef-tea, Soups, Entrees, aud Sauces. Sold retail by all Oilmen, Chemists, Grocers, and Wholesale by the Com- pany, 43, Mark Lane, E.C. WHAT is WEALTH without HEALTH Take W BRAGG's PURE VEGETABLE CHARCOAL. Sold in Bottles, 2s., 4s., and 6s. each, by all Chemists, and by the Manufacturer, J. L. BRAGG, 14, Wigmore-street, Cavendish-square. LAMPLOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE io most agreeable < J and emcacious in preventing and cltringfevcr, bowel complaints, skin, disease, and inflammation. It relieves the most intense eadache and thirst, and, if taken with lime juice syrup, is a specific in gout and rheumatism.— 113, Holborn-hill, London, E.C. PILES.—CHKESEMAN'S HJSMORRHOIDYNE. A safe aad JL certain remedy. Only of H. CHEESEMAN, Surgeon, 40, Hampstead Road, London. 30 stamps post free. BENZODINE.—Bronchitis, Cholera, Consumption, JD Cough, Dia1Thœa, Dysentery, and all wasting dis- eases cured with certainty never before known. Of all Chemists 1/I, 2/9, 4/6, and 11/. Mr Price, Chemist, 2, Lower Seymour-street, London, W. LADIES .-A Marvel in Manufacture.—LADIES' JLJ STOCKINGS. The prettiest and cheapest thing ever made. 5/9 per dozen pairs, a sample pair sent free to any address on receipt of Seven stamps. Address, Thos. Webb, Manufacturer, Brownsfield Mills, Ancoats, Manchester. ALKER's CRYSTAL CASE WATCHES are super- W seding all others Prize Medals, London 1862, Paris 1867. Silver from JE6 6s., Cold from £15 15s. 68, Cornhill, E.C., 230, Regent-street, W., and 76, Strand, W.C. Descriptive Pamphlet free. LD DUBLIN WHISKEY.— ?J? In Bond and Duty paid. In Butts, Hogsheads' and quarter Casks. In Bottles and packed in Cases. BAGOT'S, HUTTON, & Co., 28, William Street, DUBLIN. 6 per CENT. and BONUS. —To Investors. —The SOVEREIGN permanent BUILDING and IN- VESTMENT SOCIETY receives MONEY on the best possible security. (Shares £10), at P per cent. Interest and Bonus. Send for Prospectus. A. R. WORMALD, Actuary, 26, Moorgate-street, E.C. T E A.—To Consume or to Sell again. WEBSTER BROS., 39, Moorgate-street, City, are Vr now supplying a Very Fine Strong Rich Congou Zs. 6d., Very Choice Souchong 2s. lOd. A large assortment of well-selected Black Teas from Is. 6d. to 2s. 4d. Orders for £2 worth sent carriage paid to all parts of England; JS4 Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. PURE WATER.—Dr. Wilson says:—"The SELF- Jt. CLEANING CHARCOAL FILTER, lately patented by Mr LIPSCOMBE the celebrated water-filter maker, of Temple Bar, London, is the only one that removes lead, lime, and sewage from water—it has in London superseded every other." Agents in every Town throughout England keep them in stock. PURE WATER.—Government Inspection.—Mr. JL LIPSCOMBE'S Patent NEW FILTER is being generally used in the houses of Medical Men, nearly 6,000 Physicians and Surgeons have them.—"The recent Govern- ment inspection has stamped it as being very much superior to all other modes of filtration."—Medical Paper. RADFORD'S Patent WASHING Machines, Wring- JO ing, Drying, Mangling, Calendering Machines. Laundry requisites. Box & Barrel Churns. See Catalogues free by post. 63, Fleet-street, London. Cathedral Steps, Manchester. PUMPING MACHINERY of every description for Jt_ works of drainage or irrigation, the supply of towns, villages, estates, manufactories, &c. Apply to GWYNNE and Co., Engineers, Essex-street Works, Strand, London, W.C. Large Illustrated Catalogues for 12 stamps. IRST-CLASS Extra Strong STEEL PENS. L?st Jf four times longer than others. Samples for three stamps. Also THOS. LOWE's Celebrated STEEL PENS. JOHN HEATH, George-street, Parade, Birmingham. »A/\ PATTERNS SILKS, Post-free. BLACK OUU SILK, 18/6 to 5 guineas a dress. COLOURED SILKS from 1 GUINEA to 10 GUINEAS. NICHOLSON and Co., 50 to 52, St. Paul's Church-yard, E.C. Ladies should write for the above before purchasing. STRAW HATS PATENT MACHINE SEWN for LADIES and GENTLEMEN. STRAW HATS PATENT MACHINE SEWN are greatly superior in make and finish to hand made goods, possessing great durable advantages and natural firmness; the stitches are short amd regular, and do not penetrate the outer surface, or destroy the bead of the plait. Sold by all first-class Drapers, Milliners, and Hatters. PATENTEES and MANUFACTURERS, VYSE, SONS, & Co., LONDON; LUTON, BEnroRnsniRE, ST. AI.KAN'S, HERTS, AND PRATO, ITAI.Y. THE "BAG of BAGS" for TRAVELLING, DRES- JL SING, and WRITING, the most compact and useful ever made. Patented and Invented by JENNER and KNEWSTUB, Patentees of the A. B. C. Despatch Box, and Elgin Writing Case, 33, St. James's-st., and 66, Jermyn-street, London. Lists post free. BILLIARD TABLES.—THURSTON and Co" JD Billiard Table Manufacturers. By appointment to H. M. the Queen, and H. R. H. the Prince of Wales. Established 1814. 14, Catherine-street, Strand, London, W.C. Lists on application. ir?ILLIARirTABLE 6.ft, long 48/6; 12-ft, long 85/. JD Your own DiningTable of any size, a genuine Billiard Table in 5 minutes. Cues & Balls complete. Diagram Free. PATENT TABLE BILLIARDS Co., Bath-street, Bristol. C-¡ÙCKETING Outfitters. J. WISDEN & Co., 2. ? NEW COVENTRY STREET, LONDON. Bats, Balls, Pads, Gloves, Croquet, Catapultas, Telegraphs. All of the best Makers. Lists and Terms on application. The "FLORENCE," THE BEST FAMILY SEWING MACHINE t (LOCK STITCH). REDUCTION IN PRICE. PROSPECTUS, PRICE LIST, and all further information to FLORENCE SEWIXU MACHINE Company 97, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. AND 83, R.NIO.V-STRF.ET, GLASGOW. _u- BRASS, REED. STRINn, and DRlBI and FIFE BANDS.—Musical Instruments of every descrip- tion, the best and cheapest, to be had of J. MOORE, Buxton Road, Huiidersfield. Bands supplied at wholesale prices. Old instruments bought or taken in exchange. Patterns prices, and testimonials post free. Music for any kind of band. Patronised by the Army, Xavy, Rifle Corps & prin- cipal Professional & Amateur Bands of the United Kingdom. Pianofortes Harmoniums & Harps by the best makers. WM. YOUNGER & CO.'s Famed PALE and w EDINBURGH ALES. ,%I;ty be had through all the leading Bottlers and Licensed Victuallers in Cask and Bottle. Bivweries Edinburgh. London Office, Belvedere Road, Lambeth, S.E. WH 1 T E B l E A D and C (). s I Bottled Cooper, Stout and Ales. Pole Aecnt. ROUT. BAKER. Prices and full particulars can be ohtaincrl at the Stores, 26. WORSHIP STREET. LONDON. E.C. D'A R C Y • s < Vlebrated T> U H T, I X S T 0 U T, ANCHOR BREWERY, DUBLIN. (Laraf-st Bre.v<>ry in Ireland but one). Prices mid terms on application. CI I T Y O F JU U ? L ) N B R E W E R Y CO. J LV! '), C H L H ? u A T K D ST O U T or Agency terms, apply to BRABAZON S Til, 31, Paradise Street, Birmingham. The NORTH SHROPSHIRE AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT DEPO'l, JJAEVESTING J/J ACHINERY. HORNSBY'S, SAMUELSON'S PICKSLEY'S, WOOD'S, HOWARD'S, RANSOMES & SIMS, &C. MOWING MACHINES HAY-MAKERS HAY-MAKERS ( WITH LATE;ST IMPROVEMENTS. HORSE RAKES REAPING MACHINES ) The BEST MACHINES, the BEST MAKERS, on the BEST TERMS, from the LARGEST STOCK in SHROPSHIRE or NORTH WALES. THOMAS AND WHITFIELD, THE CROSS, OSWESTRY. N.B.—FITTING OF ALL KINDS IN STOCK. COMPETENT WOBKMEN TO REPAIR AND START MACHINES. Catalogues Post Free. 2KJ7j H. JJURLBUTT AND CO., TIMBER MERCHANTS, COW LANE BRIDGE AND TOWER WHARP TIMBER YARDS, CHESTER. H. H. and Co. having received numerous applications for their List of Prices from persons residing in Wrev ham, Ruabon, and neighbourhood, requiring Timber and anxious to purchase in the best and cheapest marktt herewith beg to submit to the public generalls the following rate of prices for TIMBER delivered Free from rail- way carriage at Wrexham, Ruabon, and Mold Railway Stations. BEST SPRUCE DEALS, 3 inch, for Scantling, Boards, &c., at 3§d. to 3Jd. per foot, 3 inch x 12 inch. BEST SPRUCE BATTENS, 7 inch x 2t inch. for Joists, &,c., at ljd. per foot, running. BEST SPRUCE SPARS, 3 inch x 2t inch, at Id.; 3 inch x 21 inch, at id.; 3 inch x 2 inch, at d.; 3inch x J t ince, at id. per foot, running. BEST SPRUCE, Plained and Edged 1 inch Flooring Boards, ready for laying down, in every length, at ljd. per foot superficial, or 13s. 6d. per square. RED DEAL, Planed and Edged 1 inch Flooring, well seasoned and reaxly for laying down; First quality-fM<- from knots, shaokes, and sap, at 2Jd. Second quality, at 2d. per foot superficial. Yellow Pine DEALS 3 in., 1st quality at 7 id. ) 2nd do. at 5|d. f "bD> 3rd do. at 4d ( -? 4th do. atS?d.) ??' Red DEALS 3 inch, ht quality at 6td. ) 3  lty 2nd do. at 5.1 d fw,t 3rd do. at 4}d. ( J. 4th do. at 3id ) a <8 RED DEALS, 12 inch x 4 inch, at 7Jd. to HJd. per foot, 12 inch x 4 men. RED DEALS, 7 inch + 2b inch, at 2Jd. to 2id. per foot, 7 inch x 2^ inch. BALTIC, 4 feet Plastering Laths, extra strength, at 14s. per I,TK)O laths. YELLOW PIE LOGS from 16W. to 2s. P f fc b f PITCH PINE LOGS frem 2K to 2s. M. YELLOW PINE LOGS from 16M. to 2s. I P?? foot cube. ( MEMEL & BALTIC LOGS from Is. M. to 2?.I. RED PINE LOGS from 19a. to 2s. MEMEL & BAL1IC LOGS from Is. yd. to 2s. :L SAWING AT SAW MILL RATES:— PINE BOARDS1 inch and thicker, from lid. to 3d. per foot, 1 inch by 12 inch if inch from lid. to 21d. per foot, superficial. inch from lid. to 1-Jd. per foot, superficial. N.B.—The above PRICES are for TIMBER DELIVERED FREE at WREXHAM, RUABON, and Mold SALE YARD-COW LANE BRIDGE. WHOLESALE YARD-TOWER WHARF. OFFICES AT COW LANE BRIDGE. 1015j — — — —- -m CARSONS' PAINT, PATRONISED BY THE QUEEN, The British Government, The Indian Government, TheColonialGoveraments I 7,000 of the Nobility & Gentry Railway & Canal Companies, Collieries, Iron Masters, &-c. For all kinds of OUT-DOOR WORK, And is proved, after a test of upwards of 70 years, to surpass any other Paint.  CARSONS' A??R?ioN PAINT, Is especially applicable to Iron Roofing, Park Fencing, Farm and other Buildings, Bridges, Hurdling, Farm Implements, Carts and Wagons, Gate.3, &c., &c., and all exposed Work, effecting a SAVING OF MORE THAN 50 PER CENT., As not only is it cheaper in the first place when pur- chasing, but lasts twice as long as Genuine White Lead, or any other paint, and CAN BE LAID ON BY UNSKILLED LABOUR. It is sold in a fine dry powder, will keep anv length of time, and requires neither grinding or straining, but simply to be mixed as per "Directions for Use." COLOURS. Per cwt. Per cwt. White, or Light Stone 1 Bath Stone, or Cream j colour 305. Light Portland stone) Portland Stone Oak, or Lead bolour 26s. i I Bright, or Dark Red j ce, or Purple f ,?f. Brown ?' IBlack, or BronzeGreen ) Bright Green .} 42' Deep Green, or Blue I 4 9- TRADE MARK A BARREL. Prepared Oil Mixture for the Anti-Corrosion. Oils, Turpentine, Varnishes, Brushes, &c. ORIGINAL CARSONS' AN-?SoRROsioN PAINT, For Public Edifices, Mansions, Villas, and every kind of Brick, Stone, Compo, &c., is unrivalled, and is the only Paint that will effectually resist the rays of the sun upon CONSERVATORIES, GREENHOUSES, FRAMES, &c. 3 CWT FREE to all STATIONS in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Patterns and Testimonials sent Post Free. No Agents. WALTER CARSON AND SONS, La Belle Sauvage Yard, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON, E.C. AND 21, BACHELOR'S WALK, DUBLIN. 'CARSONS' PAINT. 678y KAYE'S WORSDELL S PILLS. The best Remedy for Diseases of the Skin. Chemists, &c., at Is. lid., 2s. yd., and 4s. (id. per box. HOLLOWAY'S PILLS. THE history of this great remedy is the most wonder- ful that the world has ever known. It establishes the all-important fact that wherever disease exists its searching and healing properties are in most cases equal to its subjection and cure. DISORDERS OF THE STOMACH Are the sources of the deadliest maladies. Now, what is the operation of the Pills ? They cleanse the bowels, regulate the liver, bring the relaxed or irritated stomach into a natural and healthy condition. Changing' sickness into health. AILMENTS OF FEMALES. At the two epochs in life in which the system under- goes the most important and critical changes, the Pills are priceless in their effect in disorders to which the sex is liable; and at the turn of life are a safeguard against evil consequences. THE BLOOD-THE BILE. In whatever form diease attacks the liver, the blood is necessarily in an impure state, let such sufferers resort with confidence to this powerful anti-bilious and purify- ing agent, and a restoration to health and strength will be the result. WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY. These Pills remove all symptoms of debility, languor, and weakness, as they act upon the mainsprings of life and give strength and vigour to the system. THE BEST REMEDY KNOWN FOR Asthma. Bilious Complaints Blotches on the Skin. Constipation of the Bowels. Debility. Diarrhoea. Female Irregularites. Indigestion. Influenza. Liver Complaints. Piles. Retention of Urine. Stone and Gravel. Secondary Symptoms. Weakness, from whatever causes &e. &e. SST CAUTION!- None are genuine unless the words, "Holloway, London," are discernable as a Watermark in every leaf of the book of directions; which may be plainly seen by holding it to the light.- Sold at the manufactory of Professor HOLLOWAY, 244, Strand, London, and by all Dealers in Medicine, in boxes at Is. lAd., 2s. M., 4s. 6d., lis., 22s., and :tts.- There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes.—Very copious directions for use are affixed to each box. llj NATURE'S CURATIVE. ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM. HEALTH AND MANHOOD RESTORED (Without Medicine.) CURE YOURSELF BY THE ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC SELF-ADJUSTING CURATIVE. SUFFERERS from Nervous Debility, Painful Dreams, S Mental and Physical Df?rc-wtcM, Palpitation of the heart, Noises in ? Head and ??. Indecision, Im- paired &'?( and Memory, Indigestion, Prostration, Lassitit,c l e, (If .i/, i)- i t.,t, Loqs of Eii4?)-.oy and L=sitlule, Dr.pres.,<ion of Spirit.'<, Lo. of l<}¡w¡'[T!I and I Appetite, Pai?t,; it? the BacA- aii(i Liiitbv, -'Zei Distrust, DMZKtt'?, Love of ??'ff'?' (?ro«'n?<'? ?'ca? J:C" J:c. CAN NOW CURE THEMSELVES By the only Guaranteed Uemedy" in Europe, protected and sanctioned bv the faculty. Details free for One 1 F.( I '.Nletlictl Electri- Stamp by WALTER .lEN'N'KR, Esq., Medical Electri- cian (to the London Hospitals), PERCY HOUSE, BEDFORD SQUARE, LONDON, W.C. Jf.B.—Medicine and Fees superseded. In proof of the WONDROUS ClTREs effected, Inva- lids can have the ELECTRIC MAGNETIC on Trial, with references to the leading Physicians of the ttzty. Established 1840 as Surgical Mechanician, Ac. A Test Gratis. Send for Details. CAUTION.—N.B. This is the only acknowledged Scientific Appliance in use in the various Hospitals and recognised by the Medical Faculty of Great Britain and none are genuine unless h:ul direct from Mr WALTER ,JKNNKit, who cautions the public against using his name | and imitating his discoveries. Vide Prize Medal and Hospital reports. 2022j I FAMILY~BlBLEsr COMMENTARIES and RF LIGIOUS BOOKS, in great variety, ax C G KAYE'S WORSDELL'S P1LIS  ?, ? t'i' .?'' ?"'H?' ComXints. ? ?M ?? by all fCh, emists A,, at I". j?., ?. M., ami ?. Od. pcr box. i i?j DR. HUNTER'S Special Lee-nres to Young J_/ Men, on HEALTH, ITS RESTORATION, AND HAPPY MARRIAGES.—When to marry, with advicc to those who contemplate marriage, pointing out certain impediments which render married life unhappy, and (ii- rection for their speedy removal. Should be read by al; who value health, strength, and manhood, and wish to attain a happy old age. Post free on receipt of tIll sthmps.—Address, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 2<jlj POPULAR MEDICAL WORKS, PUBLISHED BY MANN, 39, CORNHILL, LONDON. (Entered at Stationers' Hall, Ii-i-W,) Price Is. by post 12; sealed, 20 stamps. MANHOOD: a Medical Essay on the C?use lV and Cure of Premature Decline in Man. Ih,: Treatment of Nervous and Physical Debility, Sterilitv, The result of 30 years' successful Practice. Bv J. L j CURTIS, M.D., 15, ALBEMARLE STREET, PICCV DILLY, LONDON. REVIEWS ON THE WORK. "We feel no hesitation in saying that there is i:o member of society by whom the book will not be fuiihti useful—whether such person hold the relatipn of a I PARENT, PRECEPTOR, or CLERGYMAN. "-Suit, Evening Paper. "Dr. Curtis has conferred a boon by publishing tlii* little work, in which is described the source of diseases which produce decline in voutli, or more fre- quently premature old a«e."—Daily Telegraph, March 27th, 1836. Also, from the same Author for Is., or 16 stamps sealed, DR. CURTIS S MEDICAL GUIDE TO MARRIAGE. j L a Practical Treatise on its Physical and Personal Obligations. With rules for removing certain disquali- fications which destroy the happiness of wedded life. The above works may also be obtained at the Author's residence. 15, ALBEMARLE STREET, W., LONDON. 70jj LECTRICITY IS LIFE. -LJ MARVELS OF SCIENCE In restoring health and strength are truly and solely ac complished, without medicine, bv PULVERMACH E R S PATENT IMPROVED VOLTA-ELECTRIC CHAIN BANDS, BELTS, And Pocket Batteries. For distinguishing these from sham electric and othei appliances advertised by quacks as marvels of scienet CONSULT PULVERMACHERS PAMPHLET, Entitled Nature's Chief Restorer of Exhausted ïfa: Energy, and a host of Testimonials of Cures embodied therein will convince patients of the pre-eminent effic:u v OF PUL VERM A CHER'S SYSTEM, Which stands without a rival. A Test sent Gratis on LlJan jor a iccek if required. CAUTION.—A PERPETUAL INJUNCTION in CHANCERY, dated 18th August, lSoD, was granted to J. L. PULVERMACHELI againt ALFHEII BAUIIOWS, alia* C. D. HAMMOND, alias HENRY JAMES, alia." C. T. RAPHEY, their assistants, agents, and servants, restrain- ing the said person or persons, under a penalty of ifxMi, from deceitfully advertising Belts, &-c., deltisivelv relirt- senting them as electric. This decree is printed in >i- tenso in PULVERMACHER'.S PAMPHLET of Te-ti monials and Reports of cures, containining Iikcwi-è extmcts from many standard and scientific works-viz Dr. Pereira's Materia Medica, 4th edition Dr. Tanner's Practice of Medicine, 8th edition and Dr. Haiuifield Jones on Xeroous and Functional Disorder*, av.; sent post-free on application to the sole inventor and Patentee J. L. PULVERMACHER, GALVANIC ESTABLISHMENT. 200, REGENT STREET, LONDON, W. (}:\i NEW LIFE FOR THE EXHAUSTED. SUFFERERS from Nervons Debility, Wasting Dreams, Prostration, Lassitude, Depression of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in the !k and Limbs, Timidity, Self-distrust, Dizziness. Love 0: lSohtude, Groundless Fears, and those attendant evil-, CAN SPEEDILY CURE THEMSELVES. And with Privacy> safeh' and success, obtain HEALTH. VIUUR, and which, '};y the recent e.xtrordinnrv <ii covenes can be easily imparted to OLD and YO?' RICH and POOR STTWITHOUT MEDICINE. SUCCESS IN EVERY CASK IS AS CF.R TAd^ ? the return of the season, to prove ?)'i< a TRIAI, WILL BE ??T FREE OF COST Chronic Cases cured fn from four to six week*; In- cipient ones twelve to twenty days. FAILURE IMPOSSIBLE. As ea-ch applicant is provided with a BOOK of OA-^ wherein Symptoms are given with the MEANS.'f t ri:K in EACH, so that every INVALID can select an id?:i cal case to hi." o 1M, and apply the ?'?KH ? a TI;)r-U? ArKf^ ?"? ?'thout a Doctor. Fu or Privacy and Convenience of applicants .'). t.? one stamp, for "The Hpedalist," and addre? DR. HARRISON 11, CHARLOTTE-STREET, BLOOMsBUHV, LONDON. „ „ n II. has succeeded to this special pe<>w now est, ab, lished a quarter of a century. 7H« TDEAD THE "WARNING VOICE." II To the ferrous and Debilitated. Dr. )IITH, the celebrated Phv-1i,:ian f,?i- flit?  Ehaution, digestion, Rheumatism. )" o/sV-ht ^KuimncTtl- "nal Disorders, Weakness. Low Spirit'. n K-F; i"' penna>?rrh»'a, Impediments to .Marn?e. •w? iw -,i resulting ?"? error, continues to semi ;!r:!ll: a f!ciopv y of Ins invaluable work, THE W-VRN1NG VOU K (U5 paes). Contains the directions bv which )"a'? ?? ?? ? P?.- ents were restored to h.?Ith ?t.r the n.?f,,L i of electricity and all other ta?? called remedIes without medicine had failed"' cus*:s and testimonials from grateful patient-. "?- „ll °/ '? I'xed. Sent free ?' post to am a.Mn-. f roll observation, on receipt of two staiW- 18 enquiry promptly answered Address-Dr. SMITH, 81 Burton-crescent, London, W' ?' IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. Dr. SMITH will, for the benefit of persons sutferiiw from Nervous Debility, k-c., on receiving a descripti"" of their case (enclosing a stamped directed envelope foi reply), send his wntten opinion, with advice and tlJ- turns, for the most successful treatment and cure. :1, P-3 LKIRIS GOUT & RHEUMATIC PILLS. .> Price Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. per box. This preparation is one of the benefits which the science of modern chemistry has conferred upon mankind i'11 during the first twenty years of the present centurv to speak of a cure for the Gout was considered a roiiiaiii'C hut now the efficacy and safety of this medicine fully demonstrated, by unsolicited testimonials from per sons in every rank of life, tll:it public opinion proclaim- this as one of the most important discoveries oi tin present age. 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