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I BIJASMEIM. Ad-.r-nrrea KUDDEN 1JEATH.  ?- ? UglJ here on the ?6th ult., to Miss Mary Isabella Davison, ?ughterofM. Darison.E?., Inland povenue Officer, .i this town, who went to New M.rto? on P■ week to enjoy the Christmas with her brother. On Christmas day, and just before aittin? down to dmner, Christmas day ???? ?went to He down' ?e compl ied otje_e? ?" ?oms bemg serlons, The pain increasing v«d ^syrnp^ for, ? the de- '?'?oo far gone for relief being rendered, ?nd ceased was too ?- foliow;nfr Saturday morning at six ?0? deeply mourned by her numerous friends. On ? ?e dX the next sister of deceased was married at the Cathedral, Manchester, to H. K. Wilson, Esq., and no doubt the arrival of the melancholy intelligence would delay tho honey moon." PRIMITIVE METHODIST HOME AND FOREIGN MISSIONS -On Christmas Day, the Primitive Methodists of this town an neighbourhood held their anniversary in be- half of the funds of tneir Home and Foreign Missions. In the afternoon, Mr. J. Brownsword delivered a lecture on Trials and Trimmphs," in the Welsh Congregation al Chapel kindly lent for the occasion, at half-past two which was numerously attended. At half-past six the missionary meeting was held. Before the immediate business of the meeting, Mr Brownsword concluded his lecture wlrch was highly applauded. The chair was taken hy John Wootl, Esq., Nantwich; and the meeting was also addressed by the Rev. J. Prosser, Rsv, A Glegg aIW tijt, Itev. R. Pattinson, Oswestry, superintendent of th oi- 'i't. At the termination, votes of tiiauks were passed to the chairman and the lalies, who lia 1 acted as Cl. c. lui the great zeal they displayed in soliciting the friends of the cause in Oswe try and the neighboui- hood, by which their collections and those made at these service, iiinoiiiiied tt) ;C43. This is the second colle- ction within the year, the last being upwards of hM for- miii(r a total of about :£75 in the year. In the circuit generally it amounted to about Z180 received for missi- onary purposes. The Rev. H. Newman, of Crewe, preachead the annual sermons on Sunday last. TEA PAKTY ON CUKISTHAS DAY.— Tne friends con- nected with the United Methodist Free Church, held their annual tea meeting, when aboui 200 persons sat down to a syiiiptuou., supply of the 1. cup that cheers, at the lar-e roulll of the Black Lion, kin.ily lent tor the occits Oil by Mr l'a Idock, and after tea a public meeting was held in the chapel, where a crowded and attentive conurbation assembled, and addresses delivered by several of the de.egaies of the quarter day, which was held in the morning. The chair was occupied by S. G. Rowland, Esq., of Chester, who addressed the meeting on the importance of personal effort in matters of re- ligion as well as soaal and political. Mr Turner, of Rhos-y-niedre, made a few remarks upon what might be accomplithe-l by I r,)fessors of religion, where anxiety prevailed, and was followed by Mr George Jones, of Presgwvne, wh > sptike powerfully on the adaptation of the Gospel to the waius of the human family. Also Mr J. \Y. Jones, itlios, delivered a stirring a,idress on the important effects of the conversion of the world, suc- ceeded by the liev. J. Simms, who, in eloquent terms, referred to the peculiar season and its happy associa- tions also a number of other gentlemen who kept up the interest of the meeting to nine o'clock. We must not forget the singers, who sang some appropriate pieces in a very creditable manner. The meeting mani- fested th. ir appreciation of the day by subscribing to the appeal of the chairman to relieve the debt on the chapel to the amount of £2G, the chairman heading the list by a subscription of t3. There appeared but one feeling of universal satisfaction. PETTY SESSIONS. T T") Tuese session were held oa Monday, before oir o. n. Kynatm atlli R. G, Jebb, Esq., whea the following cases were heard. DRUNKENNESS.—John Ellis, labourer, Ellesmere, who did not appear, was lined, with costs, lis., for being drunk and committing a nuisance, on the morning of the 20th December. D[:UNK AND RIOTOUs.-Rohert Hughes was charged If j Police-sergeant Th mas wi h being drunk and riot- ous on the morning of Sunday, December 20th. Thomas said that between twelve and one o'clock on the morning in question, defendant was very drunk and riotous in Scotland-street, Ellesmere, and7 had about 100 persons collected round him. Witness was above an hour and a lalf trying to get him out of the town. He admitted ihe offence. Fine and costs lis. FIGHTING.—William Lightwood and George Green -were charge by Police-constable Curry with fi-litin- the Lion Inn, Cockshut, on the 5th December. Green did not appear. Lightwood said that the way the row iegan was by Green charging him with taking his drink at the Red Lion 1m., Cockshut, and they got to fighting about it. Police-constable Curry said he went to the Lion, at Cockshut, on the 5th of December, and found the two defendsnts fighting in the passage. The land- lord was trying to get them out. Witness had to get them out by force. Fined, with costs 12s. 4d. RIDING WITHOUT REINS.—John Rogers was charged by Police-constable Cuiry with riding, fast asleep, on the shafts of the waggon, draws by three horses, on the Toad leading from Cockshnt to Ellesmere, on the 5th of .December. Defendant said he was servant to Mr Leav, of Crosemere-hall, and that he had been up a good many hours, and had been a long journey. The magis- trates said it was a serious offence, both in its probable consequences to the defendant and the public. Fined, including costs, 10s. ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF RABBITS.—John Williams, alias Bradley, alias Punch, was charged by Police ser- geant Thomas with having in his possession eleven rab- iits, i legally obtained, on the 17ti December. Defen- dant did not appear; but Mrs Elliot", of Scotland-street, -where he lodged, appeared for him. Police-sergeant Thomas said a little after twelve o'clock at noon on the day above referred to he saw defendant coming into town from the direction of the couutry and passed near to the police station. He was stripped, carrying his jacket over his shoulders. The jacket was very bulky, vand raised the officer's suspicions, who asked him what lie had in his pockets, to which he made no reply. Wit- ness took the jacket from the defendant, and found in it eleven rabbits, quite warm. Witness asked him where le had them from, to which he could get no reply. He aaade off to the house of Walmsley, also a notorious 3poacher in the town. Witness examined the ralibits; > there was no shot marks about them, and appeared to lave beex taken in a net; but defendant had no net in lis possession. By the authority of Captain Cust wit- ness sdd the rabbits for 8s 2d. Witness knew defend- ant to be a poacher, and to have served two months in -Chester Castle for an offence against the game laws in that county. Witness had watched Elliott's house for aome time, and often seen defendant and Elliott going in at unreasonable hours bat found nothing on them. They appeared to have adopted the plan of hiding them somewhere, and bringing them into town in the day- time. Fined £ 3 and 10s costs; in default, two calendar months' imprisonment. SERVANTS' QUARRELS. —Samuel Davies, servant to "Mr Boughey, of Lineal, was charged with assaulting Jane Harper, a fellow-servant, on the 15th of December. Complainant said that defendant struck her a heavy How on the forehead, from which the blood came out of ler mouth. She had changed a blanket from defend- ant's bed by mistake, and put it on to one of the other servant's. William Husband and John Jones, two other Servants in the same employ, corroborated the complain- ant's testimony. The latter witness said. that he also nulled complainant a b-r," and used other bad lan- jua{,e. Defendant, who was very deaf, and employed lis brother as his advocate, admitted the charge. Sir John asked the witness Jones if it was a hard blow? Vitness: Well, it knocked her head round." (Laugh- ter.) Defendant's brother said that he (defendant) could not speak very plain. Sir John said he appeared to have spoken fluently enough in bad language to the jirl. Police-sergeant Thomas said that Mr Boaghey Save defendant a crood character as a servant. Fine and costs, 15s. This tern mated the aessions. LOCAL BOARD. -e IT TT .rT!'1_ TUESDAY.—Present: The Mayor (i. n. wlililunia, 3sq.,) Alderman Parker; Councillors, E. T. D. Harrison, Witliy, Humphreys, Morgan, Morris, J. Jones, and Ellis Jones. The Clerk read a letter received from Mr Griffiths, Tespectmg the question, discussed at the previous :Board, whether the connecting of the pipes from the main to the Smithfield was included in the Smithfield contract. Mr Griffiths said that Mr Moore was bound by the gpecicfiatione, to connect the Snrthfiela pipe -with the main, and that it was his duty te know thaS ,When he entered into the contra, t. i After some conversation, The Mayor said it was of no use discussing this ques- on any longer. It was evident the contractor must connect the pipes from the Smithfield with the mains in Severn-street. THE PRITATZ DRAINAGE. I Mr J. Jones (of Broad-street, grocer,) appeared to -eomplain that the privies connected with his houses in Bigh-street were in a disgusting condition, owing, he aaid, to the defective construction of the works by Mr Moore. It was remarked by several members of the Board that the defective supply of water misrht account for the Hthy condition of the places in ques ion. Mr Harrison considered that private drainage should :Not be connected with the main unless a proper supply cf water was put on at the same time. U'r Morris said that there WaI not a Huh of water in 'be mail' to carry away the sewage, Mr Huraphreys remarked that six weeks or two ???? th.. "'? I"ld aw<? since Mr Dymond cOl&demnÑ the main water pipes, and ordered them to be rejointed; and the owners of property would not construct their private works till they saw whether Mr Dymond a order was to be carried out. Mr Moore had not rejomted the pipes, and, Mr Humphreys wanted to know why he had not. It was high time to come to some understanding with Mr Moore. Mr Humphreys gave notice that at the next meeting he should move that Mr Moore be in- structed by the Board to rejoint the pipes at once, ac- conling to Mr Dymond's instructions. It was also arranged that Mr Dymond should be com- municated with on the subject, and an extract from a letter of Mr Dymond's to the following effect was read That the extent of the remedial works should be decided as the works went on. The Mayor remarked thit Mr Dymond had a report every week from the inspector, and would come down to the Board with a recommendation respecting the reme- dial works. The Mayor thought it very desirable to make an order that no privy should he connected with the main sewer without a supply of water being put on at the same time, and also to order that all such places which had bee I connected should be properly supplied with water. 'ihe i thj question was, how far could they make such an order with reference to private drainage which was al- ready connected. The Clerk said that if a nuisance was created the Board might order private persons to get a supply of water. Mr Humphreys moved that no private drainage be connected with the main sewer unless the water be put on at the same time. Mr Morris would second the motion. Mr Withy moved that in cases where nuisances exist- ed in connection with private drainage, notice be given that water must be put on. A fresh motion, containing both motions, was then put to the meeting and carried. Mr Parker remarked that lie had engaged Mr George Lewis to lay down his water pipes, and he believed the work would be done at a quarter the cost of Mr Moor's, and be doubly effectual. THE EARL OF POWIS AND THE BOARD.-At the sug- gestion of Mr Humphreys, the Clerk was directed to draw up a draft agreement with the Earl of Powis res- pectin" the supply of water from the Black Pool. I HOLYWELL UNION. The fortnightly meeting of the Guardians of this Un- ion, was held on the 23rd ult. Present Mr Edward Jones (chairman), Mr Thomas Owens and Mr Chesteis, Holywell; Mr Michael Parry and Mr John Davies, Flint; Mr Thomas Hughes, Llanasa; Mr Cathemll; Mold Mr J. S. Williams, Caerwys; Mr Edward Lloyd, Ysceitiog. The minutes of the last meeting were read and con- tirmed. Cheques were signed on the treasurer for the following sums to relieve the poor for the ensuing fort- night, viz :—Mr John Roberts, relieving officer, Mold. £ 160 Mr William Hughes, relieving officer, Holywell, 2180; Mr J. F. Hooson, relieving officer, Whitford, E130. Total amount of cheques signed, 1:718 14s 6d. I PUESCOT UNION. A letter was receive d from the Prescot Union, inform- ing the guardians that their order in the case of Eliza- beth St. Assen expires next week, and stating that the said pauper has with her three children, aged respec- tively 15, 11, and 4 that she earns 6s, and son 7s weekly, at tho glass works; her relief is 2s weekly' awaiting the instructions of this board for the future. It was determined by the board that her relief be stopped for the future. I ANGLESEY UNION. A letter was received from th3 Anglesey Union en- quiring whether the board would authorize weekly relief to be given to the following paupers residing in that Union but settled in this Union, viz Susannah Davies, aged 79, 3s Jane B.irlow, aged 63, 3s. Mary Barlow, age.t 63, 3s. Mary Powell, aged 78, 4s all of which was allowed by the boarù.1 I CONWAY UNION. I A letter was received from the Conway Union enquir- ing waetiier the guardians would allow weekly relief to be given to the following paupers viz :—Anne Blackwell 2s, Hannah Davies, Is üd, Margaret Jones, 3s 6d. The same wa3 allowed by the hoard. An order was also re- ceived from the same Union requesting 4s to be paid weekly to Jane Roberts, residing in this Union, until tke ?5th of March, 1864. It was determined that the order be complied with. BANGOU AND BEAUMARIS AND BANGOR UNION. I The following resolution was received froin the Ban- gor and Beaumaris Union, with respect to non-resident relief, that all or.ters from the guardians of this Union to reLeve their paupers resident in your Union, are hereby declareil to be of no effect after the 25th instant, unless renewed by fresh applications after this date. I MOLD VALUATION. I A letter was received from the Poor Law Board ac- knowledging the receipt of the representation of the churchwardens and overseers of Mold, as to the neces- sity for a new valuation of that parish, and forw rdiug accordingly their order for the same, and requesting that the draft of the contract which is necessary that the guardians of the Holywell Union should enter into with the surveyor and valuer, may be sent to the board for their inspection. Determined: That a copy of the letter referred to be sent to Mr George Bellis, land surveyor, Mold, and requesting to have from him any observation which he may think proper to make on the subject. HEXHAM UNIuN. I A circular was received from this Union, transmit- ting a copy of a resolation agreed to by them and re- questing the co-operation of the board in the matter. The followiug is a copy of the i esolalion:- Whereas, under the Union Assessment Committee Act 1862,' appeals may be taken to the Sessions, and the va- luation lists, as approved by the Assessment Committee, altered without any notice of the appeal being given to the committee and an instance having occurred of the decisions of the Assessment Committee of this Union hav- ing been set aside without the con mi,tee having had any opportunity of stating the grounds upon which the same were founded, this board is of opinion that due notice of all appeals to the sessions against the decisions of the As- sessment Committee should be given to the committee, and that they should have power, if they see cause, to ap- pear and defend their decision and this board respect- fully but urgently request the Poor Law Board to take such steps as to them seem best to obtain in the next ses- sion of Parliament an amendment of the said Act to the effect of securing to the committee due notice of all ap- peals and power to them on behalf of the Union to defend their decisions; and that the clerk communicate the fore- go ing resolution to other boards of guardians and request them to co-opiate with the board in obtaining the de- sired change. It was resolved that this board aquiesce in its ob- ject. One Isaac Hughes, of Gadlys, Bagillt, applied for out-relief, being ill and confined to his bed. It was stated that the applicant was living in a house rented at C12 per annum, and was keeping a cow, pig, &c. The truarcliani stated that they deeply regretted at not being able to grant the request, but that under the cir- cumstances it was out of their power to do so. Appli- cation refused. Alice Dykins, and three children, belonging to this Union, appeared before the board with an application to be relieved through the Salford Union. 5s weekly was granted her, aud ordered that the clerk take the neeessary steps to attain her application. I THE MASTER S BOOK. NnmU" in the house last board day, 162 admitted since, 6; discharged, 1; 1 birth and 1 death, viz. Patrick Grallaugan, aged 60, common charges; present number, 167. Number of vagrants admitted during the last fortnight, 86. 0 The master applied to have the midwife's fee, 5a, confirmed, in the case of Margaret Doolan, common charge the same was allowed. The master applied to have the admission of Eliza- beth Foulkes into the house confirmed, chargeable to Holywell parish, she having left her situation of her own accord. The master stated that she had seen in the last O bserver" about the dinner to be had on Christmas iay, and that the sole object in leaving her place was to partake of the dinner. Mr Owens put the question to her and asked her what she had to say for herself, and in reply she said that she had tried to do her best while she was in her place and came from there honest. The master also stated that she had been put ia about half a dozen places, and had been in gaol last summer for stealing clothes. However, the guardians had resolved to let her have none of the Curistmas treat, and ordered the master to give her the ordinary dinner on Christmas day; on this the piuper was dismissed after a severe reprimand by the chairman. Accepted tenders for the quarter ending Lady-day, 1863—butchers' meat, 61d per lb., bone, Id. per lb., Mr John Jones, High-street; bread, 13sper 1001b., Mr Mr Thomas Wynne; candles, 51d per lb., coffee, Is 21d per lb, mustard, Is per lb, pepper, Is 2d, per lb., blue, Is per lb., starch, 6d per lb., vinegar, 3id per quart, rice, 2d per lb., Mr John Powell, High-street; flour, 27s 6d per 2401b, oatmeal, 28s per 2401b., salt, 2s 4d per cwt., tea, 3s per lb., Mary Jones and Son cheese, 6id per lb., soap, 7Id per lb., sugar, 51cl per lb., Mrs Anne Jones; skimmed milk, 2d per quart, Owen Owens, Brynford Hall; coal, 12s lid per ton, slack, 9s 7d per ton, Richard Jones, Mibvr; men's clogs, 3s 3d per pair, youths' and women's ditto, 2s 7d per pair, boys' and girls' ditto, 2s Id, per pair, middle size ditt, Is 9d per pair, children's ditto, Is 4d per pair, Mr Peter Suthard; men's shoes, 6s 9d per pair, women's ditto, 4s per pair, children's ditto from 1 to 8 years, 2s 3d per pair, from 8 to 12 years, 4s 6d per pair, from 12 to 16 years, 5s per pair, Mr Edward Lewis, Denbigh.


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